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899 collocations for  witnessed

899 collocations for witnessed

The hunt took place about twenty miles east of Sheridan, and as it had been pretty well advertised and noised abroad, a large crowd witnessed the interesting and exciting scene.

" "That is indeed unaccountable, your aunt having witnessed the ceremony.

During a vacation, Gurameer, being on a visit to an uncle in the country, one day, when the family had gone to witness a grand spectacle in honour of an important festival in their calendar, which he could not himself attend consistently with the rules of his caste, was tempted to visit the deserted Zenana, or ladies' apartment, where he accidentally meets with a beautiful young female.

Denbigh had drawn the merchant out in vain efforts to appease him, and happily no one witnessed this effect of Jane's passion but her nearest relatives.

Before the first battle of Gaza the Turks brought the rich Mufti of Gaza and his son to Jerusalem, and the Mufti was hanged in the presence of a throng compulsorily assembled to witness the execution.

I was particularly interested in the question, after witnessing the performances of this San Joaquin band upon the glaciated rocks at the foot of the falls; and as soon as I procured specimens and examined their feet, all the mystery disappeared.

" I followed him, and witnessed a sight which filled me with speechless anger and indignation.

As he entered the carriage which was to be his home for many days, and bade farewell to the adherents who were assembled to witness his departure, he turned toward the city with a wild expression and words that were remembered afterwards.

That one city should have produced three such men as the great triumvirate of the fourteenth centuryDante, Petrarch, Boccaccioand that one half-century should have witnessed their successive triumphs, is the greatest glory of Florence, and is one of the most notable facts in the history of genius.

Shortly afterwards she was summoned to Earlham, where she witnessed the death of her own father.

Need it be said that when he reached dry laud, Mr. P. became a hero with the crowds who had witnessed this heroic struggle?

When it came to Stella Starr's turn, Andy witnessed a second exhibition of the superstitious folly of these strange circus folk.

In spite of her sensitive and sympathetic nature she could bear to witness the most painful operations without flinching, for she kept before her mind the ultimate good which would accrue from the present suffering.

But it is not in the churches we have in Lewes that we shall to-day find the symbol, as it were, of that old town, still so fair a thing, which held the passage of the Ouse through the Downs and in the thirteenth century witnessed the great battle in which Simon de Montfort, mystic and soldier, defeated and took captive his king.

The refusal of the two splendid beasts to kill each other for the pleasure of the three hundred men who had assembled to witness the fight delighted him.

The information he was able to give proved of the greatest assistance; and a little later he had the honour of conducting Sir James Outram and Sir Henry Havelock into the presence of Sir Colin Campbell, and witnessed the meeting of these three great commanders.

[Vitellius witnessed gladiatorial combats at Lugdunum and again at Cremona, as if the crowds of men who had perished in the battles and were even then exposed unburied to the elements did not suffice.

SAD PLIGHT OF FRENCH FUGITIVES M. Brieux, the noted French dramatist, who witnessed the arrival at Chartres of a train full of fugitives who had fled from their homes before the German advance, described his experience for the Figaro.

It was unpleasant to me to witness your sufferings, without doing something to alleviate them.

From the vast throng assembled about the pond on that mild June day in 1653, one might suppose that the entire colony had turned out to witness some great event.

Pastor Fliedner had witnessed the good results of Mrs. Fry's labours at Newgate, and he had established a society called the Rhenish Westphalian Prison Association for similar work in Germany.

Others have exalted the military and the idea of war; and while boarding in the home of a German army officer I witnessed heartless and cruel acts which I do not believe could have occurred in any other civilised country among people of the same education and intelligence.

The temple of Zeus at Olympia in Elis, where the intellect and the culture of Greece assembled every four years to witness the games instituted in honor of the Father of the gods, was itself calculated to impose on the senses of the worshippers by its grandeur and beauty.

"It does not become us bachelors to be too lenient to matrimony, but I should be an unhappy man, were I not to witness the marriage of Paul Powis to Eve Effingham.

If we could look down the long vista of ages, And witness the changes of time, Or draw from Isaiah's mysterious pages A key to this vision sublime; We'd gaze on the picture with pride and delight, And all its magnificence trace, Give honor to man for his genius and might, And glory to God for his grace.

I had witnessed the whole proceeding, and heard the threats, and I determined that the man should never go up stairs where father was lying in bed, unable to rise.

She witnessed the rise of the great evangelical revival, which, beginning with the Holy Club at Oxford, gradually spread over the United Kingdom and the English colonies in America.

I have witnessed many great trials for murder, but do not remember one where there was an eye-witness to the deed.

And witness there destruction to our host?

" "Now you mention it," said Mrs. Bloomfield, "I think I have witnessed instances of what you mean.

In those days even a pun might be a serious thing: witness the play in the last stanza on the words son and sunnot a mere pun, for the Son of the Father is the Sun of Righteousness: he is Life and Light.

I have a little business paper to write, and you must both witness my signature."

The man who was back of all this, possibly back of my disappointment; the man whose work I may have witnessed, but at whose identity I could not even guess.

And, therefore, he never saw a man sitting quietly behind the curiously wrought railings, smoking a cigarettea man who had witnessed the whole incident from beginning to end.

As yet the pilot of the leading airship had not diverted from his set course; but if he was as tricky as they had reason to believe, there was always a chance that he might engineer some scheme, sooner or later, looking to shaking off his pursuers here in the middle of the great lake, where possibly no mortal eye could witness the deed, so as to appear against him later on.

He had bowed beneath the sceptre of Uranus, he had witnessed his fall, and marked the ocean crimson with his blood.

From thence he made several expeditions, especially to Barrow in Furness and Seascale, where he witnessed with great interest the Bessemer process of making steel.

I once witnessed a phenomenon which was to me quite as extraordinary as any of the 'spiritual' performances.

Ergimo, who kept close beside me, and who had often witnessed the sport before, kept me informed of what was proceeding underneath us, of which I could see but little.

The wheat and barley there are a good four inches broad in the blade, and millet and sesame grow as big as treesbut I will not state the dimensions I have ascertained, because I know that, for anyone who has not visited Babylonia and witnessed these facts about the crops for himself, they would be altogether beyond belief.

The near approach of the holidays was sufficient in itself to put every one in high spirits, while, in addition to this, the afternoon was to witness the chief cricket contest of the seasonthe annual match against Wraxby Grammar School.

We have witnessed an extraordinary growth of universities, libraries, and higher schools,the widespread increase of commerce, the prosperity of business, the rise in the price of food, and the great coal-strike of 1902.

It grew no bigger than a pea, and I looked, with my whole soul, to witness the final end of our Systemthat system which had borne the world through so many aeons, with its multitudinous sorrows and joys; and now Suddenly, something crossed my vision, cutting from sight all vestige of the spectacle I watched with such soul-interest.

Berkeley wants to witness a display of your forensic wisdom.

Yet my time passed off quietly enough; though it is true that I witnessed one thing which brought me a short spell of disquiet thought.

A large party of zealous friends, with Johnson at their head, attended to witness the representation and to lead the plaudits of the house; a scheme which Mr. Cumberland describes to have been preconcerted with much method, but to have been near failing in consequence of some mistakes in the execution of the manoeuvres, which aroused the displeasure of the audience.

The fact is that the past ten years have witnessed a truly marvelous transformation in the ideas of Oriental peoples, and the East, in its capacity to assimilate Western theories of government, and in its willingness to fight for them against everything that tradition makes sacred, has of late years shown a phase heretofore almost unknown.

Flat upon the ground, the small army concentred on the igloo, and behind, deliciously expectant, crouched many women and children, come out to witness the murder.

" The following summary of this interesting and vitally important and epoch-making work of Carrel is translated from an article published in Paris recently by Professor Pozzi, who witnessed the experiments: "Carrel found that the pulsations of a fragment of heart, which had diminished in number and intensity or ceased, could be revived to the normal state by a washing and a passage.

"That is certainly a very pretty deception," said the doctor's friends; careless, however, for they had witnessed greater miracles at a conjurer's show; "pray how was it effected?" "Did you ever hear of the 'Fountain of Youth,'" asked Doctor Heidegger, "which Ponce de Leon, the Spanish adventurer, went in search of, two or three centuries ago?"

The thirty years between our first regular English plays and Shakespeare's first comedy witnessed a development of the drama which astonishes us both by its rapidity and variety.

According to tradition, and an old 'romance muy doloroso,' which might have been heard sung within the last hundred years, the governor, the Cabildo, and the clergy went to witness an annual feast of the Indians at Arena, a sandy spot (as its name signifies) near the central mountain of Tamana.

I saw Mademoiselle watching me, partly frightened, but partly curious, as though she had witnessed similar occurrences.

it would have gladdened my heart to have witnessed the happiness of two young and faithful lovers.

I know only two hunters who claim to have actually witnessed this feat; I never was so fortunate.

For several months the people had witnessed the equivocal conduct of the dynasty; had seen that its words were belied by its deeds; had seen that the rebels were everywhere led by Imperial officers; and finally beheld Jellachich, a high functionary of the Hungarian Crown, invade the country at the head of an Austro-Croatian army.

The greatest part of the tribe were gathered together in that place, and stood silently around to view the criminals, and to witness their expected fate; for now all were acquainted with their guilt and all who were assembled here were indignant at their treachery against their venerable and beloved Sachem, and their scarcely less respected white Chieftain.

The nineteenth century witnessed the birth and expansion of a great number of new stimulant reagents, the discoveries of physics and chemistry, which, with the climax of the World War of 1914-1918, have made for a more or less complete deliquescence of accepted religion.

Those who lived through it were spared to witness the gradual return of better times; and they now liken it to the passing of a dreary night, since which they have watched the coming of a steadily brightening day.

When dinner was all on the table, the invitation was given for all to come; and when all were in a good way eating, Boss and the madam would go out to witness the progress of the feast, and seemed pleased to see the servants so happy.

But I am filled with amazement when I am told that in this enlightened age, and in the heart of the Christian world, there are persons who can witness this daily manifestation of the power and wisdom of the Creator, and yet say in their hearts, "there is no God.

The sun high in the sky had witnessed the affair and now glared down upon her white head.

Toward evening of the next day, they were startled by the dread summons of the boatswain and his mates at the principal hatchway,a summons that sent a shudder through every manly heart in the frigate: "All hands witness punishment, ahoy!"

I vouch to witness truth.

I once witnessed a case of this kind, and the former friends of the qรขdhรฎ did not spare him their bitter reproaches.

The president and his secretaries of war and state had come to witness the conflict and give assistance if possible.

I, though I be his mother, have not been able to fend off his arrows: Witness the tears I have shed for the death of Adonis!

After having, under Napoleon I, humiliated Germany, France saw the end of her imperialistic dream, and later witnessed the ruin of Napoleon III.

Colonel A. remarked to us, that he had witnessed many cruelties and enormities under "the reign of terror."

This morning I witnessed the sale of twelve slaves, and I could but shudder at the language used and the liberties taken with the females!" 2d.

And then, too, he had offered to produce positive proof, to allow the officer to witness the actual transaction.

I cannot, in order to keep the law of man, break the law of God, or solemnly call him to witness my promise that I will break it.

Lucterius, who had witnessed the horrors of famine during the investment of that town, now took especial care of the provisions.

This conversation took place in that very library which had witnessed their first interview, soon after breakfast, and while the young ladies were still alone.

A number of military attended the service in the cathedral in order to witness the devotions of the Bourbon family.

To tell it in the fewest possible words, the corporal had for his target nearly the entire number of Indians who had attempted to witness the torture, while we fired four shots, and not until then did the panic-stricken crew get their wits about them sufficiently to beat a retreat.

The reign of George III. was now drawing to its close, and, if it produced no legislation affecting the principles of the constitution (it will presently be seen that it did produce one measure which its opponents branded as a violation of these principles), yet in its last years it witnessed the revival of an agitation which was kept up with varying animation till it was temporarily quieted by the concession of its demands.

Khaled wished to witness her prowess, and, surprised at the sight of so much skill, he offered to match himself with her.

Those who have witnessed the improvements of late years expect progressive improvements so great that they say a man who laid out 100,000ยฃ now in the best machinery would, if he refused to adopt the new improvements they anticipate, be without profit in five years and be ruined in ten.

Fernando's anxiety and mortification increased as he witnessed the repeated failures of his gunners to hull the Xenophon.

"After the above scurvy treatment I was naturally anxious to witness the man's funeral, which I understood was to be a gorgeous affair, six respectably-attired females having been sworn in to kiss the body, amid the hysteric weeps of three more in the background.

" The sycamore implies curiosity, from Zacchaeus, who climbed up into this tree to witness the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem; and from time immemorial the violet has been the emblem of constancy: "Violet is for faithfulness, Which in me shall abide, Hoping likewise that from your heart You will not let it hide.

" The Maroquine ambassador, who was also grand admiral of the Moorish navy, witnessing all the wonders of Paris at the epoch of the Great Monarch, was dazzled with its beauty and magnificence; nevertheless, he remained a good Mussulman.

Quite a number of Tutt's friends were standing in the vicinity, having assembled to witness the duel, and Bill, as soon as Tutt fell to the ground, turned to them and asked if any one of them wanted to take it up for Tutt; if so, he would accommodate any of them then and there.

"Of all the eyes which witnessed that episode, seemingly so slight and so unimportant," he said, proudly, "mine were the only ones which saw its full significance.

In the voice of the rector, there was an unusual softness and tremor that his people attributed to the feelings of a father about to witness the first efforts of an only child, but which in reality were owing to another and a deeper cause.

Most of the officers and ladies of the garrison were assembled on the hospital gallery to witness the dance.

He saw the Carmelite pronouncing the absolution, and he witnessed the approach of the larger boat.

Saffรชd has a large Jewish colony, and it was torment for me to have to witness the outrages that my people suffered in the name of "requisitioning.

Another person witnessed this love passage, the Marchesa Anna Mondragone, wife of Francesco's old governor and his chamberlainshe was on the balcony of the house at the corner of the Piazza to make her usual curtsey to the Prince.

Even when an able man had failed in one place, Lincoln generally found use for his services in another,witness the gallant exploits of Burnside, Hooker, and Meade, after they had retired from the head of the Army of the Potomac.

He died the next day, poor man, and his bedridden widow survived the shock of witnessing his dreadful agonies and death but a very little while.

In a village of Limbourg they burnt in a stable a stallion valued at 50,000 francs, and "forced the farmer, his wife and children to witness the crime on their knees with their arms raised."

The inhabitants of Europe were struck dumb with amazement when they witnessed this exercise of papal prerogative.

This was in 1848, the same fateful year that witnessed Leichhardt's disappearance.

The close of the year Anno Domini, 1894, witnessed the completion of "our Prayer in Stone," all predictions and prognostications to the contrary notwithstanding.

Let thy errand in port be what it may, thou art in good season to witness the regatta which will be given by the state itself to-morrow.

In short, of all those spectators who are present to witness the powers and address of the prize-fighters, not one in a hundred can tell who has gained the victory, until the judges have proclaimed it.

We have been keeping our eyes on him for some time past, and have witnessed some remarkable actions on his part, to put it mildly.

As chance would have it, I witnessed a burial and a christening.