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133 examples of  abasements  in sentences

133 examples of abasements in sentences

And beholding him thus in his abasement, haggard with wounds and bowed with grief, needs must Beltane kneel also and thereafter spake thus: "Sir Benedict, who am I, to judge of such as thou?" "I tempted herI wooed her to shame, I that loved her beyond lifedid cause her many bitter tearsalas!"

Thus he alternated between pride and abasement, hope and dejection, as many a lover has done before and since.

He felt the abasement of it.

But when you proceeded to point out to these plebeians how much of their misery arose from their own idleness, and ignorance, and dissoluteness, and abasement before those higher in station, and jealousy of the best among themselveswhat said they to that? Truth.

Arminius found among the other German chiefs many who sympathized with him in his indignation at their country's abasement, and many whom private wrongs had stung yet more deeply.

In this, as in the rest of her self-imposed tortures and degradations, the impulse manifestly came not from above, but from the mistaken imaginings of an over-wrought mind encased in a frail and delicate frame; and these morbid fancies were based on her intense passion for self-abasement.

" "Why, Miss Abbott," returned Jenny, who had heard too much of this self-abasement to be much alarmed at it, "this is giving almost as bad an account of yourself, as I heard somebody, that I won't name, give of you last week.

She perceived, for the first time, on this occasion, that if Eve were indeed a Hajji, it was not a Hajji of a common school; and, while her modesty and self- abasement led her bitterly to regret the hours irretrievably wasted in the frivolous levities so common to those of her sex with whom she had been most accustomed to mingle, her sincere regret did not lessen her admiration for one she began tenderly to love.

The scene that he was now compelled to go through, was consequently one of sore mortification and self-abasement; and yet, feeling its justice no less than its necessity, and having made up his mind to discharge what had now become a duty, his very pride of character led him to do it manfully, and with no uncalled-for reserves.

And she had for him, in the agony and the abasement of his soul, still quivering from the rack of emotion that alone could have extorted his confessionshe had for him the half-smile, tender and compassionate, that it is given to most men to see but once in a lifetime on the lips and in the eyes of the woman beloved.

It was moving and impressive, especially for those who think that the Almighty is better pleased with abject abasement than a plain common-sense endeavour to do better, and will accept a long tale of public penance before the record of simple daily duties honestly performed.

And daily his self-confidence and sense of rightful power developed, and with them, paradoxical as it may seem, the bitterest self-abasement.

Do not be surprised, if, at my introduction, I fall on my hands and knees in Oriental abasement.

" "We have all sinned," said the Soul, recovering from its momentary self-abasement.

With greater, I think, than should be from distance of years, as she was the wife of a gentleman; and as the appearance of every thing about her, as well house as dress, carries the marks of such good circumstances, as require not abasement.

How different was his ordinary life from that of his illustrious father, with no repentance, no remorse, no self-abasement!

The element of worship had vanished in that single instant of revelation; but her love remained, and it shone out to him like a beacon as he knelt there in abasement by her side.

Yet in her abasement she kept her dignity, and, motioning Polly to follow, stepped into the bedroom, unfolded the letter slowly, and read it by the candle there.

And never again by word or look did he remind her of that hour of abasement.

Thus the Puritan was made up of two different men, the one all self-abasement, penitence, gratitude, passion, the other proud, calm, inflexible, sagacious.

But also it was, as I have said, that none should go forth in ignorance of the full dreadfulness of all that held the Night; for it was at the Preparation that there was made known certain horrors that were not told unto the young; and of horrid mutilations, and of abasements of the soul, that did shake the heart with fear, if but they were whispered into the hearing.

Disrepute N. disrepute, discredit; ill repute, bad repute, bad name, bad odor, bad favor, ill name, ill odor, ill favor; disapprobation &c 932; ingloriousness, derogation; abasement, debasement; abjectness &c adj.; degradation, dedecoration^; a long farewell to all my greatness [Henry VIII]; odium, obloquy, opprobrium, ignominy.

879. Humility N. humility, humbleness; meekness, lowness; lowliness, lowlihood^; abasement, self-abasement; submission &c 725; resignation.

879. Humility N. humility, humbleness; meekness, lowness; lowliness, lowlihood^; abasement, self-abasement; submission &c 725; resignation.

He was aware of the necessity of covering the workings of ambition within his breast with the veil of exterior self-abasement; and therefore professed to take no merit to himself, and to see nothing in what he had done, but the hand of the Almighty, fighting in behalf of his faithful servants.

He sated his eyes and his vanity with the spectacle of the man's abasement.

It may be better for thee to be kept humble and in self-abasement.

Where there are no sinkings of self-abasement, no griping sense of sin and worthlessness, but perhaps the contrary, reckless confidence and self-valuing for good qualities supposed an overbalance for the sins,there it is not necessary.

Their two wants were bread and the shows of the circus; so long as the sportula of their patron, the occasional donative of an emperor, and the ambition of political candidates supplied these wants, they lived in contented abasement, anxious neither for liberty nor for power.

They had not eaten for four days, and, in consequence of this prolonged fast, they were in such a state of moral and physical abasement that no precise information could be obtained from them.

Peter, in his zeal, saw nothing in it but too great an act of abasement on the part of his Master; he knew not that to save him Jesus would the very next day humble himself even to the ignominious death of the cross.

There is no reason why she should not have equalled or surpassed, the ecstasies of St. Theresa, or of St. Hildegardis, or any other sweet dreamer of sweet dreams; have founded a new order of charity, have enriched the clergy of a whole province, and have died in seven years, maddened by alternate paroxysms of self-conceit and revulsions of self-abasement.

At first, most of the listeners were disposed to believe him one of those exaggerated spirits who exalt themselves by a pretended self-abasement, but his natural, quiet, and thoughtful deportment soon produced a more favorable opinion.

But there is a point of self-abasement beyond which the perfect consciousness of right rarely permits even the most timid to proceed.

We are what we seem in the eyes of others because the law makes it so, but we are in our hearts like all around us, Herr Chรขtelainwith this difference, that, feeling our abasement among men, we lean more closely and more affectionately on God.

What those five months had been to Dickie, through what abasements and exaltations, furies and despairs he had traveled since he had looked up from Sheila's slippered feet with his heart turned backward like a pilot's wheel, was only faintly indicated in his face.

" So said Campbell, who, in the over-sensitiveness of his conscience, had actually worked himself round during the past night into this new fancy, as a chivalrous act of utter self-abasement.

The beatified penitents of the early Christian Church spoke another lessonspoke divinely of hope for the fallen, hope without self- abasement or defiance.

But is it needful to stoop so low, and if so, where lies the ultimate responsibility for this abasement?

This sect then boldly declared: "We view it as contrary to the golden law of God and the prophets, and the inalienable rights of mankind as well as every principle of the Revolution to hold in deepest abasement, in a more abject slavery than is perhaps to be found in any part of the world, except America, so many souls that are capable of the image of God.

Self-abasement or humility is a feeling of pain arising from the consideration of our weakness and impotency; its opposite is self-complacency.

Their piety had no weakness of self-abasement in it.

She had given him some moments of torture and the memory of that abasement would haunt him many a day.

Self-abasement paved the way To villain-bonds and despot sway.

The vulgar are offended when an illustrious man pays homage to these qualities, forgetful of Shakespeare's self-abasement before Mr. W.H. and of Languet's prostration at the feet of Sidney.

My friend who transmits to me this account, adds the following words, which I desire to insert with the deepest sentiments of unfeigned humility and self-abasement before God, as most unworthy the honour of contributing in the least degree to the joys and graces of one so much my superior in every part of the Christian character.

How well do I remember his neat but thread-bare coat and pigtail; his stooping gait, not the decrepitude of age, but as though it sprang from the abasement of his fortune; his endurance of injury to a certain point, when patience suddenly forsook him, and his, to us, irresistibly comic rage and exasperation!

His limbs twitched; his features were full of woe and desolation and abasement.

His feelings were touched, and his pride also was flattered by the abasement of this beautiful and haughty woman.

His face wore a look of hot, flurried excitement, and his manner was one of abject, cringing self-abasement.

Lying at full length upon the floor of the convent church, with his lips upon the lowest step of the altar, in an indescribable state of terror, misery, penitence, and self-abasement; through all of which struggled gleams of joy that Margaret was alive.

Indulgent to his own profligacy to a degree which rendered him insensible to his self-abasement, Henry was peculiarly alive to the degradation of sharing with a rival the affections, or perhaps it were more fitting to say the favours, of his mistresses.

Sometimes when the exceeding "sinfulness of sin" becomes painfully apparent, there is nothing else for the soul to do but to lie in the dust before God, without a word of excuse, and that feeling of abasement in His sight is worth more than all the pleasures in the world....

When we call Michael Angelo the interpreter of the burden and the pain of the Renaissance, we must remember this long weary old age, during which in solitude and silence he watched the extinction of Florence, the institution of the Inquisition, and the abasement of the Italian spirit beneath the tyranny of Spain.

Thus the word "abasement" presented itself to me, in one of my experiments, by my mentally placing myself in a pantomimic attitude of humiliation with half-closed eyes, bowed head, and uplifted palms, while at the same time I was aware of myself as of a mental puppet, in that position.

It so happened in connection with "abasement" that the word "David" or "King David" occurred to me on one occasion in each of three out of the four trials; also that an accidental misreading, or perhaps the merely punning association of the words "a basement," brought up on all four occasions the image of the foundations of a house that the builders had begun upon.

The second group contained "abasement," "abhorrence," "ablution," etc., which admitted excellently of histrionic representation.

Associations connected with the "abasement" series are strongly characterised by histrionic ideas, and by sense imagery, which to a great degree merges into a histrionic character.

She felt, with a hot flash of self-abasement, as if she was morally responsible for the consequences that seemed likely to attend Lady Deppingham's indiscretions.

We have many words beginning with Self, but most of them seem to be compounds rather than derivatives; as, self-love, self-abasement, self-abuse, self-affairs, self-willed, self-accusing.

He had quarrelled with them, or they with him; his present possession was a narrow independence; and his prospects were founded upon literary success, always precarious, and then connected with circumstances of personal abasement, which rendered it almost disreputable.

" And in the bitter struggle of his soul, And in the self-abasement of his heart, And in the strong reaction that oft comes To spiritual natures, deep and fine, He would have fallen helpless to the ground; But Gurnemanz quick caught him in his arms, And led him sinking to a grassy mound,

' Caldigate had so far conquered his own feelings of abasement as to be able to say this with a determined face, looking straight into the attorney's eyes, at any rate without sign of fear.

She wanted to marry him to money: and if Leonora were to go, if he were left alone, forsaken, then despairand time, which can do all thingswould break his will; and eventually he would succumb, like a victim at the altar, who, in his terror and abasement, does not sense the real significance of the sacrifice forced upon him.

Did he suspect her of yearning to throw herself in the way of nice people on the day of her abasement?

Now, instead of terror and self-abasement, he met scornthe cold contempt of a being rarefied, and raised above him by centuries of gentler thought and living.

It was a region where for women all feeling of abasement ceased, because there the troubadour, by his homage, raised one's soul high above the tyranny of uncomprehending husbands.

Tarpeia and Pisidicรฉ and Rahab were her sisters; she hungered in her abasement for Judith's nobler guilt.

The people understood not irony, and Don Quixote combined with other causes, to degrade to its present abasement, a land, so long renowned for her high and honourable chivalry, for "ladye-love, and feats of knightly worth."

She had spoken to him first over a difficulty about the alisphenoid of a rabbit's skull, and he had found that, in biology at least, he had no reason for self-abasement.

It is indisputable that outbreaks of self-abasement and emotional revival have a distinct relation to periods of scarcity.

," said Hill, giving in in utter self-abasement.

It was his uttermost abasement.

I, even I. I thought that he wanted to rid himself of me,' she cried, pouring forth her confession in shame and abasement.

God forgive me,' Mr. Fishwick murmured from the depths of his abasement.

'And Lord Almeric offered you marriage?' 'I might have been my lady,' she cried in bitter abasement.

I have much cause of humiliation before the Lord, and wish to attain that sweet spirit of abasement, which not only confesses its unworthiness, but feels willing, that others should be preferred before me.

She laughed plaintively and shook her head in humble self-abasement.

It would not be right, however, to draw therefrom conclusions as to the abasement of Capetian royalty in the eleventh century, with too great severity.

France was already beginning to perceive her sudden abasement in Europe; the defaults of her generals as well as of her government sometimes struck the king himself; he threw the blame of it on the barrenness of his times.

In view of the stress at the treasury, of growing discontent, of vanished illusions, the comptroller-general meditated convoking the Assembly of Notables, the feeble resource of the old French kingship before the days of pure monarchy, an expedient more insufficient and more dangerous than the most far-seeing divined after the lessons of the philosophers and the continuous abasement of the kingly Majesty.

When I read your letter, with its wild expressions of self-abasement and despair and regret that you were in the world, where, you seemed to believe, you had no right to be, I could not help picturing to myself the dull face and disagreeable personality of your half-sister, the child whom you no doubt believe has a greater right than yourself on earth.

All those which accompany humility and self-abasement were absent.

The 17th Maxim of chapter iii., which directed certain kissings of the hands of superiors, or of the robe, and other abasements, is entirely omitted.

"Over his answer," she writes, "I shed many tears; but, instead of prostrating myself in deep abasement before the Lord, and craving his pardon, I was desirous of doing something which might claim his approbation and disperse the thick cloud which seemed to hide him from me.

As a result of this, we all condemned still more strongly his abasement and folly.

They seem to have expected that the picture which they presented of their friend's transparent sincerity and singleness of aim, manifested amid so much pain and self-abasement, would have touched readers more.

It made humility, self-restraint, self-abasement, objects of unceasing, possibly not always wise and healthy, effort.

A very agony of self-abasement will be no armor against the poisoned shafts which assumed superiority will hurl against me.

Every concession we made to their insolent threats was only a step downwards to a deeper abasement; and we parted with our most cherished convictions of duty to purchase, not their gratitude, but their contempt.

Yet in truth, during the years that followed, whenever he was not under the influence of recurrent attacks of melancholia, Isaac did again derive much comfort from the aspirations and self-abasements of religion.

He then turned to the haughty and insolent Commissioners of slavery, who were present, that the abasement of the State might lack no mark or brand, and with an air haughtier and prouder than their own, defied them.

They towered the higher from contempt for the abasement around them.

But in her lonely condition, with all its background of terrible sorrow and deep abasement, she had never for a moment thought of giving or receiving love from one of that race who had been so lately associated in her mind with horror, aversion, and disgust.

I have heard men talk glibly of the degradation of the negro, but there is a vast difference between abasement of condition and degradation of character.

Did not the whole nation consent to our abasement?" asked Iola, bitterly.

Sometimes fear froze his vitals, then a flush of self-abasement burned him with its flames.

He was conscious to himself, I repeat, of nothing to cause him shame, and in the tramp of his boots there was certainly no self-abasement.

The state of the flour-barrel would also produce a like self-abasement.

Industry, man's crown of honour elsewhere, is here his badge of utter degradation; and so comes all by which I am here surroundedpride, profligacy, idleness, cruelty, cowardice, ignorance, squalor, dirt, and ineffable abasement.