440 examples of abominations in sentences

Significant truly, that in his old age Solomon the wise should love strange women, and deserting for their sakes the God of his fathers, end as an idolater and a dotard, worshipping the abominations of the heathen, his once world-famous wisdom sunk into utter folly.

Inside the gate lay various rubbisha woman's boot, a broken coal scuttle, the foot of a tin candlestick, fragments of paper, sticks, bones, strawunmentionable abominations; and over the dismal scene a reeking, smoke-laden fog spread darkness and moisture.

I suppose that France and England, by their mutual jealousies, will be the means of perpetuating the abominations of the system under which that magnificent country is ruled.

They are abominations if not so treated.)

Thus closed the third act in the mighty drama which France played for one hundred years: the first act revealing the passions of the Revolution; the second, the abominations of military despotism; the third, the reaction toward the absolutism of the old régime and its final downfall.

The attendant priest, so far from forbidding him, seems highly honoured, especially if the visitor give him a shilling; and points out, in the darknessfor there is no light save through the low doorsthree or four squatting abominations, usually gilded.

The famous Al-Ozza and Manat, whose power Mahomet for a brief space had formerly acknowledged, were swept into forgetfulness at Nakhla, every image was destroyed that pictured the abominations, and the temples were cleansed of pollution.

xl.-xlviii.; and was led away to Jerusalem, and saw there abominations: and also into Chaldea into captivity, chap.

Cities then, as now, were pest-houses of vicethey reeked with abominations little practiced in the country.

The reason assigned in the 18th verse for exterminating them, strengthens the idea,"that they teach you not to do after all the abominations which they have done unto their gods."

Were they drugged with instruction which they nauseated? Goaded through a round of ceremonies, to them senseless and disgusting mummeries; and drilled into the tactics of a creed rank with loathed abominations?

Is it not a matter of deep regret, that they, whom other governments send to our own, and to whom, on account of their superior intellect and influence, it is our desire, as it is our duty, to commend our free institutions, should be obliged to learn their lessons of practical republicanism amidst the monuments and abominations of slavery?

And nothing but the abominations of slavery could have induced him willingly to forsake a land endeared to him by all the associations of childhood and youth.

As if to cover them with confusion, and leave them utterly without excuse for thus libelling the character of a just God, these developments are making, and the veil rising, which for long years of sinful apathy has rested upon the abominations of American Slavery.

He exposed the corruptions and abominations of the apprenticeship without reserve.

They who imagine, however, that France, as a whole, was guilty of the gross excesses that disfigured her struggles for liberty know little of the great mass of moral feeling that endured through all the abominations of the times, and mistake the crimes of a few desperate leaders and the exaggerations of misguided impulses for a radical and universal depravity.

Of all the lists of crimes, all the records of abominations, of moral depravity, of marvellous inhumanity, of utter insensibility to the commonest instincts of nature, the civilized world has never read anything equal to it.

In 1828, in the "tariff of abominations" which evoked much bitter criticism, the rates on all these goods were again raised, those on woolen goods being in some cases 100 per cent on the value, and those on iron being from 40 to 100 per cent on the value, and duties were levied on molasses, hemp, and flax.

These reductions in the statistical results are no greater than occurred within like periods while the Dingley act continued in operation without change.[10] No other tariff since "the act of abominations" in 1828 has called forth such widespread criticism as this one, and the tariff became a leading issue in the campaign of 1912.

For Paul exhorts all true Christians, in his words to Timothy above referred to, to turn away from those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof; and those who desire to live pure and holy lives, who mourn over the desolations of their Zion, and sigh for the abominations done in the land, will certainly heed this injunction of the apostle.

"You won't find any such abominations as piers here, or German bands either.

The Tariff of Abominations, 1828.In 1828 another presidential election was to be held.

In 1828 Congress had passed a tariff that was so bad that it was called the Tariff of Abominations (p. 231).

You fear it may beget in young minds a taste for the theatre, now hopelessly given over in great part to abominations.

Why not a taste that will lift them above the abominations?

440 examples of  abominations  in sentences