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32 examples of  activated  in sentences

32 examples of activated in sentences

Some passion has immeasurably activated his brain, destroying brain cells which might not be replaced.

One group of filaments in general increases or activates the function of the organ to which it is distributed.

It has been agreed to call the stimulative or activating portion the autonomic or drive system.

For the internal secretion of the thyroid has a selective affinity for the autonomic or activating system, while that of the adrenals has a selective affinity for the sympathetic or inhibiting system.

They in turn activate the ovarian cells, which congest the uterine glands and lining membrane.

This new-comer is the secretion of the activated breasts, the mammary glands.

At puberty, when the sex glands bloom, and the complex of the sex instincts is activated, exhibitionism manifests itself in a host of guises and disguises.

But it is only activated when the group is under threat.

The former second-in-command of the pirates pushed him out of the chair, took over, and activated the switch that cut in the automatic pilot.

Gene nodded and activated the personal contact codes of the men Zimbardo wanted to see.

He pressed the button which was located in the same place on the board as the button he had seen the midnight visitors press to activate their screen.

"It's voice activated!

Mark tried a series of standard commands for voice-activated computers, but got no response to any words other than "hey" and "Zimbardo.

They quickly replaced the sats, got them activated, and then checked data.

No lights were activated over an elevator.

"It's probably voice-activated, like the computer screens below."

It had two dials on it with signs of calibration, and a button that was probably intended to activate it.

He activated the laser through it.

The doors can't be only voice-activated, or they couldn't open the door in a vacuum.

Mark went over to it and activated it.

He had surreptitiously placed automatic signal points into the Martian system without activating them until this moment.

He was smiling widely again as he pressed "Enter" and activated the asteroid's propulsion system. 14: The Shield of St. George THE CONVERSATION was very quiet, but the microphone picked it up.

He laughed out loud and pressed the switch that activated a general direction EMP.

As the program Zimbardo had activated was engaged, the power it required began draining the emergency resources of the asteroid.

Madera activated his lamp and shone it into the iron cavern.

"Pressing this button is the last step in activating the rest of the power plant.

It should give us the power we need, but-but it's clear that it hasn't been activated for thousands of years.

He scratched his head, then placed his hands on the keyboard and activated it.

Gene entered the figures into the primary guidance system and activated it.

Activated curriculum.

Activated curriculum.

Civilized merchandizers take two other steps aimed to activate consumption.