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94 examples of  ache for  in sentences

94 examples of ache for in sentences

Mary's heart ached for these children of the slums.

And so on and on, rapturously, while Billie's heart sank lower and lower and Violet's own warm one ached for her friend.

Four years ago, while my heart- ache for her was fresh and torturing, a new pastor came to the little village church of Valley Mills.

"Your papa says you must have your bath, and my poor old bones must ache for 't." "The bath's filled already.

Some of the poor fellows who lay there as they fell looked to me absolutely noble, and I thought of their families who were aching for news of them and hoping against hope that they would not be left unburied in their misery.

You see I used to be quite a hand for such things; but living all alone up here didn't give me much of an opportunity to try any pranks; and so I was just aching for a turn.

His eyes had ached for the sight of her.

His heart ached for her, and he did all that a man could do to lighten the burden of her trouble; but there was very little that he could do beyond superintending the necessary arrangements for the funeral.

Mrs. Chester arose, and Oldfield's heart ached for her.

My heart ached for her.

we were wretchedour hearts ached for a day which we could call our own.

Poor man, your ribs will ache for this for a month to come!

After a few introductory remarks, in the course of which he said he had been troubled with stomach ache for six hours on the previous day, and that just before his last visit to Preston he had an attack of illness in the very same place, a lengthy allusion was made to his past history.

All those lovely material things of life which her famished girlhood had ached for so hopelessly now were hers in abundant measure, and all the less tangible things, too, so requisite to the happiness of women in a worldly worldor nearly all.

She ached for rest.

She ached for the sound of his voice.

She had discussed the question with him often before, and she knew the strict justice of his claim; but her heart ached for the poor friendless old woman, who was thus to lose her last dollar.

When the coffee was brought I sat smoking and surly over it, as if my head ached from the day's drink; Grim and Jeremy, aching for sleep but refusing like good artists to neglect a detail of their part, went to another table and played backgammon, betting quarrelsomely; and at last one of the five men walked over and touched Yussuf Dakmar's shoulder.

It's aching for a different reason altogether.

Wingate looked at him contemptuously for a moment, every nerve in his body aching for the fight.

Sometimes it is eleven o'clock at night, Monsieur de Laval, and I am writing to his dictation with my head aching for want of sleep.

And now he positively ached for a game.

And truly I was mortal stiff and did ache for a great while, and this did be in part because that I had wrapped not the cloak about me, ere I slept; for the Land was bitter cold and did make the blood very chill.

No one injures me, but my heart aches for every onefor you, for brother, for all of you. ARKHรP.

"I do think my heart would ache for pride.

Let me not stumble blindly down the ways, Just getting somehow safely through the days, Not even groping for another hand, Not even wondering why it all was planned, Eyes to the ground unseeking for the light, Soul never aching for a wild-winged flight, Please, keep me eager just to do my share.

She saw them and her heart ached for him.

Reader, it was sublime; but we ached for it next day.

And the World mocked,"You would not let your little finger ache for such as this!"

Again my heart ached for her and for him.

Such astonishment, such pain, were in it, my heart ached for her.

His heart went out to that little household; and when he saw Jenny, it ached for that young man downstairs.

They knew that people who died were never seen at school any more, and that people always burst out crying when anyone died; so they cried bitterly, these little girls, and the hearts of one or two of them perhaps really ached for a little while.

He missed the sex, ached for it, but he didn't miss the beatings.

The flame of love that had played about his passion for his wife had died down to its embers; all the transfiguring hopes and illusions were gone, but they had left an unquenchable ache for her nearness, her smile, her touch.

Mr. Moore suspected that there was some joke which he could not understand; but the ways of the Academy boys were always past his comprehension, so he and the waiters came bustling in with the first course of just such a banquet as would please a crowd of academicians, and would give an older person a stomach-ache for six weeks.

" Miriam did not immediately answer, but presently she said, speaking with a certain air of severity: "If my soul ached for the company of anybody as Miss Panney told you Dora Bannister's soul ached for my company, I think I should have a little more to say to her when she came to see me, than Dora Bannister had to say to me to-day.

" Miriam did not immediately answer, but presently she said, speaking with a certain air of severity: "If my soul ached for the company of anybody as Miss Panney told you Dora Bannister's soul ached for my company, I think I should have a little more to say to her when she came to see me, than Dora Bannister had to say to me to-day.

My heart ached for her.

I'm aching for a shindy anyhow: so now s'pose ye jist say that again."

And then somebody laughed mockingly, like Jacques, and somebody else, clad in motley like Touchstone, but who seemed to speak in Dick's own voice, murmured, "Ay, now am I in Arden, the more fool I." And even with these words the forest vanished and Tony with it and the dreamer was left alone on a steep and dusty road, lost and aching for the missing touch of her hand.

" She looked like a pitiful little wraith, and his heart ached for her.

My heart ached for him as he stood there at his study window looking down the street when it was time to go.

"Oh, Miss Parker, she said, my heart aches for that poor lad upstairs, and yet with all this trial, and the wonderful providential escape he has had, would you believe it?

It was only Emilie who noticed his look of hopelessness; she sat near him and heard his stifled sigh, and oh, how her heart ached for the poor lad!

What Thou hast given to me, Lord, here I bring Thee, Odour, and light, and the magic of gold; Feet which must follow Thee, lips which must sing Thee, Limbs which must ache for Thee ere they grow old.

And Myra herself, that charming presence to infold his lifeHe would go walking through the golden October park, by little leaf-strewn paths under the wild and sun-soaked foliage, with many vistas every way of luring mystery, and over all the earth the rich opulent mother-bliss of harvest, and his heart would ache, ache within him, ache for his own harvests, ache like the sun for the earth, the man for the woman.

On the sixth it seemed to Ruth that her heart would break with its aching for his absence; and with the sadness that came from listening to a sobbing wind which sighed despairingly through the naked forest; and with watching a melancholy rain which hung a dark curtain between Cedar House and the other side of the river.

He ached for the sound of Dick's step on the stairs, but it did not come.

" "Not for long, dear; our eyes are aching for him.

my heart aches for them.

And yet my heart aches for you.

It seemed to me I owed debts on every handto the worldto you: I triedtried to payto pay you fair, ache for ache, if I could, for the hurts I'd given you.

" Then Richard laughed in his hearty way, Enjoying his joke, as a monarch may; He laughed till he ached for want of breath: If it lacked in life, it was full of death: Like many, believing the next best thing To a joke with a point is a joke with a sting.

The second and third letters made it even plainer that the old heart valves ached for the young man's coming.

Aching for absolute honesty of style and making clearness almost synonomous with good morals, he has given us in the Vailima collection and in the two larger volumes of his correspondence an almost unexampled self-revelation.

The children were playing on the bankswith that divine carelessness and innocence which made one's heart ache for them in this beastly business of warand their fathers and mothers, whose worldly goods had been packed into baskets and brown paper parcelsthe poor relics of all that had been theirswondered whether after all their sufferings and struggles they would reach the town of Amiens and find safety there.

I'm a crazy sort of a beggar, my little lovethat same thing in me hungers and thirsts and aches for freedom.

Robina's heart ached for poor Gwenda.

Sometimes, after a hard day's work, he would be tired and heavy; she saw him middle-aged and her heart would ache for him.

"Little daughter," he said, "little friend, p'raps your heart's aching for someone over the sea, but don't make his heart ache, too, now.

Her plum-like breasts grew large, Harder and crisper, aching for love.

Kaaialii awaited his wife's return with his heart aching for her warm embrace.

Her head ached for want of sleep, her heart was stirred by a hundred varied emotions.

My heart begins to ache for loneliness, and I long for the gaiety of the town and its diversions.

My heart ached for the girl, and I longed to get my hands on that cur of a Le Gaire, yet might venture to approach neither.

My heart always aches for the man in the case even more than for the woman who is misused.

The old wounds would still sometimes bleed and the heart ache for home joys all her own.

Who, indeed, is there, that would not gladly make the exchange, if he lived only for himself, and were to leave none who stood in need of himno eyes to weep at his departure, no hearts to ache for his loss?

"Now, I'm going to get the key," said Wildney, "and mean to have a stomach-ache for the purpose.

" Her tone was anxious, wistful, and my heart ached for her.

I remember she was surprised on one of my home-comings, when Miss Marryat noted "cheerfulness" as a want in my character, for at home I was ever the blithest of children, despite my love of solitude; but away, there was always an aching for home, and the stern religion cast somewhat of a shadow over me, though, strangely enough, hell never came into my dreamings except in the interesting shape it took in "Paradise Lost."

He suffered many heart-aches for the want of a father or mother.

" "There's an honest confession for you," and Jarvis shook hands so heartily that Sally's fingers ached for a minute afterward.

I'm fairly aching for a good old game of hi spy or prisoner's base with you.

She comes up here to bed whenever she can find the slightest ache for an excuse, just to be by herself.

There was a full moonand the world ached for lovers.

Chuck out a cigarette, Kid; my lungs ache for want of a smoke.

But neither one or the other would do with the Scots; but we who knew the Scots best knew that there was one thing would do with them, if the other would not, and that was money; and therefore our hearts ached for the king.

But these twothe man especiallyhad nothing to say, yet ached for words.

Arrah, now, make it foive, St. Piran darlint!" "Now may they make your stummucks ache for that word, ye marautherin' thieves av the world!"

He wept awhile, standing there in the centre of the room, smearing the tears away with the flapping sleeves of his tarnished livery, while, like a committed panther, I paced the walls, to and fro, to and fro, heart aching for escape.

I sometimes ache for foemen and the wilds.

It always did seem to me as if mother had the imposition of hands,perhaps every one feels just so about their mother,but only her touch always lightens an ache for me, whether it's in the heart or the head.

I looked after her, and for the first time in weeks my heart ached for somebody beside myself.

I saw the dismal procession depart from the house, and my heart ached for the little Gheber.

My heart ached for Nina.

He could not therefore have spoken under heavier disadvantages, and my heart ached for him.

How my heart has ached for her!"

"I am simply aching for a gallop over thata gallop in the very early morning, and to see the sun rise from that knoll!"

I don't ask your compassion for such trifles as bodily pain; but for what I am, and must forever be in this life, my own heart aches for pity.

And if your duty as a scholar require you to peruse the book fully, instead of casting it aside, your mind at length fairly aches for the sense of poise and soundness, were it only for a single page.

A dead, dead crater, aching for the very fire that made it what it was, crying out of its fierce void for fiery fusion.

Bewildered by the story, filled with sorrow for sufferers passed away from the great, suffering earth, aching for those that still were in the void of misery, I arose to go.