23 examples of abductors in sentences

Abductor (Lat. abduco, to draw from).

On looking round the place it was clear enough how the abductors had gotten in.

" "Did you have any success with the telephone?" "No; nobody has seen a band of people answering to the descriptions you gave of The Wren's abductors.

Its outlines could now be seen, and in one window a ruddy glow from the lamp the two abductors of Roy had kindled.

The attempt was discovered and frustrated; the abductor was tried and convicted for slave-stealing, and sentenced to a term of imprisonment in the penitentiary.

He heard no sound of animal or man: He kept his eyes flitting hither and thither, for he had hopes of chancing upon the camp-fire of the abductor.

On the succeeding day the abductor reached the river and embarked in his canoe.

His own fears told him who Joanne's abductors were.

She had almost forgotten, for the moment, that this man was her abductor and her father's enemy.

And the thought of the forthcoming battle between her abductor and her rescuers filled every waking moment with dread.

They were still partners in their effort to rescue the girl and slay her abductor; otherwise they were at swords' points.

Selim argued that the abductors would not take their prisoners to the town of Aratat.

Each was heavily armed and prepared for a stiff battle with the abductors.

This was the road, in all likelihood, he explained, that the abductors would have used in their flight from the cavern.

She thought that Sir GeorgeSir George, her cousinwas the abductor; that she was being carried off, not for her own sake, but as an obstacle to be removed from his path.

The abductors traveled with the slaves at night and concealed them during the day.

The kernel of truth in the above tale reduces itself to this, that the young man whose sister was stolen intended to take revenge by killing the abductor, but that on seeing his sister he concluded to marry her.

Toward the close of the examination, however, it began to dawn on the abductor that possibly he had made an error.

The age of the captive was such that his liberty would prove fatal to his abductors.

He remembered, now, that thrilling day in the forest near Wabinosh House when he had stopped to look at Minnetaki's footprints in the soft earth through which she had been driven by her Woonga abductors, and he remembered, too, that she was the only person at the Post who wore heels on her moccasins.

"Someone," he murmured within himself, "the heiress and the abductor mayhap.

" In January following, when the feeling was growing against the abductors of Morgan, the three men in Canandaigua most prominently connected with all that transpired at the jail on the night in question made statements in court under oath, which admitted the facts to be substantially as above outlined, except they insisted that they did not know why Morgan struggled before getting into the carriage.

After which they all proceeded to a comprehensive scouring of the many tortuous sidestreets of the quartier; but, needless to say, there was no sign of Carissimo or of his abductors.

23 examples of  abductors  in sentences