1010 examples of accidental in sentences

Bancroft, who is, perhaps, the best authority on all colonial matters, says the commencement of the war was accidental, and that "many of the Indians were in a maze, not knowing what to do, and ready to stand for the English.

'A small fire having occurred in the Magnetic Observatory, a new building of zinc, for the operation of naphthalizing the illuminating gas, is in preparation, external to the Observatory: and thus one of the possible sources of accidental fire will be removed.

His health seems to have failed a good deal in this year: on Feb. 4th he had an accidental fall, and there are several entries in his Journal of mental attacks, pains in his limbs, affection of his eye-sight, &c.

He was a member of the bar who advanced that principle of eternal justice against the mere fact of policy; and now that he is in the position to carry out the principle which he has advanced, I confidently trust he will be as good as his word,[*] and that his honourable colleagues, the gentlemen of the bar, will remember their calling to maintain the permanent principles of justice against the encroachments of accidental policy.

That is a remarkable fact, and yet it is not accidental; it springs from the proper influence of institutions upon the national character.

Others assign it to the repercussion of the voice from accidental angles.

"My visit to Manchester, which led to this, was quite accidental," said Coningsby.

This want of attention to so important a branch of agriculture is the more to be regretted, as the Islands abound in situations peculiarly adapted for the cultivation of cotton, and the accidental failure of the crops in some provinces, might easily be made up by their success in others.

Miss R. He has owned that an accidental fire had frightened you very much on Wednesday nightand thatand thatan accidental fire had frightened youvery much frightened youlast Wednesday night!

Miss R. He has owned that an accidental fire had frightened you very much on Wednesday nightand thatand thatan accidental fire had frightened youvery much frightened youlast Wednesday night!

Deformities and imperfections of our bodies, as lameness, crookedness, deafness, blindness, be they innate or accidental, torture many men: yet this may comfort them, that those imperfections of the body do not a whit blemish the soul, or hinder the operations of it, but rather help and much increase it.

The circumstance of serpents taking up their abode in the large anthills, must be entirely accidental.

While, with incessant thought, laborious man Extends his mighty schemes of wealth and pow'r, And towers and triumphs in ideal greatness; Some accidental gust of opposition Blasts all the beauties of his new creation, O'erturns the fabrick of presumptuous reason, And whelms the swelling architect beneath it.

will int'rest, fear, or envy, O'erthrow such weak, such accidental virtue, Nor built on faith, nor fortified by conscience! DEMETRIUS.

John Ainsworth Horrocks is one of those whose accidental death at the very outset of his career plunged his name into oblivion.

"Curiosity," I said, "is the accidental relish of a single night; whereas the essential and abiding pleasure of the theatre lies in foreknowledge.

And in truth the Royal Academy did not argue accidental negligence.

The problem might never have been solved for us had it not been for the accidental publication, four years after the Biography appeared, of a second letter from Crabbe to Burke.

The Yamato spirit is not a tame, tender plant, but a wildin the sense of naturalgrowth; it is indigenous to the soil; its accidental qualities it may share with the flowers of other lands, but in its essence it remains the original, spontaneous outgrowth of our clime.

Now the pursuits of peace are recognized as the real, and war as the accidental.

Amid the strange variety of persons among whom they were crowded, Elsie remarked the stranger in the white sack, who had followed them, and who had stationed himself behind them,but it did not occur to her that his presence there was other than merely accidental.

Farquhar left Trinity College, Dublin, as an undergraduate and became an actor, but owing to his accidental killing of another player he left the stage and secured a commission in the army.

The coincidence of the festival with the summer solstice can hardly be accidental.

Then he went over the evidence, at first in a tone favourable to the encounter having been almost accidental, and the stroke an act of passion.

Some of the youngsters in his army, making a mock assault upon the strong walls, discovered an accidental hollow under the great tower over which the Stanitza flew and, seizing upon a load of straw that was handy, stuffed it in and set it on fire.

1010 examples of  accidental  in sentences