194 collocations for wondering

No blood was flowing, and she wondered a little.

Why, in the name of all that is reasonable, should this stranger child see her, if it was anything, and not you?" Mrs. Turner looked from one to another with wondering eyes.

Considering that she 'ad only just buried her 'usband, Rupert found her quite skittish enough, and he couldn't 'elp wondering wot

He hastily approached the quiet speaker, his face brightened not more by hope than by wondering admiration.

For an hour, until the wilderness worked its green magic upon them again, they were a very silent man and girl, he pondering on Brodie and his men pushing on into the solitudes, she wondering many things about her companionand about herself.

Everywhere crowds with smiling, wondering faces, stood watching the Allied troops moving up along the roads, wave upon wave upon wave, triumphant, unendingly.

Now behind this herald two knights advanced, the one in glittering armour whose shield was resplendent with many quarterings, but beholding his companion, Beltane stared in wondering awe; for lo!

Now, except a well in the street, just before the cottage, there was no water they knew of much nearer than the river, and they wondered a good deal.

But Lachesis, her hair adorned, her tresses neatly bound, Pierian laurel on her locks, her brows with garlands crowned, Plucks me from out the snowy wool new threads as white as snow, Which handled with a happy touch change colour as they go, Not common wool, but golden wire; the Sisters wondering gaze, As age by age the pretty thread runs down the golden days.

And they're busy wondering all the time; they don't know where the next whack is coming from.

Then with tears of joy, the husband and wife, with their wondering little boy in their arms, knelt down and lifted up their hearts to God.

Now when the morn of Christmas came And the long, long week was done, Poor Gottlieb, who scarce could sleep, Rose up before the sun, And hastened to his mother, But he scarce might speak for fear, When he saw her wondering look, and saw The Burgomaster near.

And now you speak of it I remember you saying once that you couldn't" Joel stopped short and looked at West in wondering amazement.

"This, (said the Doctor) is as gross a thing as can well be done; and one wonders how any man, or set of men, can persist in so offensive a practice for a whole day together; one should expect that the first effort towards civilization would remove it even among savages.

Shouldn't wonder ef she outlived th' Elder a long day," and Ike wiped his old eyes slyly with the back of his hand.

He had never before seen so much of the raw material of misery and squalor; what he had observed with wondering pity in the villages on the American side was as nothing to the unrelieved hopelessness of the south bank of the river.

And it made me wonder a lot of things about that fishing trip.

And thus changed, and with dry shoes to our feet, we at length went upstairs, all full of wondering expectation, and were led into the Cherry room, which seemed to us a very palace, being lit with half a dozen candles (and they of wax) and filled with a warm glow by the blazing logs on the hearth reflected in the cherry hangings.

"Ah!" exclaims papa or mama, "What an old-fashioned child that is; one would wonder where it got such notions."

He paid two penny fares, and while Sam was wondering 'ow to tell 'im that it would be threepence each, the bus stopped to take up a passenger and he got up and moved to the door.

" All the time, she had been regarding him intentlyher wide, blue eyes filled with wondering pain.

But the paper became a new subject of wondering amusement to the doctor and his companion.

Said he in a slow, wondering voice, "Am I in very truth

He passed them all, amid a dead and wondering silence, and took his station as fifth in the struggle.

" "No, sir," said the wondering Mr. Wilks.

194 collocations for  wondering