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62 example sentences with  1150

62 example sentences with 1150

And Hugo Falcland[BE] relates, that in the year 1150, Count Henry refused to take upon him the management of public affairs, under pretence of not knowing the language of the French; which, he adds, was absolutely necessary at court.

Then in 1150 came Dean Hilary, who as Bishop of Chichester, petitioned Richard de Redvers to establish Christchurch as a Priory of Canons Regular of St Austin.

The most graphic account of the affair is given to us by Ordericus Vitalis, who, however, was not only not present, but at best can have been but a child at the time, for he died in 1150.

The older part of this building (1125-1150) is to the east of the nave, and consists of sanctuary and transepts: the nave was begun towards the end of the twelfth century, the church being finished in the beginning of the thirteenth.

This has been destroyed and the north aisle wall has been rebuilt as in 1150.

In 1150 Stephen, having been again reconciled to the Church, sought the recognition of his son Eustace as the heir to the kingdom.

[1150] 'Before great Agamemnon reign'd Reign'd kings as great as he, and brave Whose huge ambition's now contain'd In the small compass of a grave; In endless night they sleep, unwept, unknown, No bard had they to make all time their own.'

About the year 1150, five years before the death of Geoffrey, an Anglo-Norman, Geoffrey Gaimar, wrote the first French metrical chronicle.

1150 [Pas, care.]

Geoffrey's Latin history was put into French verse by Gaimar (c. 1150) and by Wace (c. 1155), and from these French versions the work was first translated into English.

Its date I should place at about 1150.

I am far from denying that an interpreter of the Scriptures may derive important aids from the Jewish commentators: Aben Ezra, (about 1150) especially, was a truly great man.

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Four translations of this inscription, made simultaneously in 1857 by Sir H. Rawlinson, Mr. Fox Talbot, Dr. Hincks, and Dr. Oppert, were published in that year under the title of "Inscription of Tiglath Pileser I, King of Assyria, B.C. 1150.

Comte de Maine, in 1150.

Affairs seem to have been going from bad to worse in the matter of dividends, for, while in 1850 he had said that only 509 miles out of 1150 were paying him personally anything, he says in a letter to Mr. Kendall of January 8, 1855: "I perceive the Magnetic Telegraph Company meet in Washington on Thursday the 11th.

Of St. Michael's the first notice we have is when Ranulph, Earl of Chester, in the days of Stephen, about 1150, granted the "Chapel" of St. Michael to Laurence, Prior, and the Convent of St. Mary, "being satisfied by the testimony of divers persons, as well Clergy as Laity, that it was their right."

NORMAN 1066-1150.

TRANSITION 1150-1200.

The ruins of Wolvesley Castle erected by Bishop de Blois about 1150 are close to the cathedral on the south-east.

The church dates from 1150, though aisles were added a hundred years later and the tower in 1450.

Henry of Huntingdon (1150) calls it Stanhenges, and terms it the second wonder of England, but professes entire ignorance of its purpose and marvels at the method of its construction.

Geoffrey of Monmouth (1150) ascribes its origin to the magic of Merlin who, at the instance of Aurelius Ambrosius, directed the invasion of Ireland under Uther Pendragon to obtain possession of the standing stones called the "Giants' Dance at Killaraus."

His famous drinking song, "Meum est prepositum ..." has been translated by Leigh Hunt (1150-1196).

Its cultivation is said to have been a flourishing industry there in the year 1150.

Interest in all his actions was discern'd; 1150 More learn'd than honest, more a wit than learn'd: Or forced by fear, or by his profit led, Or both conjoin'd, his native clime he fled:

All of a tenor was their after-life, No day discolour'd with domestic strife; No jealousy, but mutual truth believed, 1150 Secure repose, and kindness undeceived.

Just got off our last best half march10 miles 1150 yards (geo.), over 12 miles stat.

Title 26: Internal revenue, sections 350 to 1149, sections 1150 to end.

(Tarzan, no. 2349) (In United feature comics, Feb. 21, 1947) © 21Feb47; B5-1150.

Title 26: Internal revenue, sections 350 to 1149, sections 1150 to end.

(Tarzan, no. 2349) (In United feature comics, Feb. 21, 1947) © 21Feb47; B5-1150.

Bective Abbey dates from about 1150.

"The preceding articles imported in foreign vessels are subject to an increased duty, at the following rates: 1150 articles at the rate of 1/8 more, 80 " " 1/4 more, 10 " " 1/2 more.

He says that they were then (about A.D. 1150) as different as if they had been different races; and so in fact they weredifferent in their origin, in their language, and their diet.

According to the Provençal biography he was the instructor of a more interesting and original troubadour Marcabrun, whose active life extended from 1150 to 1195.

Raimbaut d'Aurenga, Count of Orange from 1150-1173, is interesting rather by reason of his relations with other troubadours than for his own achievements in the troubadours' art.

Walter, however, by negotiating in a more friendly spirit, had obtained a reduction, and was about to complete the purchase for £1150.

It also has one of the most impressive medieval castles in Germany, which was first mentioned in 1150.

Königslutter proper is on the Lutter stream and developed from the village of Lutter which was first mentioned in 1150.

Meaux Abbey was founded between 1150 and 1179.

The other KIIS station was located at 1150 AM; "115" looks like "IIS".

The tiger shark is found near the surface to depths of up to 350 metres (1150 feet).

This princess took the veil at Fontevraud in 1128, became abbess of that monastery in 1150, and died in 1154.

During this time the castle of Ibbenbüren was built by the noble gentlemen of Ibbenbüren starting from 1150.

In 1150 the valley, in which Le Locle would later be built, was granted by Renaud and William Valanginian to the abbey of Fontaine-André.

Brent crude futures soared to a high of $70.74 a barrel and was at $69.55 at 1150 GMT, up 95 cents, or 1.38%, from Friday’s settlement.

Co-op Grocery (WheatlandMall ), 1150 Central Ave. N, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

His 1150 CKOC Hit Charts were very accurate because Nevin created amazing research systems and the record companies respected that.

It has 1150 signatures so far.

On December 14, 2019 at 1150 pm, the Osoyoos RCMP responded to a call of a man who was seriously injured on Cottonwood Drive.

Previous visitors to the prayer hall who are presenting with fever and/or respiratory symptoms are encouraged to call the DOH hotline (02)8-651-7800 loc 1149-1150 for a proper referral to the appropriate health facility.

Flies up to 1150 ft., 15.6 long.

If his income is $1150 and the average rent in London is now $980, I’d say we’ve passed the affordable threshold for Reinhart and rolled in to desperation station.

In the Eastern Assessment Zone, a has been set at 2250t and split 1100t for offshore in management unit Davis Strait west and 1150t to be shared between Nunavut East and Nunavik East management units with a 250t Pandalus Borelais by-catch quota.

It traces the development of the language from 1150 AD to the present, with usage examples from many sources.

Nilasoni Landscape Inc, Pearl City, HI, (808) 537-1150 (

Science 1150 and 1151 are not acceptable as prerequisites for 2000 level courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or Earth Sciences.

Stallings Electric Co Inc, Mt Ulla, NC, (704) 664-1150 (

Thus, the cost of running a website will run about $1150/year for a small business.

Was listening to CKOC 1150 AM and heard an advertisement for "Funny 820 CHAM" or something very close to that.

We profiled transcription of 1150 genes expressed during wing development in 27 heterozygous mutants, as well as their co-isogenic wild type and one additional wild-type strain.