3570 examples of a voice in sentences

There are some people who get farther into a piano than others, making the wires speak as with a voice.

It's an hour," whispered a voice in his ear.

he demanded in a voice of hesitation.

Approaching them, he paid his compliments with great earnestness, and in a voice in which his softest tones preponderated.

" For a moment Sharpman sat quietly staring at his visitor; then, in a voice which betrayed his effort to remain calm, he said: "What right have you to make such a statement as this?

"Armida," said Rinaldo, in a voice full of tenderness, "be calm, and know me for what I amno enemy, no conqueror, nothing that intends thee shame or dishonour; but thy champion, thy restorerhe that will preserve thy kingdom for thee, and seat thee in house and home.

These tedious narratives of frozen age Distract my soul;despatch thy ling'ring tale; Say, did a voice from heav'n restrain the tyrant? Did interposing angels guard her from him? CALI.

At last, when everyone rose to depart, he went towards William Dane and said, in a voice shaken by agitation, "The last time I remember using my knife was when I took it out to cut a strap for you.

" "Yes, you bet!" came a voice from the gallery, undisguisedly eager to concur.

"There they go!" cried a voice, "and good riddance to Hessians and Tories.

exclaimed a voice over Squinty's head.

Presently a window was raised and a voice asked "What name?" to which my conductor replied, "Pumblechook."

he said, in a voice as high as his eyebrows.

At once, however, she stopped short, and exclaimed, in a voice of alarm and horror, "Grandson of my father, there is blood on your hand."

O! loved and lost, oh! trusted, tried, and true, O! tender, pitying eyes forever sealed; How can we bear to speak our last adieu? How to the grave the precious casket yield, And to those old familiar places go That knew thee once, and never more shall know? I hear from heaven a voice angelic cry, "Blessed, thrice blessed are the dead who lie Beneath the flowery sod and graven stone.

She did not hear the step behind them, but presently a voice broke in.

"Good-morning!" answered a voice, one neither abnormally high nor repressedly low, the kind of voice the man seldom heard in the society to which he was accustomedone natural, unaffected, frankly interested.

Thereupon afflicted with grief, in a voice choked with tears, Damayanti spake unto Naishadha these piteous words, "O king, thinking of thy purpose, my heart trembleth, and all my limbs become faint.

The disputants all spoke at once: Mr. Russell with an air of jocular ferocity, Miss Vickers in a voice that trembled with passion, and Mr. Tasker speaking as a man with a grievance.

As I was reflecting upon what I saw, I heard a Voice in the Crowd, bemoaning the Condition of Mankind, which is thus managed by the Breath of Opinion, deluded by Errour, fired by Self-Conceit, and given up to be trained in all the Courses of Vanity, till Scorn or Poverty come upon us.

A voice may be manufactured.

" "Aye, quite alone!" came in a voice so shaken Katherine fell to trembling in very fear.

a voice called down the companion-ladder at this moment.

"It's the German Church," a voice responded from below.

he called, in a voice so hollow that it seemed to rumble down through the bowels of earth.

3570 examples of  a voice  in sentences