1840 examples of adjoining in sentences

In an adjoining room Evadne could see a bed with its gay patchwork quilt of Dyce's making, and in the little kitchen beyond she heard her singing as she trod to and fro.

In the dressing-room adjoining, she opened and read her letters.

As soon as she was suffered to leave her Bed, she stole out of her Chamber, and found me all alone in an adjoining Apartment.

The struggle must have been desperate, for the murder was not effected in that chamber, Rizzio being either dragged, or escaped into an adjoining and very obscure anteroom in which the crime was perpetrated.

The best near view is from a field adjoining Friar's Craig.

There is a public library adjoining the palace, originally formed by the knights, but considered now to be more extensive than valuable.

The hour of vespers being come, we were conducted to the chapel, and, as it was my curiosity that had led us thither, I was placed in the Maintenon's own tribune; my company in the adjoining gallery.

" Still very nervous but calmer than she had been, Katie remained quiet when I raised my voice to reach Dicky waiting in the adjoining room.

He drew her aside into a small boudoir adjoining the apartment.

Four centuriae adjoining, so that there are two on each side, are called a saltus in the distribution of the public lands.

The mound is best when constructed close adjoining the ditch, or else it should be steep so that it will be difficult to scale.

Acquaintance was quickly made, however, by men on adjoining cots; but no man, I think, was ever called by his name.

" Greer sat down to the desk in the library adjoining.

She then walks slowly round the hall and the adjoining rooms, throwing handfuls of straw on the floor and imitating the cackling of a hen, while all the children follow her peeping with their lips as if they were chickens cheeping and waddling after the mother bird.

"Step this way," said he, addressing me, and leading to an adjoining apartment.

A portion of Article 11 reads: "It is understood that there shall be freedom for the passage of the subjects and goods of both powers across the Zambesi, and through the districts adjoining the left bank of the river situated above the confluence of the Shiré, and those adjoining the right bank of the Zambezi situated above the confluence of the river Luenha (Ruenga), without hindrance of any description and without payment of transit dues.

In compliance with a requisition from Sir Charles Fitzroy, the Governor of New South Wales, Captain Stanley, in the Bramble, paid a visit to Twofold Bay, 200 miles to the southward of Sydney, a place of rising importance as a harbour, also in connection with whaling establishments, and the extensive adjoining pastoral district of Maneroo.

One was the girl who had passed up yonder stairs so wearily without a single backward glance at him; the other was the silent battle which went on in the adjoining room.

"Well, the night before I sailed for England," said Field, "I was giving a dinner at a hotel to a party of intimate friends when a colored waiter spilled a plate of soup over the gown of a lady at an adjoining table.

I lay down meanwhile among some bushes adjoining, and there waited till my horse could take me home again.

" The faint sound of voices, smothered by the walls, reached them from the adjoining chamber; but as they listened, the door of that room opened, and the loud and angry tones of a man, speaking at the threshold, could be distinctly heard.

The latter entered a refreshment saloon upon Broadway; Arthur followed, and ordering, in a low tone, some dish that would require time in the preparation, he stepped, without noise, into an alcove adjoining one whence came the sound of conversation.

She had just laid a bunch of white roses on her toilet, and crossed the chamber for water to place them in, when she called my name in a strange, excited way, that brought me speedily to her side from the adjoining room.

If one State imposed high duties on the goods or vessels of a foreign power to countervail the regulations of such power, the next adjoining States imposed lighter duties to invite those articles into their ports, that they might be transferred thence into the other States, securing the duties to themselves.

But one fine afternoon, when she was left alone, she fancied she would like to get a little air in the field adjoining the house.

1840 examples of  adjoining  in sentences