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104 example sentences with  575

104 example sentences with 575

Dryden's bitter jibeAbsalom and Achitophel (November, 1681), I, 575: And canting Nadab let oblivion damn, Who made new porridge for the paschal lamb.

[Illustration: GAS STOVE.] 575.

[Footnote 146: Ibid., p. 575.] The instance holds good in the land of Kultur, where law and order affords so little protection to a civilian and his property; but in countries where laws are based upon culture the author believes that the forester would receive condign punishment for breaking into another man's house, no matter under what pretext.

Nature reviving, with a deep-drawn sigh She strove, and not in vain, her head to rear; Then said"I thank you all; if I must die, The God in heaven my prayers for you will hear; 575 Till now I did not think my end had been so near.

His father helpless as the babe he rocks, 575 Oft he descends to nurse the brother pair, Till storm and driving ice blockade him there; There hears, protected by the woods behind, Secure, the chiding of the baffled wind, Hears Winter, calling all his Terrors round, 580 Rush down the living rocks with whirlwind sound.

The mean of our observations with the Aneroid barometer gives 575 feet for the elevation of this part of the river above the sea.

[p. 575] of my great pains to prove "Rhyme as natural in a serious Play; and more effectual than Blank Verse"

Tis enough for me, that he acknowledges that he had rather read good Verse than Prose [p. 575]: for if all the enemies of Verse will confess as much, I shall not need to prove that it is natural.

[p. 575]: I must crave leave to dissent from his opinion, as to the former part of it.

[p. 575]; and so much the rather, because "he has declared that it pleases him."

Uffa assumed the title of King of the East Angles in 575; Crida that of Mercia in 585 [z] and Erkenwin that of East Saxony, or Essex, nearly about the same time, but the year is uncertain.

Much was I troubled in my heavie spright, 575 At sight of these sad spectacles forepast, That all my senses were bereaved quight, And I in minde remained sore agast, Distraught twixt feare and pitie; when at last I heard a voyce which loudly to me called, 580 That with the suddein shrill I was appalled.

One onelie lives, her ages ornament, And myrrour of her Makers maiestie, That with rich bountie and deare cherishment Supports the praise of noble poesie; Ne onelie favours them which it professe, 575 But is her selfe a peereles poetresse.

doo make most dreadfull warre; The billowes striving to the heavens to reach, 575 And th'heavens striving them for to impeach*.

So passing through the countrey in disguize, 575 They fled farre off, where none might them surprize, And after that long straied here and there, Through everie field and forrest farre and nere; Yet never found occasion for their tourne, But, almost sterv'd, did much lament and mourne.

Virgils Gnat v. 575, billowes, Q. billowe.

[Footnote 2: Collin's Peerage, p. 575.

For selections, see Craik, V., 116-126; Century, 575-578; Manly, II., 337-345.

Adj. neglecting &c v.; unmindful, negligent, neglectful; heedless, careless, thoughtless; perfunctory, remiss; feebleness &c 575.

dry, unvaried, monotonous &c 575.

Rushworth, v. 559-575, 582-602.]

[Footnote 2: Journals, ix. 575.

This last hint was understood by the Scots: they made a demand[b] of the hundred thousand pounds due to them by the [Footnote 1: Journals, ix. 575, 578, 582, 591, 604, 615, 621.

Not less significant was the humble spirit in which these same bands of emigrants first came to the Roman senate entreating an assignment of land, and then without remonstrance obeyed the rigorous order to return over the Alps (568-575), and allowed the town, which they had already founded not far from the later Aquileia, to be again destroyed.

Callicrates the Achaean, who went to the senate in 575 to enlighten it as to the state of matters in the Peloponnesus and to demand a consistent and calm intervention, may have had somewhat less worth as a man than his countryman Philopoemen who was the main founder of that patriotic policy; but he was in the right.

He died in 575 at Demetrias, in his fifty-ninth year.

The indirect taxesthere were no direct taxes in Romeincreased in consequence of the enlargement of the Roman territory, which rendered it necessary, for example, to institute new customs-offices along the Campanian and Bruttian coasts at Puteoli, Castra (Squillace), and elsewhere, in 555 and 575.

Moreover, the colleges of curule aediles were composed exclusively of patricians in the odd years of the Varronian reckoning, at least down to the close of the sixth century, and they are known for the sixteen years 541, 545, 547, 549, 551, 553, 555, 557, 561, 565, 567, 575, 585, 589, 591, 593.

It was not till towards the close of this period, and especially from the time of the censorship of Cato (570), that the Romans began in the case of the former to have respect to the convenience as well as to the bare wants of the public; to line with stone the basins (-lacus-) supplied from the aqueducts, (570); to erect colonnades (575, 580); and above all to transfer to Rome the Attic halls for courts and businessthe

Such a building was, no doubt, constructed for the Apollinarian games in the Flaminian circus in 575 (Liv.

At this day 570 I smile, in many a mountain solitude Conjuring up scenes as obsolete in freaks Of character, in points of wit as broad, As aught by wooden images performed For entertainment of the gaping crowd 575 At wake or fair.

Yet was there surely then no vulgar power Working within us,nothing less, in truth, Than that most noble attribute of man, Though yet untutored and inordinate, That wish for something loftier, more adorned, 575 Than is the common aspect, daily garb, Of human life.

After brief delay Crossing the unbridged stream, that road we took, And clomb with eagerness, till anxious fears 575 Intruded, for we failed to overtake Our comrades gone before.

I glance but at a few conspicuous marks, Leaving a thousand others, that, in hall, Court, theatre, conventicle, or shop, 575 In public room or private, park or street, Each fondly reared on his own pedestal, Looked out for admiration.

That after a short space works less and less, Till, every effort, every motion gone, The scene before him stands in perfect view 575 Exposed, and lifeless as a written book!

The couch his fate had made for him; supine, 575 Save when the stings of viperous remorse, Trying their strength, enforced him to start up, Aghast and prayerless.

575 Great was my transport, deep my gratitude To everlasting Justice, by this fiat Made manifest.

Bulletin of American Geographical Society, XLV, 561-575, August, 1913.

The difference of longitude between Melinda and Calicut is thirty- four degrees, which at 17-1/2 leagues to the degree, gives only 575 Portuguese leagues, or 680 geographical leagues of twenty to the degree.

575 Charles Lamb to Mrs. William Ayrton April 16 From the original, lately in the possession of Mr. Edward Ayrton.

I. of the present edition.] LETTER 575 CHARLES LAMB TO MRS.

575 'Say quick,' quoth he, 'I bid thee say What manner of man art thou?' Forthwith this frame of mine was wrenched With a woful agony, Which forced me to begin my tale; 580

[Footnote 575: Plut.

Paradise Lost, i. 575 (1665).

"Chronicles," p. 575, edit. 1631.

(Little blue book, no. 575)

(In United feature comics, Sept. 20, 1946) © 20Sep46; B5-575.

(Little blue book, no. 575)

(In United feature comics, Sept. 20, 1946) © 20Sep46; B5-575.

The translation of the Letter of Lord Byron, inserted in our Number 575, as the first, will be found in Moore's Life of Byron, vol.

Sigebert succeeded in beating Chilperic, but, in 575, in the midst of his victory, he was suddenly assassinated in his tent by two emissaries of Fredegonde.

* * * * * No. 575.

575 He pullsand looksand pulls again; And he whom the poor Ass had lost, The man who had been four days dead, Head-foremost from the river's bed Uprises like a ghost!

BEACHY HEAD, a chalk cliff in Sussex, 575 ft. high, projecting into the English Channel; famous for a naval engagement between the allied English and Dutch fleets and those of France, in which the latter were successful.

In 1823, in Bengal alone, 575 widows gave themselves to be so burned, of whom 109 were above sixty, 226 above forty, 209 above twenty, and 32 under twenty.

Rel., 1900, p. 575.]

Rel., 1900, p. 575.] The Maria's cargo included a consignment of lubricating oil as well as a miscellaneous consignment of light hardware.

Rel., 1900, p. 575.] For the detention of the Maria her owners, upon the protest of the Netherlands Government, were awarded £126 sterling as indemnity.

I, 575-7; Encyc.

After about 575 BC, figures such as these, both male and female, began wearing the so-called 'archaic smile'.

In spite of a decrease in convection shortly after forming, the large depression remained well organized, with a 575 mile wide wind field.

It is 575 meters above sea level.

Lamborghini made 575 of the Series II Espadas, which was the most of any series of Espada.

Each spacecraft is just 575 pounds.

Each spacecraft is just 575 pounds (260 kilograms).

Orser Capital Management LLC now owns 1,875 shares of the company’s stock valued at $272,000 after buying an additional 575 shares during the period.

Out of 4,324 suicides committed by agricultural labourers during 2019, 3,749 were male and 575 were female.

Over the study period, 575 participants developed dementia.

People can also call the region’s general hotline at 519-575-4400 to be directed to the appropriate enforcement agency or for other COVID-19-related enforcement concerns.

Please consider sharing your condolences with the family through a memorial contribution to the Gilboa United Methodist Church, 102 Franklin Street Gilboa, OH 45875, or to Putnam County Homecare and Hospice, 575 Ottawa Street, Suite 3 Ottawa, OH 45875.

Antofagasta has a 1-year low of GBX 575 ($7.56) and a 1-year high of GBX 993.80 ($13.07).

The Galaxy Tab S7+ weighs 575g and single-handed usage would be challenging.

The global H1N1 flu pandemic may have killed as many as 575, 000 people, though only 18,500 deaths were confirmed.

The researchers measured ACE2 concentrations in blood samples taken from two groups of heart failure patients, with 1,485 men and 537 women in the first group and 1,123 men and 575 women in the second group.

As of early Monday evening, February 17, $575 had been raised for the cause.

The resulting donations totaling 1,062 pounds of food and $575 in cash were collected Saturday and delivered to the food bank.

Total is the major shareholder in Uganda’s oilfields after agreeing in April to buy Tullow Oil’s entire stake in the jointly held onshore fields in Uganda for $575 million.

A total of 575 persons who died were men while 324 were women.

"While we are sad to be exiting Uganda after many years, the $575 million of proceeds form an important part of our plan to strengthen Tullow's balance sheet and improve our financial position" said Rahul Dhir.

$575 billion, I think Congress singed off on.

Advanced Painting Inc, Oregon, WI, (608) 575-6781 (

Carys Electronics Inc, South Boston, VA, (434) 575-7049 (

China consolidated its position as the second largest insurance market globally in 2018, with total premiums written of USD 575 billion in 2018.

Diane Carteret Rentals, Ocean Isle Beach, NC, (910) 575-2925 (

Did I mention this is a unique unit with a 575 Sq Ft Balcony!

East End Cultural Centre (575 Larsen Avenue) youth lounge includes a Nintendo Wii gaming station and games, a big screen TV, sound equipment, movies and a pool table!

Goods Lawn & Garden Center, South Boston, VA, (434) 575-7373 (

In the first year, the Ontario government expects spending on the benefit to be $40 million and provide an average of $6,900, or $575 a month, to 5,200 households between April 2020 and March 2021.

Is that nicely graded gravel roads, or 575 miles of serious, winch-tastic fun?

An equally impressive aspect of FIS technology is the rapid turnaround time: 1- 2 weeks for full-well analyses (up to 575 samples); multiple well studies can generally be completed within 1-2 months.

John Maunder Insurance Ltd, Nackawic, NB, (506) 575-2233 (

Appliance Master Inc, Atlanta, GA, (404) 575-4361 (

Reports indicate that a Torontonian named Fox has purchased from the Minister of Transport, Ottawa, the 205-foot passenger vessel NONIA, 1174 Gross, 575 Net, which was built in 1956 at Aberdeen, Scotland.

Arizona Action Prperty MGT LLC4247 E Smokehouse Trl, Cave Creek, AZ, (480) 575-7096 (

Some $575 billion is being kept out of the real economy.

The auditor general has 575 employees, a testimony to the extraordinary skill of past auditors in promoting the office and the popularity with which its reports are received by the public and media.

The route of Hwy 575 from Verner to Field was a relatively new addition to the Ontario Highway System.

The tuition price of $575 includes all meals, accommodations, costume usage, materials and instruction.

The whole park containing approximately 575 hectares (220 hectares of upland and 355 hectares of foreshore).

Yes, I indicated before there is around 575. If I can maybe get you an updated figure, it is 574.