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48 examples of  abjectly  in sentences

48 examples of abjectly in sentences

As soon as he grew really tiresome his father became abjectly apologetic.

Nowadays, literature, having found the public to be its most profitable patron, works hard and even abjectly for its favor.

Then, before the astounded elderly man could recover from his amazement, or regain the gold spectacles which had been knocked from his nose, the umbrella, after an instant of keen examination, was restored to him with a humble, almost abjectly apologetic, air, and Mr. BUMSTEAD hurried back, evidently crushed, into the refreshment saloon.

That to crave is to ask humbly and abjectly, as though unworthy of receiving.

I was abjectly frightened, and knelt there a long time, praying and shuddering, before I could rise again to my feet and move about as I had to, since God had not stricken me and I must live my life and do what my sister had bidden me.

He dropped on his knees when he saw Paulsuddenly, abjectly, like an animal, in his dumb attitude of deprecation.

Yet never has the present writer felt more abjectly crushed with a sense of incompetence than when posed by the difficulties of a "hagnostic" greengrocer, or of a dressmaker fresh from the perusal of "Erbert" Spencer.

But when she saw that I could talk and smile as usual, she was unsparing in her attempts to coax from me a pledge that I would never again peril life or limb to gratify my curiosity regarding the very few pursuits in which, for the highest remuneration, Martialists can be induced to incur the probability of injury and the chance of that death they so abjectly dread.

She came down early, all radiant smiles; she kissed her mother on both cheeks and the lips, rumpled her father's hair affectionately, went for a stroll with Mr. Gratton before breakfast, craved Georgia's pardon abjectly, and made the world an abiding-place of joy for the college boys.

A more abjectly miserable specimen of humanity Gloria had never looked upon.

Miss Caroline had surrendered abjectly to it, in the beliefunrecking the mirrorthat she could not be detected.

yes," stuttered Mr. Hepplewhite abjectly.

His Holiness would have us on our knees, weeping like naughty infants, and abjectly craving his pardon for daring to make our own laws and uphold our prince!" "Giustinian, there is more to it than that.

He was a strange mixture of pomposity, servility, and self-importance, a creature most abjectly, yet most amusingly, devoid of anything like tact, taste, or humour.

Abjectly he grovelled: He regard the ineffable Madame Guilbert as a light woman!

Caesar crept to him and grovelled abjectly in the mud.

But however effective this method may be for a while, especially if it is applied on a large scale, the day of reckoning comes at last, and the fleeting credit given to bad work is paid off by the lasting discredit which overtakes those who abjectly praised it.

At length the revolted, who were chiefly soldiers, threw themselves upon their knees, and abjectly implored mercy.

It is not fitting that I crave absolution so abjectly.

Then, in an instant, she had the grace to be abjectly ashamed of herself.

He begged abjectly to be set free.

He capitulated abjectly on being shown the cable, which was procured in the manner kindly indicated by the President.

" "I do confess it," replied Pillichody, abjectly.

"They told me to put in lots of flying talk," he murmured abjectly, "and tons of local colour to make it lifelike.

The sun had set, and the twilight shadows were stealing down upon them, when, creeping abjectly upon her knees towards the wretched girl, she said, "There is more, Maggie, moreI have not told you all.

It can be said for Ben that he aroused no little conjecture and interest in the minds of the townspeople, striding through the street with the savage woods creature following abjectly at his heels.

She received him sternly, but he was so abjectly penitent that she soon forgave him, and he returned to Roy with a relieved mind.

Yetand this it was that was making Winona old before her timealways in her secret heart of hearts she did long abjectly to wear silk stockingsall manner of sinful silken trifles.

Suppose it's mere" She had broken off to thump his shoulder in reassurance, to cling more abjectly.

" The student, perceiving from Bill's descent to the vernacular of common men that his ire was roused, abjectly and unqualifiedly apologized.

Scarcely had the first instalment gone, when Caddles was back again at the great house in a state abjectly apologetic.

" "Miss Sandys was not in the room," said Grizel, abjectly, "but I was, and I" Tommy's face was begging her to stop.

He is often worsted by demons and abjectly put to flight.

With a sad and lingering backward look Pringle slouched abjectly through the wide-arched doorway to the bar.

[ROGERS'S cosmos is fast slipping away: he crawls abjectly to the door: his hand on the knob, he turns once more a face of bewildered inquiry upon the VICAR, who snaps his fingers impatiently.]

In those days I sacrificed to you my repose, the sleep of my nights; for, when the town was threatened with danger and alarm, there was no Council, no authority in existence, for you were base cowards, and abjectly begged for my good offices.

Let him behave himself insolently towards the Men, and abjectly towards the Fair One, and it is ten to one but he proves a Favourite of the Boxes.

Men by thousands, once counted friends of freedom, bowed abjectly to this infamous decision.

And now, last of all, when some million or two of long-forgotten and neglected "Mountain Whites" are brought to its attention, it sees in these abjectly poor, dispirited and superstitious people, only another opportunity for elevating humanity, and proving the power of Christianity to restore the lost manhood of every race.

Lorry was so abjectly sorry about something or other.

Father, I am ashamed to say, was abjectly grateful to get rid of his incumbrances, and hehe hit the trail immediately."

He took the cup of hot water most abjectly and fled from the house.

He was not afraid of Phips and the fleet, of battle or night attack, but the terror which walked in the darkness of sorcerers' times abjectly bowed his old legs.

So we are plied with stock-phrases, such as "the Reign of Terror" and "the Horrors of San Domingo," and History is abjectly conjured not to repeat herself, as she certainly will do, if she goes on in the old way.

He was thoroughly independent in spirit and rebelled against authority; they are abjectly submissive to it.

Thus Germany did right in attacking the little country she had solemnly sworn to defend, and history will later prove that the real barbarians of the war are the Americans, since they are so abjectly ignorant as to call the Germans barbarians for acting as they did.

They own no slaves, for they are almost without exception abjectly poor; they will not work, for that, as they conceive, would reduce them to an equality with the abhorred negroes; they squat, and steal, and starve, on the outskirts of this lowest of all civilised societies, and their countenances bear witness to the squalor of their condition and the utter degradation of their natures.

Before I had breathed the air of that fatal boudoir for one quarter of an hour, I was as abjectly her slave as the poodle with the rose-colored collar which lay curled upon a velvet cushion at her feet.