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1475 examples of  a history of  in sentences

1475 examples of a history of in sentences

I may appeal next to General Lacroix, who published his "Memoirs for a History of St. Domingo," at Paris, in 1819.

Saintsbury's A History of Elizabethan Literature.

Saintsbury's A History of Elizabethan Literature (comes down to 1660).

VIII., IX., X. Courthope's A History of English Poetry, Vols.

While this work is a history of modern Europe, Friedrich is always the central figure.

And first, I may observe, that several of my friends urged me from time to time, and this long before the abolition of the Slave Trade had been effected, to give a history of the rise and progress of the attempt, as far as it had been then made; but I uniformly resisted their application.

More and more, however, the project of writing a History of England had taken possession of him, and he began now to forego all other literary occupation, and to devote all his leisure time to that great work.

I may note here that, as this is not a history of thought, I make no reference to recent philosophical speculations (in America, England, and France) which are sometimes claimed as tending to bolster up theology.

But the volume before the reader is not so much a history of the battles of Virginia, which have often been described, as an attempt to delineate the military and personal character of General Lee, which displayed itself often more strikingly in indecisive events than in those whose results attract the attention of the world.

[Footnote 41: Evans, A History of Scioto County, Ohio, p. 643.]

The direction of his studies was partly determined by the discovery of a folio of Petrarch, lying on a shelf where he was looking for apples; and one of his earliest literary plans, never carried out, was an edition of Politian, with a history of Latin poetry from the time of Petrarch.

Sir James is at present said to be engaged in writing a History of England after the downfall of the house of Stuart.

A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

It is not my purpose to give a history of that terrible war of four years.

With a history of violent injury, however, some little regard may be paid to a continued heat and tenderness of the foot, and a distinct inclination on the part of the animal to go on the toe.

See, also, the supplementary volumes published at Baltimore,Levermore's Republic of New Haven, 1886, Allinson and Penrose's Philadelphia, 1681-1887: a History of Municipal Development, 1887.

It is from a History of Greece, by Rizo, a Wallachian sentimentalist of the first order, and in enthusiasm and exuberance of style, it will perhaps compare with any previous sketches of the late Lord Byron: but the romantic interest which Rizo has thrown about these "more last words" will doubtless render them acceptable to our readers.

Comprising Memoirs of Members of the Congress of the United States, together with a History of Internal Improvements from the Foundation of the Government to the Present Time.

I have no purpose here to write a history of those busy days, filled as they were with absorbing interest, with much that was pathetic and not a little that was amusing.

p. 91; but doubtless there exists, did I know what works to consult, many more voluminous a history of their origin and proceedings than the short summary given in the work of Mr. Knight.

One was a copy of the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, you know, and the other was a history of the lives of some of the holy men that have been called saints by the Catholics.

A History of Eighteenth-Century Literature.

R61260, 21Apr50, Robert G. Cleland (A) A HISTORY OF COMMERCE, by Clive Day.

SEE A history of the United States since the Civil War.

THE CAUSES OF THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE, the first volume of a history of the founding of the American Republic, by Claude H. Van Tyne.

A history of the United States for grammar schools.

R72543, 9Jan51, Burt L. Standish (A) PAXSON, FREDERIC L. A history of the United States for grammar schools.

A history of Russia.

SEE Flannagan, Roy. HALL, WILLIAM T. A history of chemistry.

Across three centuries; a history of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross, 1625-1930.

A history of the United States.

Ancient times, a history of the early world; an introduction to the study of ancient history and the career of early man.

A history of the Far East SEE STEIGER, G. NYE.

MICHENER, A. O. A history of the Northeast High School, Philadelphia.

Musae Anglicanae; a history of Anglo-Latin poetry, 1500-1925.

A history of American foreign policy, by John Holloday Latane & David W. Wainhouse.

Justice in grey, a history of the judicial system of the Confederate States of America.

A history of early Christian literature.

A history of sea power.

Caesar and Christ; a history of Roman civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A.D. 325.

(A History of the expansion of Christianity, v.6)

(A History of American life, v.5)

A history of western philosophy, and its connection with political and social circumstances from the earliest <pb id='417.png' /> times to the present day ยฉ 19Oct45; A191091.

Co. (PWH); 26Feb73; R546014. MINTS, LLOYD W. A history of banking theory in Great Britain and the United States.

The Immortal storm: a history of science fiction fandom.

A History of medicine.

A History of music.

A History of Norway.

The Earth brought forth; a history of Minnesota agriculture to 1885.

NITZE, William A. SEE A history of French literature.

CHAPMAN, CHARLES E. A history of the Cuban Republic.

A history of modern philosophy.

BOAK, ARTHUR E. R. A history of Rome to 565 A. D. Rev. ed.

Richard C. Borden (A); 7Mar57; R187887. BORING, EDWIN G. A history of experimental psychology.

<pb id='333.png' /> ROBINSON, CYRIL E. England: a history of British progress from the early ages to the present day.

A history of England and the British commonwealth.

LARSON, LAURENCE M. A history of England and the British commonwealth.

WALSH, WILLIAM F. A history of Anglo-American law.

A history of everyday things in England.

Black reconstruction; an essay toward a history of the part which black folk played in the attempt to reconstruct democracy in America, 1860-1880.

SEE Burnett, W. R. HOWE, ELIZABETH P. A history of music.

A history of music.

A history of everyday things in England.

SEE Grady, William E. A history of music.

Delia Morris Stephenson & Rhoda Louise Nelson (A); 28May63; R316199. MORROW, IAN F. B. A history of national socialism.

A history of English literature.

FISHER, HERBERT A. L. A history of Europe.

HARRIS, MALCOLM H. A history of Louisa County, Virginia.

A history of sea power.

A history of American history.

SEE Fuller, B. A. G. A history of modern philosophy.

MICHENER, A. O. A history of the Northeast High School, Philadelphia.

A history of French literature from the earliest times to present.

NOBLE, STUART G. A history of American education.

BARRY, HERBERT, comp. Squadron A, a history of its first fifty years, 1889-1939.

MELCHER, FREDERIC G. A history of Stone & Kimball and Herbert S. Stone & Co.

The opera, a history of its creation and performance, 1600-1941.

Elanor A. Ellwanger (NK); 5Nov69; R471317. GOODSPEED, EDGAR J. A history of early Christian literature.

A history of the Texas railroads, and of the transportation conditions under Spain & Mexico & the Republic & the state.

Joe D. Kinsey (E); 1Jun70; R485796. BEAL, M. D. A history of southeastern Idaho; an intimate narrative of peaceful conquest by empire builders.


(A History of American life, v.4)

A history of Russia.

A history of Unitarianism: Socinianism and its antecedents.

(A History of Spanish painting, vol. 9)

(A History of the South, vol. 05)

A History of England.

The Southern Colonies in the seventeenth century, 1607-1669; a history of the South.

A History of jazz.

At this school also were educated Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood; Sir Robert Chambers; William Elstob, an antiquary and divine; the poet, Akenside; the Rev. George Hall, Bishop of Dromore; and the Rev. John Brand, author of a history of Newcastle, and secretary to the Society of Antiquaries; all of whom were born at Newcastle.

Anyone interested in the story of punishment for heresy, sorcery or other crimes growing out of religious fanaticism, can read the story in Lecky's History of Rationalism in Europe, in White's A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, in Draper's Intellectual Development of Europe, and in many other books.

He wrote a History of Music in Italian, and issued proposals for its publication in English, but had no success.

All the pleasure that is received ends in an opportunity of splendid falsehood, in the power of gaining notice by the display of beauties which the eye was weary of beholding, and a history of happy moments, of which, in reality, the most happy was the last.

The first, with the very mixed title of Memoirs containing the Lives of several Ladies of Great Britain; A History of Antiquities; Observations on the Christian Religion, was published in 1755, and the second, The Life of John Buncle, Esq., came out in two volumes in 1756-1766.

V. "The extensive pasturages of the 'Tavoliere di Puglia' (Apulia) are of great importance and have a history of their own.

It is a mournful pleasure for the mind, as it dwells upon the doings of the departed, to build up its own theories, and to work out a history of what might have been in happier circumstancesa useless history of ifs.

DOBROVSKI, JOSEPH, a philologist, born in Gyarmet, in Hungary; devoted his life to the study of the Bohemian language and literature; wrote a history of them, the fruit of immense labour, under which his brain gave way more than once; was trained among the Jesuits (1753-1829).

INGULPH, abbot of Croyland, long credited with the authorship of a history of the monastery, which has since been proved to be a fabrication of a later date, of probably the 13th or 14th century; he was appointed abbot in 1080; d. 1109.

PROCOPIUS, a Greek historian, born at Cรฆsarea, the secretary of Belisarius, and author of a History of the Wars of Justinian, which is still the chief authority for the events of his reign; d. 565.

When I was seventy years old I began writing a history of our Civil War.