336 examples of a solution in sentences

The knowledge which he possessedthat half of the secretand which his companion did not, might be very material to a solution of the problem; the Sergeant did not mean to share it prematurely, without necessity, or for nothing.

A solution of sugar prepared by dissolving two parts of double-refined sugar (the best sugar is the most economical for preserves) in one of water, and boiling this a little, affords a syrup of the right degree of strength, and which neither ferments nor crystallizes.

"It is a servant, of course," I said; "what a fool I am, not sooner to have thought of so obvious a solution!"

A solution of the chloride of lime too, a most powerful disinfectant, should be used to purify the different apartments.


At all events I had made my explosive, and that was one great step towards a solution of some sort.

For Cartwright he saw a solution, through which he could avoid a killing, but Sandersen must die.

The storyteller brings the character, and his audience, into as much danger as we can tolerate before inventing a solution, the rescue, allowing us all to breathe a big sigh of relief.

Captain Abney, to be of a very stable and not easily decomposed nature; while if the pictures are passed through a solution of alum after washing and fixing, the gelatine also is so acted upon as to be rendered in a great degree impervious to the action of damp, and the pictures are then somewhat similar to carbon pictures without carbon.

The minor problem which now remained of freeing the cylinder's teeth from their congestion of lint found a solution in Mrs. Greene's stroke with a hearth-broom.

This pointed to a solution, and an investigation made the whole thing clear.

It is not improbably analogous to the peculiar ramifying tubules formed in a solution of water glass when a crystal of copper sulphate is suspended in it, as shown by Dr. Heaton (Proc.

Lord Rayleigh also obtained the same results with a film of a solution of soap and glycerine, but in this case the dark portion was observed at the top of the spectrum, the other colors arranging themselves in order in the soap film thinned by the force of gravitation, thus showing that the colors vary according to the thickness of the film.

For this purpose, the best means of destroying any eggs or embryos it may contain is to water the ground with a solution of sulphuric acid, in the proportion of a pennyweight to three pints of water, and also birds that die of the disease should be deeply buried in lime.

Collodion, which is a solution of gun-cotton in alcohol and ether, mingled with a solution of iodide and bromide of potassium, is used to form a thin coating over the glass.

The paper, having the picture formed on it, is then washed with the solution of hyposulphite of soda, rinsed in pure water, soaked again in a solution of hyposulphite of soda, to which, however, the chloride of gold has been added, and again rinsed.

Having ascertained that borax is a solvent for sap, he prepared a number of specimens by boiling them in a solution of borax.

II A SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM OF THE UNMARRIED Jesus said, "the foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head.

" Maclaurin, a Scotch physicist, checked Koenig's computations and reported to the Royal Society in London in 1743 that he found a solution in exact accord with Maraldi's measurements, thereby completely justifying the mathematics of the bee architect.

The state commissions have found their chief field in the regulation of local utilities, and they fall far short of a solution of the railroad problem.

Compare J.G. Dalyell, The Darker Superstitions of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1834), p. 184: "Here also maybe found a solution of that recent expedient so ignorantly practised in the neighbouring kingdom, where one having lost many of his herd by witchcraft, as he concluded, burnt a living calf to break the spell and preserve the remainder.

Shoes were made from leather tanned by setting in a solution of red oak bark and water; laundering was done in wooden tubs, made from barrels cut in halves.

If we want a solution of iron, glass, goldanything, all that we have to do is to drop it in this solution.

She would, it is true, have been willing to accompany Voltaire to Berlin; but such a solution would by no means have suited Frederick.

Morning did not bring a solution, as it properly should have done, but he ransacked his pack, chose a small glass jar of blackberry jam and a little can of maple syrup, fortified himself with another red can of tobacco and went up to the camp, hoping for a streak of good luck.

336 examples of  a solution  in sentences