377 examples of absently in sentences

Without raising his head he answered absently: "Yes; this is the genealogical tree that I had not even brought up to date.

" "Ay," he made answer, absently, his eyes fixed keenly upon the belt and taking note of its girth.

She was holding her father's arm and gazing absently at the dim fields stretching away beyond the garden.

"That's so, Mary," said Jasper Ewold, absently, regarding the book as if some wicked genius had placed it in his hand quite unbeknown to him.

"I hardly agree with that opinion," said her father absently, his thoughts far afield from the fetter of his words.

"Yes, I will add a few more linesthe spirit is in mea few more days to the long record," he said, absently, then, after a pause, suddenly, with a kind of suppressed force vibrating in his voice: "Well, our Sir Chaps has gone.

Jack repeated absently.

"Yes...." said he absently.

"You see we were right to come here, Abner," she added, and he absently rejoined: "I guess you two always manage to be right.

He stood before Ralph, absently shaking the loose change in his trouser-pockets.

Camilla took the necklace, and gazing absently upon it said, "I can't understand it.

"Not the coffee,no," said Sin Saxon, laughing rather absently, as too intent to be purely amused.

Mr. Forbes repeated the name a little absently.

He smiled at her absently, bade her, with an air of suppressed excitement, wait until she had heard them, and fell to biting his nails nervously.

Sylvia looked at it absently and made no move to examine it.

" The Rev. George became thoughtful, and absently put the note in a little rack over the mantelpiece.

'Yes, sir, I suppose we must,' replied his hostess, half absently.

"I was thinking of Major Anderson, Celia," she said absently.

He looked at her absently, then his gaze reverted to Ailsa Paige.

" "There is loads of time for that, Honey-bud," said her sister-in-law, glancing up absently from the note she was writing.

" He glanced absently at his letter again.

"I should like to know himif he will," he said absently.

The pretty musician at the piano was playing an old song, once much admired by the sentimental; the singer, reclining amid her cushions, sang the words, absently: "Why did I give my heart away Give it so lightly, give it to pay For a pleasant dream on a summer's day? "Why did I give?

Colonel Arran had been to see her twice at her hospital that winter; he seemed grayer, bigger than ever in his tight blue and yellow cavalry uniform; and on both occasions he had spoken of Berkley, and had absently questioned her; and after both visits she had lain awake, her eyes wide in the darkness, the old pain stirring dully in her breast.

While Dorothy nodded absently and plaited the edges of her lace apron, and looked at me under lowered lashes.

377 examples of  absently  in sentences