2790 examples of accents in sentences

Men who were his friends (and they were many) were in the habit of rather apologizing for those rich and harmonious accents.

No words can describe the beauty of the flesh-painting, especially in the figures of the Genii, or the technical delicacy with which the modelling of limbs, the modulation from one tone to another, have been carried from silvery transparent shades up to the strongest accents.

Soon, however, the first faint accents of praise began to be heard.

The three long French passages still have the appropriate accents, but apostrophes and quotation marks will be straight ("typewriter" form).

In this version, all diacritics (accents) are gone, including accents on all French words.

In this version, all diacritics (accents) are gone, including accents on all French words.

It was long after her accents had ceased to fall on his ear, that he drew a deep respiration, and once again opened his lips to speak.

Her voice was mild and plaintive, and its accents of anger (if she ever gave utterance to such) could not have been distinguished from those of grief.

Yet there thine own sweet voice, in accents low, First breathed Iphigenias tale of wee, The glorious tale, by Goethe fitly told, And cast as finely in an English mould By Taylor's kindred spirit, high and bold: No fitting place!

I and Sylvio on a day Were upon thy bank reclin'd, When dear Sylvio swore to me, And thus spoke in accents kind: First this flowing tide shall turn Backward to its fountain head, Dearest nymph, ere thou shall mourn, Thy too easy faith betray'd.

" With no sort of propriety could be set down in printed words the occurrence that led to her reciting twenty times, somewhat defiantly in the beginning, but at last with the accents and expression of countenance proper to remorse, the following verses: "Who was it that I lately heard Repeating an improper word?

Father caught it from her hand, and going to the window, read aloud in slow, precisive accents of astonishment: "AN EVENT OF INTEREST TO NEW YORK SOCIETY.

If from my lips some angry accents fell, Lamb sent this sonnet, which is addressed to his sister, to Coleridge in May, 1796.

Provincial tones and accents, and all defects in articulation, should be corrected whenever they are heard; lest they grow into established habits, unknown, from their familiarity, to him who is guilty of them, and adopted by others, from the imitation of his manner, or their respect for his authority.

In this sense, the lighter as well as the more impressive sounds are included; but still, whether both together, considered as accents, can be reckoned the same as long and short quantities, is questionable.

This illustration of the "easy Distinction betwixt Quantity and Accent" is cited with commendation, in Brightland's Grammar, on page 157th; the author of which grammar, seems to have understood Accent, or Accents, to be the same as Inflectionsthough these are still unlike to quantities, if he did so.

There are three Sorts of Accents, an Acute, a Grave, and an Inflex, which is also call'd a Circumflex.

To suppose "as many words as we hear accents," or that "it is the laying of an accent on one syllable, which constitutes a word," and then say, that "no unaccented syllable or vowel is ever to be accounted long," as this enthusiastic author does in fact, is to make strange scansion of a very large portion of the trissyllables and polysyllables which occur in verse.

"In all these measures, the accents are to be placed on the even syllables; and every line is, in general, the more melodious, as this rule is the more strictly observed.

If a nation accents its words on the last syllable, the preceding ones will often be short, and liable to contraction.

He also, in some instances, accents similar words variously: as, cor'alliform, upon the first syllable, metal'liform, upon the second; cav'ilous and pap'illous, upon the first, argil'lous, upon the second; ax'illar, upon the first, medul'lar, upon the second.

The extent in which Dryden reformed our poetry, is most readily proved by an appeal to the ear; and Dr. Johnson has forcibly stated, that "he knew how to choose the flowing and the sonorous words; to vary the pauses and adjust the accents; to diversify the cadence, and yet preserve the smoothness of the metre."

" "Pomona," cried Euphemia, in accents of alarm, "don't you try penetrating into any nobleman's home.

The dogs, too, ran about and barked; and the canaries which hung up in cages before the windows, straining their throats in rivalry, heightened the general uproar by the piercing accents of their shrill singing.

The artist associated their dear memory with every success which recalled to him their sympathetic accents and their clear-sighted prediction.

2790 examples of  accents  in sentences