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5033 example sentences with  academics

5033 example sentences with academics

Our academics too frequently offend in neglecting patrons, as [2067]Erasmus well taxeth, or making ill choice of them; negligimus oblatos aut amplectimur parum aptos, or if we get a good one, non studemus mutuis officiis favorem ejus alere, we do not ply and follow him as we should.

Manual of Geology: Designed for the Use of Colleges and Academics.

After 1980 coup d'รฉtat, military administration sacked Aydฤฑn Aybay from university with many other academics.

A number of academics in developing countries have said that the way the World Bank works only blames the poor for being poor.

Modern jurisprudence and philosophy of law is dominated today primarily by Western academics.

One of the main reasons of the explorations, according to academics like Jonathan Roth, was to procure gold and spices Roman objects are, indeed, found in the Sahara, and, significantly, along the western caravan route.

At first, membership was only for academics because BAAL wanted people to think it was a group of experts, not a teachers' meeting.

While West does not deny the importance of academics engaging the more specialized concerns of their fields, he strongly opposes the sentiment that academia must limit itself to those rarefied interests.

Contemporary American Poetry, New York: Penguin Academics Series, 2005.

Academics and volunteering are just as important as Emmanuelโ€™s on-field success.

Academics are too scared to stand up for the British Empire.

Academics claim this is equivalent to 3.6 billion Hiroshima atom-bomb explosions.

Academics differentiate between โ€œthin dynasties,โ€ where members of the same family take power sequentially, and โ€œfat dynastiesโ€, where family members simultaneously run for office in different areas of government.

Academics found that Covid-19 patients who have been prescribed the medication were 33 per cent less likely to die or be admitted to intensive care.

Academics have said the way that Public Health England (PHE), the government agency responsible for managing infectious disease outbreaks, calculates the figures means they might look worse there than in other countries of the United Kingdom.

Academics pursuing research on Australian history and culture are being offered a new round of government grants.

Academics seemingly played a big role for the 6-foot-4, 235-pound player from Solon, Ohio, in his selection of Northwestern.

Academics use 75th anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima to remind military of duty to reject presidential atomic atrocities.

Academics were forced to counter claims that by studying the works of Israeli poets Natan Alterman, A.B. Yehoshua and others that they were in effect โ€˜normalizing relationsโ€™ with Israel.

Academics, writers, biographers, also have a duty to future generations.

Both players cited competitive environments in both field hockey and academics in making their college choices, qualities that their future schools share with their current one.

But academics can't do that alone, if research councils and other funding agencies continue to use the indices as a basis for decisions about funding.

Cambridge University academics added to the confusion today by estimating that the true number of daily cases in England stands at around 55,000, with the researchers saying outbreaks are 'growing at a slower pace in most regions'.

Dr. Colum Smith has forgotten that most physicians, unlike him, are not salaried academics but are paid through an archaic underfunded fee for service system administered by Alberta Health.

Excited to be in the Golden State and looking forward to meeting with some of our nationโ€™s leading academics and entrepreneurs.

Hallโ€™s role is to case manage potentially at-risk students โ€“ students who maybe need assistance in attendance, behavior or academics.

He put the new platform to good use, pouring out an impressive number of books, anthologies, and hundreds of articles on an extraordinary range subjects โ€“ more than most academics would produce in a normal career.

โ€œIf that vote had gone our way we would have gotten nearly $11 million or so every year for academics,โ€ he says.

โ€œI just remember talking to our athletic director and him welcoming me into the Stanford family and that Stanford prides itself on its amazing academics, but also its amazing athletics,โ€ he said.

I, like many academics, find it difficult not to micromanage things.

In an open letter to the government, some 2,000 academics called for greater transparency and more justification for its infection prevention strategy.

In a time when everyone is struggling in a different way, we need to focus on mental health, monetary resources and physical health at least as much as we do academics.

It is important that we take this into account because it also shapes the way that academics and journalists interpret the situation.

Itโ€™s much more than academics.

Let me explain briefly, ab initio that I have bagged three degrees in different fields of academics from the United Kingdom.

More than 2,500 academics worldwide, including famed scholars Noam Chomsky and Judith Butler, have demanding the Canadian government support his release.

More than that, it gave investors and academics a conceptual framework for thinking about potential risks that were both highly destructive and low probability.

One that was bigger than any of the collegiate awards she earned for both her talent and her academics.

So Foley undertook his research โ€œwith what we academics call the โ€˜literatureโ€™ review.โ€

Take the pledge to help ensure that the research, academics and creativity of our stateโ€™s flagship university can thrive despite this most challenging season.

The debate over judgesโ€™ integrity has birthed marches by lawyers, academics and the public barely four months after the High Court sitting as a Constitutional Court (ConCourt) nullified Mutharikaโ€™s re-election in February.

The definition of Hybrid Warfare by those who do argue that it exists is also a contentious issue with many academics and analysts attempting to explain it.

There is promise in nonprofit groups taking on street violence, academics told the Tribune.

As such, the paper concludes, โ€œit is essential for policymakers and academics to convey the relative costs of climate change and air pollution versus nuclear accident risk and waste disposal to the voting public.โ€

They in turn brought in 22 other writers, journalists, academics and rabbis to contribute to the anthology, โ€œBound in the Bond of Life.โ€

At the time, undiagnosed dyslexia prevented him from academics.

Authorities in the Seoul area have ordered the shutdown of churches, night establishments and after-school academics and curbed late restaurant services to try to curb new infections.

While both films were primarily set in schools, they don't focus on 's academics.

According to Dr. Peter Narvรกez, CSTM is a unique society because its members are academics and performers, often both.

A forum on Mediapart has been signed by many academics, trade unionists and politicians.

But take a deep look at the universityโ€™s 400+ active student societies and youโ€™ll see that student life at Dal is about a whole lot more than just that โ€” and more than academics, too.

Check out the sections below to learn about academics, finances and your life as a UCalgary student.

Collaboration with Canadian academics supported the development of better representation of climate feedback processes of aerosols, clouds and water vapour in global and regional climate models.

Does the Court lack jurisdiction to hear this action because it relates to a dispute as to academics?

Donโ€™t forget that the potential to learn and excel in our academics is within us.

Financial need and academics are important, however volunteer, leadership skills and obstacles you overcame to pursue your post-secondary education are all considered; we look at the big picture.

For example, people-pleasers may feel anxious or guilty if they outperform others in areas such as academics, athletics or relationship success.

Getting a good start has been key, as balancing academics and athletics will be as difficult as ever this season.

Hazelโ€‘Lynn Carganilla for Academics; Hazel works diligently and has accepted more responsibility for her learning.

Her book looks at key areas โ€” academics, dating, driving, socializing, and greater independence โ€” that make adolescence potentially more difficult for kids with ADD, ADHD, or Executive Function Deficits (EFD).

Hydeโ€™s work was partly inspired by the work on reciprocity by sociologist Marshall Sahlins, one of the first academics to question the classic definition of economics as โ€œthe science of choice under scarcity.โ€

I claim that after the Islamic Revolution, Iranian academics demonstrate a theoretical loyalty to the early theorizations of Islamic/Persian art.

Amelia and Reuben live as hippies, Esther and George choose a middle-class upward-mobility life, Helen and Benjamin are the academics.

If you need to enrol a student in a class, you can to this from the link on Academics tab.

It also assumes that research findings are communicated widely and in a manner likely to be understood by non-academics.

I think also, because he was so young, that academics were kind of at the back of my mind anyway.

I think another thing is just the cultural values is just very high on academics.

And we have a whole range of activists, and advocates, and academics, who have said that they will join with us to build that organization, and we are really excited about the future of it.

It is written to be useful to academics, upper-division students, and the general public.

Most significantly, there is a growing recognition of their merits as professionals and academics subject them to more vigorous assessment utilizing emerging methods of research.

A number of guest speakers will be invited to speak, including some academics who study different aspects of climate change, as well as well as professionals and activists who are involved in applied work concerning climate change.

Offering experiential learning activities can have a positive impact on studentโ€™s academics and future careers.

Published by the Feminist History Society, shines a light on the efforts of a wide range of players, from school girls fighting for the opportunity to play, to politicians and academics defining policy and developing theory.

Remember that one of the things that makes academics like Crow and Grant special is their attitude: they've managed to remain friendly and supportive while becoming leading figures in their respective fields.

Report from Academics Without Borders.

See a Student Support Advisors if you have concerns about housing, finances, academics and mental health.

Some Mรฉtis would argue that although interpretations such as Reidโ€™s are innovative and complimentary, Riel and his people are being used by modern day politicians and academics to serve current or dominant discourses and agendas.

So we began a series of consultations, first with the staff, the city residents, some of the academics, as well as the software community.

Students interested in learning more about AP courses and examinations should speak to either the Director of Academics or the Head of University Counselling.

Students were honoured for their 2014-2015 achievements in academics, character and leadership.

Students who participated in this field course say that Latta is an educator who stands out because of his gift for nurturing the capabilities of his students as academics, researchers, and global citizens.

Sun Labs computer scientist and Fortress project leader Eric Allen says, "We're trying to engage academics and other third parties."

โ€œThat was the class I enjoyed the most when I first studied at Dalhousie,โ€ says Brechin, the administrative officer for academics and productions at the Fountain School of Performing Arts.

Aside from academics, I also really love living in Toronto.

A St. Thomas More Collegiate education goes beyond academics.

The ICSWP looks for people who have had relevant work, volunteer or other experience in their various communities, who are ready for both the academics and the stresses of full-time university, and who will be suitable social workers.

The new assistant professor in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences is leading the way as one of the only tenure-track academics in Canada in a respiratory therapy program.

These represent aqua culturists, persons interested in investing in aquaculture, aquaculture design / supply firms, scientists and researchers, academics, financial services providers, seafood distributors and end users as well as many other groups.

Attendees held a variety of positions, including: academics, utility providers, program developers, graduate students, consultants, and public policy makers.

The university plans to build an international network of academics and others who will continue to improve the calculations of ecological footprint and its application to economies.

They are all academics seeking to dissect our faith for analysis using human credibility as their yardstick.

This evidence is completely at odds with the accepted western version but has been studiously ignored by both the western media and academics and many so-called experts.

This rating demonstrates we have realized significant achievements in the areas of academics, engagement, operations, and planning and administration, through the concerted efforts of numerous offices on campus and staff and students alike.

U.S. academics Alan Stamm and Christian Davenport told the BBC producers the vast majority of those who died in the massacres were Hutus, not Tutsis.

We also meet and collaborate with industry bodies, non-governmental organizations, academics and other specialists that could provide valuable insights.

We will tell you about our rich learning environment which offers a balanced curriculum of academics, athletics, and arts and explain how Kells Elementary celebrates the uniqueness of each student.

Whether through academics, business, philanthropy, humanitarianism, or public service, Queenโ€™s has a lot to be proud of in the meaningful contributions its community members make in the world.

Writing is an essential and important skill for students in academics, but it is equally important in everyday life.

Yet few authors in the world of soccer writing can tell a human story like Simon Kuper, and even fewer academics can write an understandable narrative with numbers like Stefan Szymanski.

Yet these โ€œfamousโ€ words have been repeated many times as authoritative by activists, professionals, academics, and major media.