262 examples of 'gainst in sentences

Feed a murderer, a rogue banned by Holy Church, a serf that hath raised hand 'gainst his lord?

I told him of thy valiant doings and of thy need of instant aid, and besought him to take up arms for thee and for me and for dear Mortain, and to lead my army 'gainst"

Not always thus shall beat my restless heart Like a wild eagle 'gainst its prison-bars; In some calm twilight of the future time I will sit, calm-browed, underneath the stars.

Lean not on thy store of merits; know'st thou 'gainst thy name for aye What the Plastic Pen indited, on the Unbeginning Day?

Thus do we rise ill sights to see, And 'gainst ourselves to prophesy; When the prophetic fear of things A more tormenting mischief brings, More full of soul-tormenting gall, Than direst mischiefs can befall.

[Page 14] Some sayes, that euer 'gainst that Season comes

Base hands how impotently you disclose Your rage 'gainst Camdens learned ashes, whose Defaced Statua and Martyrd booke, Like an Antiquitie and Fragment looke.

"'Gainst rules laid down by Major Hope," said Scraggs.

For truth and right, 'gainst treason's might, This hand hath always striven, And ye raise it up for a witness still

Well, let them'tis their naturetwirl, And Smiths adore their twirlings, Which kill with envy every girl That fingers lace at Urling's, I laugh while I lament to see A fellow, made to measure 'Gainst grenadiers of six feet three, "Die down the dance" with pleasure.

Dim shadows in the corner hide; The glimmering lantern's rays are shed Where one young lamb just lifts his head, Then huddles 'gainst his mother's side.

But who can do as the merchant does, who, with his resources, Knows the methods as well by which the best is arrived at? Look at that house over yonder,the new one; behold with what splendor 'Gainst the background of green stand out the white spirals of stucco!

They battle, so 'tis said, for freedom's rights More clearly seen, 'tis slave 'gainst slave who fights.

Oft has it been my lot to mark A proud, conceited, talking spark, With eyes that hardly served at most To guard their master 'gainst a post: Yet round the world the blade has been To see whatever can be seen.

It is enacted in the laws of Venice, If it be proved against an alien, That by direct or indirect attempts He seek the life of any citizen, The party 'gainst the which he doth contrive Shall seize one half his goods; the other half Comes to the privy coffer of the state; And the offender's life lies in the mercy Of the duke only, 'gainst all other voice.

Bertha, among her maids, Upstarted, as she caught the happy sound, Bright as a star that brightens 'gainst the night.

I. Aphæresis is the elision of some of the initial letters of a word: as, 'gainst, for against; 'gan, for began; 'neath, for beneath; 'thout, for without. II.

Each little pimple had a tear in it, To wail the fault its rising did commit, Which, rebel-like, with its own lord at strife, Thus made an insurrection 'gainst his life.

This made me with my bloody dagger wound His guiltless son, that never 'gainst me stored; His father's body lying dead on ground To pierce with spear, eke with my cruel sword To part his neck, and with his head to board, Invested with a royal paper crown, From place to place to bear it up and down.

OUT OF THE HARBOR STANTON BUDINGTON LEEDS ex-'08 Across the breadth of many memoried years I catch a whiff of strong, salt air Light-hearted blowing of the gentle wind, And all the swaying of the sad and silent sea; On high a golden star, bright, peerless, free, In endless space confined, And light as laughter 'gainst my cheek, star-lit with tears, A wavy lock of sweet brown hair.

Thy locks too faint for earthly gold, The meekness of thine eyes, He will darken and dim, and to his fold Drive, 'gainst the night, thy stainless, old Innocencies; Thy simple words confuse and mar, Thy tenderest thoughts delude, Draw a long cloud athwart thy star, Still with loud timbrels heaven's far Faint interlude.

ARABIA Far are the shades of Arabia, Where the Princes ride at noon, 'Mid the verdurous vales and thickets, Under the ghost of the moon; And so dark is that vaulted purple Flowers in the forest rise And toss into blossom 'gainst the phantom stars Pale in the noonday skies.

It's haughty forehead 'gainst ...

"But I won't 'ave you say anything 'gainst father," said Tilda, taking her up quickly, "for 'e's the best father in the world, if 'twasn' fur the drink.

I ain't got nothing 'gainst my ole Miss, except she sold my mother from me.

262 examples of  'gainst  in sentences