175 collocations for wrung

" John wrung Reginald's hand and turned away.

Surely he has tasted it all for us,the baseness and coldness and ingratitude and treachery which have wrung human hearts all through the ages,when Judas betrayed him, Peter denied him and they all forsook him and fled, do you suppose any other pain was comparable to that?

If I had my way, I'd wring the whole display's neck, anyhow.

At all events it was white for a moment, then it looked greena great green beard which the old man took with his two hands and twisted just as a washerwoman twists a blanket or counterpane, so as to wring the water out of it.

His blue coat, wringing wet with sea water, and still stamped with splashes of mud, was half ripped from his shoulders.

There was not a homely way he had of showing his unutterable pride and love for his little girl that did not wring her very soul.

We have our information from the lips of an aunt of the Honorable HORATIUS GREELEY, who met Miss LOGAN in Chicago in 1812, and wrung the confession from the gifted lady herself.

He could wring a Gaucho's secret from his breast; it was useless to attempt a subterfuge before him.

'Jump when I give the word, and get as far up the pebbles as you can before the next comes in: they will throw us a rope's-end to catch; so now good-bye, John, and God save us both!' I wrung his hand, and took off my convict clothes, keeping my boots on to meet the pebbles, and was so cold that I almost longed for the surf.

I made stern resolutions; I vowed to myself, that I would wring her heart, and never swerve from my purpose until I had wrung out of it abundant drops of sorrow and contrition.

She insisted that the climate of the Island was suited to my health, and wrung a promise from Dawson that I should, if possible, be interned there.

It wrung from him, as he gave up the ghost, a testimony in blood, and death groans, to the infinite dignity and worth of man,a proclamation to the universe, voiced in mortal agony, that MAN IS INVIOLABLE,a confession shrieked in phrenzy at the grave's mouth"I die accursed, and God is just.

It is a novelty in the history of a society to see a calm and scrutinizing eye turned upon itself, when apprised by the legislature that the wheels of government are stopped; to see it carefully examine the extent of the field and patiently wait for two years until a remedy was discovered, which it voluntarily adopted, without having ever wrung a tear or a drop of blood from mankind.

It was a cry wrung from his soulthe hungry cry which she had longed to hear, and it sent a great joy through her even though it wrung her own soul also.

By the light, quivering aspen made, When pain and anguish wring the brow,

If convenient, put it in ice until required for table, then wring a cloth in boiling water, wrap it round the mould for a minute, and turn the jelly carefully out.

She wrung her delicate fingers with a swift, spasmodic motion.

Yet she was changed too, for in her face there were visible tokens of unhappiness, her face swollen with crying, pale and downcast, her hair hanging in disorder, her damp hands wringing a small handkerchief into a ball, her whole body shaken with sobs, and an air of long neglect about her person.

"Jack Horner:" but Taylor and Hessey said, it would be thought an offensive article, unless I put my known signature to it; and wrung from me my slow consent.

Oline, that beast that throve in wickedness and grew fat on itwhy had he not wrung her neck the first year?

On the accounts which his patients gave him of their own maladies, he placed so little dependence, that he thought it necessary to wring the truth from them as a lawyer would do from an unwilling witness.

Loisa's husband was the first to oblige, for in August, 1791, his death wrings a charitable word from even Haydn: "Thy poor husband!

It was the boy, and he was running up and down wringing his 'ands and crying like a wild thing, and, instead o' running away as soon as 'e saw me, he rushed right up to me and threw 'is grubby little paws round my neck.

They parted, and alone he lay; Clare drew her from the sight away, Till pain wrung forth a lowly moan, And half he murmur'd'Is there none, Of all my halls have nursed, Page, squire, or groom, one cup to bring Of blessed water from the spring, To slake my dying thirst!'" "O Woman!

And when Ajaccio's walls rung with the shouts For Naples' ruler, he of warlike fame, It wrung his spirit to remember when That city hail'd him as her only star, Worthy to reign where Masaniello rul'd.

175 collocations for  wrung