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262 examples of  'gainst  in sentences

262 examples of 'gainst in sentences

Your Mistress is not so divine as I, And shou'd I, 'gainst himself, believe the Man Who first inspir'd my Heart with Love's soft Flame? Bel.

A woman in her beauty is a fair thing to the eyes of a man, yet I tell thee Beltane, they be snares of the devil, setting father 'gainst son andbrother 'gainst brother, whereby come unnatural murders and bloody wars.

Feed a murderer, a rogue banned by Holy Church, a serf that hath raised hand 'gainst his lord?

"Do ye then stand with me henceforth 'gainst Black Ivo and all his might?

Heroes were we all, last nightnay, very Titansfour 'gainst an army!whiles now, within this balmy-breathing morn you shall see Walkyn o' the Bloody Axe with grim Black Rogerkin, down at the brook yonder, a-sprawl upon their bellies busily a-tickling trout for breakfast, while I, whose good yew bow carrieth death in every twang, toasting deer-flesh on a twig, am mocked of wanton warblers

Desperately he fought and struggled, but mighty though he was, his captors were mighty also, moreover his bonds galled him; wherefore, fighting yet, they dragged him to the tree, and to the tree Beltane fast bound him, whiles the forest rang and echoed with his panting cries until his great voice cracked and broke, and he hung 'gainst the tree, spent and breathless.

"That won a suit of triple mail at Dunismere joust, and wagered it 'gainst Black Ivo's roan stallion within Deepwold forest upon a time.

" "But bethink thee, tall brotherof what avail a thousand such poor, ragged, ill-armed rogues 'gainst the walls of Garthlaxton?

Then spake again the herald loud and clear: "Good people all, behold Sir Gilles of Brandonmere, who cometh here before you prepared to maintain the truth and justice of the charges he hath madeunto the death, 'gainst any man soever, on horse or on foot, with lance, battle-axe or sword.

So when a man doth constant sin 'gainst man and maid, to kill him" Quoth Beltane: "Sir Gui and Gilles of Brandonmere have made an end of sinning, methinks.

And there again is Siward, that with his brother maintained the sallyport 'gainst Ivo's van what time they drave us from the outer bailey.

"Sweet son," she sighed, "methinks death is very near each one of us to-nightbut I have held thee to my heart, have felt thy kisses and heard thy loving wordsnow if death come how shall it avail 'gainst such love as ours?

Then, sighing, Beltane arose and came where stood Sir Benedict who forthwith hailed him blithely: "Can we but hold them until the dawn, Beltaneand mark me, we can, here is a work shall make us strong 'gainst all attacks," and he pointed to the growing barricade.

I told him of thy valiant doings and of thy need of instant aid, and besought him to take up arms for thee and for me and for dear Mortain, and to lead my army 'gainst"

The Moor was rich and powerful, But not of lineage high, His wealth outweighed with one light maid Three years of constancy. Touched to the heart, on hearing this, He stood in arms arrayed, Nor strange that he, disarmed by love, 'Gainst love should draw his blade.

In vain we wage perpetual strife, 'Gainst instincts dumb and blind desires Who leads must serve..

Although vervain, therefore, as the "enchanters' plant," was gathered by witches to do mischief in their incantations, yet, as Aubrey says, it "hinders witches from their will," a circumstance to which Drayton further refers when he speaks of the vervain as "'gainst witchcraft much avayling."

Such treatment to a female, though A perfect stranger she might be, From you would most unmanly show; In you to her 'tis worse to see. When any ill-bred boys offend her, Showing their manhood by their sneers, It is your business to defend her 'Gainst their united taunts and jeers.

Not always thus shall beat my restless heart Like a wild eagle 'gainst its prison-bars; In some calm twilight of the future time I will sit, calm-browed, underneath the stars.

Lean not on thy store of merits; know'st thou 'gainst thy name for aye What the Plastic Pen indited, on the Unbeginning Day?

If they, my Sylla, brook not to have jar, What then are men, that 'gainst themselves do war?

Have these Minturnians, then, so cruelly Presum'd so great injustice 'gainst their friends? JAILER.

And from her foes high God defend her still, That they 'gainst her may never work their will. ENVY.

Thus do we rise ill sights to see, And 'gainst ourselves to prophesy; When the prophetic fear of things A more tormenting mischief brings, More full of soul-tormenting gall, Than direst mischiefs can befall.

PAUL'S What can be hop'd from Priests who, 'gainst the Poor, For lack of two-pence, shut the church's door; Who, true successors of the ancient leaven, Erect a turnpike on the road to Heaven? "Knock, and it shall be open'd," saith our LORD; "Knock, and pay two-pence," say the Chapter Board: The Showman of the booth the fee receives, And God's house is again a "den of thieves.

What can be hop'd from Priests who, 'gainst the Poor, 424.

"'T will make me think The world is full of rubs, and that my fortune Runs 'gainst the bias.

The girls, some o' them, wanted to be like her; but the fathers and mothers would n' help, and some, good many, were set hard 'gainst it; and then there was no money to buy white people's clothes, they said.

It took all the money was earned to pay big 'counts up at agency store, where Indians bought things,things to eat, you know; so what's the use, they said, to try to live white ways when everything was 'gainst them, and they stopped trying; and Metalka was so dis'pointed, for she was going do so much,going help civ-civ'lize.

In laying thus the blame upon the moon, Thou imitat'st subtle Pythagoras Who, what he would the people should believe, The same he wrote with blood upon a glass, And turn'd it opposite 'gainst the new moon, Whose beams, reflecting on it with full force, Show'd all those lines to them that stood behind, Most plainly writ in circle of the moon:

Hear wholesome counsel 'gainst unhallow'd thoughts.

Unwilling willingness it shall appear, By then I have produc'd, as I will do, The just presumptions 'gainst your unjust act.

Go home and hasten supper 'gainst I come: We will carouse to his departing soul.

but I must tell you, Evils the which are 'gainst another done, Repentance makes no satisfaction To him that feels the smart.

Shrewd maters watch Phyllis and Bessie and Fred, Each smile and each look and each toss of the head, And wonder and ponder and figure and scheme, While fortune and fashion 'gainst love tip the beam.

Of all these forces, rais'd against the King, 'Tis my strange hap not one whole man to bring, From diverse parishes, yet diverse men, But all in halves, and quarters: great king then, In halves, and quarters, if they come, 'gainst thee, In halves and quarters send them back to me.

[Page 14] Some sayes, that euer 'gainst that Season comes

[Sidenote: 125,247,260] Or that the Euerlasting had not fixt [Sidenote: 121 bis] His Cannon 'gainst Selfe-slaughter.

[Sidenote: the alarme] Who this had seene, with tongue in Venome steep'd, 'Gainst Fortunes State, would Treason haue pronounc'd?

And yet 'tis almost 'gainst my conscience.

Base hands how impotently you disclose Your rage 'gainst Camdens learned ashes, whose Defaced Statua and Martyrd booke, Like an Antiquitie and Fragment looke.

how he mocks thy rage, while breath Of fame shall speake his great Elizabeth! 'Gainst time and thee he well provided hath, Brittannia is the Tombe and Epitaph.

You, that are here before me Gentlemen, And Princes of Parnassus by the Penne And your just Judgements of his worth, that have Preserved this Authours mem'ry from the Grave, And made it glorious; let me, at your gate, Porter it here, 'gainst those that come too late, And are unfit to enter.

This simile shall stand, in thy defence, 'Gainst such dull rogues as now and then write sense.

What slaves are these that dare oppose themselves In rescue of a murderer 'gainst an Host? Ferd.

Where we planted roses sweet Thorns come up an' pricked the feet; But this old world's hard to beat, Here's hopin'! P'r'aps the buildin' that we planned 'Gainst the cyclone couldn't stand; But, thank God we've got the land, Here's hopin'!

"'Gainst rules laid down by Major Hope," said Scraggs.

For truth and right, 'gainst treason's might, This hand hath always striven, And ye raise it up for a witness still

Well, let them'tis their naturetwirl, And Smiths adore their twirlings, Which kill with envy every girl That fingers lace at Urling's, I laugh while I lament to see A fellow, made to measure 'Gainst grenadiers of six feet three, "Die down the dance" with pleasure.

Dim shadows in the corner hide; The glimmering lantern's rays are shed Where one young lamb just lifts his head, Then huddles 'gainst his mother's side.

I ain't got nothin' 'gainst you.

But who can do as the merchant does, who, with his resources, Knows the methods as well by which the best is arrived at? Look at that house over yonder,the new one; behold with what splendor 'Gainst the background of green stand out the white spirals of stucco!

OTHER BURGHER On holidays and Sundays naught know I more inviting Than chatting about war and war's alarms, When folk in Turkey, up in arms, Far off, are 'gainst each other fighting.

They battle, so 'tis said, for freedom's rights More clearly seen, 'tis slave 'gainst slave who fights.

And should you with a critic's eye Proclaim me 'gainst the Muse a sinner, Reflect, dear girl I that such as I, Six times a-week don't get a dinner.

Oft has it been my lot to mark A proud, conceited, talking spark, With eyes that hardly served at most To guard their master 'gainst a post: Yet round the world the blade has been To see whatever can be seen.

It is enacted in the laws of Venice, If it be proved against an alien, That by direct or indirect attempts He seek the life of any citizen, The party 'gainst the which he doth contrive Shall seize one half his goods; the other half Comes to the privy coffer of the state; And the offender's life lies in the mercy Of the duke only, 'gainst all other voice.

" How tender, loving is the Lord, Whose anger does not burn Forever 'gainst the sons of men, But calls them to return.

Bertha, among her maids, Upstarted, as she caught the happy sound, Bright as a star that brightens 'gainst the night.

He is tol' me wan night pret' late he wake up all de queeck he can w'en he is hear wan noise in dose cabane, an' he is see wan Injun, lak' phantome 'gainst de moon to de door.

Each little pimple had a tear in it, To wail the fault its rising did commit: 60 Which, rebel-like, with its own lord at strife, Thus made an insurrection 'gainst his life.

But those that 'gainst stiff gales laveering go, Must be at once resolved and skilful too.

Dubious may be the Culprit's case, Though clear and open all his ways; What Life is proof 'gainst dire disgrace, If guileful hate his act pourtrays? Ye Jurors cautiously proceed, When the question's left to you, Not 'Has the Culprit done the deed?'

VI Roger de Coverley Not more good man than he; Yet has he equally Push'd for Cocytus, With drivelling Worral, And wicked old Dorrell, 'Gainst whom I've a quarrel, Whose end might affright us!

By Mary Lamb Small beauty to your Book my lines can lend, Yet you shall have the best I can, sweet friend, To serve for poor memorials 'gainst the day That calls you from your Parent-roof away, From the mild offices of Filial life To the more serious duties of a Wife.

I, with the Elder Couple left behind, On evenings chatting, oft shall call to mind Those spirits of Youth, which Age so ill can miss, And, wanting you, half grudge your Sn's bliss; Till mirthful malice tempts us to exclaim 'Gainst the dear Thief, who robb'd you of your Name.

These your submissions to my low estate, And cleavings to the fates of sunken Woodvil, Write bitter things 'gainst my unworthiness.

FRAMPTON He neither tore His wife's locks nor his own; but wisely weighing His own offence with her's in equal poise, And woman's weakness 'gainst the strength of man, Came to a calm and witty compromise.

In the Table Book this stanza ended thus: With cuckoldy Worral, And wicked old Dorrel, 'Gainst whom I've a quarrel His end might affright us.

I. Aphรฆresis is the elision of some of the initial letters of a word: as, 'gainst, for against; 'gan, for began; 'neath, for beneath; 'thout, for without. II.

"Bend 'gainst the steepy hill thy breast, Burst down like torrent from its crest.

Each little pimple had a tear in it, To wail the fault its rising did commit, Which, rebel-like, with its own lord at strife, Thus made an insurrection 'gainst his life.

This made me with my bloody dagger wound His guiltless son, that never 'gainst me stored; His father's body lying dead on ground To pierce with spear, eke with my cruel sword To part his neck, and with his head to board, Invested with a royal paper crown, From place to place to bear it up and down.

O storms that 'gainst her window beat!

OUT OF THE HARBOR STANTON BUDINGTON LEEDS ex-'08 Across the breadth of many memoried years I catch a whiff of strong, salt air Light-hearted blowing of the gentle wind, And all the swaying of the sad and silent sea; On high a golden star, bright, peerless, free, In endless space confined, And light as laughter 'gainst my cheek, star-lit with tears, A wavy lock of sweet brown hair.

Sometimes an angler comes and drops his hook Within its hidden depths, and 'gainst a tree Leaning his rod, reads in some pleasant book, Forgetting soon his pride of fishery; And dreams or falls asleep, While curious fishes peep About his nibbled bait or scornfully Dart off and rise and leap.

And even this prince's mantle, which I wear, I owe to what were services to him, But most high misdemeanors 'gainst the empire.

Plain and simple You must declare you, whether you determine To act a treason 'gainst your Lord and Sovereign, Or whether you will serve him faithfully.

I am a merry lad, and if at time A rash word might escape me 'gainst the Court Amidst my wineYou know no harm was meant.

Mine own good household right I have enforced 'Gainst him that would have wrong'd my wifemy honor.

You are all rebels 'gainst the Emp'ror's power And bear a desperate and rebellious spirit.

If honest men, now, had been in the ship, It had gone down with every soul on board: Some folks are proof 'gainst fire and water both.

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" Much more is said by the poet in its praise; at last he falls into a moral strain: "For many, as you may suppose, 'Gainst nature loudly bawl, That one man should have such a nose, Whilst some have none at all.

You were put here to guard the plant; not to let any old" "Didn't 'low t' guard it 'gainst no ghos'es.

I will send a holy image 'Gainst the foe with thee, To it kneeling, dearest Being, Pray with piety!

Thy locks too faint for earthly gold, The meekness of thine eyes, He will darken and dim, and to his fold Drive, 'gainst the night, thy stainless, old Innocencies; Thy simple words confuse and mar, Thy tenderest thoughts delude, Draw a long cloud athwart thy star, Still with loud timbrels heaven's far Faint interlude.

ARABIA Far are the shades of Arabia, Where the Princes ride at noon, 'Mid the verdurous vales and thickets, Under the ghost of the moon; And so dark is that vaulted purple Flowers in the forest rise And toss into blossom 'gainst the phantom stars Pale in the noonday skies.

'Gainst you and all your sages, no joy of mine shall strive, This one dead self shall shatter the men you call alive.

Tryin' to get Negroes to go 'gainst our white people.

And as their Root decaies, those budding Branches Sprout forth and flourish, to renew their age; But this is the beginning, not the end Of misery to me, that 'gainst my will (Since Heaven denies us Issue of our own) Must leave the fruit of all my care and travel To an unthankfull Brother that insults On my Calamity.

It's haughty forehead 'gainst ...

I rave no more 'gainst time or fate, For soon my own shall come to me.

"But I won't 'ave you say anything 'gainst father," said Tilda, taking her up quickly, "for 'e's the best father in the world, if 'twasn' fur the drink.

I every day 'gainst Carthage war proclaim, (For Rome's destruction hath been long her aim)

Now must I draw my forces 'gainst that host Of pleasures, which i' th'sea of age are lost.

490 I'm not more pleased with gravity among The aged, than to be youthful with the young; Nor 'gainst all pleasures proclaim open war, To which, in age, some nat'ral motions are.

I ain't got nothing 'gainst my ole Miss, except she sold my mother from me.

Nay, he gripped his grief, Sharper far than a sword, and, raging 'gainst Fate, 'Gainst himself, fell on death! MEDEA.

We have offended 'gainst his Majesty, Seeking the good, but not within the law.