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2790 examples of  accents  in sentences

2790 examples of accents in sentences

It is not becoming in a Musgrave of Matocton to speak of women in any tone other than the most honeyed accents of chivalry.

She watched him open the gate and take the old gentleman by the arm; she heard the murmur of his voice speaking soft accents as the pair walked up the path together.

His voice came in crisp accents.

For several years," with the proud accents of one able to impart information concerning an important personage, "he has been living in seclusion on his vast estates near the Caspian Searuling a kingdom greater than many a European principality.

Sheep on the hills around me feeding, While in their piteous accents pleading, The lambkins' bleatings float.

It is for the writer to obey the great cardinal principle of Sincerity, and be brave enough to express himself in his own way, following the mood of his own mind, rather than endeavouring to catch the accents of another, or to adapt himself to some standard of taste.

repeated Wallula in glad triumphant accents, glancing at her mother, and at the tall gaunt figure of her father standing in the shadow of the doorway.

"You will not promise yourself to me," he said in reproachful accents, "but give me some token of yourself, some gage of amity at least.

And after a pause the doctor went on, speaking in measured and solemn accents.

he exclaimed in accents of contrite surprise, "have I kept you waiting long?" "Only a few minutes.

In matter he set himself squarely against the mediæval tendency: Let others sing of kings and paladines In aged accents and untimely words, Paint shadows in imaginary lines.

When Edwin Clayhanger employed, as it were, daringly, the accents of a master to this intimidating fellow, Hilda thrilled with pleasure at the piquancy of the spectacle, and she was admiringly proud of Edwin.

And then, in half-playful accents: "So this is your little office!" Her hand was on the knob of the open door of the cubicle, a black erection within the shop, where Edwin and his father kept the accounts and wrote letters.

" And in faint, despairing accents he called on Clotilde again and again.

But their accents and the pitch of their voices arrested him, and swept him back to his days at Eton and at Oxford.

In great dismay inwardly, but outwardly with slow and smooth-spoken accents, as if reflecting discreetly, she replied, "He might do me great mischief if he were angered, father.

It is not agreeable to find foreign accents and stumbling locutions passing from the piquant exception to the general rule of discourse.

" "But I do not comprehend, sir," said the Spaniard, in rather puzzled accents.

"After all I said to you about wasting my money?" persisted Mr. Hatchard, in amazed accents.

I have not the pleasure, indeed, of being personally known to you, but having received your kind invitation yesterday,' &c. &c. 'No, sir, my name is not Thompson, but Jones,' in highly indignant accents.

Again the brother and sister took hold of the remaining notes, and sang in sweet accents: They hunt no more for the 'possum and the coon On the meadow, the hill and the shore; They sing no more by the glimmer of the moon, On the bench by the old cabin door.

He clasped his hands together, upon which they arose and lovingly supported him in their arms, and he told them in sorrowful accents that the next day he should be put to death,that in one hour's time he should be seized, led before a tribunal, maltreated, outraged, scourged, and finally put to a most cruel death.

He with a frantic gesture tore the thirty pieces of silver from his side, and holding them forth with his right hand, exclaimed in accents of the most deep despair, 'Take back your silverthat silver with which you bribed me to betray this just man; take back your silver; release Jesus; our compact is at an end; I have sinned grievously, for I have betrayed innocent blood.'

As he approached, she was unable to restrain herself any longer, but exclaimed in thrilling accents: 'Alas!

A specimen of his praise follows, "Thy Prose in sweeter Harmony refines, Than Numbers flowing thro' the Muse's Lines; What Beauty ne'er could melt, thy Touches fire, And raise a Musick that can Love inspire; Soul-thrilling Accents all our Senses wound, And strike with Softness, whilst they charm with Sound!

'I can believe in you, but not in the impossible,' answered Lesbia, with measured accents.

And the thought that Leek would never again shave him, nor tell him in accents that brooked no delay that his hair must be cut, nor register his luggage and secure his seat on long-distance expresses, filled him with very real melancholy.

And the crash of cymbals mingled with the crash of plates, and the altercations of knives and forks with the shrill accents of chatterers determined to be heard.

"It is excessively distinguished," murmured Mr. Oxford, in the accents of expert appreciation.

His deep voice rang, overbearing the stumbling accents of the clergyman.

But those accents are all in the wrong, and Ephorus is wholly in fault.

To the baby's dainty ears Only love's accents flow; Through the man's alas! have surged for years Stories of crime and woe.

A sudden fit of frenzy overtook The king at last, and Timma's awful doom He thundered forth in accents strong like these: "Be this my decree, forthwith known to all, That Timma henceforth shall be banished from My land for this dishonour brought on me.

No words can describe the beauty of the flesh-painting, especially in the figures of the Genii, or the technical delicacy with which the modelling of limbs, the modulation from one tone to another, have been carried from silvery transparent shades up to the strongest accents.

Soon, however, the first faint accents of praise began to be heard.

The rhyming pur of satisfaction, the fawning accents of appeal, the vigorous bursts of passion, and innumerable diatonic varieties, proceed from your larynx, according to the order of nature.

Si je l'écrivais en anglais et le faisais traduire dans le langage à la dernière mode de Paris, vous ne retrouveriez pas les accents barbares de votre vieil ami.

This very poem would probably have been seen by many of them with little effect; but the accents of Mr. Clare carried it home to the heart.

But what ails ye, dear Charlie?" "Never mind me," replied the youth in choking accents.

Mr. Barton's compositions afford indications of genuine feeling, of deep affection, of benevolence, sympathy, taste, and integrity; he seems to have an ear ever on the listen for the accents of charity, patriotism, and religion; where human anguish causes the tear to start, there he would fain be to soothe and alleviate.

Tasso says of the Arabs, "Their accents were female and their stature diminutive" (xvii.).Tasso, Jerusalem Delivered (1575).

Her voice was mild and plaintive, and its accents of anger (if she ever gave utterance to such) could not have been distinguished from those of grief.

Yet there thine own sweet voice, in accents low, First breathed Iphigenias tale of wee, The glorious tale, by Goethe fitly told, And cast as finely in an English mould By Taylor's kindred spirit, high and bold: No fitting place!

There was a pause, during which the man strove to master himself; then he asked, in the same harsh accents: "How long have you been here?"

As we passed by the hospital of St. Jean, we heard distinctly, coming from within, the accents of a feeble yet impatient voice.

Iris, my dear!exclaimed another voice, as of a female, in accents that might be considered a strong atmospheric solution of duty with very little flavor of grace.

Like fern my tresses o'er my temples streamed; O'er my dark eyebrows, white my forehead gleamed: My eyes were of Athenè's radiant blue, My mouth was milk, its accents honeydew.

I hear a voice, whose accents dear Melt, like soft music, in mine ear.

If from my lips some angry accents fell, Lamb sent this sonnet, which is addressed to his sister, to Coleridge in May, 1796.

For all the gingham wrapper and spectacles anchored in the hair and general air of hard work and no "culture," she was thinking, as she looked at Mrs. Whitney's artificiality and listened to those affected accents, that she was glad her mother was Ellen Ranger and not Matilda Whitney.

Provincial tones and accents, and all defects in articulation, should be corrected whenever they are heard; lest they grow into established habits, unknown, from their familiarity, to him who is guilty of them, and adopted by others, from the imitation of his manner, or their respect for his authority.

"These accents make different impressions on the mind, which will be the subject of a following speculation.

[-] The HYPHEN connects the parts of many compound words, especially such as have two accents; as, ever-living.

Every word of more than one syllable, has one of its syllables accented; and sometimes a compound word has two accents, nearly equal in force; as, e'ven-hand'ed, home'-depart'ment.

In this sense, the lighter as well as the more impressive sounds are included; but still, whether both together, considered as accents, can be reckoned the same as long and short quantities, is questionable.

This illustration of the "easy Distinction betwixt Quantity and Accent" is cited with commendation, in Brightland's Grammar, on page 157th; the author of which grammar, seems to have understood Accent, or Accents, to be the same as Inflectionsthough these are still unlike to quantities, if he did so.

There are three Sorts of Accents, an Acute, a Grave, and an Inflex, which is also call'd a Circumflex.

To suppose "as many words as we hear accents," or that "it is the laying of an accent on one syllable, which constitutes a word," and then say, that "no unaccented syllable or vowel is ever to be accounted long," as this enthusiastic author does in fact, is to make strange scansion of a very large portion of the trissyllables and polysyllables which occur in verse.

more properly emphasis than Accents, more than one on a word DR.

"What these accents are has puzzled the learned so much that they seem neither to understand each other nor themselves.

"The ancients designated the pitch of vocal sounds by the term accent; making three kinds of accents, the acute (é), the grave (è), and the circumflex (ê), which signified severally the rise, the fall, and the turn of the voice, or union of acute and grave on the same syllable.

And again, yet more erroneously: "The essence of English words consisting in accent, as that of syllables in articulation; we know that there are as many syllables as we hear articulate sounds, and as many words as we hear accents.

Yet he had said before, in the same lecture: "The longer polysyllables, have frequently two accents, but one is so much stronger than the other, as to shew that it is but one word; and the inferior accent is always less forcible, than any accent that is the single one in a word."Ib., p. 31.

Not only are these inflections denoted occasionally by the accentual marks, but they are sometimes expressly identified with accents, being called by that name.

Such indeed has been the guess of many concerning the nature of Greek and Latin accents, but of the English accent, the common idea is, that it is only a greater force distinguishing some one syllable of a word from the rest.

Thus he tells of different accents on "a monosyllable," which, by his own showing, "cannot be said to have any accent"!

Such, I think, is the teaching of Rev. William Barnes; who further says, "English verse is constructed upon sundry orders of acute and grave accents and matchings of rhymes, while the poetic language of the Romans and Greeks is formed upon rules of the sundry clusterings of long and short syllables.

This scheme is not wholly consistent, because the author explains accent or accents as being applicable only to "words of two or more syllables;" and it is plain, that the accent which includes the three sorts above, must needs be "some other thing than what we call accent," if this includes only the acute.

Dr. Adam's view of the accents, acute and grave, appears to be peculiar; and of a nature which may perhaps come nearer to an actual identity with the quantities, long and short, than any other.

"The accents are hardly ever marked in English books, except in dictionaries, grammars, spelling-books, or the like, where the acute accent only is used.

The accents are likewise seldom marked in Latin books, unless for the sake of distinction; as in these adverbs, aliquò, continuò, doctè, unà, &c."Adam's Latin and English Grammar, p. 266.

"Amongst them [the ancients,] we know that accents were marked by certain inflexions [inflections] of the voice like musical notes; and the grammarians to this day, with great formality inform their pupils, that the acute accent, is the raising [of] the voice on a certain syllable; the grave, a depression of it; and the circumflex, a raising and depression both, in one and the same syllable.

Several of the compilers of dictionaries, vocabularies, and spelling books, have undertaken to mark the accents of our words; but so little acquainted were they with the nature of our accent, that they thought it necessary only to mark the syllable on which the stress is to be laid, without marking the particular letter of the syllable to which the accent belongs."Ib., p. 59.

On account of the different uses made of the breve, the macron, and the accents, one grammarian has proposed a new mode of marking poetic quantities.

The old man began in wailing accents to describe the situation which the Brull House was facing.

He was at great pains to expectorate and murmur "Hubshi" in accents of abhorrent contempt, whenever Moussa Isa chanced between the wind and his nobility.

The night has been unruly; where we lay Our chimneys were blown down: and, as they say, Lamentings heard i'th'air, strange screams of death, And prophesying with accents terrible Of dire combustion, and confused events, New-hatch'd to the woeful time.

These lines, I think, should be rather regulated thus: prophesying with accents terrible, Of dire combustion and confused events.

Deadened by the closed door, the measured accents of the professor sounded as a featureless muttering.

Taking hold of Arjuna's hands, with a smiling face and in gentle accents, that chastiser of foesthe virtuous

With her beauty and grace, and the charm of the motions of her eye-brows and of her soft accents, and her own moon-like face, she seemed to tread, challenging the moon himself.

She lingered on the border land, till he arrived, and soon after having kissed him, and blessed all present, she fell asleep in Jesus; the last accents of her lips being those of praise, adoration, and filial confidence.

"Take his hand," said Jolanka, in her low, sweet accents; and then turning to Imre, "He saved your lifehe saved us both, and he will rescue our family, too.

"Then o' course," pursued the voice of Mrs. Scutts, in meditative accents, "there's the club doctor and the other gentleman that knows Bill.

" "Bob!" said the voice, in relieved accents, "Bob! Come and let me out.

In his own person wondrously are joined Both majesty and saintlike holiness; And often chanted by inspired bards [40], His hallowed title of 'Imperial Sage' Ascends in joyous accents to the skies.

Albeit she did coyly turn away Her glowing cheek, and with her fingers guard Her pouting lips, that murmured a denial In faltering accents, she did yield herself A sweet reluctant captive to my will.

Accents and other diacritical marks have also been dropt.

" "Oliver, pick up Lady Sue's handkerchief," came in mild accents from Mistress Pyncheon.

But she was listening with all her might, and as the uproar died down again she caught the accents of a man's voice attempting a speech.

" "True, true," said the priest, with rapid accents; "and this girl, Señor, this girl is" "Juanita, the mestiza, adopted daughter of Don Juan Briones, over on the Santa Clare Valley," replied Cranch, jerking his thumb over his shoulder, and then sitting down upon the bench beside Father Pedro.

He thought he had risen at night in a sudden horror of remorse, and making his way to the darkened church had fallen upon his knees before the high altar, when all at once the acolyte's voice broke from the choir, but in accents so dissonant and unnatural that it seemed a sacrilege, and he trembled.

If the voice of temptation, clothed in musical and seducing accents, charms us one way, the voice of holiness, speaking to us from within in a solemn and powerful manner, commands us another.

The time came when his own lips confirmed my suspicions, my hopeswhen faintly, and in broken accents, he related to me the story of his love; mine, as he declared, since the evening of our first meeting; and asked my troth in turn.

"The wine, Mrs. Austin," the doctor said, in low accents.

You can then take your chances with himhe may be ready to take a felon for a wife, for aught I know, after all!" "Come, then, to-morrow evening," she acceded, after a second pause, and in low, angry accents, "and I will acquaint you with my determinationmy necessity rather."

In broken accents the bereaved father related how happily he had dwelt in a convent henyard, with the ten sons and fourteen daughters which his excellent consort had hatched and brought up in a single summer.

He hastened to the side of his fallen master, who in faltering accents now bade him take the brand Excalibur, cast it far from him into the waters of the lake, and return to report what he should see.

After a pause, but still in the most courteous accents, "Madam, have I your ladyship's permission to send you some fish?"

He called his charger, a high-boned not overfed animal, Cadavera play upon accents, for he was a good classical scholar, and fond of quoting the Latin poets.