Do we say acme or acne

acme 99 occurrences

It always made her sore when I got chums with Amy at school and got my nose in it with the Acme crowd, andand she'll change her tune now, I guess, me marrying her husband's second cousin.

" "Itit would be different if Lester's uncle and all wasn't in the Acme Club crowd, and if I hadn't got in with all that bunch.

They still hoped for commissions as regulars, which too few of them ever received; and they were charmed with the little viceregal court over which Lady Maria Carleton, despite her youthful two-and-twenty summers, presided with a dignity inherited from the premier ducal family of England and brought to the acme of conventional perfection by her intimate experience of Versailles.

Her cleverness in selecting the proper wear for herself and children was nothing short of marvellous; and her calm acceptance of the new state of affairs, the acme of good breeding.

By thee he came Unto perfection's acme, step by step.

However that may be, he has seemed to our community the very incarnation of contentment and prosperityhis position the acme of desirability.

"Hermann und Dorothea," which Schiller pronounced the acme not only of Goethean but of all modern art, was written professedly as an attempt in the Homeric style, motived by Wolf's "Prolegomena" and Voss's "Luise."

And so, from a physical point of view, we find that if a man has any peculiar power, it first gradually increases in strength until it reaches its acme, after which it enters upon a path of slow decadence, until it ends in imbecility.

Arrived at a low peninsula on the north shore of the lake, Tucker and I pitched our camp, sent our mules back to Puyusca for fodder, and set up the Acme folding boat, which we had brought so many miles on muleback, for the sounding operations.

The "Acme" proved easy to assemble, although this was our first experience with it.

Never was a more happy pair, since Acme and Septimius, and longer.

The drawing-room in the Verplanck mansion was high of ceiling, a spacious, stately room, and its quaint, straight-backed chairs, stuffed ottomans, and carved mahogany sofas were the acme of elegance of those days.

This was the acme of artistic skill in cigar making.

This was the cake-walk in its original form, and it is what the colored performers on the theatrical stage developed into the prancing movements now known all over the world, and which some Parisian critics pronounced the acme of poetic motion.

The best expression of this advanced idea came from the Methodist Episcopal Church, which reached the acme of antislavery sentiment in 1784.

Their equipment was the acme to all appearances ordinary two-wheeled farm-carts, contained "nests" of nine machine-guns which could instantly be brought into action.

You are already a great noble, but your fortunes have not yet reached their acme.

Such a return for her services seemed to him but the acme of selfishness and ingratitude.

R71046. NATIONAL Acme Company.

Acme commodity and phrase code.

Acme School of <pb id='163.png' n='1976h1/A/3153' /> Die Design Engineering, Inc. (PWH); 19Apr76; R629574.

Acme School of Die Design Engineering, Inc. (PWH); 29Sep76; R642305. R642313.

Shaw's conquest of one member of the force opposing him was scarcely the result of bravery; on the other hand Lord Cecil's dash into the enemy's country was the very acme of intrepidity.

Not to go out with the conviction that he was vanishing amid the glory of success, was to him to be wretched at his last moment, and to be wretched at his last moment, or to anticipate that he should be so, was to him,even so near his last hours,the acme of misery.

It was the acme of the discoverer's destiny, the realization of his dream of glory, the well-earned recompense of years of persevering endeavor.

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While we are on the subject of Advertisements a word must be said about the Medical branch of this fine art; and knowing the enormous fortunes which have often been made out of a casual prescription for acne or alopecia, I freely place at the disposal of any aspiring young chemist who reads this paper the following tale of enterprise and success.

The same flaxen hair, the same ragged beard and a similar red nose, with the patches of <i>acne rosacea</i> spreading to the adjacent cheeks.

ACNE, a skin disease showing hard reddish pimples; ACNE ROSACEA, a congestion of the skin of the nose and parts adjoining.

ACNE, a skin disease showing hard reddish pimples; ACNE ROSACEA, a congestion of the skin of the nose and parts adjoining.

Do we say   acme   or  acne