928 examples of adjustment in sentences

The day I get out of it, the day I don't have to punch that old time-clock down there next to the Complaints and Adjustment Desk, II'll never put my foot below sidewalk level again to the hour I die.

She was one and three-quarter minutes late when she punched the time-clock beside the Complaints and Adjustment Desk in the Bargain-Basement.

PROBLEM Much discussion arose after the finish of the last world's series as to whether the adjustment of dates had worked satisfactorily.

Considering that the army was operating in a devastated hostile country, a thousand miles away from its bases at Halifax and Louisbourg, and that the interaction of the different servicesnaval and military, Imperial and Colonialrequired adjustment to a nicety at every turn, it was wonderful that so much was done so well with means which were far from being adequate.

She may be solving the problem of adjustment of home and work so puzzling to women.

The adjustment to war requirements went on more quickly in Germany than in any other country.

But notwithstanding this adjustment of the rival interests, the rule of Henry, the Lancastrian, failed to satisfy the Yorkists; and this party, with the aid of Margaret of Burgundysister of Edward IVand James IV of Scotland, set up two impostors, one after the other, to claim the English throne.

So I think his maturer way of looking at things will show you just the adjustment you need to become a really big and useful person.

The audience was an alert one, neither jaded by a long day's business nor rendered impatient by waiting for the adjustment of scenery.

Again, if a rich province like Asia did not pay tribute in proportion to other provinces, a re-adjustment of its taxes would not seem to the Romans unfair; and perhaps auction at Rome would after all be less mischievous than a hole-and-corner arrangement in the provinces.

I have, in brackets, suggested some corrections, but have not attempted a general adjustment of it.

He never would suffer what he considered either the connection or the balance and adjustment of varied and complementary truths to be sacrificed to force or point of expression; and he had to choose sometimes, as all people have, between a blurred, clumsy, and ineffective picture and a consciously incomplete and untrue one.

SUPER, DONALD E. The dynamics of vocational adjustment.

Arms and the girl; a guide to personal adjustment in war work and war marriage, by Gulielma Fell Alsop & Mary Francis McBride.

Adult adjustment of foster children of alcoholic and psychotic parentage and the influence of the foster home.

God's law of adjustment, and other articles.

The adjustment problems of college freshmen.

The need for a Navy, and the size of the Navy, depends upon policy, either our own policy, or the policy of the prospective aggressor; and to know something of that, and its adjustment, is surely an integral part of national defence.

Using elaborate techniques of communication, transportation, fabrication, beautification, accounting, planning, initiative, leadership, mobilization, maintenance and replacement of labor power, imposition and sharing of authority, discipline, adjustment to deviation and opposition, means for dealing with revolt and rebellion, the builders of civilization performed their necessary tasks.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States: I communicate herewith a copy of a convention for the settlement and adjustment of the Oregon question, which was concluded in this city on the 15th day of June last between the United States and Her Britannic Majesty.

It is probable that the chief obstacle to be surmounted in accomplishing this desirable object will be the adjustment of a boundary between the two Republics which shall prove satisfactory and convenient to both, and such as neither will hereafter be inclined to disturb.

In the adjustment of this boundary we ought to pay a fair equivalent for any concessions which may be made by Mexico.

This, from its superior simplicity, being, in fact, no more than the original Tonicillean experiment, with a well-divided scale and adjustment of its 0° to the surface of the mercury in the cistern, was found to be most certain in its results.

If our vision were improved by the addition of a telescopic adjustment, we could see what is going on in Mars, and could send and receive communications with those living there.

Or, if with a microscopic adjustment, we could see all the secrets of a drop of watermaybe it is well that we cannot do this.

928 examples of  adjustment  in sentences