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3731 examples of  ability  in sentences

3731 examples of ability in sentences

" By this time I had conceived a high opinion of my tutor's ability.

I have followed these early Masters (or whichever one it was) to the best of my ability.

It may be, that there are not materials in Ireland, for a kindred spirit to that of Burns to work upon; but the fact is but too true, that the poor Irishman has no song of even decent ability, to cheer his hours of merriment, or soothe the period of his sadness.

Among these was a man of marked ability and of rare skill in the use of language.

The writing of this narrative, in fact, has been a test of my ability to overlook and describe my experience without being touched by its past delusions.

In ranks thus officered, it was easy to foresee the speedy and sure triumph of competent ability, when once backed by patronage.

In such a district virtually everyone was growing cotton to the top of his ability.

"That was good work you did," he purred, "and I'll keep you on as long as you show ability.

He was, in a way, accustomed to these endless, senseless rows, but their increasing frequency was becoming more and more trying, and he was beginning to doubt his ability to stand them much longer.

He had great ability, moreover, and yet never, even at rehearsals, had he been able to invest this particular scene with conviction.

"I have the greatest respect for your ability as an actor, but" The star tossed his massive head in a peculiarly aggravating manner.

He came into the Middle West as a poor boy, and by force of indomitable pluck, ability, and doggedness he became a captain of industry.

And it is inevitable that the novel, just in the measure of its sincerity and ability, should reflect and co-operate in the atmosphere and uncertainties and changing variety of this seething and creative time.

"At that time, however, it was a sweep of tawny sand-dunes, for the Spaniards had neither the ability nor the money to beautify the place.

The rate was pronounced exorbitant, unfair, outrageous, and beyond the ability of many to pay.

M. le Maire having requested me, on his entrance into Semur, to lose no time in drawing up an account of my residence in the town, to be placed with his own narrative, I have promised to do so to the best of my ability, feeling that my condition is a very precarious one, and my time for explanation may be short.

Dr. Fleming has prosecuted this inquiry with his usual zeal and ability, and in a memoir on the subject has enumerated the best authenticated examples of the decrease or extirpation of certain species during a period when our population has made the most rapid advances.

No one but a pupil could ever have fairly estimated his force of character, and no pupil whose intercourse with him was not carried into the post-graduate years could measure the ability with which he advised, especially in political matters, with his old pupils.

I became a profuse letter-writer from inclination, and, though all the letters of that part of my life and for years after were recalled and burnt scrupulously, I am convinced that what literary ability I possess is in a great degree owing to the impulse I received in that romantic attachment.

In fact, if we consider the differences between the system of education in painting and that in music or any other art or occupation in which the highest executive ability is required, we shall see that we give insufficient opportunity for the painter's hand to acquire the subtle skill we find in the successful violinist or pianist, and which is due to the early and incessant practice in the manual operations of his art.

The overweening self-confidence that always carried me into dangers and difficulties which a little wisdom would have taught me to avoid, made me too ready to enter into a scheme which required far more ability and knowledge of business than I possessed.

I see now that to live for God, whether one is allowed ability to be actively useful or not, is a great thing, and that it is a wonderful mercy to be allowed to live and suffer even, if thereby one can glorify Him.

The hundred returns were first classified according to the order of the faculty, as judged to the best of my ability from the whole of what was said in them, and of what I knew from other sources of the writers; and the number prefixed to each quotation shows its place in the class-list.

The peculiar ability they show in prearranging ceremonials fรชtes of all kinds, and their undoubted genius for tactics and strategy, show that they are able to foresee effects with unusual clearness.

I have sketched this to the best of my ability.

The third group contained the more abstract words, such as "afternoon," "ability," "abnormal," which were variously and imperfectly dealt with by my mind.

He could advantageously add to his knowledge the ability to work out a longitude observation or an ex-meridian altitude.

He had worked the subject up from our Polar library with critical and humorous ability, and since his recent journey he must be considered as entitled to an authoritative opinion of his own.

Poor Cherry perspired over the editorial, and it bears the signs of labourthe letterpress otherwise is in the lighter strain: Taylor again the most important contributor, but now at rather too great a length; Nelson has supplied a very humorous trifle; the illustrations are quite delightful, the highwater mark of Wilson's ability.

Anxiety coursed through him as he suddenly realized that there was so little time left and that the ability to turn the asteroid aside depended on him.

"In a time like this, Mr. Bullion, it is the duty of every man to assist his neighbor to the extent of his ability.

Nothing was to be preached to the sinner, but his ability and obligation to rise immediately to this height.

These few brief illustrations, out of thousands that might be adduced in proof of the faultiness of the common manuals, the author has reluctantly introduced, to show that even in the most popular books, with all the pretended improvements of revisers, the grammar of our language has never been treated with that care and ability which its importance demands.

Such as the book is, I present it to the public, without pride, without self-seeking, and without anxiety: knowing that most of my readers will be interested in estimating it justly; that no true service, freely rendered to learning, can fail of its end; and that no achievement merits aught with Him who graciously supplies all ability.

Distinctness of articulation depends, primarily, upon the ability to form the simple elements, or sounds of letters, by the organs of speech, in the manner which the custom of the language demands; and, in the next place, upon the avoidance of that precipitancy of utterance, which is greater than the full and accurate play of the organs will allow.

I say nothing of the notorious profligacy of his character; nothing of the reckless extravagance with which he has wasted an ample fortune; nothing of the disgusting intemperance which has sometimes caused him to reel in our streets;but I aver that he has not been faithful to our interests,has not exhibited either probity or ability in the important office which he holds.

The musicians were some of Mr. Jefferson's slaves who had shown marked ability and whom he himself had instructed in the art.

He wished only to show his power and ability in its organization, and to display before the eyes of the Emperor the greatness of that assistance which he still retained in his hands.

During the whole course of the war, two such generals, so equally matched in renown and ability, had not before been pitted against each other.

I know the value of the bon-mot, the sarcasm, and the epigram; but I have no ability that way."

And it seemed true; he had no ability that way.

The steadfastness with which he endures shame and bitter wrongs is the evidence of his ability as a disciple and an essential part in his preparation for his exalted mission.

The true piety which is revealed in his prayer, the courage shown by his daring to appear with sad face in the presence of the absolute tyrant who ruled the Eastern world, and his tact in winning the king's consent to his departure indicate that he was a man of rare energy and ability.

And I said to them, 'We ourselves have, according to our ability, redeemed our fellow-countrymen the Jews, who have been sold to the heathen; and would you yourselves sell your fellow-countrymen, and should they sell themselves to us?'

" The Indian troubles in the Southwest were made particularly serious by the ability of the head-chief of the Creek nation, Alexander McGillivray, the authentic facts of whose career might seem too wildly improbable even for the uses of melodrama.

Although as an electioneering tactician Jefferson had superior ability, neither he nor any of his associates was a match for Hamilton in debate.

Whenever, if ever, he and we can come together on principle so that our great cause may have assistance from his great ability, I hope to have interposed no adventitious obstacle.

As to the pecuniary matter, I am willing to pay according to my ability, but I am the poorest hand living to get others to pay.

He pointed out that of the nine forts enumerated by him, six, namely, Forts Moultrie and Sumter in Charleston harbor, Forts Pickens and McRae in Pensacola harbor, and Forts Jackson and St. Philip guarding the Mississippi below New Orleans, were "twin forts" on opposite sides of a channel, whose strength was more than doubled by their very position and their ability to employ cross and flanking fire in mutual support and defense.

If attacked, you are, of course, expected to defend the trust committed to you to the best of your ability.

Of fair ability, and great industry in his earlier life, the irresolution and passiveness of advancing age and physical infirmity were now upon him.

If, amid all his fears, Mr. Buchanan retained any sensibility, he must have been profoundly shocked at the cool dissimulation with which Mr. Cobb, everywhere recognized as a Cabinet officer of great ability, had assisted in committing the Administration to these fatal doctrines and measures, and then abandoned it in the moment of danger.

He showed, however, exceptional ability, great will power, and an enormous capacity for work.

In the navy, Maury, Semmes, Buchanan, and other men of ability resigned their commissions and devoted themselves to the (by no means easy) task of building up a navy for the South; but Farragut of Tennessee remained with the navy to carry the flag of his country to New Orleans and to Mobile.

Placed in command of the army of the Potomac shortly after the Bull Run campaign, he had shown exceptional ability in bringing the troops into a state of organisation.

[Footnote 30:The Southampton insurrection, August, 1831, was induced by the remarkable ability of a slave calling himself General Nat Turner.

" We are, nevertheless, proud to aver that the sentiments of these chapters are highly honourable to the heart of the writer as they are creditable to his good taste and ability.

For ability, for fidelity, for usefulness, he had few equals.

But there was a mental grasp, a force and a fire which often induced the remark that he was too good to be sent to the heathen, there being many at that time who labored under the mistake that a missionary did not require to be a man of unusual ability, that gifts and acquirements were thrown away on a life spent among idolaters.

JOHN M. FERRIS, D.D., [Editor of the "Christian Intelligencer" and ex-Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions of the American Reformed Church.] Circumstances which tested character, ability, and attainments brought me into intimate relations with Rev. Dr. John V. N. Talmage.

Mental and moral ability of a very high order marked his participation in public exercises and his demeanor in social life.

But Jemima, at least to her own satisfaction, had demonstrated her ability, as well as her unswerving determination, so she ate dried salmon and corn meal porridge with zest, and slept soundly, content to leave the rest to Allan's sense of justice.

And with that certainty he ceased to worry over the short-sightedness of a world which, till now, had appeared to him unable to grasp the idea that while beauty is only fur deep, ability goes to the bone.

I confess frankly I didn't think he was capable of the ability he showed that day and," with a smiling glance toward the Woman, "there were those of less faith than mine who were completely won over.

" Since the driver may use his own discretion as to the length and frequency of the stops to be made, he must have the ability to realize exactly how much rest he may take himself and give his dogs without the unnecessary loss of a moment.

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Selling your ability.

Selling your ability.

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Of course it would be more satisfactory if Mr. Hooper could be assured at once of your real ability, but it will have to grow on him.

Since the last session of parliament, I have repeatedly reconsidered the subject: I am more and more firmly convinced of the strength of the foundation upon which I stand; and even if I had doubted my own conclusions, I cannot forget the ability with which I was supported within these walls; nor can be insensible to the humane and enlightened philosophy by which, in contemplative life, this advancement of kindness has been recommended.

Robert knew his intense hatred of the French and their red allies, and he also knew his fierce courage and great ability in battle.

" Sharp Sword was the Iroquois name for St. Luc, who had already proved his great ability and daring as a forest leader.

They were prime favorites, and their popularity, together with their natural ability and cool-headedness at critical moments, made them leaders in all sports.

Since, as "C.B." and other writers would have us know, the German soldier was cowed by physical suffering in peace-time it is small matter for wonder that he became a brute in war, or that the citizen, to whom everything used to be verboten, has, since the bureaucracy which regulated his smallest actions went to pieces, shown very little ability to regulate them for himself.

Gregory is a man of real ability, conscientious, clear-headed, accurate.

He would look at the crowd as the auctioner would give a general description of the ability and physical standing of the man.

Manhood is always worth fighting for, to resist and put down whatever evil tendency impairs the full ability to be a man, with a healthy soul conscious of rights and duties, owning its gifts, and valuing above everything else the liberty to place its happiness in being noble and good.

Equally important are their spokesmen, advisers and apologists: lawyers, preachers, teachers, writers, speakers, publicists, carefully chosen for their ability to apologize, passify, justify and reassure.

All kinds of units or rules of assessment were resorted to from parish to parish, and (apparently) sometimes no fixed unit at all was taken, men's ability to pay being roughly gauged, or a man being permitted to rate himself, or give his "benevolence.

in the pound, or, likely as not, it may merely mean a crude sizing up of the ability of each to contribute.

By a separate commission, the admiral was appointed captain-general of the present expedition, during the voyage, and while it should remain in the Indies; and Anthony de Torres, brother to prince Johns nurse, a man of ability and prudence, was to have charge of the fleet on its return.

Finding abundance of stone and lime, and every thing he could wish, and the land around being exceedingly fertile, he applied himself diligently to build a church, magazines, and a house for himself, all of stone, the others being of timber covered with thatch, every person being allowed to build according to his own fancy and ability; but the plan was regularly marked out in streets and squares.

Frozen cranberries and pine shavings were the most extraordinary refreshments that I had ever seeneven in Siberia; but I prided myself upon my ability to eat almost anything, and if the natives could stand cranberries and shavings I knew I could.