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74 example sentences with  adelphi

74 example sentences with adelphi

When we see the comparative facility with which the detective slips the handcuffs on the villain in the last act of Adelphi dramas, we are apt to be misled as to the difficulty which police officers meet with in the execution of one of the most arduous parts of their duty.

He has fifty things in hand,farces to supply the Adelphi for the season; a comedy for one of the great theatres, just ready; a whole entertainment by himself for Mathews and Yates to figure in; a meditated Comic Annual for next year, to be nearly done by himself.

From this period down to about 1789 Miss More usually spent some time every year amongst her London friends, but chiefly with Mrs. Garrick, either at the Adelphi or at her country residence at Hampton.

Sometimes I am ready to say, 'How can I forget you, when you have hung around me so closely for half an hour?' "Our waiter at the Adelphi Hotel, at Liverpool, was a very respectable middle-aged man, with a white neck-cloth; he looked like a Methodist parson.

"We must go to the Adelphi," said Octavia; "that is where Rollo went, and found his father, and mother, and Thannie.

We found ourselves very elegantly entertained at her house in the Adelphi, where I have passed many a pleasing hour with him 'who gladdened life.'

He and I walked away together; we stopped a little while by the rails of the Adelphi, looking on the Thames, and I said to him with some emotion that I was now thinking of two friends we had lost, who once lived in the buildings behind us, Beauclerk and Garrick. '

Arrived at Liverpool, he entered a cab and drove to the Adelphi Hotel.

"In his Adelphi or 'Brothers,' SYRUS and DEMEA enter after the Scene was broken by the departure of SOSTRATA, GETA, and CANTHARA; and, indeed, you can scarce look into any of his Comedies, where you will not presently discover the same interruption.

A house associated with Sir Joshua Reynolds and a house associated with Hogaith, both in Leicester Square, and houses associated with Benjamin Franklin and Peter the Great, in Craven Street; Sheridan, in Savile Row; Campbell, in Duke Street; Carrick, in the Adelphi Terrace; Mrs. Siddons, in Baker Street, and Michael Faraday, in Blandford Street, are only a few of the notable places which have been thus designated.

Born at New London, Conn. Graduated at Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, 1893, from Smith College 1897, and from the American Academy of Dramatic Art, New York, 1900.

Adelphi, Act. 4. scen.

If you do, send Hood the number, No. 2 Robert St., Adelphi, and keep the sketch for me.

He has 50 things in hand, farces to supply the Adelphi for the season, a comedy for one of the great theatres, just ready, a whole entertainment by himself for Mathews and Yates to figure in, a meditated Comic Annual for next year, to be nearly done by himself.

Hood's entertainment for Mathews and Frederick Yates, then joint-managers of the Adelphi, I have not identified.

Here should come an unprinted note from Lamb to Charles Mathews, dated October 27, 1828, referring to the farce "The Pawnbroker's Daughter," which Lamb offered to Mathews for the Adelphi.

Hood is or was at Brighton, but a note, prose or rhime, to him, Robert Street, Adelphi, I am sure would extract a copy of his, which also I have not seen.

He tried acting, but did not succeed; and then became a scene-shifter, or something of the kind, at the Adelphi.

"Come to my rooms, then, in the Adelphi, and have a wash and a shave.

Receives Adelphi Gold Medal for statuette of Hercules.

Receives Adelphi Gold Medal for statuette of Hercules.

This I sent to the Society of Arts at the Adelphi, to stand for the prize (which is offered every year for the best performance in painting, sculpture, and architecture and is a gold medal).

On June 13, 1813, Morse thus writes to his parents: "I send by this opportunity (Mr. Elisha Goddard) the little cast of the Hercules which obtained the prize this year at the Adelphi, and also the gold medal, which was the premium presented to me, before a large assembly of the nobility and gentry of the country, by the Duke of Norfolk, who also paid me a handsome compliment at the same time.

Curious to see what this could be, he went up to it, when what was his amazement to find that it was a plaster cast of that little statuette of the Dying Hercules which had won for him the Adelphi Gold Medal so many years before in London.

In 1807 the Quakers met the needs of the increasing population of the city by founding an additional institution of learning known as the Adelphi School.

She refused to leave her home, though she was offered twenty pounds a night at the Adelphi if she would consent merely to sit in a boat for London audiences to gaze upon her.

Stow's Chronicle, p. 1029, edit. 1600.] Durham House, which formerly occupied that extensive space of ground on the southern side of the Strand, now covered by the stately pile of buildings called the Adelphi, was erected, according to Stow, in the reign of Edward III., by Thomas de Hatfield, created Bishop of Durham in 1345.

Towards the close of the last century the whole estate was purchased of the Earl of Pembroke, by four brothers of the name of Adam, who erected the present buildings, named by them the Adelphi, from the Greek word [Greek: adelphoi], brothers.

Then my aunt and I set off in search of lodgings for me, and before night I was the proud and happy owner of the key to a little set of chambers in the Adelphi, conveniently situated near the Court, and to my taste in all ways.

The plots are very slight; the narrative drags painfully in some parts, and in other parts the authoress has recourse to very violent expedients, as where she brings in the "startling Adelphi stage-effect" of the flood to drown Tom and Maggie, in order to escape from the unmanageable complication of her story.

It was a lovely September morning in 1852, when, having put my traps through the purging process twice, and still having enough for half-a-dozen people, I took my place in the early train from Euston-square for Liverpool, where I was soon housed in the Adelphi.

It is a curious fact, that when the proprietor of the Adelphi, at Liverpoolin consequence of a remonstrance made by some American, gentlemen as to his chargessuggested to them that they should name their own hour and dine together, in which case his charges would be greatly diminished, they would not hear of such a thing, and wanted to know why they should be forced to dine either all together, or at one particular hour.

And 'Enerythis was where the trench, despite themselves, laughed'Enery placed his hand on his heart, swept off his cap in a magnificent arm's length gesture, and bowed low; then swiftly he rose upright, struck an attitude that would have graced the hero of the highest class Adelphi drama, and in a shrill voice that rang clear above the hammering tumult of the rifles, screamed "Veev la France!

There assemble, with more or less fortitude and philosophy, the denizens of the Adelphi, thankful indeed that the brothers Adam established their streets and terrace on so useful a foundation; and there twice recently have I joined them.

*** So realistic has the stage become of late that in The Boy at the Adelphi, Mr. W.H. BERRY (we give the rumour for what it is worth) sits down to a meal of wood cutlets.

On January 13, 1877, he wrote in his Diary: Went up to town for the day, and took E with me to the afternoon pantomime at the Adelphi, "Goody Two-Shoes," acted entirely by children.

But I should know uncommonly well that genuine professional soldiers do not talk like Adelphi villains and utter theatrical epigrams in praise of abstract violence.

I saw his amazement, but he did not betray his ignorance in speech as the French actress did, who was in London some years since, and when dining on the Adelphi Terrace was shown Waterloo Bridge.

Finished the Andria and to-day began the Adelphi.

"an old rejected farce"; and Canon Ainger mentions a note of Lamb's to Charles Mathews, in October, 1828, offering the farce for production at the Adelphi.

"So far as is known, the earliest periodical published by Williams undergraduates was The Adelphi, a bi-weekly, of which the first issue appeared August 18, 1831, and the last June 21, 1832.

The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies has adopted the constitutional or peaceful policy; it publishes The Common Cause, a weekly, at 2 Robert Street, Adelphi, W.C., London.

Can he adopt the pose of an Adelphi hero, with a scornful smile on his lips, when a yard away from him a hole large enough to bury a taxicab is torn out of the earth, and when the building against which he has been standing is suddenly knocked into a ridiculous ruin?

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244, n. 2; Durham Yard, Johnson mentions it in dating a letter, iii. 405, n. 6; the site of the Adelphi, ii. 325, n. 3; East-India House, John Hoole one of the clerks, ii. 289, n. 2; Essex Head, Essex Street, iv.

We have great pleasure in directing attention to the Exhibition of Works of Ancient and Mediรฆval Art which is to be opened in the Adelphi next month.

It is requested that all Works proposed for exhibition be punctually sent to the Rooms of the SOCIETY OF ARTS, John Street, Adelphi, on or before the 20th of February, it being imperative that the Exhibition should open in early March.

Honorary Secretary to the Committee, Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi.

Ramdohr observes, pertinently (III., 270): "Remarkable is the easy triumph of lovers over the innocence of free-born girls, daughters of citizens, examples of which may be found in the Eunuchus and Adelphi of Terence.

We dare not attempt to enumerate one tithe of the gems in Glass, Enamel, Metalwork, Carving in Wood and Ivory, Porcelain, &c., now gathered together in the Adelphi to justify the enthusiasm of the antiquary, and to show, in the words of Marlowe, "Oh!

Cannot you, now and then, sleep at the Adelphi on a visit to poor Vesey and your friends, and let one know if you do?

The next day saw me at the Theosophical Publishing Company's office at 7, Duke Street, Adelphi, where Countess Wachtmeisterone of the lealest of H.P.B.'s friendswas at work, and I signed an application to be admitted as fellow of the Theosophical Society.

Robert Adam, having returned from his travels in France and Italy, had designed and built, in conjunction with his brother James, Adelphi Terrace about 1769, and subsequently Portland Place, and other streets and houses of a like character; the furniture being made, under the direction of Robert, to suit the interiors.

Exhibitions of the specimens sent in for competition for the awards were, and are still, held at their house in Adelphi Buildings.

HUNT, WILLIAM, 5, York Buildings, Adelphi.

Speaking for myself, it is the place I earliest visit when I get to London, and consequently I was not surprised to find myself the other evening in the Adelphi, on the first night of a new play.

Take it all round, I was delighted with the lady at the Lyceum, and the horse at the Adelphi, and nearly regret that, having to leave town, I shall not have the opportunity of seeing either of them again.

'Twins' humours': in his comedy called 'Adelphi.'

From Bristol my sister had gone to London to become Fechter's "leading lady," and from that time until she made her last appearance in 1867 as Juliet at the Adelphi, her career was a blaze of triumph.

After playing with Kate at Bristol and at the Adelphi in London, I accepted an engagement to appear in a new play by Tom Taylor, called "The Antipodes."

He died as a beautiful youth, a kind of Adonis, although he was fifty years old when he was stabbed at the stage-door of the Adelphi Theater.

His gravity as Flutter in "The Belle's Stratagem" was very fetching; as Bucklaw in "Ravenswood" he looked magnificent, and, of course, as the sailor hero in Adelphi melodrama he was as good as could be.

Years before I had seen Mrs. Stirling act at the Adelphi with Benjamin Webster, and had cried out: "That's my idea of an actress!"

On or about the twenty-eighth of May we reached London, and expected to have gone into our old quiet lodgings at the Adelphi; but we found every hotel full.

English Rose (the new play at the Adelphi) having been questioned, the following Scotch Drama is published with a view of ascertaining if it has been done before.

London production opened at the Adelphi Theatre on November 5 and ran for 536 performances.

Two of the huge mills were the Adelphi and Clarence.

Adelphi Capital LLP lessened its holdings in shares of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (NYSE:TAK) by 9.6% during the third quarter, according to the company in its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Council workers are in the process of installing a bus gate on Union Street between the Adelphi and Market Street after weather caused delays earlier in the day.

Once again, the Shankly testimonial proved invaluable when he attended an interview with Nestle at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool city centre.

At that location, three men were arrested,including a 20-year-old man of Maria Henrietta Village, Berbice River, a 51-year-old labourer of Lot 6 Adelphi Village, East Canje, and a 23-year old labourer of Number Two Village, also in East Canje in Berbice.

In that year, Boucicault returned to London to stage and the play ran for 247 performances at The Adelphi Theatre.