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905 example sentences with  ada

905 example sentences with ada

Title: Tenterhooks Author: Ada Leverson Release Date: November 8, 2003 [eBook #10021] Language: English Chatacter set encoding: ISO-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG

His reply to this overture was to show her a letter which he had written to Lady Byron from Pisa, but never forwarded, of the tone of which the following extracts must be a sufficient indication:"I have to acknowledge the receipt of Ada's hair....

Miss Ada Bell welcomed Clarence in the most affectionate manner, assisted him to remove his coat, unfastened his woollen neck-tie, and smoothed down his glossy black hair; then, warming a napkin, she wrapped it round his benumbed hands, and held them in her own until the circulation was restored and they were supple and comfortable again.

Miss Ada Bell appeared to be about thirty-five.

He could not answer; he only raised his mournful dark eyes to the face of Miss Ada, and as he looked at her they grew moist, and a tear sparkled on his long lashes.

Miss Ada felt that she had touched a tender chord, so she stooped down and kissed his forehead, remarking, "You have a good face, Clarence, and no doubt an equally good heart; we shall get on charmingly together, I know."

Tea was soon brought upon the table, and they all earnestly engaged in the discussion of the various refreshments that Miss Ada's well-stocked larder afforded.

Amongst those seemingly the most impatient was Miss Ada Bell, who looked but little older than when she won the heart of the orphan Clarence, years before, by that kind kiss upon his childish brow.

t, and was soon in the embrace of Miss Ada.

" "Yes, Aunt Ada,"

Good Aunt Ada would not let him talk, but compelled him to remain quiet until he had rested himself, and eaten his evening meal.

Tea over, Miss Ada insisted that he should lie down upon the sofa again, whilst she, sat by and bathed his head.

"No, Aunt Ada," he answered, hesitatingly, whilst a look of annoyance darkened his face for a moment; "I have not been to visit her since last fallalmost a year.

Miss Ada looked at him sorrowfully, and continued smoothing down his hair, and inundating his temples with Cologne; at last she ventured to inquire, "How do matters progress with you and Miss Bates?

Aunt Ada, we are engaged!"

I love her, Aunt Ada," said he, passionately"love her with all the energy and strength of my father's race, and all the doating tenderness of my mother's.

Aunt Ada could not help weeping, and exclaimed, commiseratingly, "My poor, poor boy," as he strode up and down the room.

Clarence, Clarence, my dear child!" cried the terrified Aunt Ada, "you talk deliriously; you have brooded over this until it has almost made you crazy.

"Let me walk, Aunt Ada," said he after a few moments,"let me walk, I feel better whilst I am moving; I can't bear to be quiet."

Aunt Ada could see no remedy for this new difficulty, and could only say, "Indeed!"

"And will you give it?" asked Aunt Ada.

I thought you loved me, Aunt Ada."

"I know you are right, Aunt Ada," said he; "I am convinced of thatit is a question of courage with me.

Tell me what you have seen since you went away; and how is that dear Aunt Ada of yours you talk so much about?" "Oh, she is quite well," answered he; "but tell, Anne, tell me about that dream.

Aunt Ada came from Sudbury at Emily's request; she knew her presence would give pleasure to Clarence, she accordingly wrote her to come, and she and Emily nursed by turns the failing sufferer.

Her husband and the nurse rushed into the room; then came Aunt Ada and Mr. Bates.

Of all the many whites that he had known, Aunt Ada and Mr. Balch were the only ones that mingled their tears with those who listened to the solemn words of Father Banks, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

* * * * * One most brilliant Autumn day I walked by the village market-cross at Barnard, come at last, but with a tenderness in my heart, and a reluctance, to where I was born; for I said I would go and see my sister Ada, andthe other old one.

There is the high-curving browreally a King's brow, after all, it strikes me nowand that vacillating look about the eyes and mouth which used to make my sister Ada say: 'Adam is weak and luxurious.'

XIV. * * * * * Abad and Ada, a Tale, 404.

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By James Alosious Dollard & Ada Stevens.

And in diuers places there standeth a kind of image which in their language they call Ada.

This Ada hath foure hands with clawes.

Here the artist illustrated the Queen's poem, "Ada," with a series of water-color sketches, and painted two landscapes from Roumanian scenery.

Even the crooning hymns of the old negro woman had died away; and the moans of the suffering child, and the sobs of the weary mother, and the eager exclamations of Ada Greene (for such I learned was the name of my young companion), were, for a season, lost alike in sleep.

Ada Greene was standing self-poised, swaying like a slender reed with the motion of the raft, so as never to lose her balance, like a young acrobat, with her folded arms, her floating hair, and fair Aurora face, uplifted to the day.

we should be very grateful for, Ada, since it is all that lies between us and destruction!"

Ada Greene and the old negro woman clung together, hanging to the same cord of safety, flung to them, to all of us, by the hand of Christian Garth.

"You must not talk so, Ada;" and I took her hand, which was burning.

"I am ready now to go to Captain Ambrose for assistance," said Ada Greene, poising herself before me, and having surrendered or forgotten her first idea, evidently, in the new mania of the moment.

"Sabra," I whispered, "what became of the young girl, Ada Lee, and the deformed child?

The ADA lists some conditions that are not counted as disabilities.

The ADA protects people with disabilities.

The ADA sets standards for construction of accessible public facilities.

Ada and her father are both magical, semi-human healers who live in an unspecified town in an unspecified time (trucks, yes; cellphones, no).

ADA CALHOUN: Being middle-aged in America right now as a middle-class, American woman is different than it was for our mothers and grandmothers.

ADA France-Williams, whose book Ghost Ship: Institutional Racism and the Church of England will be published next month, said: You might get bishops who begin to understand the issues, but when they retire the church reverts to factory settings.

Ada led 5-2 early in set two after a big kill by senior middle Megan Light.

Editions AdA published Godbout's novel as part of its series "Contes interdits" Forbidden Tales which recasts classic fairy tales as horror stories.

Green Wave outside hitter Kendra Emery gets low for a first-set bump at home Monday night against the Ada-Borup Cougars.

It can be made to look like it did when it was built on the outside and be up to current life-safety standards and be ADA compliant.

While Ada’s Kitchen has an existing patio space, Rockwell said she would love to add some tables to the sidewalk in front of her restaurant and market.

With almost 144,000 absentee ballots already mailed, Ada County sent out their own record number of mail-in ballots for this year's November election.

Hello Ada, thank you for your question.

In 1843, Ada Lovelace published notes describing the Analytical Engine, a device that would later form the basis for all modern computers.

James and Ada operated a boarding house at Rivers for a short time before moving to Brandon for a few years.