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Part of speech Description Examples
adj adjective big, old, green, incomprehensible, first
adp adposition in, to, during
adv adverb very, tomorrow, down, where, there
aux auxiliary is, has (done), will (do), should (do)
conj conjunction and, or, but
cconj coordinating conjunction and, or, but
det determiner a, an, the
intj interjection psst, ouch, bravo, hello
noun noun girl, cat, tree, air, beauty
num numeral 1, 2017, one, seventy-seven, IV, MMXIV
part particle ’s, not,
pron pronoun I, you, he, she, myself, themselves, somebody
propn proper noun Mary, John, London, NATO, HBO
punct punctuation ., (, ), ?
sconj subordinating conjunction if, while, that
sym symbol $, %, §, ©, +, −, ×, ÷, =, :), 😝
verb verb run, runs, running, eat, ate, eating
x other sfpksdpsxmsa
space space