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4411 example sentences with  1940

4411 example sentences with 1940

1931-1940 supplement to Abbott's Forms of pleading, by Edwin M. Bohm.

(In Choir leader, Mar. 1940) NM: music arrangement.

1940 cumulative annual pocket parts.

(In The New Yorker, Aug. 17, 1940) © 15Aug40; B466401. Victoria Lincoln Lowe (A); 27Sep67; R418657.

(Little man series, 4, 1940)

LUCCOCK, HALFORD E. American mirror; social, ethical, and religious aspects of American literature, 1930-1940.

(In Yale review, Sept. 1940) © 20Sep40; B469585. David McCord (A); 22Sep67; R418010. MCCORD, HENRY. Novel drills and formations for basketball games.

1940) © 4Oct40, B471177; 1Nov40; B476791.

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SEE Alfred A. Knopf, Quarter Century, 1915-1940.

(American Council on Education studies, May 1940.

(In Blue book, Aug. 1940) © 28Jun40; B460596.

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(In Saturday evening post, June 29, 1940) © 26Jun40; B460442.

abroad in the Strand magazine, Apr. 1940.

July 28, 1940) © 28Jul40; A5-114938.

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serially in Hollands, the magazine of the South, June 1939-Jan. 1940.

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1940 cumulative annual pocket parts.

1940 cumulative annual pocket part.

1940 cumulative annual pocket parts.

1940 cumulative annual pocket part.

SEE Street & Smith's 1940 Football Yearbook.

(In Harper's magazine, June 1940) © 21May40; B456377.

(In The American magazine, May 1940) © 5Apr40; B448900.

1940 cumulative annual pocket parts.

New Yorker album, 1940.

<pb id='441.png' /> NEW YORKER MAGAZINE, INC. New Yorker album, 1940.

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1940 cumulative annual pocket part.

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PUBLIC POLICY; a yearbook of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Harvard University, 1940.

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ROSS, HAROLD W. New Yorker album, 1940.


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1940 annual covering volumes 188-193 Southern reporter.

1940 cumulative annual pocket part.

(In The American weekly, Sept. 8-Oct. 27, 1940) © 8Sep40, B479058; 15Sep40, B470025; 22Sep40, B479059; 29Sep40, B470420; 6Oct40, B479060; 13Oct40, B479061; 20Oct40, B479571; 27Oct40, B479062.

serially in The American weekly, Sept. 8, 1940-Oct. 27, 1940.

serially in The American weekly, Sept. 8, 1940-Oct. 27, 1940.

1940 cumulative pocket parts.

(In The Saturday evening post, Nov. 9-Dec. 21, 1940) © 6Nov40, B475344; 13Nov40, B475483; 20Nov40, B476688; 27Nov40, B476773; 4Dec40, B480235; 11Dec40, B480236; 18Dec40, B479415.

California in our time (1900-1940) By Robert Glass Cleland.

Hungarian drama in New York: American adaptations, 1908-1940.

R607344. Poems, 1940-1947.

Stone was married to Winifred Mary Jenkins from 1936 until they divorced in 1940.

They had two children, Rosemary ( c. 1940 1991) and Ted ( c. 1932 ).

In 1940, Anne wrote a booklet called The Wave of the Future in support of her husband.

In 1940 a number of walls were built to stop sea water from flowing back into the lake which would stop the lake from being salty.

In 1940 German forces had passed through the Ardennes in three days before attacking the enemy, but the 1944 plan called for battle in the forest.

In 1940, he married Betsy James, who would often model in his paintings.

In 1940, he was appointed Professor of Experimental Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the University of Cologne and Director of the Institute of Chemistry there.

In 1940, however, she stood in for a female singer.

In 1940 it was named Denial Bay.

In 1940, Meyerhof fled to the United States, where he continued his academic career.

In 1940, municipalities were created for groups and single isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean.

In 1940, Nazi leaders took away all of Streicher's jobs and power in the Nazi Party.

In 1940 she married Clarence T. Cleary and they moved to Oakland, California.

In 1940, the Commonwealth authorized the creation of a dictionary and grammar book for the language.

In 1940 the management was renewed with the arrival of Enrico Castoldi that opened more to the presence in the catalog of foreign authors (especially Hungarian), but begin a descent of sales that took it to suspend its activities in 1970.

In 1940, the World Pocket Billiards (straight pool) titleholder of that year, citation Andrew Ponzi, sought out Moore looking for a challenge.

In 1940, Truman ran for re-election to the Senate.

In 1940, Walter Knott built a ghost town on the farm, and added other attractions over many years.

There were, however, other Americans in Fighter Command before the first of the three Eagle Squadrons was formed on September 19, 1940.