496 examples of a-day in sentences

Is a soldier to fatten on delicacies, and to revel in superfluities, for fourpence a-day?

Twopence a-day is all that a soldier has to lay out upon cleanliness and decency, and with which he is likewise to keep his arms in order, and to supply himself with some part of his clothing.

Those who have hitherto lost their reason and limbs twice a-day by their drunkenness, will not be able, under the intended regulations, to commit the same crime twice in a week; and as the temptation of cheapness will be taken away, it may be hoped that the next generation will not fall into the same vice.

There was a shadow on Raoul's facethat dear, sensitive face of his which shows too much feeling for a man in this work-a-day, strenuous worldbut I had little time to comfort him.

He nebber t'ink any good look, now-a-day, in a ole wench.

In the end of 1712 the Spectator, which had circulated at one time to the extent of 4000 copies a-day, was discontinued, and in a few weeks the Guardian supplied its place.

Both men and women wash themselves four or five times a-day, and are very cleanly in their persons; but are by no means so in regard of eating, in which they observe no rule.

The planter has to count his coolies several times a-day, or they would cheat him.

"To-day is as grand as the centuries past, Leave well-a-day for the famed old days!

How innocent their little faces looked when you said, 'Hum-suz-a-day!

" (Ungrateful young scoundrel, so to describe my two-hours-a-day of brain-hammering, and the free run of my library.)

In the course of the afternoon, I stepped before the funnel, and entered into conversation with him; learned that he had been invalided and sent home from Canada, had passed the Board in London, obtained a pension of a shilling a-day, and was returning to a border village, where he had been born, to ascertain whether any of his family were living, from whom he had been separated nineteen years.

So the two return to day-labour at fourteenpence a-day.

More than fifty distinct branches are comprised in the various departments, and each workman, on the average, earns about three shillings a-day.

Now-a-day, sir, your great lord, commonly speaking, spends but a month or six weeks in his ancestral abode; and even when he is there, he surrounds himself studiously with a cursed town-crew, a pack of St. James's Street fops, and Mayfair chatterers and intriguers, who give themselves airs enough to turn the stomachs of the plain squirearchy and their womankind, and render a visit to the castle a perfect nuisance.

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

On the pine-fringed ridge of the Galenas, among those granite cliffs and jagged peaks, the mettle of his manhood was to be tried under a strain such as few men in this commonplace work-a-day old world are-subjected to.

I appealed to the girl who waited on me daily, but who came only once a-day, and always after dark.

Again, in 1740 and 1741, no fewer than 250,000 persons were fed, twice a-day, principally at his expense.

520 Ah, well-a-day for Peter Bell!

But alack-a-day, Miss Mattie's ideas of the wants of somebody else had suffered a Fairfield change.

Please her the best you may, She looks another way; Alas and well-a-day!

It will stir up cheer and breed content in the minds of those whose lot is cast in this work-a-day room.

Woodville informs us, that an extract of this plant has been the preparation usually employed, and from one to ten grains and upwards a-day: but the powdered leaves after the manner of those directed for hemlock would seem, for the reason given, to be a preparation more certain and convenient.

"And Gretchen she lived there near us, But now she is dead, well-a-day!

496 examples of  a-day  in sentences