779 examples of abominable in sentences

Why her rags were abominable, and her feet were bare!"

" "My dear Beaumaroy, the land about here is abominable," Naylor expostulated.

"What an abominable woman!"

Those infinite mischiefs attend it: if she be another man's wife he loves, 'tis abominable in the sight of God and men; adultery is expressly forbidden in God's commandment, a mortal sin, able to endanger his soul: if he be such a one that fears God, or have any religion, he will eschew it, and abhor the loathsomeness of his own fact.

If she be fair, as the saying is, she is commonly a fool: if proud, scornful, sequiturque superbia formam, or dishonest, rara est concordia formae, atque pudicitiae, "can she be fair and honest too?" Aristo, the son of Agasicles, married a Spartan lass, the fairest lady in all Greece next to Helen, but for her conditions the most abominable and beastly creature of the world.

8. boldly denounceth, impium est, adulterum est, sacrilegum est, quodcunque humano furore statuitur, ut dispositio divina violetur, it is abominable, impious, adulterous, and sacrilegious, what men make and ordain after their own furies to cross God's laws.

And yet ducentas ire nuptum post mortes amant: howsoever it is, as [6260]Apuleius gives out of his Meroe, congressus annosus, pestilens, abhorrendus, a pestilent match, abominable, and not to be endured.

This comes of the abominable selfishness preached as religion.

What an abominable thing is this, which the poor governor has discovered!

My poor conscience, are you still struggling in the fallacy of free will? For at least a hundred thousand years man has rendered this planet abominable and ridiculous with what he is pleased to call his intelligence, without, however, having learned that his life is merely the breaking of the peace of unconsciousness, the drowsy uplifting of tired eyelids of somnolent nature.

"No names must be mentioned," he continued, tripping along"mind, no names; but I authorize you, on my authority, if you hear this abominable nonsense repeatedI authorize you to say that you have it from methat Enrica Guinigi is to be married, and not to Nobili.

That they cruelly used them, shutting them up in close prisons when they found fault with their wicked dealings; not suffering them to come and go as they ought to do; with other abominable misdemeanours, which, without reformation, might be the poor prisoners' utter undoing.

"M. le Comte has flatly refused this time to pay these abominable thieves for the recovery of Carissimo.

They have given me three days' grace, as you see in their abominable letter.

Six o'clock was the hour fixed by these abominable thieves for the final doom of Carissimo.

Fortified by this resolution, I turned my weary footsteps in the direction of the gendarmerie where I intended to lodge my denunciation of those abominable thieves and blackmailers.

The theft of Carissimothe disappearance of Theodoremy meeting him a while ago, with the dog under his armhis second disappearance, this time within the doorway of this "respectable abode," and finally the blow which alone had prevented me from running the abominable thief to earth.

I could see that they were still under the belief that my excitement was due to over-indulgence in alcoholic liquor, whilst Madame the proprietress called me an abominable liar for daring to suggest that she harboured thieves within her doors.

I turned to the gendarme, who at once confronted the abominable malefactor with the obvious proofs of a horrible crime.

I was going through the antechamber with a view to going out into the street for a little fresh air when something in the aspect of the chair-bedstead on which that abominable brute Theodore had apparently spent the night attracted my attention.

The abominable mountebank!

" I suppose that I looked just as I feltsomewhat dubious owing to the lateness of the hour and the darkness of the night, not to speak of the abominable weather, for he continued with marked impatience: "It is imperative that you should come at once.

In very truth my fertile brain was seething with plans for eventually laying that abominable ruffian by the heels: hanging would be a merciful punishment for such a miscreant.

Here was indeed the finger of Providence pointing to the best means of undoing this abominable criminal.

We found to-day that though my son was out of the way, he had set his abominable servants to watch over us.

779 examples of  abominable  in sentences