262 examples of 'gainst in sentences

All Pentavalon, save Bourne, lieth 'neath Ivo's iron foot, ruled by his fierce nobles, and they be strong and many, 'gainst whom Sir Benedict is helpless in the field.

Now upon the seventh evening as he sat thus, came Sir Pertolepe according to his wont, but to-night he leaned upon the shoulder of Beda the Jester, whose motley flared 'gainst rugged wall and dingy flagstone and whose bells rang loud and merry by contrast with the gloom.

The Moor was rich and powerful, But not of lineage high, His wealth outweighed with one light maid Three years of constancy. Touched to the heart, on hearing this, He stood in arms arrayed, Nor strange that he, disarmed by love, 'Gainst love should draw his blade.

Then with this champion let the field be fought, And nature's simplest arts 'gainst human wisdom brought.

And why, good daughter? hath some palmister, Some augur, or some dreaming calculator (For such, I know, you often hearken to), Been prating 'gainst the name?

No; it is the column's glimmer, 'Gainst the gloomy hedge of pine.

[Page 14] Some sayes, that euer 'gainst that Season comes

Time numbers motion, yet (without a crime 'Gainst old truth) motion numbered out his time; And, like an engine moved with wheel and weight, His principles being ceased, he ended straight.

Some say that ever, 'gainst that season comes Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrate, The bird of dawning singeth all night long.

the King leans fainting 'gainst the mast, With glaring eyeballs, clenched hands,aghast!

Dim shadows in the corner hide; The glimmering lantern's rays are shed Where one young lamb just lifts his head, Then huddles 'gainst his mother's side.

I ain't got nothin' 'gainst you.

Which, when it hath conceiv'd a bold resolve, 'Gainst every other voice doth close itself.

ACT V SCENE I THOAS, ARKAS ARKAS I own I am perplex'd and scarcely know 'Gainst whom to point the shaft of my suspicion, Whether the priestess aids the captives' flight, Or they themselves clandestinely contrive it.

As Dr. Hopkins wrote of Ethan Allen, "One hand was clenched to batter noses, While t'other scrawled 'gainst Paul and Moses.

I have spoke thus much To mitigate the justice of thy plea; Which if thou follow, this strict court of Venice Must needs give sentence 'gainst the merchant there.

It is enacted in the laws of Venice, If it be proved against an alien, That by direct or indirect attempts He seek the life of any citizen, The party 'gainst the which he doth contrive Shall seize one half his goods; the other half Comes to the privy coffer of the state; And the offender's life lies in the mercy Of the duke only, 'gainst all other voice.

Dubious may be the Culprit's case, Though clear and open all his ways; What Life is proof 'gainst dire disgrace, If guileful hate his act pourtrays? Ye Jurors cautiously proceed, When the question's left to you, Not 'Has the Culprit done the deed?'

Why didst not thou bring in thy evidence With them, to rectify the brave jury's sense, And so prevent the ignoramus?nay, Thou wast cock-sure he wou'd he damned for aye, Without thy presence;thou wast then employed To brand him 'gainst he came to be destroyed: Forehand preparing for the hangman's axe, Had not the witnesses been found so lax.

And even this prince's mantle, which I wear, I owe to what were services to him, But most high misdemeanors 'gainst the empire.

Mine own good household right I have enforced 'Gainst him that would have wrong'd my wifemy honor.

Even to the Emperor we did not submit, When he gave judgment 'gainst us for the church; For when the Abbey of Einsiedlen claimed The Alp our fathers and ourselves had grazed, And showed an ancient charter which bestowed The land on them as being ownerless

"Oh, come," it sighed so sweetly; "I'll win thee 'gainst thy will. "Were we not friends from childhood?

'Gainst you and all your sages, no joy of mine shall strive, This one dead self shall shatter the men you call alive.

The troth is, we not love him: Margaret some wine, Let's talk a little treason, if we can Talk treason, 'gainst the traitors; by your leave, Gentlemen, We, here in Bruges, think he do's usurp, And therefore I am bold with him.

262 examples of  'gainst  in sentences