32366 examples of add in sentences

She had the boy scald the meal, sprinkle salt in it and add a little cold water to it.

"Honey, come back to see Aunt Add. sometime.

He who needs to be convinced of this has but to turn once more to the eighth Aeneid, and to add to the charming story of Aeneas' first visit to the seven hills, the splendid picture of the origin and growth of Roman dominion engraved on the shield which Venus gives her son.

He has no sides of smoked bacon, says the poet, hanging from his roof, but only a cheese, so to add to his meal he goes into his garden and gathers thence a number of various herbs and vegetables, which he then makes into the hotch-potch, or pot-au-feu which gives the name to the poem.

To repeal, therefore, an act nugatory in itself, would not add to the reputation of the profession, nor give a license to further abuse; but it would be an act of justice, and remove a prejudice unjustly attached to the professors of a difficult art.

There may be a total diversity of ideas which admits no participation of the same delight, and there may likewise be such a conformity of notions as leaves neither any thing to add to the decisions of the other.

Whoever desires, for his writings or himself, what none can reasonably contemn, the favour of mankind, must add grace to strength, and make his thoughts agreeable as well as useful.

He promised me in general terms, that nothing should be wanting which his power could add to my happiness, but forbore to release me from my confinement.

These are indeed the meanest and cruellest of human beings, a race with whom, as with some pestiferous animals, the whole creation seems to be at war; but who, however detested or scorned, long continue to add heap to heap, and when they have reduced one to beggary, are still permitted to fasten on another.

Gelasimus, in his forty-ninth year, was distinguished by those who have the rewards of knowledge in their hands, and called out to display his acquisitions for the honour of his country, and add dignity by his presence to philosophical assemblies.

He that has cultivated the tree, watched the swelling bud and opening blossom, and pleased himself with computing how much every sun and shower add to its growth, scarcely stays till the fruit has obtained its maturity, but defeats his own cares by eagerness to reward them.

I have seen the meteors of fashions rise and fall, without any attempt to add a moment to their duration.

Let me add that no one brick out of the many laid is of no importance.

They appeared on this occasion to add to the honor of Christ.

He tried to add something else, but seemed undetermined what.

The lecture must have been a great quickener of conscience; for they would dare punishment and cheat Madame Joubert, under her own eyes, in order surreptitiously to add a new sin to their list.

But we will first quote the Athenaeum account, from its being the most brief as well as more circumstantial, and then add the variorum opinions.

It will seem almost incredible when I now add that nothing of this kind has happened at Semur.

Reports by rural correspondents add spice, flavour and variety to a newspaper.

Indeed, there is scarce the magni nominis umbra to be met with in this translation, which being fairly intimated by Jacob, he needs add no more, but si populus vult decipi, decipiatur.

Wouldst thou be soon despatched, and perish whole, Trust Maurus with thy life, and Milbourne with thy soul" Referring to another place, what occurs upon the style and execution of the Fables, I have only to add, that they were published early in spring 1700, in a large folio, and with the "Ode to Saint Cecilia."

If anything could add to Corinne's ecstatic delight, it was this charming motion.

When she paid the driver, she would add something to the regular fare, but as she gave it to him she would say in her most distinct French: "Pour manger.

s been lived before us, to which no age, no human being who has trod the earth and laid himself to rest with all his mortal burden upon her maternal bosom, has failed to add his contribution.

We might add that the false, the ugly and the vicious have each a fibre in the human heart to serve their purpose.

32366 examples of  add  in sentences