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2250 example sentences with  abound

2250 example sentences with abound

He seemed a pleasant fellow, and told me that he was a wool merchant, and that he had been having a pleasant vacation trout fishing in the Vuoski above the falls of the Imatra, where the pools between the rapids abound with fish.

In the great public affairs of the time she could not but feel interest, and her letters abound in references to the most striking events as they occur.

put forth and abound, till 50 Proserpina's field, To the foison thy lap overflowing its laurel of Sicily yield.

In Normandy and Brittany these ducks, as well as other sorts, greatly abound; and the "duck-liver pรขtรฉs" are there almost as popular as the pรขtรฉ de foie gras of Strasburg.

He is one of the few birds found in the forest; for it is a mistake to suppose that birds abound in the forest, or avoid the neighborhood of man.

Magnolias and palm trees wave their heads proudly, while bananas, oranges, and bread fruit abound in rank profusion.

It is remarkable that almost the whole of the Latin writings of this period abound in good taste, while those written in the vulgar tongue are chiefly coarse and trivial.

It is in the familiar history of the right of search that precedents must he sought, and they abound there.

They have not been found as yet in Trinidad, though they abound in Guiana.

His discourses abound with Evangelical truth, set off usually in fine delineations of Scriptural scenes and characters.

His sermons abound in illustrations, strung on a strong cord of Evangelical truth.

It will be news, indeed, to many of our readers that in these wild (only partially explored) mountains there are forests where bears, wild cats and snakes abound in large numbers.

Hotels abound on every side, and benevolent institutions and parks are common.

The most interesting ornament seen on any member of the tribe was a necklace of human hair, adorned with the rattles of rattlesnakes, which abound in the territory infested with these remnants of all that is most objectionable among the aboriginal red men of this continent.

These leather pantalettes are a necessity in a country where poisonous snakes and insects abound in gardens and fields.

The latter embrace the various expeditions in which the Assyrian monarchs were engaged, and bring us into contact with the names and locality of rivers, cities, and mountain-ranges, with contemporary princes in Judea and elsewhere, and abound in details as to domestic habits, civil usages, and the implements and modes of warfare.

His sweet orange trees budded upon wild stalks cut off (which every where abound), about six months before had large tops, and the buds were swelling as if preparing to flower.

Partridge, snipe, and woodcock abound, and there are plenty of deer and wild boar within easy distance of the capital.

Nor is it sufficient for an Epic Poem to be filled with such Thoughts as are Natural, unless it abound also with such as are Sublime.

Riches and Plenty are the natural Fruits of Liberty, and where these abound, Learning and all the Liberal Arts will immediately lift up their Heads and flourish.

Homer, says he, excelled in this Particular, whose Comparisons abound with such Images of Nature as are proper to relieve and diversifie his Subjects.

One woman is placed between two men, unexpected friendships are developed, the lute and the zither are played in the moonlight, love and longing abound, nature is made a confidant, der Zaubern der Kunst is overdone, familiar storiesLeda and the Swan, Actaeon and Danaeare interwoven, there are manifest reminiscences of Emilia Galotti and Ofterdingen, and the prose is uncommonly fluent.

Palatable to the taste, resembling chicken in fibre and flavour, but perfectly free from the tissue poisons that abound in animal flesh.

Acute observations and ingenious remarks everywhere abound.

His poems abound in references to the contrast between Uranian and Pandemic, celestial and vulgar, Eros.

With these phantoms of stupendous works to be, the Museums of Europe abound.

For the rest, the easel-pictures, which abound, can hardly now be distributed, by any sane method of criticism, between Bugiardini, Jacopo del Conte, and Venusti.

A student of Cellini's Memoirs, of Florentine history, and of the dark stories in which the private annals of the age abound, will be forced to admit that imaginative men of acute nervous susceptibility, who loved a quiet life and wished to keep their mental forces unimpaired for art and thought, were justified in feeling an habitual sense of uneasiness in Italy of the Renaissance period.

They are now to be disclosed, because it is of importance that they should be: those arcana abound more in our heaven than in the rest, because we are in the marriage of love and wisdom; but I prophesy that none will appropriate to themselves that love, but those who are received by the Lord into the New Church, which is the New Jerusalem.

But to the peculiar optics which abound in these United States it may be necessary to show the entire picture.

The pleasure-ground is laid out with great taste in orange groves; the gardens abound in fruit-trees, and the Consul has made a curious botanical collection.

The lakes abound with all kinds of water-fowls, and fine eels; and are surrounded by villages, sanctuaries, and holy houses; the latter occupied by the descendants of the ancient Maraboots, who are held in the highest veneration by the Moors, and whose habitations are considered as sacred asylums, which are never violated, either by the civil or military power.

[Footnote ii: Similar evidence must abound; and perhaps there is more even within the reach of the writer of this article.

The noblest palaces, where gilding, damask, and fine carpeting abound, would be essentially wanting in luxury without flowers.

Without pay the men, of course, were cut off from even the sour and watery delights of the beer sold in the local estaminets, which abound in the villages where the troops are billeted in reserve some miles behind the firing line.

The Jews in France are perhaps from thirty to forty thousand; they abound chiefly at Metz, along the Rhine, and at Marseilles and Bordeaux.

They abound exceedingly in all sunny spots; nor in the shady lane do they not haunt every bush, and lie perdu under every leaf, thence sallying forth on the luckless wight who presumes to molest their "solitary reign;" they hang with deliberate importunity over the path of the sauntering pedestrian, and fly with the flying horseman, like the black cares (that is to say, blue devils) described by the Roman lyrist.

Such has been our feeling from the first; and in pursuing this principle, we have been greatly encouraged by the several contributors, whose signatures abound in every Number of THE MIRROR.

The superior himself kindly conducted me to see one of the celebrated caves which everywhere abound in the district of Mount Carmel.

I have to acknowledge my obligations to Mr. Forsyth's well-known 'Life of Cicero', especially as a guide to the biographical materials which abound in his Orations and Letters.

Who preach of Justiceplead with tears That Love and Mercy should abound While marking with complacent ears

Alabaster abound celebrity conglomerate commensurate constituency effective arrival successor.

Let Him take alland if He leaves us Himself we still have all and abound."

SIR WALTER There is much likelihood, Such bandits did in England erst abound, When polity was young.

The pretty promises with which these "Familiar Lectures" abound, are also worthy to be noticed here, as being among the peculiar attractions of the performance.

Nor are those mere translations or explanations of words, with which our dictionaries and vocabularies abound, to be dispensed with in teaching: they prepare the student to read various authors with facility, and furnish him with a better choice of terms, when he attempts to write.

For example, our grammars abound with sentences like the following, and call them good English: (1.)

31.While discrepances like the foregoing abound in our best dictionaries, none of our grammars supply any hints tending to show which of these various forms we ought to prefer.

NOTE VI.When equality is denied, or inequality affirmed, neither term of the comparison should ever include the other; because every thing must needs be equal to itself, and it is absurd to suggest that a part surpasses the whole: as, "No writings whatever abound so much with the bold and animated figures, as the sacred books.

, the books proposed as such, abound in errors and inconsistencies.

In these works, abound changes and discrepances, sometimes indicating a great unsettlement of "principles" or "plan," and often exciting our wonder at the extraordinary variety of teaching, which has been claimed to be, "as nearly in the same words as the as the genius of the languages would permit!"

But to be just, 'twill to his praise be found, His excellencies more than faults abound; Nor dare I from his sacred temples tear

Both of these books abound in rhythmic, melodious pages of prose poetry like the rhapsody on "The Coming of the Bridegroom" or on "The Lesson of the Sea."

This by no means easy feat accomplished, he would have his five-dollar bill changed into five hundred pennies, filling his pockets with which, he would sally forth from his lodging, and, seeking neighbourhoods in which children most abound, he would scatter his arduously accumulated largess among the scrambling boys and girls, literally happy as a king to watch the glee on the young faces at the miraculous windfall.

In all parts of the country that abound in woods of any description, we are sure to be greeted by the loud voice of the Blue Jay, one of the most conspicuous tenants of the forest.

It may not have been observed by all that the most interesting periods or situations for rambling are not those which most abound with exciting scenes and objects.

He saw that to permit the fall of the first man was far best for mankind in general; that abundantly more good than evil would accrue to the posterity of Adam by his fall; that if "sin abounded" thereby over all the earth, yet grace "would much more abound"; yea, and that to every individual of the human race, unless it was his own choice.

Now since the hymns of David, Moses, and other divine poets, intermixt with them, (infinitely excelling those of Callimachus, Alcaeus, Sappho, Anacreon, and all others,) abound in both these virtues, and both your poets are acknowledged to be very happy in paraphrasing them, it is my opinion, both of them, without giving the least preference to either, should be read alternately in your schools, as the tutor shall direct.

Racine has, likewise, taught us to give to tragedy the same simplicity of air and action; he has endeavoured to disentangle it from that great number of incidents, which made it rather a study than diversion to the audience, and which show the poet not so much to abound in invention, as to be deficient in taste.

A considerable number are likewise taken from the Unio margaratifera, which inhabits the rivers of Europe; and, it is singular, as remarked by Humboldt, that though several species of this genus abound in the rivers of South America, no pearls are ever found in them.

Plato's writings abound in passages which reveal his lofty contempt for women.

The inns abound with filth of every kind, and though the owners of them are generally civil enough, their notions of what is decent are so very different from ours, that an English traveller is not soon reconciled to them.

It is not only in the first or intermediate classes that these useful females abound, they are equally common in more humble situations, and only differ in their employments, not in their principles.

I am far from intending to detract from the national braverythe annals of the French Monarchy abound with the most splendid instances of itI only wish you to understand, what I am fully convinced of myself, that liberty and republicanism have no share in the present successes.

They both abound with good Sense, consummate Virtue, and a mutual Esteem; and are a perpetual Entertainment to one another.

Those Marriages generally abound most with Love and Constancy, that are preceded by a long Courtship.

The Author appears in a kind of composed and sedate Majesty; and tho the Sentiments do not give so great an Emotion as those in the former Book, they abound with as magnificent Ideas.

Her guiltless glory just Britannia draws From pure religion, and impartial laws, To Europe's wounds a mother's aid she brings, And holds in equal scales the rival kings: Her gen'rous sons in choicest gifts abound, Alike in arms, alike in arts renown'd.

Anecdotes of fortitude and bravery abound in nursery tales, though stories of this kind are not by any means the only method of early imbuing the spirit with daring and fearlessness.

Ancient Egyptian tombs abound with sculptures and paintings, probably representative of the character of the deceased.

In any event, it is what the newspapers used to call "important, if true," viz: "If ever you come into a place where fleas abound, cry Och!

You abound in quaint doorways, over which if I step, I find myself transplanted to the scenes of tapestries and old prints, and I can easily imagine myself framed and hanging on the wall quite comfortable and happy.

Our lectures, too, abound in allusions which none but a person of some cultivation of mind could understand or appreciate, and to address them, or any portion of our charges which refer to the improvement of the intellect and the augmentation of knowledge, to persons who can neither read nor write, would be, it seems to us, a mockery unworthy of the sacred character of our institution.

Where fennish fogges, and vapours do abound: There Morpheus doth dwell within the ground, No crowing Cocke, nor waking bell doth call, Nor watchfull dogge disturbeth sleepe at all.

Their proverbial sayings abound with graphic pen-pictures of the folly of vice.

Iron, copper, and coal abound in vast quantities; has coal-fields that, it is said, if they were worked, "would revolutionise the trade of the world."

There gold, silver, copper, and lead abound.

Cattle and sheep are reared in large numbers; vines and mulberries are cultivated round the lake, whose waters abound in fish.

NYASSA, LAKE, lake in East Africa, feeds the Zambesi; is 350 m. long by 40 broad, at an elevation of 1570 ft., and was discovered by Livingstone in 1859; the waters are sweet, and abound with fish; the regions bordering it on the S. and W. are called Nyassaland.

They put a yoke on their ploughs, and often tear up their pasture-grounds with a view to get the roots for their use; and as they abound most in barren and impoverished soils, and in seasons when other crops fail, they afford a most seasonable relief to the inhabitants in times of the greatest scarcity.

Spices, but not those we use, abound in their forests, and these they gather just as they do gold; that is to say, whenever they wish to trade with the inhabitants of the neighbouring islands for something which pleases them; for example, long plates, seats, or other articles manufactured out of a black wood which does not grow in Hispaniola.

Geese, ducks, and herons abound in that island.

At this point, Most Illustrious Prince, you may raise an objection and say to yourself: "If the Spaniards have brought several shiploads of scarlet wood and some gold, and a little cotton and some bits of amber back to Europe, why did they not load themselves with gold and all the precious products which seem to abound so plenteously in the country you describe?"

There flows into that harbour a river, whose wholesome waters abound in excellent fish, and whose banks are delightfully wooded.

Their principal food is the meat of the shellfish from which they extract pearls, and their shores abound with such.

My father, soon after his arrival in America, had fancied and purchased this gloomy-looking gray stone edifice, with its massive granite steps (imported at great cost, before the beautiful white-marble quarries had been developed which abound in the vicinity of, and characterize the dwellings of, that rare and perfect city), and remodelled its interior,

New Mexico, though situated in the interior and without a seacoast, is known to contain much fertile land, to abound in rich mines of the precious metals, and to be capable of sustaining a large population.

The thread of the story serves merely to join the analyses of character, moral reflections, and digressions of various kinds which abound.

Fans of any water-based recreation will have plenty to doโ€“kayaking, fishing, surfing, and sailing opportunities aboundโ€“and thereโ€™s hiking and biking trails for landlubbers.

He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy.

Horror stories of long waits on phones or internet confusion abound (and itโ€™s likely unhelpful that some of the target population is not exactly known for tech literacy).

In the wilderness of the Internet, especially when so many layers of irony interlace with each other and when trolls abound, it's easy for ideologies to twist out of form.

Others abound worldwide โ€” from the Archbishop of Panama blessing his tiny Central American nation from the air in a helicopter to the faithful in Spain blasting religious music from their balconies during Holy Week.

In our Ladiesโ€™ Boutique, excellent deals on vintage and gently used designer clothing and accessories abound.

In terms of what other Members have spoken about, it wasthe ability to read and recognize signs, the ability to interpret invoicing and the ability to understand all the written materials that abound around us all the time.

Misconceptions about the pharmacologic properties of methadone and about the rationale for methadone maintenance abound, both in the subculture of addiction and in the mainstream media.

Museums and art galleries abound (I was personally struck by the Danish Jewish Museumโ€”a sort of inside-out ROM designed by Libeskindโ€”and discovered a distant ancestor in its displays).

Once this further training is achieved, one can look for job opportunities that abound.

Re: group theory texts abound?

Several are gated; luxury houses abound.