7 examples of a solution to in sentences

It aimed not only to represent life but to correct it, and to offer a solution to pressing moral and social problems.

It will not serve as a solution to distinguish between different periods of time, and to say, as economists used to say not very long ago, that price is governed over a short period by demand and supply, but in the long run by the cost of production.

Throughout the chapters one has the feelingwhich any one who has had to make less important political decisions can parallel from his own experiencethat Gladstone was waiting for indications of a solution to appear in his mind.

In the wheelbarrow beside the baby stood a feeding bottle of gigantic proportions, being in very truth a three-gallon flask designed to hold a solution to spray trees with; six feet of garden hose constituted the tube, and a black rubber diving cap at the upper end of it completed the feeding apparatus.

Try as I would, I wasn't able to hit upon any theory that supplied a solution to the conduct of either Lord Ralles or Miss Cullen, unless they were engaged and Miss Cullen displeased him by her behavior to me.

On the instant, the Duke gave a solution to Constance' aims, explaining everything to the King.

But it isn't a solution to stay in bedit is only suspending the solution.

7 examples of  a solution to  in sentences