2591 collocations for write

A great many of the members had gone out and were talking in the lobbies; those who remained were talking in groups, writing letters, walking about the hall, quite unconscious apparently of the speaker at the tribune.

One day he writes a book.

There was that man 'frae the north,' who wrote the History of England and Roderick Random,the latter a true story, they say;he who challenged Campbell the barrister, for calling him names, To bias the cause.

A few evenings afterwards, instead of a letter, I received a scrap of paper from Veenah, on which was written the following words: "We are discovered.

Fifteen minutes after his vocal organs had been thus renewed, LEOPOLD was in a condition to see things in an entirely new light, and hesitated no longer to write the following note to General PRIM: Dear PRIM:

This does not necessarily mean the men with the longest string of academic degrees, the men who can write the best poems or make the best speeches on public occasions; it means the thinking men who are brave, talented, spiritual, and warm-hearted.

I wrote you a line to Paris, not knowing you had returned.

Mr. GAYLER was made to write a play for him, and EMMET, the Bowery Minstrel, straightway became Mr. JOSEPH K. EMMET, the renowned impersonator of "FRITZ."

It seems that he had distinguished himself there less for writing Greek verse, though he was good at it, than for the wonderful variety of fireworks that he persistently used to let off under the dean's window.

I would write down the story of those sweet, old days; but it would be like the tearing of old wounds; yet, after that which has happened, what need have I to care?

I am not superstitious; but I have ceased to deny that things happen in this old housethings that I cannot explain; and, therefore, I must needs ease my mind, by writing down an account of them, to the best of my ability; though, should this, my diary, ever be read when I am gone, the readers will but shake their heads, and be the more convinced that I was mad.

Louise writes lovely poetry and 'stories of human interest,' and Beth" "I can't write even a good letter," asserted that young lady; "but I'd dearly love to edit a newspaper.

So great is the habit among editors of cribbing from each other, that if one were to write an article about an egg another would immediately Poach it.

Robert Etheridge Townsend was commissioned to write the authorized Life of John Charteris and to arrange the two volumes of Letters.

He has written this work about the X Ray in his usual clear and simple style, and a wide circulation of this useful book is assured.

The reason why Bibbs wants to start a new magazine is because he wrote a novel once, and sent it to The Ronleian to come out so much each month, and they wouldn't have it.

I do not know how it is; but, up to the present, I have never been able to write these things down, directly they happened.

Three years later, when the author had entered her seventieth year, she wrote an Essay on the Character and Writings of St. Paul, in two volumes, which, notwithstanding absorbing political events, was received with the same eagerness which greeted her former works.

And Handy Solomon, stretched out, leaning on his elbow, with his red headgear, his snaky hair, his hook nose, his restless eye and his glittering steel clawthe glow wrote across his aura the names of Kid, Morgan, Blackbeard.

Writers were often as clearly distinguished as were the ladies in the earlier day, when Addison wrote his paper on party patches.

The Distinction between Rhetoric and Poetic Aristotle wrote two treatises on literary criticism: the Rhetoric and the Poetics.

I have written a great many songs, among them "The Blue and the Gray," "Good old Days of Yore," and some others that I cannot remember now.

In order to keep the meaning clear the children should say threety, fourty and fivety, but there should be no need to write these numbers.

His ability to write English with a good hand was one of Chow's great vanities, anyway.

He could not shed his tears upon the paper and hand them around for inspection, or write a melancholy sonnet on the frailty of crockery, as a relief to his mind.

2591 collocations for  write
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