779 examples of abominable in sentences

We were, of course, anxious to obtain at St. Lucia specimens of that abominable reptile, the Fer-de-lance, or rat-tailed snake, {38} which is the pest of this island, as well as of the neighbouring island of Martinique, and, in Pere Labat's time, of lesser Martinique in the Grenadines, from which, according to Davy, it seems to have disappeared.

Also, many other hainous and abominable villanies doeth that brutish beastly people commit: and I sawe many moe strange things among them which I meane not here to insert.

Many other vile and abominable things doth the said nation commit, which I meane not to write, because men neither can nor will beleeue, except they should haue the sight of them.

And yet you love me, too; you act in this way because you love me, and it is abominable.

And what abominable cowardice, to kill the thoughts!

How if I were to entreat you to make me the sacrifice of all those abominable papers which are there in the press!

"They are setting you against me," he resumed; "they are making you commit abominable acts, and I wish to restore your conscience to you.

It is clear that the whole code of knightly honor was utterly unknown to the ancients; for the simple reason that they always took a natural and unprejudiced view of human affairs, and did not allow themselves to be influenced by any such vicious and abominable folly.

Their idea is that they are acting in the interests of humanity; but, in point of fact, they are doing just the opposite; for the abolition of flogging will serve only to strengthen this inhuman and abominable superstition, to which so many sacrifices have already been made.

But I had begun two letters at differ- ent times since my last, and written a great deal >>> each time; and with spirit enough, I assure you; incensed as I was against the abominable wretch you are with; particularly on reading your's of the 21st of the past month.

But now, my dear, do I apprehend, that you are in greater danger than ever yet you have been in; if you are not married in a week; and yet stay in this abominable house.

They continually offered me wine in large goblets, to fill me drunk, according to their abominable customs, as they are as foolish and beastly as the Mingrelians.

But our anxiety to get out of this abominable country, prevented us from paying our devotions at that famous church.

On the 20th of July we left the abominable city of Goride, where we had suffered so many vexations, and continued, our journey through forests and over mountains, occasionally falling in with villages where we purchased provisions.

These people are abominable robbers, and look upon rapine as their highest glory; and as we had great reason to be afraid of them, I gave orders to all my people to tell whoever we met, that I was journeying to wait upon their sovereign, which was the only expedient for saving us from their violence.

The main theorem may be stated in some such terms as these: "The French marriage system is immoral and abominable; yet the married woman is, on the whole, less pitiable than her unmarried sisters."

The whole illogical, abominable course of events warned him to bring his vigil to an end before it should be too late; urged him to escape from the restless revolt of the dead who had dwelt in this room.

The odour of the abominable physic was upon the air.

It is abominable!' 'To-day is not a fair sample,' answered her ladyship, trying to be cheerful; 'we have had some pleasant autumn days.

Even the smoky manufacturing towns through which they passed without stopping, were less abominable than the level monotony of the Midland counties.

Mr. Galloway said, "I wish to see this abominable trade put an end to.

Mr. Galloway said, "I wish to see this abominable trade put an end to.

Advertisements equally gross, indecent, and abominable, or nearly so, can be found in almost every number of that paper.

I wish to see this abominable trade put an end to.

But in case it be thought proper to continue this abominable traffic for twenty years, yet I do not wish to see the tax on the importation extended to all persons whatsoever.

779 examples of  abominable  in sentences