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544 example sentences with  1958

544 example sentences with 1958

(In Pictorial review-delineator, May 1958) © 8Apr38; B373555.

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(In The American mercury, Dec. 1958) © 22Nov38; B398687.

(In American magazine, Sept. 1958)


The volume of consumer instalment credit, 1929-1958.

(In New York post, Aug. 18, 1947) © 18Aug47; B5-1958.

1958 act.

(In Detective fiction weekly, Apr. 16, 1958) © 5Apr38; B373475.

Other best known roles include The Trollenberg Terror (1958) and The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961).

Over five months later, after 2,570 orbits, Sputnik 2 burned up—along with Laika's remains—during re-entry on April 14, 1958.

Robert D. Manfred Jr. (born September 28, 1958) is an American lawyer and business executive.

Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) papers on Nelson not released - see Cary Reich, The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller: Worlds to Conquer 1908-1958, New York: Doubleday, 1996.

Rolt 1965, pages 61–62 In 1958, the original Talyllyn locomotive was put back in service.

's 1958 novella of the same name.

Siedah Garrett (born June 24, 1958) is an American singer.

Since 1958, almost to the last days of his life, he had been employed by the Music Production branch of Radio Television of Serbia.

Singh has been married to Gursharan Kaur since 1958.

Sparks also sang the opening credits of the theme song of the 1958 movie Thunder Road.

Starting in 1958, they were known as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Steven J. Israel citation (born May 30, 1958) is an American politician.

St. Peter's Umbrella (Hungarian: Szent Péter esernyője, Slovakian: dáždnik svätého Petra) is a 1958 Hungarian Slovakian drama movie directed by Frigyes Bán and Vladislav Pavlovič.

The arrival of this essay led to the joint publication of the idea of evolution by natural selection in 1958.

The article was only published in 1958.

The Cyrillic script was used in Soviet Azerbaijan between 1958 and 1991, and it is still used in the Republic of Dagestan in Russia.

The dam is 148 m high and was completed in 1958.

The depot was knocked down in 1958.

The Ln scale was invented by an 11th grade student, Stephen B. Cohen, in 1958.

The Physical Review was followed by Reviews of Modern Physics in 1929 and by Physical Review Letters in 1958.

The second major work, The Human Condition (published in 1958), was a philosophical book on the human nature and human activities throughout Western history.

This episode in 1967 is the version of 1958.

When the University of Science and Technology of China was founded in 1958, Xia set up its computer science department.

"Born in Jersey City, N.J., on April 3, 1958, Nass grew up in Teaneck, N.J., and graduated from Princeton University in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in mathematics."

Brossard was created on February 14, 1958.

Dufraisse won the World Cyclo-cross Championships five times from 1954 to 1958, and was cyclo-cross champion of France seven times between 1955 and 1963.

Duncan Russell (12 March 1958 – 18 August 2017) was an English football manager.

During his career he won six one-day races, four in 1958, one in 1960 (the Manx Trophy in the amateurs division), and one in 1966.

Filming took place between January 20 and March 12 1958.

Finance and the police came under local control between 1958 and 1976.

Fiona Shaw main (born Fiona Mary Wilson; 10 July 1958) is an Irish actress and theatre and opera director.

For 1958, it was given quad headlights.

He is famous for lush romantic movies made between 1952 and 1958.

He later became the Knicks' coach from 1956 to 1958, and had an 80-85 record with them.

Helene was the only hurricane to affect the United States in 1958.

He spent 1958-early 1962 in the minors.

He studied law at the University of Hamburg and after his graduation in 1958 Schulz founded his own office.

He was also a member of the Connecticut State Senate from 1958 to 1967.

In 1954, he was elected county attorney and served in that capacity until 1958, when he became a Pima County Superior Court Judge.

In 1958, Adithanar founded the We Tamils party with the platform of forming a sovereign Tamil state.

In 1958, finally, the work to cover it up with concrete started as quickly as possible by August 1958.

In 1958, finally, the work to cover it up with concrete started as quickly as possible by August 1958.

In 1958 he became Australia's Test captain until his retirement in 1964.

In 1958, he began the first of a number of worldwide tours in which he began to teach the TM technique to people around the world.

In 1958 he founded La Chispa ("The Spark").

In 1958 he graduated from Tbilisi State University with a degree in Georgian language and literature.

In 1958, he in fifth place in the 500cc world championship.

In 1958, he led the East Swiss Evangelical Home of Wartensee.

In 1958 Hessel de Vries showed that the concentration of carbon-14 in the atmosphere varies with time and locality.

In 1958, he was drafted into military service.

In 1958, he was elected from Sirsa.

In 1958 he was in Europe with the Jazz at the Philharmonic tour and played at the Newport Jazz Festival.

In 1958 he was one of the founding members of the Nederlandse Informele Groep (Informelen).

In 1958 he was the number 1 pick in the NBA draft by the Minneapolis Lakers.

In 1958, he won the Eredivisie title with DOS.

In 1958, his medical career began as a staff surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1958, Menzies ended the "dictation test" and the Government said well qualified non-Europeans would be suitable.

In 1958, natural gas was used instead.

In 1958, she bought a house "La Madrague" in Saint Tropez, then a quiet fishermen village, which has since then become a highly touristic destination.

In 1958, Stanford family moved to the United States where he became an actor at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and appeared only three films.

In 1958, the airline pilot theoretical training course started.

In 1958 the designation of Troupes Coloniales was changed to Troupes d'Outre-Mer (Overseas Forces) but in 1961 it reverted to the original Troupes de marine.

In 1958 the disused tunnel was reopened at the southern end to make a new connection, the Strand Underpass, for light traffic between Waterloo Bridge and Kingsway on order to reduce congestion.

In 1958 the LPO appointed William Steinberg as chief conductor.

In 1958, the river changed its course.

In 1958 they went to Malaya to help the Commonwealth there.

In 1958, upon leaving for a world tour Farina added, "In my family, we inherit our legacies from live people–not from the dead."

Bob Weisberger, better known as Butcher Bob, has diligently served his clients since 1958 from his barber shop in Oakwood.

Budget problems plagued the Stone Mountain project and work on the sculpture languished until the state bought the mountain and surrounding land in 1958 for a public park.

Bulawayo has since time immemorial been supplied by five dams, built between 1958 and 1992.”

Renowned architect Jules Gregory built this three-bedroom brick-and-glass house in 1958.

The mayor of the northern Italian city of Ventimiglia, Gaetano Scullino, meanwhile said "a disaster of this kind has not happened since 1958."

Two-tone color schemes: I once owned a 1958 Olds with an aqua body and a cream roof.

He died 11 September 1958 in Montréal.

He died at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria on 1 July 1958.

He died in October 1958.

In 1958, he received a pharmacy degree from the University of Manitoba.

In 1958, Pauling and his wife presented the with a petition signed by more than 11,000 scientists calling for an end to nuclear-weapon testing.

Produced by Milt Gabler (the last full album he would produce for Haley), the album collects instrumental recordings made by Haley and the Comets between June 1958 and their final Decca recording sessions in September 1959.

Program Milestone: The program was first established in 1958, making 2018 its diamond anniversary.

Steve was born in London, Ontario on December 4, 1958 to his late parents Wilma (nee Dier) and Neil Genge.

That comes to a total of crop acreage in Manitoba in 1958 to six million, three hundred and sixteen thousand acres; and also in the same report there are estimated very, very close that there are forty-nine thousand farmers in Manitoba.

The fonds consists of a minute book, 1908-1935, and a pamphlet celebrating the church's golden jubilee, 1958.

The minister talks about when the corporation was founded in 1958.

The story of citizenship in British Columbia (from 1858 to Confederation) : a dramatization for Citizenship Day, July 1st 1958 / script by Poppy McKenzie ; research by A.J. Arnold.

They have been in operation since 1958.

This modernist Anglican Church on Wilton Street in and built between 1957 and 1958.

Trumpeter Donald Byrd spent a few months in France in 1958, and a Paris concert resulted in two LPs' worth of material.

A year earlier, in 1958, Marjorie Freeman Campbell highlighted another distinct region of Ontario in Niagara, Hinge of the Golden Arc.

When Elmwood High School opened in September 1958, the nearby was renamed River Elm School.

When it began operations on 1958, NASA consisted mainly of the four laboratories and some 8,000 employees of the government's 46-year-old research agency for aeronautics, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).