69 collocations for wires

On December 9 Cailles wired Aguinaldo as follows: "Report to you that there are 3000 Americans in front of our position at Singalong.

On receipt of it the Governor had instantly wired orders that no vessel was to be allowed to quit Pamlico Sound without having been first subjected to a most rigorous search.

Singer machine 103W2, lock stitch, for sewing reeded or wired sweat leathers into stiff and soft felt <pb id='092.png' /> and straw hats, by Archibald Tregaskis.

" The superintendent had just wired instructions to put the outlaw in jail when Mr. Merrick reached the telegraph office, but after an hour spent in sending messages back and forth a compromise was affected and the little millionaire had agreed to pay a goodly sum to the company by way of damages and to satisfy the crew of the freight trainwhich he succeeded in doing by a further outlay of money.

" "And that's what saved the bottle from breaking," said Daddy Blake, "If I had not wired down the cork of our bottle the water would have pushed itself up, after it was frozen, and would have stuck out of the bottle neck, like a round icicle.

One minute later the east-bound train was threading its way out among the switches of the lower yard, and Kent had burst into the telegraph office to wire the volcanic news to his chief.

And what shall I wire your father?

"Last evening I wired New York for information as to the exact amount of stock Jones owns in the Continental, and I got a curious reply.

As in the case of his receiving station, Marconi found that results were much improved when he wired his sending apparatus so that one terminal was grounded and the other connected with an elevated wire or aerial, which is now called the antenna.

"Murray not only communicated all that Hollins told us last night to the Glasgow police this morning, first thing, but he's sent a man over there with the fullest news; he's wired the London authorities, and he's asked for special detective help.

He could wire Leach Belding he was startingand start.

" "Well, then; you go and tell Mr. Loring to wire his Advisory Board, and to do it to-night.

"Never mind: we'll wire Boston, and then we'll do what we can here.

The internet, according to this scheme, was the neural network being used to wire up this brain so that it could function in a coordinated fashion.

He'll fairly sicken you with his thanks for that first hundred; he'll call you his generous benefactor over three or four pages for the second; he'll send you a nice little half-page note of thanks for the third; he'll write, "Yours of the first with inclosure to handthanks," for the fourth; he'll forget to acknowledge the fifth; and when the sixth doesn't come promptly, he'll wire collect: "Why this delay in sending my checkmail at once."

Long live the Addams breed!" Friends wired their congratulations, and their comments were none the less acceptable because they were premature.

I wired Coolidge to give the alarm to Fort Wingate, Fort Apache, Fort Thomas, Fort Grant, Fort Bayard, and Fort Whipple, though I thought the precaution a mere waste of energy.

We'll wire Daddy tomorrow.

" "You will wire him the date of your arrival?"

" "Unable to wait so long," wired back the buggy dealer, "cancel order.

By far the easier thing to do was to wire the factory for a new head and patiently wait its coming.

A German company had, as a result of criminal stupidity, been awarded the contract for wiring the forts defending the cityand when the need arose it was found that the wiring was all but worthless.

" This message bore the same address which Allerdyke had found in the telegram discovered in James's pocket-bookWaldorf Hoteland he determined to wire Mr. Franklin Fullaway immediately.

They've left the place they wired fromreach here to-night at nine.

" "In that case you'd have thought he'd have wired Fullaway of their dispatch," said Allerdyke.

69 collocations for  wires