173 collocations for wilted

Why, thou damnable confounded Torment, wilt thou never cease? Nur.

"And thou wilt flout poor Love no more?" "Nay," he answered, smiling, "'tis part of me, and must be so henceforthforever!"

" "Then wilt thou die unjustly!

But, O my Muse, what numbers wilt thou find To sing the furious troops in battle joined!

Mine Host shall heere it, ile be your opponent, Acutus moderator: wilt thou doe it? Host.

For if thou pardon her, and make her thine again, I swear Thou never wilt repent, dear love, thou thus hast humored her!

If thou wilt therefore forward my views; if thou wilt become my friend by introducing me to thy mistress, who is possessed of such matchless charms, these precious gems are thine and this coronet of gold.

"And thou wilt flout poor Love no more?" "Nay," he answered, smiling, "'tis part of me, and must be so henceforthforever!"

What wilt thou wager upon thy men?

You have forgotten, 'Lord; if thou wilt thou canst'" The child of heaven looked at her mutely, with sweet, grave eyes, in which there was much that confused her who was a stranger here, and once more softly shook her head.

None of thy follies wilt thou repent; none wilt thou wish to repeat.

If thou in the dear love of some one Friend Hast been so happy that thou know'st what thoughts Will sometimes in the happiness of love Make the heart sink, [A] then wilt thou reverence This quiet spot; and, Stranger!

Now wilt thou yield thee, or shall I have to break thy pretty head?"

How soon wilt thou espouse her; thy house is somewhat taken up by company, who are to remain for the summer, and how wilt thou get through the irksomeness of grand ceremonies without great preparation, for much will be expected of thy wealth and rank?" "Damme, I'll have no pranks and ceremonies and entertainments; I have not time.

Once more wilt thou wonderingly questionAll this pains for a single girl?

Be merry, wench, we'll have a frolic feast, Here's flesh enough for to suffice us both, Say, sirrah, wilt thou fight, or dost thou yield to die? MUCEDORUS.

After wilting a little on the ground, it is dried on sticks, by one of the three processes called "pegging, spearing, and splitting."

With thy joy, thy melancholy, Wilt thou thus relentless flee?

Say, wilt thou change thy glory For this same youth of mine?

Or wilt thou cheat the kelpie?' "Let me see.

The prudent message we agreed upon? IPHIGENIA I have, dear Pylades; yet wilt thou chide.

'Why Lonicera wilt thou name thy child?' I asked the gardener's wife, in accents mild.

The poet says, Dear city of Cecrops; and wilt not thou say, Dear city of God?" (iv. 23.)

And wilt thou o'er his breathless clay Strew flowers, and drop the tender tear, Nor then regret those scenes so gay, Where thou wert fairest of the fair? Thomas Percy D.D. D'YE

Then Robin, seeing that he had somewhat gathered the wits that had just been rapped out of his head, said, "Now, good fellow, wilt thou change clothes with me, or shall I have to tap thee again?

173 collocations for  wilted