4080 examples of a girl in sentences

It seemed to her possible that she might have dreamed the rest,for she had been a girl much given to visions,but she said to herself that she never could have dreamed old age.

Must a common cook always be a girl?

A girl broke away from the knot of summer-clad figures, ran a few steps down the path toward the lake, poised gracefully, executed a stagy little pose with head back and arms outflung as though in an ecstasy of delight that the world was so fair.

"What kind of a girl?" "A most extraordinary girl.

'You're to let me come over first,' she asserted very emphatically, 'because I'm a girl.'

But Barbro's the eldest, and she's a girl.

For a girl to carry on like that when she was promised to another manand in her condition!

Ce'lia, a girl of sixteen, in Whitehead's comedy of The School for Lovers.

She had a symmetrical figure, and her step to the last was as light and elastic as a girl's.

Not, indeed, that such a wary hand as the writer has been so ill-advised as to follow his hero to Flanders, or even to let his heroine do so; but his wounded soldier, come home with sympathy and understanding grown big enough to realise that a girl, though indiscreet once, may yet be adorable ever after, is certainly more to one's taste than the philanderer about town, admiring other men's wives, in July, 1914.

" "But would you really marry a girl ...?" began Lewisham, with an unprecedented admiration for Dunkerley in his eyes.

A girl must have shown a steady power of leadership for a long time, and must satisfy all the questions in the Guardian's mind about her fitness for the rank.

I was standin' at the overseer's bell house waitin' for a doll dress a girl had promised me and the guns was goin' just like pop guns.

With me, it was a girl.

Passport for a girl, by Mary Borden.

NEBEL, DOROTHY B. A girl must be sure.

He wants a girl well educated, but not above her station, unaffected and yet comely, fond of home and home duties, and yet not homely.

"And I understand perfectly that you have passed out of childhood into young womanhood, and that is a dreamy time for a girl.

The jugi went away and one day he went to beg at the Raja's palace and, talking to the Raja, he told him how he had seen a girl of more than human beauty.

Of course, after a girl has spent a year of evenings listening to a fellow tell her that his great ambition is to make her life one grand, sweet song, it jars her to find the orchestra grunting and snoring over the sporting extra some night along six months after the ceremony.

Maybe you'll understand how one gets queer at times, when a girl like Virginie tells you she likes you better than Pierre, and yet you think she might deceive you for his sakethat big,

There is the Italian comtesse of sixty summers, who dresses like a girl of sixteen and smokes a cigar after dinner,if there are not too many strangers in the room.

Man might show some grace, I think, Sir; do not you?" Turning I saw, ranging a flowery pile, One sitting in an entry dark and cold; A girl with hectic cheeks, and hollow smile; Wired roses there she sold, Or strove to sell; but often on her ear The harrying voice of stern policedom struck, And chased her from her vantage, till a tear Fell at her "wretched luck."

I couldn't love a girl I couldn't trust, and that girl is a flirt.

"I can not let such a man as you excuse yourself to a girl of eighteen who has nothing but reverence for you, and would love you if she dared.

4080 examples of  a girl  in sentences