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1259 example sentences with  accidental

1259 example sentences with accidental

Those who knew the localities, now began to speak of the natural or accidental barriers, such as the water, the slips, and the broader streets, as the only probable means of arresting the destruction.

Never intruding between Eveena and myself, she alone was not wholly unwelcome to share our accidental privacy when, in the peristyle or the grounds, the others left us temporarily alone.

In every scene, many of the most brilliant details are but accidental.

Nor was this prediction, my lords, the effect of any uncommon sagacity, or any accidental conjecture on future consequences which happened to be right; for to any man who has had opportunities of observing that knowledge in war is necessary to success, and experience is the foundation of knowledge, it was sufficiently plain that our forces must be repulsed.

Our losses, my lords, are undoubtedly great, though I believe far less than they are reported by discontent and malevolence; for if a ship be delayed by an accidental hinderance, or kept back by contrary winds for a few days, there are men so watchful to snatch every opportunity of reproaching the measures of the government, that a clamour is immediately raised, the ship is taken, the merchants are sacrificed, and the nation betrayed.

It was this accidental formation which had induced the captain to select the spot as the site of his residence; for dwelling so far from any post, and in a place so difficult of access, something like military defences were merely precautions of ordinary prudence.

His father was a wine merchant, purveyor to the royal household, and from this accidental relation between trade and royalty may have arisen the fact that at seventeen years Chaucer was made page to the Princess Elizabeth.

Those circumstances which superficial consideration takes for the motives of the glorious Revolution, were but accidental opportunities for it.

A passing throb, only,but it deranged the nice mechanism required to persuade the accidental human being, x, into a given piece of broadcloth, a.

He might easily have persuaded himself that the wound was accidental, and so have escaped the conviction of injury wrought with intention.

"My visit to Manchester, which led to this, was quite accidental," said Coningsby.

Probably it is only an accidental coincidence that in the Malay countries Sakit-latar and Amok exist together, if not in the same individual, yet amongst the same people.

Or if their minds be more quiet for the present, and they free from foreign fears, outward accidents, yet their bodies are out of tune, they suspect some part or other to be amiss, now their head aches, heart, stomach, spleen, &c. is misaffected, they shall surely have this or that disease; still troubled in body, mind, or both, and through wind, corrupt fantasy, some accidental distemper, continually molested.

How comes, or wherefore is this temeraria siderum dispositio, this rash placing of stars, or as Epicurus will, fortuita, or accidental?

The circumstance of serpents taking up their abode in the large anthills, must be entirely accidental.

"No," said Lawrence, "my meeting with Mr Keswick at Midbranch was entirely accidental.

Mr. SPECTATOR, The Uproar was so great as soon as I had read the Spectator concerning Mrs. Freeman, that after many Revolutions in her Temper, of raging, swooning, railing, fainting, pitying herself, and reviling her Husband, upon an accidental coming in of a neighbouring Lady (who says she has writ to you also) she had nothing left for it but to fall in a Fit.

Hence it is that we take Delight in a Prospect which is well laid out, and diversified with Fields and Meadows, Woods and Rivers; in those accidental Landskips of Trees, Clouds and Cities, that are sometimes found in the Veins of Marble; in the curious Fret-work of Rocks and Grottos; and, in a Word, in any thing that hath such a Variety or Regularity as may seem the Effect of Design, in what we call the Works of Chance.

Yet Mr. Prescott makes it an accidental discovery, and in 1860 (the date of his publication) he wholly ignores my agency in this mode.

Boswell tells us how Johnson once corrected him as to the precise shape of a mountain; and Mrs. Thrale says that he was a close and exacting critic of ladies' dress, even to the accidental position of a riband.

One of his letters to his employer is signed impransus; and whether or not the dinnerless condition was in this case accidental, or significant of absolute impecuniosity, the less pleasant interpretation is not improbable.

The school timetable robbed life of all those accidental variations that make it interesting.

His impressions are accidental, immediate, personal, instead of being permanent and universal.

However, I fancy, that pleasant voice, and the accidental touch of that little hand, made an impression that never was effaced.

And this persuasion, with the kind hand of Providence, or some guardian angel, or accidental favorable circumstances or situations, or all together, preserved me, through this dangerous time of youth, and the hazardous situations I was sometimes in among strangers, remote from the eye and advice of my father, free from any wilful gross immorality or injustice, that might have been expected from my want of religion.

The world which is to succeed the present is no longer a subject of accidental thought, of wavering belief, or lifeless speculation; a region to which no tie binds us, and which no curiosity leads us to explore.

He should be attached to the independence of America, and the alliance with France, as the great pillars of our politics; and this attachment should not be slight and accidental, but regular, consistent, and founded in strong conviction.

Is it the fact that the former enjoy, compared with the latter, such irresistibly superior vitality, independent of climate, soil, and all other accidental circumstances, as to be able to produce the supposed result in spite of the assumed moral and natural obstacles to its accomplishment and of the more numerous population of the Northern States?

All these seemingly accidental figures are not like the shapes put in by artists to fill the blanks in their landscapes, but real breathing persons, or forms that have but lately been breathing, not found there by chance, but brought there with a purpose, fulfilling some real human errand, or at least, as in the last-mentioned picture, waiting to be buried.

Accidental as the choice may appear, it is undoubtedly based on laws more eternal than the stars; yet why all subtile influences conspire to bless that undistinguishable knoll no man can say.

But others are like this graceful purple blossom, floating unfixed, kept in place only by its fellows around it, until perhaps a breeze comes, and, breaking the accidental cohesion, sweeps them all away.

The accidental discharge of a gun shortly after he came of age, and within a few weeks of his wedding day, has made the England of to-day the poorer by one of her most promising sons.

The fact that Bob Hardy was a witness to what she had supposed was a mere accidental meeting gave her an instinctive clue to the identity of the man, and her cheeks flushed with shame as she connected him in her thoughts with that insulting proposition of the detective.

Their extreme delicacy, however, prevents a single one showing itself along the length of the section, and their constant accidental cutting makes them appear to run transversely (H.C.R.).

However, you soon learn out there that you can just as easily "get one" on the calmest night by an accidental spent bullet as you can when a little hate is on, and bullets are coming thick and fast.

No doubt whatever it was an accidental bullet, and not an aimed shot, as the Germans could not have possibly seen the farm owing to the darkness of the night.

I put my hat on top of a stick and brought it up above the parapet at two or three points to try and attract another shot; but no, there wasn't another, so I concluded the first one had been accidental, and went on my way again.

The introduction of wheat is said to have been owing to the accidental discovery, by a negro slave of Cortez, of three or four grains, among some rice which had been issued to the soldiers.

" * * * * * The Poet then, having seized on the Idea and purged it of what is trivial or accidental, reclothes it in a concrete dress and so represents it to us.

For it is mostly concerned with attacking attitudes which are in their nature accidental and incapable of enduring.

Nothing beyond inconvenience seems really to have been caused by them; and inconvenience, as I have said, is only one aspect, and that the most unimaginative and accidental aspect of a really romantic situation.

And anonymity ought to be not only an exception, but an accidental exception; a man ought always to be ready to say what anonymous article he had written.

Only Crossman's accidental use of the field-glasses had betrayed his going.

If my entry into journalism was accidental, working with rural correspondents in Goa was equally unexpected.

An accidental Bhailo Rahul GoswamiRahul Goswami, one of Goa's most hardworking and innovative outstation correspondent, covered this state for the Business Standard, in the mid-nineties.

For aught I know, Engineer Serko may have reason to be very skeptical about the discovery of the tunnel being accidental.

So as regards different photographs of the same person, those accidental momentary expressions are got rid of, which an ordinary photograph made by a brief exposure cannot help recording.

Every thing considered, it seemed likely that, if he did not chance to be relieved by some accidental wayfarer, there would soon be death in the pot.

Except in the case of very happy, and universal, and flowing natures, or under the influence of accidental counteractions, a personal risk, between extreme vagueness and extreme narrowness of character, is incurred by the individual himself.

It is proper to say, that, during the following days, the most thorough search was made in every nook and cranny of those parts of the house which Elsie chiefly haunted, but nothing was found which might be accused of having been the intentional cause of the probably accidental sudden illness of the governess.

Feeling a strong attraction for all that related to the East, through an accidental connection with friends who in conversation discoursed of its peculiarities and wonders, she was led to an extensive and thorough study of the numerous eminent scholars and travellers who have recorded their experience and researches in Syria and Damascus.

Here again the Prussian has no accidental merits, none of those lucky survivals, none of those late repentances, which make the patchwork glory of Russia.

But it would be unfair to base the criticism on the utterance of any accidental and hereditary prince: and it is quite equally clear in the case of the philosophers who have been held up to us, even in England, as the very prophets of progress.

Thus the British Navy is really national because it is natural; it has co-hered out of hundreds of accidental adventures of ships and shipmen before Chaucer's time and after it.

According to Aristotle and the Peripatetics, woman was animal occasionatum, as if a sort of monster and accidental production.

"That may be apply'd to a Subject, with respect to something accidental.

It is the privilege of Art to furnish for itself whatever is requisite, and the accidental deficiency of auxiliaries ought not to confine the plastic imagination of the Poet.

Accidental night.

An accidental rupture, an inadvertence, may cause a flood; the peril is unceasing; the sentinels are at their posts upon the bulwarks at the first assault of the sea; they shout the war-cry, and Holland sends men, material, and money.

We left Peronne early, and, being so fortunate as to encounter no accidental delays, we arrived within a league of Soissons early in the afternoon.

All her connection with me has been accidental, and during our last interview she merely begged for your release.

Most killings are accidental in the sense that they are casual and dependent on circumstances, and there is as a rule much less danger of repetition than there is of the original commission of a homicide by one of a defective nervous system who has never before committed an unlawful act.

An Idol may be Undeified by many accidental Causes.

Mr. SPECTATOR, The Uproar was so great as soon as I had read the Spectator concerning Mrs. Freeman, that after many Revolutions in her Temper, of raging, swooning, railing, fainting, pitying herself, and reviling her Husband, upon an accidental coming in of a neighbouring Lady (who says she has writ to you also) she had nothing left for it but to fall in a Fit.

Hence it is that we take Delight in a Prospect which is well laid out, and diversified with Fields and Meadows, Woods and Rivers; in those accidental Landskips of Trees, Clouds and Cities, that are sometimes found in the Veins of Marble; in the curious Fret-work of Rocks and Grottos; and, in a Word, in any thing that hath such a Variety or Regularity as may seem the Effect of Design, in what we call the Works of Chance.

What other Accidental Causes may contribute to the heightening of these Pleasures.

By purchasing these little books with the tickets in the form of coupons at the railway station we saved the additional fee which the tourist agent usually exacts, and this frugal act so filled us with joy that our trip proved unusually expensive, for at every stop we indulged in a small extravagance which we felt that we could well afford on account of this accidental saving at the start.

He took the singing match, the dirge, and the love-song or complaint as he found them among the shepherd-folk of Sicily, and gave them that objective setting which is as necessary to pastoral as to every other merely accidental form of poetry; for the true subjective lyric is independent of circumstances.

Accidental conditions, too, told in favour of the Roman poet.

Other writers besides Sacchetti produced songs of the sort, but in all alike the strictly pastoral element was accidental, and merged insensibly into the more delicately romantic of the novelle themes.

It cannot be too emphatically laid down that there is and can be no such thing as a 'theory' of pastoral, or, indeed, of any other artistic form dependent, like it, upon what are merely accidental conditions.

Then had happened that accidental meeting with Mr. Hart at Monte Carlo.

The first point brought up was the desirableness of making at first a favorable impression; the second, the necessity of taking general views of the condition of the school, and aiming to improve it in the mass, and not merely to rebuke or punish accidental faults; and the third, the importance and the means of gaining a general influence and ascendency over the minds of the pupils.

Perhaps I ought not to say it will produce no good effect, for good does sometimes result as a sort of accidental consequence from almost any thing.

"You do not recollect the order," says the teacher, "and it is of no consequence, for the order I named was only accidental.

And you mean to say that this in not accidental?"

There is a want of dramatic unity in the whole; the figures are introduced in an accidental way, and their relative proportion is not accurately preserved; the executioner, for example, is head and shoulders larger than anyone else, whilst the two figures standing on the steps of Solomon's throne are in marked contrast.

It was an accidental meeting in Paris, some months later, that made his path clear.

E. This reported produce is prodigious, and must have only been temporary or accidental.

Juliet, concluding he was deaf, and the ceasing of his song accidental, turned softly, and would have retreated.

If we withdraw this foundation, we retain in a State nothing but an accidental aggregate of rights, a kind of bulwark against the war of all against all, which ancient philosophy has assumed.

An accidental concealment, acquiesced in temporarily, for business reasonswhat had that in common with villainy like Morrison's?

Who was it that said 'Composition is the art of preserving the accidental look'?

Nothing which consists of corporeal matter is absolutely light, but that is comparatively lighter which is rarer, either by its own nature, or by accidental heat.

It was vital that the health of the crews of his ships should be maintained, and the fact that the men are and have been all summer well and happy is not accidental.

Then with kindling eyes, and a voice eloquent with sympathy, Rosey told the story of her accidental discovery of De Ferriรจres' miserable existence in the loft.

No writer, even the greatest, is free from occasional errors; but these accidental slips are not to be considered in determining good use.

Prior to events in San Andreas, CJ causes the accidental death of his brother.

The event started with a ten-bell salute to honor Louie Spicolli who had died six days earlier from an accidental drug overdose.

โ€œBut Truman was to many Americans an โ€˜accidental president,โ€™ having attained the Oval Office not at the ballot box, but by line of succession after Franklin D. Rooseveltโ€™s death.

The Korean War was anything but accidental, but miscalculation and miscommunication both extended and broadened the war beyond its necessary boundaries.

A greater likelihood that the home and its contents could sustain accidental damage caused by the children under care.

Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance (insured and paid by the Co-operators Life Insurance Company).

Her trilogy, The Lobster Chronicles, features the accidental capture of a giant lobster as told from the perspective of three different boys.

I characterize Toronto as โ€œthe accidental metropolisโ€ because somehow it has joined the ranks of the top dozen world cities without any such intention that I can discover.

Although a single-tap would suffice, a double-tap was chosen to prevent accidental input that may arise when users hesitate or think twice.

A major change in cash flow resulted from the Gordon Foundation grant for professional secretarial assistance and from project grants for the conference on accidental nuclear war, the Toronto Chapter lecture series and Walter Dornโ€™s directory project.

The Trump skeptics noted that he was impulsive and could not be trusted to act with prudence if there was some crisis or accidental clash between U.S. and Russian forces in the field, for example.

Benefit will be paid if an Accidental bodily injury prevents the Employee from performing the duties of the Employee's regular occupation and requires the Employee to obtain rehabilitation/retraining as determined by a physician approved by the company.

Ward 8 is home to the University of Alberta, Whyte Ave. and the โ€œAccidental Beachโ€ that popped up along the North Saskatchewan this summer.