313 examples of abbesses in sentences

Now it was not his love for another, but the teazing jealousy of his wife's temper, that often obliged Antipholis to leave his home; and (the abbess suspecting this from the vehemence of Adriana's manner) to learn the truth, she said, "You should have reprehended him for this.

" The lady abbess, having drawn this full confession from the jealous Adriana, now said, "And therefore comes it that your husband is mad.

" Adriana, though ashamed of her own conduct, still insisted on having her husband delivered up to her; but the abbess would suffer no person to enter her house, nor would she deliver up this unhappy man to the care of the jealous wife, determining herself to use gentle means for his recovery, and she retired into her house again, and ordered her gates to be shut against them.

[b] Sometimes abbesses were admitted; at least, they often sign the king’s charters or grants.

In the Rue des Abbesses I counted three cannons and a mitrailleuse, menacing the Rue des Martyrs.

Meanwhile, about a dozen tumbrils, with their horses, had arrived on the heights of the Buttes, the guns were dragged off, and were quietly proceeding down hill, when, at the corner of the Rue Lepic and the Rue des Abbesses, they were stopped by a concourse of several hundred people of the quarter, principally women and children.

I went down a little way from the summit and, still on the hill, turned into the Rue des Abbesses, crowded with vegetable carts and thrifty housewives.

I remember in Pisa I saw a great picture of the Judgment-Day in the Campo Santo, and there were lots of abbesses, and nuns, and monks, and bishops too, that the devils were clearing off into the fire.

We have our forefathers and great-granddames all before us, as they were in Chaucer's days: their general characters are still remaining in mankind, and even in England, though they are called by other names than those of monks and friars, and chanons, and lady abbesses, and nuns: for mankind is ever the same, and nothing lost out of nature, though every thing is altered.

But is it not plain that heiress's, abbess's, peeress's, countess's, and many other words of the same form, are as good English as witness's?

He had a quiet way with the abbesses and prioresses, and with the anchorites and bishops a way of simplicity which was vastly admired in a divine emissary.

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The Abbey at Clynch St. Mary has a "coise" put on it by the last Abbess, and every direct male heir expires punctually on his twenty-first birthday.

The actual agency is a poisoned ring concealed in the frame of a portrait of the malevolent Abbess and is in the custody of the Otway family, who enjoy a prescriptive if nebulous right to be stewards of the property.

Just how or why the Otwaysnoble fellows, we are given to understandcarry out the deceased Abbess's nefarious wishes with such precision and despatch is not explained.

Within an old, very old, stone coffinat the further circular endare the pulverized remains of one of the earliest abbesses.

" In the "Comedy of Errors," the Abbess says to Adriana: "The venom clamors of a jealous woman Poison more deadly than a mud dog's tooth.

In short, I had obtained leave from the Bishop of Chartres to enter into St. Cyr; and, as Madame du Deffand never leaves anything undone that can give me satisfaction, she had written to the abbess to desire I might see everything that could be seen there.

The Bishop's order was to admit me, Monsieur de Grave, et les dames de ma compagnie: I begged the abbess to give me back the order, that I might deposit it in the archives of Strawberry, and she complied instantly.

The abbess has no distinction but a larger and richer gold cross: her apartment consists of two very small rooms.

I begged the abbess's blessing; she smiled, and said, she doubted I should not place much faith in it.

She sent a courier to the Pope, and another to Louis le Debonaire; but the wise abbess took yet further precautions: she at once organized a council at Nivelle of all the abbesses of the French Empire, requiring silence from them, and assuring them of security in the town.

Fifteen titled abbesses, all of aristocratic lineage, arrived with imposing suites.

The document, written, signed, and sealed by all the abbesses present, was immediately sent to Rome, and to Valcand himself.

We hasten from the hideous scene into the splendid cloister church,the blue church, as it is called, from the blue stones of which the walls are builtand here, where the large stones of the floor cover great men, abbesses and queens, only one monument is noticeable, that of a knightly figure carved in stone, which stands aloft before the altar.

313 examples of  abbesses  in sentences