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733 example sentences with  1899

733 example sentences with 1899

The rifle of the Servian army is the Mauser, model of 1899, with a caliber of 7 millimeters, but it is doubtful if Servia possessed enough of them to arm the reserves.

It was Léoville Poyferré, 1899.

Two weeks before his last promotion in the regular army he was appointed brigadier-general of volunteers, and in accordance with the Act of Congress, approved March 2, 1899, he will retain that rank until July 1, 1901.

Prong-bucks have shed on eight occasions in the Zoological Gardens at Philadelphia, five times by the same animal, which reached the gardens in October, 1899, and has shed each year early in November, the last time on October 22, 1903, and the writer has seen one fine head killed about November 5 in a wild state, on which the horn-sheaths were loose and ready to drop off.

Mr. Harriman, while on his expedition to the Alaskan coast in 1899, had by great luck shot a specimen, and in the second volume of "Big Game Shooting" in "The Badminton Library," Mr. Clive Phillipps-Wolley writes of the largest "grizzly" of which he has any trustworthy information as being shot on Kadiak island by a Mr. J.C. Tolman.

The Boer war in South Africa (1899-1902)required the largest number of troops that England ever mustered into service in any of her wars.

(Detroit, 1899.)

(Washington, D. C., 1899.)

Baltimore, 1899.)

(Philadelphia, 1899.)

After the first beginnings in 1899, the Swiss became energetic and enthusiastic runners.

(In 1899, at the invitation of the czar of Russia, representatives of all the great powers of Europe met at the Hague to found a lasting court which should decide disputes between nations fairly, and try to do away with wars, to as great an extent as possible.

When a protest was made by Austria, the United States pointed out that a similar case had come up in 1899.

On a very cautious estimate the production in 1899-1900 must have been at least one-quarter if not one-third below the average.

In 1893-4 the girls in school were only 375,868, but since then there has been a gradual increase every year400,709 in 1897-8, 425,914 in 1899-1900 and 429,645 in 1900-01.

1892-3 1,924,000 1897-8 2,198,000 1893-4 2,180,000 1898-9 2,425,000 1894-5 1,957,000 1899-0 843,000 1895-6 2,364,000 1900-1 2,309,000 1896-7 1,929,000 1901-2 1,960,000 The failure of the crop in 1899-1900 was due to the drought which caused the great famine.

1892-3 1,924,000 1897-8 2,198,000 1893-4 2,180,000 1898-9 2,425,000 1894-5 1,957,000 1899-0 843,000 1895-6 2,364,000 1900-1 2,309,000 1896-7 1,929,000 1901-2 1,960,000 The failure of the crop in 1899-1900 was due to the drought which caused the great famine.

They were introduced into various parts of the empire, where they flourished abundantly until the export of bark ran nearly to 4,000,000 pounds a year, but since 1899 there has been a steady fall.

The cumulative index, 1899 to 1922, inclusive, by Gilbert Grosvenor.

NIXON, ALVAR J. The location of manufactures in the United States, 1899-1929.

French theatre in New York, a list of plays, 1899-1939.

<pb id='517.png' n='1968h2/A/2814' /> The output of manufacturing industries, 1899-1937.

The output of manufacturing industries, 1899-1937.

Adventure in the theatre: Lugne-Poe and the Theatre de l'oeuvre to 1899.

The relation between factory employment and output since 1899.

Adventure in the theatre: Lugne-Poe and the Theatre de l'oeuvre to 1899.

In the latest book on Central Australia (1899) by Spencer and Gillen we read (17) that to this day a native woman "with nothing on except an ancient straw hat and an old pair of boots is perfectly happy." IS CIVILIZATION DEMORALIZING?

It is Spencer and Gillen's The Native Tribes of Central Australia (1899), and relates to nine tribes over whom Baldwin Spencer had been placed as special magistrate and sub-protector for some years, during which he had excellent opportunities to study their customs.

Inge, W. R. Christian Mysticism, Methuen, 1899.

Récéjac, E. Essai sur les fondements de la Connaissance Mystique, Paris, 1897 (translated by S. C. Upton, London, 1899).

(Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum Oxoniensis), 1899-1907.

I remember so well being at Aix-les-Bains, in 1899, when the Hotel du Beau-Site was burned, and finding a woman in a wrapper sitting on a bench in the park in front of the burning hotel, with the lace waist of an evening frock in one hand, and a small bottle of alcohol in the other.

San Juan was where the firing commenced on February 4, 1899.

[206] In his message to Congress dated January 1, 1899, Aguinaldo said: "I consider arguments unnecessary in support of the proposed amendments, every one knows that our newborn Republic now has to fight for its existence against giants in ambition and in power."

[207] An unsigned letter addressed to Apacible on January 4, 1899, contains the following statement: "It appears that conflict with the Americans is imminent and inevitable.

"Malolos, January 4, 1899, 9.35 A.M. "To the Provincial President of the Province of Pangasinán: "Hasten the preparation of all the towns in order to oppose the American invasion.

Lingayen, January 4, 1899.

[209] On January 5, 1899, Aguinaldo issued a proclamation which contains the following statement: "The said generals accepted my concessions in favor of peace and friendship as indications of weakness.

On January 8, 1899, at 9.40 P.M., Sandico telegraphed Aguinaldo as follows: "Note.

On January 30, 1899, a roll of four companies just organized in Malate was forwarded approved by T. Sandico, and on the same day the committee of Trozo, Manila, applied to T. Sandico for permission to recruit a body for the defence of the country.

On January 9, 1899, Aguinaldo wrote his instructions for the sandatahan of Manila.

And yet here in Aguinaldo's own handwriting is the record of the fact that on January 10, 1899, he ordered the murder of the American commander.

Their attitude is well illustrated by the following extract from a telegram sent by Colonel Cailles to Aguinaldo on January 10, 1899: "Most urgent.

E. A. Jan. 10, 1899."

(Signed) "E. A. "Malolos, Jan. 14, 1899."

On January 14, 1899, the people at Aparri shouted: "Death to the Americans," and held a review to celebrate the rupture of friendly relations with the United States.

In January 21, 1899, Aguinaldo was still not quite ready, and ordered that the Filipino soldiers in the walled city keep on good terms with the Americans, in order to deceive them, "since the hoped-for moment has not yet arrived."

On February 4, 1899, the tents of the regiment covered the ridge, and its outposts extended along the San Juan River, a small stream which formed part of the line of delimitation between the Americans and the insurgents.

In this connection the following telegram sent by Captain Zialcita from Santa Ana on February 4, 1899, at 9.55 P.M., to Major Gray, San Juan del Monte, is highly interesting: "I received the telegram forwarded from Malolos.

On January 25, 1899, Agoncillo cabled from Washington to Apacible in Hongkong: "Recommend you await beginning American aggression, justifying our conduct nations."

The extracts from the Insurgent records above quoted leave no escape from the conclusion that the outbreak of hostilities which occurred on February 4, 1899, had been carefully prepared for and was deliberately precipitated by the Filipinos themselves.

Blount has stated that if the resolutions of Senator Bacon introduced on January 11, 1899, had passed, we never should have had any war with the Filipinos.

In January, 1899, the Aguinaldista commander of Tarlac province, afraid that his whole province would espouse the cause of the sergeant, attempted by every means in his power to interrupt his career, not hesitating to avail himself of crime to destroy the influence of Pecheche with the many people who had been incensed by the Katipúnan and had in turn become firm partisans of the Guards of Honour.

They have failed to inform us that: "In December, 1899, certain men charged with being members of this society [Guards of Honour] were interrogated in Nueva Ecija as to their purposes.

Rosa Bonheur died at her home at 11 P.M., Thursday, May 25, 1899.

[Footnote 11: Theory of the Leisure Class, N.Y. 1899, p. 46.]

In the summer of 1899, three years after the first experiment, Pittsburg children had nine playgrounds and Allegheny children had three, all gifts of the women.

E.W. Nelson, "The Eskimo about Bering Strait," Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Part i. (Washington, 1899) p. 440.

124 sq. Émile Hublard, Fêtes du Temps Jadis, les Feux du Carême (Mons, 1899), pp. 25.

Émile Hublard, Fêtes du Temps Jadis, les Feux du Carême (Mons, 1899), p. 38, quoting Dom Grenier, Histoire de la Province de Picardie.

; Émile Hublard, Fêtes du Temps Jadis, les Feux du Carême (Mons, 1899), pp.

W.H.D. Rouse, "Folk-lore from the Southern Sporades," Folk-lore, x. (1899)

285-287; Manuk Abeghian, Der armenische Volksglaube (Leipsic, 1899), pp.

As a result, immediately on the commencement of an eclipse, every woman turns bottom side up all her pots, wooden buckets, and dishes" (E.W. Nelson, "The Eskimo about Bering Strait," Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Part i. (Washington, 1899)

Mr. W. Warde Fowler writes that in Scotland "before the bonfires were kindled on midsummer eve, the houses were decorated with foliage brought from the woods" (Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic, London, 1899, pp.

W.H.D. Rouse, "Folklore from the Southern Sporades," Folk-lore, x. (1899)

MAN'S LAURELS LIFT February 18, 1899.

It was the summer of 1899 when I pulled out.

J. H. Smith, The troubadours at Home, 2 vols., New York, 1899;

Zingarelli, Intorno a due Trovatori in Italia, Florence, 1899.

Alex Raisbeck, who was club captain from 1899 to 1909, was the longest serving captain before being overtaken by Steven Gerrard who served 12 seasons as Liverpool captain starting from the 2003–04 season.

A limited version of this office existed for a short time in 1899 during the First Philippine Republic.

Ariane et Barbe-Bleue ("Ariadne and Bluebeard"), which he wrote between 1899 and 1907, has often been compared to Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande.

It dates to 1899.

River Park Drive was laid out in 1899, but the Broadway entrance remained unfinished until 1914.

Robert's son, Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts, died in 1899 in the second Boar War, and received the VC.

Shortly before his death in 1899, the anthem was performed for Lithuanians living in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The art garden is named after the impresario and lyricist Billy Rose (1899-1966).

The Dhulbahante garaadship was a kingdom from 1530 until 1899.

They had four children, Boris III (1894–1943), Kyril (1895–1945), Eudoxia (1898–1985), Nadejda (1899–1958) and Maria Luisa died in 1899.

Britain and Venezuela accepted the decision of the Tribunal in 1899.

During the first year of its township in 1899, Mandaue had 42 barrios and with a population of 21,086.

C. Barcelona was founded in 1899 and has a rich history as a symbol of the Catalan people.

Hopp also supports his local soccer team, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Invented in a Tokyo restaurant, Rengatei, in 1899, it was first cooked with a pork katsuretsu (cutlet).

Jules Massenet and Henri Caïn’s 1899 rendition of the Cinderella story.

This national monument, which was designed and constructed under the Anglican Diocese of Guyana in 1899, is among some 400 heritage sites and things of national interest, which have been documented on the Monument Register of the National Trust.

Though, the battle over gold rights in the region led to war in 1899, which lasted for more than three years.

Handwritten letter sent to C.A. Harwood from Father Gendreau, O.M.I., Dawson City, and forwarded to Marie; letter dated July 26th, 1899.

In 1899, as a youth, he served in the Royal Marine Light Infantry, in the Boer War, on the destroyer Quail, the cruiser Retribution, and the flagship Ariadne.

In 1899, a US/UK grand theft scheme handed it to Guyana.

In 1899, he opened an auction business for himself.

In 1899, he opened his own cigar manufactory, which became the largest such facility between Brandon and Edmonton.

In 1899, he received degrees in canon law).

In 1899 Maria died and later that same year on October 17th Bergen married his second wife, Justina Unrau who was a widow with four children.

In 1899, the Association erected its own building, the Manitoba College of Pharmacy, at 422 Notre Dame Avenue.

In the 1899-1900 term Alice Egan taught china painting at the college.

A paper by Walter Rogers read before the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Ontario, at Toronto, Dec. 14, 1899.

On 25 April 1899, he married Agnes Masson Stewart.

On 31 July 1899 at Winnipeg, she married Frederick H. Paget of the Department of Indian Affairs at Ottawa.