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3991 example sentences with  a voice

3991 example sentences with a voice

Through his parki the Boy felt a hand close vise-like on his shoulder, and a voice, not like MacCann's: "Goin' straight down to the fish-trap hole!"

She, sweeping the Gold Nugget with vigilant eye, went on in a voice of indulgent contempt.

It was a voice inside the wall,the minister's well-known voice.

"Yes, dear," said Cynthia, in a voice that sounded a good many miles away.

" "He left one of his visitors alone here for a few minutes," said Hill in a voice which was little more than a whisper.

He held out his hand againcautiouslyand spoke in a voice new to Kazan.

Newcome's father came up and held out his hand to me, and he spoke in a voice so soft and pleasant, and with a cordiality so simple and sincere, that my laughter shrank away ashamed; and gave place to a feeling much more respectful and friendly.

My room was close to the ancient tower, left standing in the parish churchyard; and, at five o'clock, the beautiful bells of St Marie's struck up, filling my little chamber with that heart-stirring music, which, as somebody has well said, "sounds like a voice from the middle ages."

Then, singing first with a voice deep and gruff, and anon in one high and squeaking, he blithely trolled the merry catch of THE LOVING YOUTH AND THE SCORNFUL MAID HE

A voice on my left murmured in a low tone the formula, which I repeated, Eveena accompanying my words in an almost inaudible whisper "Whatsoe'er within the Shrine Eyes may see or soul divine, Swear we secret as the deep, Silent as the Urn to keep.

Such a voice would be the product of a larynx remaining partly or completely in the infantile state, as in a woman's.

The streamlet, as it flows along, Sounds like a voice 'mid childhood's slumbers;

Then made he his prayer to our Lord that all they that desired any boon might get it of our Lord God in his name, and a voice came from heaven which said that it which he had desired was granted; and after he had made his orison his head was smitten off, about the year of our Lord two hundred and eighty-seven.

In good truth, he was a wondrous man; and when his tongue had acquired him all other imaginable success,when it had been heard in halls of state, and in the courts of princes and potentatesafter it had made him known all over the world, even as a voice crying from shore to shoreit finally persuaded his countrymen to select him for the Presidency.

As I left the Boulevards, mingled with the whirl of the terrified crowd, not knowing where I was going, returning towards the centre of Paris, a voice suddenly whispered in my ear, "There is something over there which you ought to see."

On the fourth floor she called to him in a voice not quite steady.

"What's the Impire to us, Captain Foley, and what's the Widdy to us ayther?" cried a voice.

The suddenness of the whole thing terrified me, and it was with a voice broken with sobs that I at last managed to make my defence.

She heard herself telling him so in a voice she did not know.

It was under the fig-tree of his garden that he fancied he heard a voice of boy or girl, he could not tell, chanting and often repeating, "Take up and read; take up and read."

Mrs. King eagerly stepped forward, and folded her in her arms, saying, in a voice half stifled with emotion, "Thank God and you for all this happiness.

"Listen, my son," he continued in a voice weakened by this last effort.

All scenes, all men, the very turn of a head, the exact sound of a voice, the taste of food, the feel of the worldall the emotions of his life must he have had there before him as he wrote, his great mind playing upon them, reconstructing, re-creating and putting them down hot upon his pages.

Therefore, as a man must breathe and see before he can study, the scholar must have liberty first of all; and as the American scholar is a man and has a voice in his own government, so his interest in political affairs must precede all others.

I.The King of the Conscripts "Rohan Gwenfern!" cried the sergeant, in a voice that rang like a trumpet through the length of the town hall.

He had a strange way of making inarticulate sounds, or of muttering to himself in a voice loud enough to be overheard, what was passing in his thoughts, when in company.

"To that no answer can be returned," exclaimed a voice from the ranks, "till your proposals have been submitted to, and approved by, the council of officers and agitators."

"Who's that?" he asked in a low voice; he asked the question in Pushtu, and in Pushtu a voice no louder than his own replied: "I want to speak to Poulteney Sahib."

In the words of Kipling's "Explorer": "... a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeatedso: 'Something hidden.

Though all the while within them laughed a sea Of student mirth, which for full half an hour They stifled well, but then could hold no more, As soon their mad piano testified: While in the kitchen dinner was toward With hiss and bubble from the cooking stove, And now a laugh from John ran up the stairs, And a voice called aloudof boiling pans.

"The Wren, that's what they always called me," was the response, in a thin little wisp of a voice.

murmured Sigismund, happily for his secret in a voice that only reached the ears of Adelheid.

Many people come see me," said a voice as old as the eyes, and sad with the fatal sadness that has forgotten hope.

When that is done, only then allowing himself complete relaxation, he sinks back in his chair, and in a voice of resigned weariness speaks.

" "To whom?" cried Miss Panney, in a voice that made the ox-chains rattle.

"So your mother is thinking of getting married," he said in a voice so queer it sounded as if it had come from away off somewhere.

Had she been, as many eminent persons in her profession are, a mere bundle of insensate egotisms complicated by a voice, she would have driven March to flat rebellion in a week, all his good resolutions notwithstanding.

And then his anger turned upon himself, as a voice within him asked whether, on his conscience, he could affirm that this knowledge would have made a difference in his own actions.

" "There's no one in the world," he remarked in a voice that wanted to break, "no one in the world who'd have thought of that but you.

" "You are a nervy one, miss," said a voice at her ear.

she cried, in a voice of emotion.

"We are going to take them with us in the car," directed Frederic in a voice of authority.

'It is the Prince that I must see,' said I. 'Nay, it is the Princess,' said a voice at the door, and a woman swept into the chamber.

Therewith a voice said: "There be two among you that be not in the quest of the Sangreal, and therefore depart ye."

For upon the first of them, say they, was OSIRIS born, just at whose entrance into the world a voice was heard, saying, 'The lord of all the earth is born.'

It has a very loud and self-asserting tick, and a still more arrogant strike, for such an old clock; but, then, everybody here has a voice that is much stronger than is needed, and it is the habit to scream in ordinary conversation.

Off we started, full of intentions never to be realized: I stepped into a cutler's shop to buy a knife; a nice-looking girl in the middle of her teens, placed one or two before me; I felt a nudge behind, and a voice whispered in my ear, "By George, what a pretty hand!"

Dreading a kick, I was off at his word; but had not proceeded half way down stairs, when a hand from the rear, roughly grasped mine, and a voice, in a wild and hurried manner, asked pardon for "intemperance."

A voice said "Taib,* Jimgrim!" and two other men jumped after him from somewhere on the ruined wall above us.

It came clear as a voice to the cavern where Ben lay.

" exclaimed a voice in the crowd, at a most unhappy moment for the authority of the new lieutenant.

Until now Wilder had made good his quarter of the deck though pressed by a band as fierce and daring as his own; but, at this fearful crisis in the combat, a voice was heard in the melee, that thrilled on all his nerves, and seemed even to carry its fearful influence over the minds of his men.

'Come in,' says a voice; and so I opened the door.

We think of Astarte as young, beautiful, innocent,guilty, lost, murdered, judged, pardoned; but still, in her permitted visit to earth, speaking in a voice of sorrow, and with a countenance yet pale with mortal trouble.

Father Antoinehe was robed, and there were two acolytes with him, one with a bell and the other with a candlebegan to read in a voice as thundering as Simpson's own.

'Now, you men, come below and turn in,' broke in a voice.

Footsteps came up the path, and on the very verge of the porch a voice spokea woman's voice, unmodulated, arrogant.

repeated in a mocking voice, a voice to whose owner he could not at the moment put a name, and yet which seemed vaguely familiar.

interrupted a voice from the opposite side of the table.

As he moved aside, De Luynes approached the Queen-mother; and having bent his knee, and kissed the hem of her robe, he uttered a few words in so low a voice that they were inaudible to those who stood behind her.

that blowest with breath of gladness The trump to waken the year in its grave, Shall we not hear, after death's deep sadness, A voice as tender to gladden and save?

As he labored with the shaker and the noise of his struggles was sent upward through the registers a voice called to him down the cellar stairs.

Then a voice was heard in the air, saying, "This is true.

A voice is, on the solitary path where our will strays, the faithful shepherd calling his sheep; it is every sign, even tho it be made by the hand of a child, which in the days of forgetfulness and unrestraint, suddenly wakes us and warns us that our feet skirt the abysses.

They persist; the sleep becomes heavier; and suddenly, from the depths of that sleep, rises the voice of another being, a voice unexpected and unknown, the voice of a churlish, distrustful and discontented old man.

cried he, with a voice of thunder.


Good Mrs. Dobson dropped one of the jars she was filling when Hannah came with her strange tale, and leaving the scalding mass of pulp and juice upon the floor, she hastened up the stairs, and with as stern a voice as it was possible for her to assume, demanded of Ethelyn what she was doing there.

I hear a voice, but nothing do I see.


"Antony," said a voice he knew very well, "I have come with the doctor, to see what we can do for your little girl."

"I was busy when you came," continued Mr. Quince, in a voice of easy unconcern, "and I gave you advice from memory.

At that moment there came a voice in his ear,not the voice of his attending friend, but one of which he accurately knew the lisping, fiendish sound: "Ah, Captain Scarborough, I thought it vas posshible you might be here.

den-bedsacross the misty park, and the dark tree-tops, when a voice suddenly brings me back.

"Are there any travellers here?" shouted a voice; "the house is on fire!"

"Cheer-oh!" answered a voice, now already among the echoes of the arch.

"Evan Evans, ahoy!" came a voice from the fog.

No words could adequately picture the intense excitement of that meeting; emotion touched for a moment the most unemotional, and I may say, without exaggeration, that there was not a dry eye, blue or black, nor a voice which could give a cheer without a break in it.

"Caro Conte,"he often calls me Count, though I am only plain Professore, now"he has a voice like a trumpet and the patience of all the angels.

They say women sometimes fall in love with a voice: vox et proeterea nihil, as the poet has it.

Mrs. Hamilton spoke in a voice so low, as to be heard only by Caroline.

to feel that vanished years have not estranged us, distance has not diminished love, that we are to each other even as we parted; to feel again the fond kiss, to hear once more the accents of a voice which to us has been for years so still,a voice that brings with it the gush of memory!

When all was accomplished, he seized Mompesson's arm, and, in a voice that seemed scarcely human, cried,"Now, I have paid thee back in part for the injuries thou hast done me.

Suddenly there was a little plash in the water at the spot where Ralph was fishing, the slender tip of his rod bent, I heard a voice cry out, "Strike him, sonny, strike him!" and an old man came quickly but noiselessly through the bushes, just as Ralph's line flew up into space, with, alas!

"For some mysterious reason the girl was again convulsed and broke off her laughter to cry in a voice of music which still tingles through me: 'Doctor Byrne, you are delightful!'

Listen as I would, I could only make out that these recitations were poetical fragmentsI could only distinguish a certain chanted metre, the chiming of an occasional rhyme, the rising and falling of a voice more than commonly melodious.

" "Am I to understand, Captain Ludlow, that Alida Barbรฉrie has not fled my house, during the past night, to seek a refuge in your ship?" "Fled!" echoed the young man, in a voice of horror.

"God be praised!" returned a voice, which was succeeded by a frightened face from out a state-room.

"Excuse me;" and he was withdrawing his hand, when Anne clasped it with both hers, and said in a voice of intense feeling "Oh, how can I thank you and bless you!

twas a voice that you heard, A voice that you love, in the wood, The vibrating note of a half spoken word For the great Pan is slain, Of his pipings we know not one magical strain, They have fled down the years of a world that was young Oh, ages and ages ago!

The story starts with Link in bed when a voice calls out to him.

The woman claims parents should be given a voice in applications for transfer of permanent custody of their children.

And so she went on, taking first one side and then the other, and making quite a conversation of it altogether; but after a few minutes she heard a voice outside, and stopped to listen.

It would be demeaning if we donโ€™t have a voice.

Mr. Chairperson, this motion was defeated, carried on a voice vote.

No one else has a voice.

Arthur's is a voice readers won't soon forget.

The father had received a voice mail from the mother indicating that he should forget access that summer as she intended to be away the entire summer.

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying, In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.

We've been working on this for a long time, but I'm saying there's a need for a voice and a place for people to have a voice.