3570 examples of a voice in sentences

a voice called without.

"Thou art late from thy bed, Antonio," said a voice at his elbow.

He was as fleet as the wind, and he had a voice as sweet as a bird's; he had lovely sparkling eyes, and bright golden hair; and he had so kind a heart that he would not have done a wrong or cruel thing for the world.

at times a voice yelled in Spanish, deepening its tone.

"Betty," said Mrs. Green, in a voice to which nervousness had imparted almost the correct note"Betty, this is your brother Jack!" Mr. Letts rose sheepishly, and then to his great amazement a pair of strong young arms were flung round his neck, and a pair of warm lips after but slight troublefound his.

A voice, a husky and discordant voice, broke in upon his meditations; Jack Nugent was also curious.

Marcel, left alone, heard the sound of a voice in Monseigneur's cabinet, and he recognized perfectly old Collard's.

The sight of those three Hun uniforms standing before him must have pricked a memory, which in turn set some sub-conscious mechanism to work, for suddenly the Babe heard a voice bawling orders in German.

The dew was falling fast, the stars began to blink; I heard a voice: it said, Drink, pretty creature, drink!

What a voice hers was!

And anon alit a voice among them, and said: "They that ought not to sit at the table of Jesu Christ arise, for now shall very knights be fed."

And in a voice like a husky clarinet the actor struck up the well-known air from the Cloches de Corneville: "I thrice have been around the world.

"I think everything will be all right now, Mr. Burgomaster," he called down in a voice which could be distinctly heard throughout the lobby.

"The stranger has vanished!" said Earing, with a voice in whose tones mental relief and distrust were both, at the same moment, oddly manifesting themselves.

There was no pain nor hunger she had known that did not find a voice in its inarticulate cry.

A voice at this instant seemed impossible.

Informed him with as much regret as I could put into a voice not always under perfect control, that I had already got an officer.

" "We have got our wives here now, and that I think you'll admit is something, Bob, when you remember the pains taken by yourself to bring so great a happiness about," "Why, yes, sirI'll allow the wives is something" "Ship ahoy!" hailed a voice in good English, and in the most approved seaman-like tones of the voice.

"She can be Ben Blunt if she wants to," he now declared in a voice of authority.

There is some reason, therefore, for believing that she should have a voice also in passing upon laws which may make or undo for ever the welfare of the boys and girls for whom she struggles during the years that they are growing to manhood and womanhood.

So I ran ahead, calling him in as gruff a voice as I could command to come on and stop his nonsense, for we had far to go and it would soon be dark.

The artist called in a voice that rang with triumph, "Come in, old man, come in and help me celebrate.

I was interrupted in the heyday of this soliloquy, with a voice which I took to be of a child, which complained "It could not get out."

So he sent for men with baling baskets and began to divide off the water with dams, but out of the water a voice was heard, singing; "Do not dam the water, father, Do not dam the water, father, Your daughter-in-law, the Ginduri fish is dying.

The greater souls who led the worship of the host welcoming the rising Light, thrilled with the vibrations of a voice deeper and holier than the voice of man.

3570 examples of  a voice  in sentences