2790 examples of accents in sentences

It is not becoming in a Musgrave of Matocton to speak of women in any tone other than the most honeyed accents of chivalry.

She watched him open the gate and take the old gentleman by the arm; she heard the murmur of his voice speaking soft accents as the pair walked up the path together.

repeated Wallula in glad triumphant accents, glancing at her mother, and at the tall gaunt figure of her father standing in the shadow of the doorway.

"You will not promise yourself to me," he said in reproachful accents, "but give me some token of yourself, some gage of amity at least.

And after a pause the doctor went on, speaking in measured and solemn accents.

he exclaimed in accents of contrite surprise, "have I kept you waiting long?" "Only a few minutes.

A specimen of his praise follows, "Thy Prose in sweeter Harmony refines, Than Numbers flowing thro' the Muse's Lines; What Beauty ne'er could melt, thy Touches fire, And raise a Musick that can Love inspire; Soul-thrilling Accents all our Senses wound, And strike with Softness, whilst they charm with Sound!

But those accents are all in the wrong, and Ephorus is wholly in fault.

No words can describe the beauty of the flesh-painting, especially in the figures of the Genii, or the technical delicacy with which the modelling of limbs, the modulation from one tone to another, have been carried from silvery transparent shades up to the strongest accents.

"Take his hand," said Jolanka, in her low, sweet accents; and then turning to Imre, "He saved your lifehe saved us both, and he will rescue our family, too.

"Then o' course," pursued the voice of Mrs. Scutts, in meditative accents, "there's the club doctor and the other gentleman that knows Bill.

" "Bob!" said the voice, in relieved accents, "Bob! Come and let me out.

In his own person wondrously are joined Both majesty and saintlike holiness; And often chanted by inspired bards [40], His hallowed title of 'Imperial Sage' Ascends in joyous accents to the skies.

Albeit she did coyly turn away Her glowing cheek, and with her fingers guard Her pouting lips, that murmured a denial In faltering accents, she did yield herself A sweet reluctant captive to my will.

Accents and other diacritical marks have also been dropt.

" "Oliver, pick up Lady Sue's handkerchief," came in mild accents from Mistress Pyncheon.

" "True, true," said the priest, with rapid accents; "and this girl, Señor, this girl is" "Juanita, the mestiza, adopted daughter of Don Juan Briones, over on the Santa Clare Valley," replied Cranch, jerking his thumb over his shoulder, and then sitting down upon the bench beside Father Pedro.

He thought he had risen at night in a sudden horror of remorse, and making his way to the darkened church had fallen upon his knees before the high altar, when all at once the acolyte's voice broke from the choir, but in accents so dissonant and unnatural that it seemed a sacrilege, and he trembled.

If the voice of temptation, clothed in musical and seducing accents, charms us one way, the voice of holiness, speaking to us from within in a solemn and powerful manner, commands us another.

"The wine, Mrs. Austin," the doctor said, in low accents.

You can then take your chances with himhe may be ready to take a felon for a wife, for aught I know, after all!" "Come, then, to-morrow evening," she acceded, after a second pause, and in low, angry accents, "and I will acquaint you with my determinationmy necessity rather."

In broken accents the bereaved father related how happily he had dwelt in a convent henyard, with the ten sons and fourteen daughters which his excellent consort had hatched and brought up in a single summer.

He hastened to the side of his fallen master, who in faltering accents now bade him take the brand Excalibur, cast it far from him into the waters of the lake, and return to report what he should see.

After a pause, but still in the most courteous accents, "Madam, have I your ladyship's permission to send you some fish?"

He called his charger, a high-boned not overfed animal, Cadavera play upon accents, for he was a good classical scholar, and fond of quoting the Latin poets.

2790 examples of  accents  in sentences