158 examples of abruptness in sentences

The rhythm of the hymn is very beautiful, being free from abruptness and monotony.

" "Why not?" asked Patsy, with startling abruptness, while a queer expressionas of an inspirationstole over her bright face.

A curt statement is made short; its abruptness is oftentimes more or less rude.

After luncheon, Angela asked to see the ranch-house, and almost as soon as we were out of hearing, she said with disconcerting abruptness "Does your ranch pay?"

He was a man of earnest politics, of good company, wrapped in his own scheming, not impulsive, doing nothing beyond that which he intended, without abruptness, without hard words, discreet, accurate, learned, talking smoothly of a necessary massacre, a slaughterer, because it served his purpose.

Then he paused with marked abruptness.

Just as my imprisonment was becoming almost unbearably irksome, the end arrived with an unexpected abruptness.

Among them there are some Nestorian Christians, who also have some churches, Called likewise Mulete or Alamut; Marco makes here a sudden return to the north-west of Persia; and from the abruptness of the transition, it has been probably disarranged in transcription.

Pray excuse my abruptness.

Lord Russell, with characteristic abruptness and without consulting his colleagues, then offered the place to Mr. Goschen, who was quite unknown to the public; he had only been three years in Parliament, and held a subordinate office.

Suddenly, with a surprising abruptness, Jumbo's head was not there,he had jerked it quickly to one side,and Ware's hand slipped down and almost touched the floor.

But the change of my name, the abruptness with which I removed from place to place, the remoteness and the obscurity which I proposed to myself in the choice of my abode, were all insufficient to elude the sagacity of Gines, or the unrelenting constancy with which Mr. Falkland incited my tormentor to pursue me.

In wading through this compound the ascent became so difficult and fatiguing, that we were all under the necessity of reposing every twenty or thirty yards, tormented by the sulphureous vapour, which rendered respiration painful, and was even less supportable than the abruptness of the mountain path!

"No," continued Craig, suddenly wheeling, and startling us by the abruptness of his next exposure, "it is you and your wife hereMrs.

No sooner did they feel quite convinced that he was indifferent about his practice than they at once appreciated his services; what had been called abruptness now became truth and sincerity He was declared to be like Dr. Abernethywonderfully clever, though slightly brusque in manner.

He sprang up with an abruptness to which his elders seemed to be used.

she demanded with more than her usual abruptness.

He answered shortly that the kittens were all well, and turned away with his military friends, leaving poor Louizon quite astonished at the abruptness of his departure.

But with amazing abruptness she became so charming that the young man, a sensitive, susceptible creature, decided that an ordinary penny note-book would not do.

I cry, with vexed abruptness, as I see who it is that is climbing after me.

I decline an overture on the part of my first friend to trip a measure with mewe have already tripped severaland, by the surprise and slight mortification which I read on his face as he turns away, I think I must have done it with some abruptness.

At times, and in certain places, she acts with startling abruptness and extraordinary violence.

I have already told you the interest I had felt in you up to that time, but your abruptness during our last interview, left me angry, and with no inclination to seek your presence again.

He entered with an abruptness that seemed to denote agitation.

" Even Anne was for the moment disconcerted by the abruptness of his entrance.

158 examples of  abruptness  in sentences