6282 examples of admire in sentences

Everything to admire but the water supply, the sanitation, the Huns and Hunnesses and a few other beastlinesses.

One can admire even the statue of Wissmann, the great explorer, that looks with fixed eyes to the Congo in the eye of the setting sun.

So I acquired a really formidable row of works on Political Economy and Government (I admire the word "works" in that application) where I found Society laid out for me in the most perfect orderwith pennies on its eyes.

They put our dearest racial possessions into museums and admire them very much indeed.

But if the hirsute feature of this story leaves me cold it is easy enough to enjoy and admire the rest.

"What I admire about your work," observed Sir Athur Gordon, the late Governor of Ceylon, "is the way in which your Officers identify themselves with these convicts, and live among them on terms of perfect equality.

"He didn't say nothing to that, except to look at me out of the corner of 'is eye; and stepping on to the wharf had another look at the sky to admire it, and then went aboard his ship.

He is polite and soft-spoken, and disposed to irony rather than denunciation, ready to admire cuteness and condone deception.

I could not enough admire the grandeur of proportion in the great building.

Have you ever seen some grand painting of a city, rising with its domes and towers and palaces from the edge of a glorious bay, shut in by mountainsthe whole scene clad in those deep, delicious, sunny hues which you admire so much in the picture, although they appear unrealized in Nature?

One knows not which most to admire, the genius which could conceive, or the perseverance which could accomplish such a work, On one side of the square, the colossal statue of the architect, glorious old Brunelleschi, is most appropriately placed, looking up with pride at his performance.

My father, with his fine head of a patrician philosopher, and his manners reminding one of the eighteenth century, is for her a kind of objet d'art, and still more, a grand intelligent mirror, in which she can admire her own beauty and cleverness; besides, she feels grateful that he never criticises her, and likes her very much.

Calvert thought he had rarely seen a more lovely face, though there was a touch of artificiality about it, young as it was, which he did not admire.

"Yes, Madameif 'tis presumptuous to admire General Washington.

As for General Washington, Monsieur Calvert does well to admire him.

We are devoted royalists, but we can still respect and admire patriotism and genius under whatever government they flourish."

"I shall not forget this afternoon," and he bowed with his accustomed grace, looking incomparably handsome in spite of his pallor and weakness and the bandage about his forehead, and Calvert could not help but admire the courtly ease of his manner, though he saw, too, the evil smile on his lips and the ugly look in his eye.

Usually, however, he was content to admire her at a distance and rarely left the box which he occupied with Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Morris to pay his respects to her and Madame d'Azay.

"P.C.S.S.," who is old-fashioned enough to admire and to study Pope, would feel greatly obliged if any of your correspondents could help him to the interpretation of the following lines, in the "Imitation" of Horace's Epistle to Augustus: "The Hero William, and the Martyr Charles, One knighted Blackmore, and one pensioned Quarles, Which made old Ben, and sturdy Dennis swear, No Lord's Annointed, but a Russian bear!

You have always been a gentleman, very considerate, very courteous, I cannot but admire you.

Though grave in aspect, when he smil'd, 'Twas gay and artless as a child, With him expression seem'd a law, You only Nature's dictates saw; But they in full perfection wrought Of generous feeling, varied thought, All that can elevate or move, That we admire, esteem, and love!

No knowledge of antiquity, no long-cherished associations, no searching after something to admire, is necessary here.

"I must say I admire your taste, Emily," he then said, looking about him, and shirking the great subject.

" Miss Christie seldom saw anything to admire in her own sex.

"Yes, I suppose he is, only that I never can admire dark men: I am so glad that all the boys are fairI should have hated a black brother.

6282 examples of  admire  in sentences