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194 collocations for  wonders

194 collocations for wonders

No blood was flowing, and she wondered a little.

Why, in the name of all that is reasonable, should this stranger child see her, if it was anything, and not you?" Mrs. Turner looked from one to another with wondering eyes.

Considering that she 'ad only just buried her 'usband, Rupert found her quite skittish enough, and he couldn't 'elp wondering wot

He hastily approached the quiet speaker, his face brightened not more by hope than by wondering admiration.

For an hour, until the wilderness worked its green magic upon them again, they were a very silent man and girl, he pondering on Brodie and his men pushing on into the solitudes, she wondering many things about her companionand about herself.

Everywhere crowds with smiling, wondering faces, stood watching the Allied troops moving up along the roads, wave upon wave upon wave, triumphant, unendingly.

Now behind this herald two knights advanced, the one in glittering armour whose shield was resplendent with many quarterings, but beholding his companion, Beltane stared in wondering awe; for lo!

Now, except a well in the street, just before the cottage, there was no water they knew of much nearer than the river, and they wondered a good deal.

And they're busy wondering all the time; they don't know where the next whack is coming from.

But Lachesis, her hair adorned, her tresses neatly bound, Pierian laurel on her locks, her brows with garlands crowned, Plucks me from out the snowy wool new threads as white as snow, Which handled with a happy touch change colour as they go, Not common wool, but golden wire; the Sisters wondering gaze, As age by age the pretty thread runs down the golden days.

Then with tears of joy, the husband and wife, with their wondering little boy in their arms, knelt down and lifted up their hearts to God.

Now when the morn of Christmas came And the long, long week was done, Poor Gottlieb, who scarce could sleep, Rose up before the sun, And hastened to his mother, But he scarce might speak for fear, When he saw her wondering look, and saw The Burgomaster near.

And it made me wonder a lot of things about that fishing trip.

Shouldn't wonder ef she outlived th' Elder a long day," and Ike wiped his old eyes slyly with the back of his hand.

And now you speak of it I remember you saying once that you couldn't" Joel stopped short and looked at West in wondering amazement.

"This, (said the Doctor) is as gross a thing as can well be done; and one wonders how any man, or set of men, can persist in so offensive a practice for a whole day together; one should expect that the first effort towards civilization would remove it even among savages.

He had never before seen so much of the raw material of misery and squalor; what he had observed with wondering pity in the villages on the American side was as nothing to the unrelieved hopelessness of the south bank of the river.

" "No, sir," said the wondering Mr. Wilks.

Sylvia watched her mother with wondering gratitude.

And thus changed, and with dry shoes to our feet, we at length went upstairs, all full of wondering expectation, and were led into the Cherry room, which seemed to us a very palace, being lit with half a dozen candles (and they of wax) and filled with a warm glow by the blazing logs on the hearth reflected in the cherry hangings.

For Christ is born of Mary, And, gathered all above, While mortals sleep, the angels keep Their watch of wondering love.

"News!" repeated the mason, with a sort of wondering smile "and it's just that I've come to bring.

All those who beheld this marvel wondered thereat and speculated what it could portend.

And he listened, wondering what strange, real power that sacred place possessed to draw men cheerfully on so long and hazardous a pilgrimage.

But the paper became a new subject of wondering amusement to the doctor and his companion.

He passed them all, amid a dead and wondering silence, and took his station as fifth in the struggle.

The people listened to his sermons with wondering interest, and were not slow to ascribe some of the credit of the new unction to Draxy.

He paid two penny fares, and while Sam was wondering 'ow to tell 'im that it would be threepence each, the bus stopped to take up a passenger and he got up and moved to the door.

Much wondering what sad stroke of crazing Care, Or desperate Love could lead a wanderer there.

" Sarrion was wondering why he had come to Torre Gardathis stormy petrel of clerical politicswhose coming never boded good.

R118780, 5Oct53, The Bobbs-Merrill Co. (PWH) OLCOTT, FRANCES JENKINS. Wonder tales from China seas.

"Ah!" exclaims papa or mama, "What an old-fashioned child that is; one would wonder where it got such notions."

And Euphemia put her pale face out of the cabin, and said, in a tone of wondering inquiry, "Tea?" "Did you bang into us this way to borrow tea?" roared the old gentleman.

Said he in a slow, wondering voice, "Am I in very truth

" All the time, she had been regarding him intentlyher wide, blue eyes filled with wondering pain.

Often as I have passed him in the road, I have wondered, as I have been wondering to-day, how he must look out upon us all, upon our excited comings and goings, our immense concern over the immeasurably trivial.

I wonder much Melantius, To see those noble looks that make me think How vertuous thou art; and on the sudden 'Tis strange to me, thou shouldst have worth and honour, Or not be base, and false, and treacherous, And every ill.

Again and again while he talked to them he caught quick glances from the wonderful eyes;glances of interest, of inquiry,now of half-hearted defiance, now of wondering submission.

At first they only drew deep, wondering breaths, and looked at each other with shining eyes.

I shouldn't wonder a mite if it didn't live.

I wonder all the widespread family of Janes, with their meek eyes and smoothly braided hair, don't rise up and call her anything but blessed.

But he crawled out of his bed and began to dress himself in his awkward fashion, casting wistful and wondering glances in her direction.

Nevertheless, though undertaken under the spur of the moment, I protest it was indeed a brave deed, and I cannot but wonder how many young gentlemen of sixteen there are to-day who, upon a like occasion, would act as well as our Harry.

And then I suddenly wondered what befell Singanee, for there was a stillness about his ivory palace when I passed it by, which made me think that he had not then returned.

"Phil," he said, and with a look of wondering apprehension on his face, watched my approach.

Mute evermore the magic echoes, That ne'er shall wonders more reveal, The Poet's home is dark and narrow Upon the Singer's lips a seal.

What else the letter told no one ever knew; but the Elder's face always had a horror-stricken look when the Frenchman's name was mentioned, and when people sometimes wondered if he would ever be seen again in Clairvend, the emphasis of the Elder's "Never!

Jack was in the costume which had flushed her curiosity so vividly on the pass and he appeared the same amused, disinterested and wondering traveller who had then come upon strange doings.

We need not wonder, therefore, at the hair ร  la Sontag in our days, or gentleman's whiskers ร  la Jocko.

You don't wonder, now, that I just had to snicker, do you, Andy?" CHAPTER XIV A CLUE "That looks bad, don't it Frank?"

Sometimes he wondered a little himself at this quiescenceat the slight impression he seemed to make on his son, whom he had fully intended to rouse to remonstrance about itat the tender way in which the young wife ministered to her sister, and at the great change for the worse that he soon began to observe in Emily's appearance.

Priests wishing to study its elements may read with pleasure and profit and wonder The Legends of the Saints, by Pere H. Delehaye, S.J., Bollandist (Longmans, 3s.

Could one wonder at the wolfish look upon his face, the dreary hopelessness of his expression?

Then for the Prince Imperial Citoyens loudly cheer: That his right arm may often bring Some German to his bier; That distant Rhineland, trembling, May hear his battle-cry, And neutral nations wondering ask, "Oh!

I wonder papa, can tolerate that coarse old Jackson man in his sight.

" "Wonder th' little idiot didn't miss his mail," growled Arthur.

No wonder the right reverend bishops and clergy of the Methodist Church, who believe in the divine origin and authority of the Pentateuch, exclude women from their great convocations in the American Republic in the nineteenth century.

Prather, in his agony of mind, had moments of wondering envy as he watched Jack's changing expression.

I could almost wonder Rob Burns in his lifetime never stumbled upon it.

" The tone of wondering contempt with which he ended brought a smile to Rust's lips.

No wonder the word, and the thing it represents, wherever we find them, delight us.

Methinks, had we within our minds no more Than that one shipwreck on the fatal Ore,[170] That only thought may make us think again, What wonders God reserves for such a reign.

His onset was violent: those passages, which while they stood single, had passed with little notice, when they were accumulated and exposed together caught the alarm, and the nation wondered why it had so long suffered irreligion and licentiousness charge.

'E says it isn't necessary for him to see you again, as once is enough, but 'e was wondering whether being as it was rather chilly" "Lead him to it!" hastily directed Pierpont, who was beginning to get a certain amount of enjoyment out of the situation.

She held nothing back, let him drive her crazy, begged him for it, and then gave a series of wondering cries as releases rippled through her body, one after another.

Below them, farms, meadows, villages and crowds of wondering country folk swam by in an ever-changing panorama.

When God went back to heaventhe living God Rode he the heavens upon a fiery car? Waved seraph-wings along his glorious road? Stood still to wonder each bright wandering star? Upon the cross he hung, and bowed his head, And prayed for them that smote, and them that curst; And, drop by drop, his slow life-blood was shed, And his last hour of suffering was his worst.

To-night she wondered if deep below all else might not lie that thing of Ann's representing life, her failure with Ann meaning infidelity to life.

I can't but wonder at this Reformation, My skipping soule surfets with so much good, To see my hopes into fruition budd.

He wondered much, the holy saint, What stranger sought the lonely isle, But seeing him weary and wan and faint St. Colum hailed him with a smile.

The hoof fell, was checked, and wondering at himself Alcatraz found that his blow had not struck home.

If water any way foul be offered him, he will not drink it, but sulk with his food, and pine, and you all the while wondering the reason why.

You both turned back twice to look at the child, and kissed your hands to her; and I wondered if you did not see in her face, what I did, real grief and patient endurance.

TO RALPH WALDO EMERSON Poet, whose words are like the tight-packed seed Sealed in the capsule of a silver flower, Still at your art we wonder as we read, The art dynamic charging each word with power.

" "Wonder th' little idiot didn't miss his mail," growled Arthur.

I wonder who she is?" "Listen, Dicky," I said rapidly.

' I had just looked at him and wondered a moment.

I have always wondered, in reading travels, at the childish joy travellers felt at meeting people they knew, and their sense of loneliness when they did not, in places where there was everything new to occupy the attention.

I do not wonder thou canst lye, for thou'rt a Coward!

I've wondered awfully what made you so indifferent," but now she kept this reflection to herself and merely said, "What in the world did you fancy was 'forbidding' you?" "Honor!" said Morrison, with a note of mock solemnity.

I wonder sweet heart you will offer this, you do not understand these Gentlemen: I will be short and pithy: I had rather cast you off by the way of charge: these are Creatures, that nothing goes to the maintenance of but Corn and Water.

"I've often wondered just how many poor chaps it's been responsible for putting down and out.

Pope is in most instances singularly happy in his compliments, but the allusion to STOWEas "a work to wonder at"has rather an equivocal appearance, and so also has the mention of Lord Cobham, the proprietor of the place.

What goat?" Isak wondered and wondered.

I wonder you weren't scared o' Miss Sniffen!

And what I'm wondering isdoes he know of that parcel's arrival here in his absence.

As soon as I am old enough to speak like a man, I mean to demand the truth from Philip Alston!" She dropped his hand and drew away from him with a look of wondering distress.

Corrugated and snow-capped ridges slope backward from the spectator, on whichever side he turns, until he wonders how and where the swift river, rushing under its canopy of rustling cotton-woods, finds a pathway through them.

Her color went and came, and she sought support from the eye of her attentive and wondering companion.

Mounted upon one of the largest gray rocks in the yard, stood Russell, solemnly preaching to a collection of wondering, round-eyed chickens.

What secret, I wondered? I lit an abominable cigar, and tried to smoke, but I was too filled with anxiety, too bewildered by the maze of mystery in which I now found myself.

THE PHEASANT-HEN Shall I be able to sleep, I wonder PATOU

Approaching the lion, he knelt before him, and gazed with wondering ecstasy into his great, glowing eyes.

(As blue as our own mother's blue velvet bonnet, Kitty would have said.) Was Beulah the right place, wondered Mrs. Carey as she dropped asleep.

" [Illustration: THEY PAINT PICTURES AS A REGULAR PART OF THEIR SCHOOL ROUTINE] I had often wondered; but these reflections of my old schoolmate gave me an inkling of what the main difference is.

He is wondering, wondering if it has been but a dream, his old-age journey.

The whole journey was a mix-up of things to wonder atnot least of them the matter-of-fact confidence with which the train proceeded along a single track, whose condition left you wondering at each bump whether the next wouldn't be the journey's violent end.

"I wonder a pile about that, myself.

In the mind of every cowboy on the ranch there was one thought unexpressed but very insistent that night, "Wonder what She looks like?" thinking, of course, of Carolyn June.

As playful swallows sometimes dart round and round a lithe and wondering wingless animal, so they, admiringly and timidly, attracted, yet hesitating, delighting in his alertness, but not quite understanding it, flitted like a troubled and beautiful flock around the great magician of modern civilization.