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62 example sentences with  1544

62 example sentences with 1544

She found the Wishart Church, named for the famous preacher, George Wishart, who in 1544 had preached near the place where the church was built.

Harrisse, who in his John and Sebastian Cabot had written in favor of Cape Breton, has, in his latest book, The Discovery of America, gone back to Labrador as his faith in the celebrated map of 1544 gradually waned and his esteem for the character of Sebastian Cabot faded away.

The discovery in Germany by von Martius in 1843 of an engraved mappemonde bearing date of 1544, and purporting to be issued under the authority of Sebastian Cabot, soon caused a general current of opinion in favor of a landfall in Cape Breton.

The only mention which occurs is on the map seen by Hakluyt, and on the map of 1544, supposed, somewhat rashly, to be a transcript of it.

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Michael Angelo was ill during the summer of 1544, and was nursed by Luigi del Riccio in his own house, Shortly after his recovery he quarrelled with his friend, and wrote him this sonnet as well as a very angry letter.

Cecchino Bracci was a boy of rare and surpassing beauty who died at Rome, January 8, 1544, in his seventeenth year.

Date about 1544.

To free himself from this censure was one of the reasons for which he published, in 1544, his Toxophilus, or the Schole or Partitions of Shooting, in which he joins the praise with the precepts of archery.

At last Monday, the twelfth of February, 1544, dawned, and Lady Jane Grey was led out to the scaffold.

In the year 1544, upon the expedition to Boulogne in France, he was made field marshal of the English army, and after taking that town, being then knight of the garter, he was in the beginning of September 1545 constituted the King's lieutenant, and captain-general of all his army within the town and county of Boulogne.

Torquato Tasso was born March the 11th, 1544, nine years after the death of Ariosto, who was intimate with his father.

"At Sanct Androwis, the 25th day of October (1544).

Antonio Sogliani (1492-1544), also a rare painter, with a finely coloured and finely drawn "Disputa," No. 63.

Perhaps the most exciting news that reached Uiticos in 1544 was in regard to the arrival of the first Spanish viceroy.

In the year 1544, Don Gutierre de Vargas, bishop of Placenza, the cousin of Mendoça, sent a fleet from Seville to the straits of Magellan, instigated by the advice of the viceroy.

In the year 1544, a little, but thick, volume appeared, with the title, "Pasquillorum Tomi duo."

(From Annals of Congress, Fourth Congress, second session, 1544.)

Lucrezia followed in 1544, and then there came and went in 1545 and 1546 Antonio and Piero.

Damhoudère, in his famous technical work, called "Practique et Enchiridion des Causes Criminelles" (1544), also recommends that the hair should be carefully shaved from the bodies of persons about to undergo examination by torture, for fear of their concealing some countercharm which would render them insensible to bodily pain.

He first appears as the organist and director at the chief church in Palestrina from 1544 to 1551.

When the sculptor was ill at Rome in 1544, Luigi del Riccio nursed him in the palace of the Strozzi.

This conviction will be enforced when we reflect that the thought upon which the madrigal above translated has been woven (1547) had been already used for Cecchino dei Bracci in 1544.

The first of two acute illnesses, which showed that Michelangelo's constitution was beginning to give way, happened in the summer of 1544.

" This letter of 1548, taken in connection with the circumstances of Michelangelo's illness in 1544, his exchange of messages with Ruberto degli Strozzi, his gift of the two Captives to that gentleman, and his presence in the house of the Strozzi during his recovery, shows the delicacy of the political situation at Florence under Cosimo's rule.

From this digression, which was needful to explain his attitude toward Florence and part of his psychology, I return to the incidents of Michelangelo's illness at Rome in 1544.

It is not quite easy to separate the records of these two acute illnesses of Michelangelo, falling between the summer of 1544 and the early spring of 1546.

Paul was not satisfied with Sangallo's design, and referred it to Michelangelo for criticism possibly in 1544.

The child was born upon the 16th of May 1544, turned out a boy, and received the name of Buonarroto.

The letter says, "When Sir Thomas Moyle built Eastwell House, near London, about the year, 1544, he observed his chief bricklayer, whenever he left off work, retired with a book.

Its beautiful chapel has some old French glass, inserted in the windows in 1544, and other details of much interest.

CHAUCER OF FRANCE, Clément Marot (1484-1544).

They were Ariosto (1474-1533), Tasso (1544-1595), and Giovanni Rucellai (1475-1526), poets; Raphael (1483-1520), Titian (1480-1576), and Michael Angelo (1474-1564), painters.

With this we may compare the following extract from a letter, addressed in May 1544 to Titian, by one of the most unprincipled of literary bandits who have ever disgraced humanity, but who nevertheless was solemnised to the spirit of true poetry by the grandiose aspect of nature as it appeared to him in Venice.

That is not counting the frescoes of the Cappella Paolina in the Vatican, painted about 1544, which are now in a far worse state even than the "Last Judgment," and which can never have done more than show his style in decadence.

Nicolas Le Fèvre was born at Paris, in 1544, and devoted himself to literature.

The "Confessio Amantis" was printed, a second time, by Barthelet, in the year 1532; a third time in 1544; a fourth in 1554; and, lastly, in a very correct and worthy manner, in the year 1810, under the judicious inspection of Dr. Chalmers.

It lasted two years, from 1542 to 1544, with alternations of success and reverse on either side, and several diplomatic attempts to embroil in it the different European powers.

The battle was delivered at Ceresole on the 14th of April, 1544; it was bravely disputed and for some time indecisive, even in the opinion of the anxious Count d'Enghien, who was for a while in an awkward predicament; but the ardor of the Gascons and the firmness of the Swiss prevailed, and the French army was victorious.

Peace was signed at Crespy on the 18th of September, 1544; and it was considered so bad an one that the dauphin thought himself bound to protest, first of all secretly before notaries and afterwards at Fontainebleau, on the 12th of December, in the presence of three princes of the royal house.

On the 1st of January, 1545, Francis I. signed, without reading it they say, the revocation of his edict of 1544, and ordered execution of the decree issued by the Parliament of Aix, dated November 18, 1540, on the subject of the Vaudians, "notwithstanding all letters of grace posterior to that epoch, and ordered the governor of the province to give, for that purpose, the assistance of the strong hand to justice."

Calvin was lately mentioned as having pleaded the cause of the Vaudians, in 1544, amongst the Protestants of Switzerland and Germany.

One of the last acts of Khair-ed-Din Barbarossa had been to ransom his follower in the port of Genoa, in 1544, for 3,000 crowns, an arrangement of which the Genoese afterwards sorely repented.

For a short time after the discovery of America (from 1493 to about 1544) the average coining value of the world's production of gold, nearly all found in America, was about 1-1/2 times as great as that of silver; but thereafter for three centuries from about 1545, the annual value of silver produced was between 1-1/2 to 4 times as great as that of gold, averaging about twice as great.

A French translation published in 1544 went through three editions, and another appeared in 1737, while it was translated into Spanish in 1547, and again in 1578.

He died at Turin in 1544.

The Arcadia was translated in 1544.

The system of electing annual governors among the residents was abolished in 1544, and the crown resumed its prerogative with the appointment of Gerónimo Lebrón, of la Española, as governor for one year.

Bishop Bastidas called the Government's attention to the fact in a letter dated March 20, 1544, in which he says: " ...

But it was there in Vasari's day (1544), so that we arrive at the interesting conclusion that Titian's signature must have been added between 1520 and 1544that is, in his own lifetime.

The letters T.V. either were added after 1544, or Vasari did not interpret them as Titian's signature.

Owen & Blakeway, Hist. of Shrewsbury, ii, 342 (St. Mary's had in 1544 ten cows and three sheep renting for £1 1s.

and Francis I.; was received with favour at court for political reasons, though he lashed its vices and those of the clergy; wrote satirical farces, and one especially at the instance of Louis against Pope Julius II., entitled "Le Jeu du Prince des Sots" (1476-1544).

MAROT, CLEMENT, French poet, born at Cahors; was valet-de-chambre of Margaret of Valois; was a man of ready wit and a satirical writer, the exercise of which often brought him into trouble; his poems, which consist of elegies, epistles, rondeaux, madrigals, and ballads, have left their impress on both the language and the literature of France (1495-1544).

PALMA, JACOPO, The Young, nephew of the preceding, also a painter, but of inferior merit, though he aimed to be the rival of Tintoretto and Paul Veronese (1544-1628).

translation of the "Jerusalem Delivered" is one of his great translations in the English language (1544-1595).

To help people in Finland to learn to read, Agricola published a ABC book and a prayer book in Finnish around year 1544.

He became Bishop of Chiapas, Mexico, from 1544 to 1547.

Current editions of Josephus from manuscripts after 1544 AD say in Antiquities 18.106 that Philip died in the 20 year of Caesar Tiberius and he reigned 37 years.

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Like Lando, he settled in Venice from c. 1544 through 1556, and wrote prolifically for the popular presses.

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