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533 example sentences with  a-day

533 example sentences with a-day

Bulletins were exhibited in Southampton-row several times a-day, signed by numerous physicians.

If we are to go three times a-day to church, why has Sunday slipped into the notion of a holiday?

a-day; and, just now, I want a man to take his place, and cannot get one."

or 'Alack-a-day!'

"Fear not; I will abide here, and if thou dost not cry 'Alack-a-day' ere long time is gone, may I never more peep through the brake at a fallow deer."

"Slack-a-day," quoth he, "look ye, now!

There are few members of this house, who do not, more than once a-day, drink tea, coffee, chocolate, or some other cooling and diluting infusion; delicacies which the soldier cannot purchase; to which he is entirely a stranger, and of which the place must be supplied by some other cheap and wholesome liquors.

Is he to be burdened with new expenses lest he should hoard up the publick money, stop the circulation of coin, and turn broker or usurer with twopence a-day?

To allow, sir, five pints of small beer a-day to our soldiers, for a single year, can produce no formidable inconveniency, and may, though it should not be entirely approved, be of less disadvantage to the publick, than the waste of another day.

Those who have hitherto lost their reason and limbs twice a-day by their drunkenness, will not be able, under the intended regulations, to commit the same crime twice in a week; and as the temptation of cheapness will be taken away, it may be hoped that the next generation will not fall into the same vice.

"I must go to my Three-Meals-a-Day Club," my hostess said shortly after my arrival on Saturday afternoon.

"A great delight is always more or less of a surprise in this work-a-day world," he gallantly replied.

He nebber t'ink any good look, now-a-day, in a ole wench.

He had the world to himself; a world of cool, sweet scents, pure light and Sabbath quietthat wonderful quiet which seems a living thing with a personality of its own, so different is it from the ordinary quiet of work-a-day mornings.

And now, when you remember her submission to your father's wishes in the past, and her single-hearted devotion to yourself, you are shocked and disappointed to find that she can wish to descend from her beautiful and guarded solitude here, and mix with her fellow-creatures in the work-a-day world.

You seated yourself just in the middle, in the easiest possible attitude, and at a wish you were off, (not off the carpet, but off this work-a-day world,) careering through sunny fields of air with the splendid buoyancy of the eagle, steering your intelligent vehicle by a mere thought, and descending, gently as a snow-flake, to garden-bower or palace-window, moonlit kiosk or silent mountain-peak, as whim suggested or affairs urged.

And winds and storms met it by the way, And made it cry, alas, and well-a-day!

"Twenty-four loaves a-day for his highness' greyhounds.

What if the world was to be a work-a-day world?

In the end of 1712 the Spectator, which had circulated at one time to the extent of 4000 copies a-day, was discontinued, and in a few weeks the Guardian supplied its place.

Both men and women wash themselves twice a-day, and always before eating; and those who neglect this ceremony are reputed heretics.

'I am but a plain sailor, and I pretend not to know any world but this work-a-day world that I have to get my bread in.

At nights he read these romances until it was day; a-day he would read until it was night.

He had a rare command of an excellent work-a-day dramatic style, clear, vigorous, free from conceit and affectation.

"Ah, well-a-day, Master Jones, it is dull cheer to sing Christmas songs here in the woods, with only the owls and the bears for choristers.

Saying this, he brought a Turkish horse for me, which could travel a hundred kos a-day, and a swift quiet mare of unclipped wings for the princess, and made us both mount; then putting on his cuirass and arming himself completely, he mounted on his horse and said, "I will go before, do you follow me with full confidence."

have pity on my condition; he gave me a piece of gold; it is many a-day since I have had a bellyful of good food.

For the last twenty years he lived chiefly on tea, using it three times a-day; his pipe was his first companion in the morning, and last at night.

A poet came singing along the vale, "Ah, well-a-day for the dear old days!

And the warriors that swept to glory and death, Ah, well-a-day for the brave old days!

"The queens of beauty, whose smile was life, Ah, well-a-day for the rare old days!

"They have flitted away from hall and bower, Ah, well-a-day for the rich old days!


However, even if we calculate four thousand a-day, the whole would take up ten or twelve months.

Mrs. Henry Leek had lost over ยฃ1,000 in about half-a-day.

(Ungrateful young scoundrel, so to describe my two-hours-a-day of brain-hammering, and the free run of my library.)

Dr. Baynard and I were called to him, and attended him twice a-day; but his vomitings continuing still incessant and obstinate against all remedies, we despaired of his recovery.

Twice a-day they are preaching at them, telling them that it is all God's wrath against their sins; that it is impious to interfere, and that I am fighting against God, and the end of the world is coming, and they and the devil only know what.

So the two return to day-labour at fourteenpence a-day.

The most wretched journeyman will not work for less than a dollar a-day; the price for washing a dozen handkerchiefs, or any other articles, is also a dollar (4s.), not including soap.

a-day, and on this income, a whole family of from six to eight persons will often exist.

a-day for his board, which was not even passable!

a-day; board, five drachmas (3s. 9d.); very small separate portions, sixty or seventy leptas (6d. or 7d.); the attendance, that is, the superintendence of the guardian, two drachmas a-day; the supply of water, fifteen leptas daily; the physician, a drachma; and another drachma on leaving, for which he inspects the whole party, and examines the state of their health.

The work-a-day world awaited him, a world where there would be neither space nor time for chasing phantoms, however lovely and alluring.

and well a-day!

a "quart of corn a-day," the legal allowance of food[C]!

a-day, and that of officers in proportion.

More than fifty distinct branches are comprised in the various departments, and each workman, on the average, earns about three shillings a-day.

At last she remembered all the work-a-day world.

Heads of departments showed her the things they kept in drawers, and she went home and reproduced them with the aid of a two-dollar-a-day seamstress.

also DeBow's Review, XII, 692, and XXVIII, 194-199.] Even in work-a-day seasons the laxity of control gave rise to occasional complaint.

And the mention of a compulsory period of labour service for everyonea year or so with the pickaxe as well as with the rifleleads me to another idea that I believe will stand the test of unlimited criticism, and that is a total condemnation of all these eight-hour-a-day, early-closing, guaranteed-weekly-half-holiday notions that are now so prevalent in Liberal circles.

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

"Lack-a-day, well-a-day!"

"Lack a-day, well-a-day!"

Throughout the contest the candidate is made aware, at every point, of the enormously greater solidity for most men of the work-a-day world which they see for themselves, as compared with the world of inference and secondary ideas which they see through the newspapers.

a-day for the week,' said Caldigate, rubbing his hands together.

But I'd rather be the means of restoring that fellow to his poor wife, than be sent to all the four quarters of the globe with a guinea a-day for personal expenses.'

The proposed journey to Sydney, with a pound a-day allowed for expenses, and the traveller's salary going on all the time, would put a nice sum of ready-money into Bagwax's pocket.

I am such a butterfly that I seem out of place in a work-a-day community.

"An ugly looking night this, Mr. as I have seen for many a-day," remarked Harry Covering, one of the oldest of the group of sailors, and a crony of mine.

On the pine-fringed ridge of the Galenas, among those granite cliffs and jagged peaks, the mettle of his manhood was to be tried under a strain such as few men in this commonplace work-a-day old world are-subjected to.

Again, in 1740 and 1741, no fewer than 250,000 persons were fed, twice a-day, principally at his expense.


a-day; a mower of meadows, 3d.

a-day, and their knaves 1-1/2d.

For it is the remembered dream alone that is incoherentthe dream that comes clothed in the rags and trappings of this work-a-day world, and so leaves some recoverable record on the brain.

The Ladies who carry Fans under me are drawn up twice a-day in my great Hall, where they are instructed in the Use of their Arms, and exercised by the following Words of Command, Handle your Fans, Unfurl your fans.

No, I shall glory in contributing my utmost to the Weal Publick; and if my Country receives Five or Six Pounds a-day by my Labours, I shall be very well pleased to find my self so useful a Member.

From infancy I had laboured under the infirmity of a severe lameness, but, as I believe is usually the case with men of spirit who suffer under personal inconveniences of this nature, I had, since the improvement of my health, in defiance of this incapacitating circumstance, distinguished myself by the endurance of toil on foot or horseback, having often walked thirty miles a-day, and rode upwards of a hundred without stopping.

The ten acres have much the air of an American college campus,the same sense of academic quiet, of detachment from the work-a-day world.

Why, I've known the Calais-Wipers express lose itself for half-a-day without a murmur from anyone, unless the Brigadier had run out of bottled Bass."

But alack-a-day, Miss Mattie's ideas of the wants of somebody else had suffered a Fairfield change.

My boy, I will instruct thee in a piece of poetry, That haply erst thou hast not heard: in hell there is a tree, Where once a-day do sleep the souls of false forsworen lovers, With open hearts; and there about in swarms the number hovers Of poor forsaken ghosts, whose wings from off this tree do beat Round drops of fiery Phlegethon to scorch false hearts with heat.

(His stock was something more than eight guineas.)'Well a-day!

And Stumph, grave and immobile, was betrayed into an expression of astonishment when his master and guest sat down to the same dinner in their work-a-day attire.

In addition to all their distresses, the people were now reduced to a pound of rotten biscuit, and half a pint of wine a-day for each man, having no other provisions, unless when they happened to take some fish.

If I don't watch out, I'll sure be degeneratin' into a two-meal-a-day crank."

inveterate cutaneous diseases have been removed by an infusion of the leaves, drunk to the quantity of a pint a-day, at proper intervals, and continued some weeks.

Of the strained liquor, sweetened with an ounce of any agreeable syrup, two ounces or more may be taken four or five times a-day.

L. E. D.The leaves have a bitterish astringent taste, and are recommended in powder, to the extent of at least two drams a-day, in ulcerations of the urinary passages and catarrhus vesicae.

It was useful for Dr. Stoerck to employ the leaves and flowers in ulcers and cancers, as well as an extract prepared from the former; yet the preparation which he chiefly recommended was an infusion of two or three drams of the leaves in a pint of boiling water, of which he gave four ounces three times a-day, while the powdered leaves were applied as an escharotic to the ulcers.

In those diseases of long standing proceeding from visceral obstructions, it has been given to the extent of half an ounce a-day.

The Ladies who carry Fans under me are drawn up twice a-day in my great Hall, where they are instructed in the Use of their Arms, and exercised by the following Words of Command, Handle your Fans, Unfurl your Fans, Discharge your Fans, Ground your Fans, Recover your Fans,

It was a year after Juliet left the house before he got them by degrees muddled into order again; for it was only as he used them that he would alter their places, putting each, when he had done with it for the moment, as near where it had been before as he could; thus, in time, out of a neat chaos, restoring a useful work-a-day world.

Bonnie King Jamie himself got fou twice a-day; and, melancholy to relate, the ladies of the Court followed the royal example, and, "abandoning their sobriety, were seen to roll about in intoxication."

and well-a-day!

But in quantity and sizewell, I was glad to get back to my three-ruble-a-day room and to look at my one trunk, and to realize that my own humble life would go on just the same, and my letter of credit would not last any longer for all the splendors which exist for the Tzar of all the Russias.

As matter of fact, Bencher at head of Table (portly old gentleman, who looks as if he might be described as a "bottle-a-day-of-port-ly" old gentleman) shakes hands, coldly, and that's all.

It adds: โ€œMr Large, who was famous for his singing and impressions, is the most famous Briton to be killed by coronavirus, which has now claimed almost 3,000 lives in the UK with deaths hitting 500-a-day.โ€

Parents expressed their concerns about their children walking home in the middle of the day or being left home for an extended period of time -- even all day if an A-day, B-day schedule is put in place.

The first 60,000-barrel-a-day stage started in 2015, just as crude prices were slumping amid the first U.S. shale boom.

The simplest way to do this is to follow the five-a-day rule: eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

A year-and-a-day from his ACL tear, he broke through with 2 1/2 sacks.

A convenient one-a-day, All in One smoothie!

If youโ€™re editing a movie, for example, the daily backups will be much too large for a once-a-day upload to manage.

I know the sock-a-day is possible.