4080 examples of a girl in sentences

It was only a girl of seventeenbut such a girl!

Ay, there's a girl!

I loved a girl with truth and pain, She loved me not.

She was another rare spirit like Mary Sylvester, only a bit more prominent, because she saved a girl from drowning one day.

Miss Betsey Trotwood, an aunt of my father's, and consequently a great-aunt of mine, arrived on the afternoon of the day I was born, and explained to my mother (who was very much afraid of her) that she meant to provide for her child, which was to be a girl.

Of course one must have money; but Selina St. Croix assured me that they called him The Impenetrable; and there wasn't a girl in London he ever danced with twice.

I am rather sorry he is going to marry a girl with so much money

Didn't Katie agree that a girl who could make her own way distanced the girls who could do nothing but spend their fathers' money?

"It's a girl, or rather two girls together, though possibly only one of them is in the plot.

Evelina, it was said, was the work of a girl of seventeen.

And to keep them steady in my cause, I promise never to sell one of my magnets to a man who steals a girl from school; marries a woman of forty years younger than himself; or employs the authority of parents to obtain a wife without her own consent.

Frank Hawden had changed his tune, and told me now that it mattered not that I was not pretty, as pretty or not I was the greatest brick of a girl he had met.

A girl must have shown a steady power of leadership for a long time, and must satisfy all the questions in the Guardian's mind about her fitness for the rank.

Moreover, it was a very pretty lie, worthy of so pretty a girl; and Mien-yaun, whose wits were fast leaving him, removed the jewel from his hat, and begged the maiden to accept it.

THE FIRST OF MAY, a Girl Scout play in three acts by Virginia Park Matthias.

"If I've crossed the country and followed a hard trail and come here tonight and stuck my head in a trap, as you might say, for the sake of a gent like Bill Greggfine fellow though he iswhat d'you think I would do to keep a girl like you from life-long misery?"

The girl was absolutely and immeasurably below him; a girl of the people.

" Of the Western Somali tribes at Zayla, Captain J.S. King says that when a man has fixed his choice on a girl he pays her father $100 to $800.

As an illustration of the present mixed condition of affairs, I found that a girl who wants a certain man writes him a letter, often on a slate, and he replies in a similar manner.

The Omahas have a proverb that an old man cannot win a girl, he can only win her parents; nevertheless if the old man has the ponies he gets the girl.

" "Aye, indeed," interrupted Roseen, throwing up her head, "it 'ud make that much differ, Mike, that if a girl was fond of a boy before, she'd be apt to be ten times fonder after.

"I'm a girl," said she, "and I feel interested ininin such thingshusbands, and good providers."

M. Grascour was said to be exactly the man likely to be effective with such a girl as Florence.

A girl came and opened the door.

He could not leave his young girl of a wife alone in that exiled sort of plantation life, so he brought her and the child (a girl) down with him as far as to her father's place, left them there, and came on to the city alone.

4080 examples of  a girl  in sentences