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6282 examples of  admired  in sentences

6282 examples of admired in sentences

In one respect, she even fancied Mrs. Bloomfield's knowledge and cleverness superior to those which she had so often admired in her own sex abroad.

" "C'est une horreur!" "I dare say Miss Ring would think it a greater horror to be obliged to pass an evening in a row of girls, unspoken to, except to be asked to dance, and admired only in the distance.

The zebras and giraffes are the dudes of the show, and you can imagine, if they were human, they would play tennis and golf, drive four in hands and pose to be admired, while the Royal Bengal tigers, if they were half human, would drive automobiles at the rate of a mile a minute on crowded streets, run over people and never stop to help the wounded, but skip away with a sneer, as much as to say: "What are you going to do about it?"

She admired and respected his pious motives, and his beautiful spirit of self-denial: and she only strove the more to limit her expenses, and to make their home cheerful and comfortable with the scanty means she possessed, while she willingly conformed to the life of extreme simplicity which he felt it right to adopt.

Edith knew this secret danger; for Governor Winthrop, who had seen and admired her on one of his visits to Plymouth, and who now kindly sympathized in her feelings, had sent her a private note by the messenger, in which he warned her of the danger that waited Williams at Boston, and desired her, by some means, to prevent his appearing before the General Assembly.

Edith thought she had never either admired or loved him so much as at this moment, when he had conquered his impetuous feelings, and yielded his fiery impulse to show a bold resentment of injury, to her influence and persuasions.

So very learned, too, but with apparently no idea of how to show himself to his social profit,two features much more smiled at than respected, not to say admired, by a people remote from the seats of learning, and spending most of their esteem upon animal heroisms and exterior display.

Those were foolish girls, and, anyhow, they admired you.

When he first came down to his present residence, he was visited by Mr. Hartley, Mr. Prattle, squire Savage, lord Martin, and all the most admired personages in the country.

At Oxford his abilities had been universally admired.

But though admired, he was not courted.

If that gentleman treated the company of Mr. Prattle and lord Martin, persons universally admired, as not good enough for him, it seemed unaccountable that he should have recourse to him.

Hollis admired most characteristics unlike his own; he did not know, but he felt that Marjorie was very much like himself.

She might be like a bit of old china, but she was not ready to be laid upon the shelf, not even to be paid a price for and be admired!

He isn't the same boy; he studies and buys books and notices things to be admired in people, and when he is full of fun he isn't rough.

I had a friend that I love as girls love the man they have chosen to marry; father admired him, and said he was glad to leave me with such a protector.

Mother had been dead about a year and father was dying with consumption; they had no one to leave me with excepting this friend; he was older than I, years older, but I admired him all the more for that.

" "Don't you know how it all came about?" inquired grandmother, who "admired" to get down to the roots of things.

Now the big man set his hand on the pommel and vaulted into the saddle with a lightness that Bull admired hugely.

" Marianne gazed at him and admired him as he stood there quivering, pondering over all that he evoked from his dream.

She liked to be admired, to dress and dance and make herself pretty for all the world to see; not to keep house for a quiet man like me.

" They did work like heroes, and even in her pain and peril, Helen admired the skill, energy, and courage of the young men, who, an hour ago, had seemed to have no ideas above pipes and beer.

She sniffed the sweet perfume of the red wood, which reminded her of the breath of the forest,and admired the box so neatly made, without trimmings.

It was impossible to look at Mrs. Marston, and not to discern, at a glance, the ruin of a surpassingly beautiful woman; a good deal wasted, pale, and chastened with a deep, untold sorrow, but still possessing the outlines, both in face and form, of that noble beauty and matchless grace, which had made her, in happier days, the admired of all observers.

I have admired him so much and so long at a distance that he has assumed in my eyes an almost regal, not to say imperial, importance."

"We admired Mr. Groves's port.

"Dundas and I have never been intimate, but he's a fine chap, and I've always admired him.

But they are the most rare-featured, well-faced, excellent-spoke, rare-qualitied, virtuous, and worthy-to-be-admired gentlewomen.

Much as they had admired what they had seen, it was her grace and kind solicitude for their gratification which made the greatest impression on them; and the archduchess kept up a correspondence with her during the rest of their travels, especially dwelling on the scenes which pleased her most in Germany, and on the persons she met who were known to and regarded by the queen.

" The good-natured old gentleman looked at the boy's frank face, and admired its honest, ingenuous expression.

Verty looked over his shoulder, and admired himself with all the innocence of a child or a savage.

Verty put on his cocked hat, admired himself for an instant in the mirror over the fire-place, and went out humming his eternal Indian song.

One beautiful and touching scene is left for aftertimesone picture which even the historic muse might have paused near, and admired.

A rose he plucked, he gazed, admired, Thus singing as the muse inspired: 'Go, rose, my Chloe's bosom grace; How happy should I prove, 20 Might I supply that envied place With never fading love!

Within a barn, from noise retired, He scorned the world, himself admired; And, like an ancient sage, concealed The follies public life revealed.

Mr. Rowe, who well understood, and greatly admired Shakespear, has been at pains to collect what incidents were known, or were to be found concerning him, and it is chiefly upon Mr. Rowe's authority we build the account now given.

The great body of the people admired the constitution, and would support any decisions which were made in strict conformity to its principles.

All these articles, except the latter, were at length presented; the king bestowed a good deal of time upon the specimens; he admired them, but particularly those in gold.

And then, in the celebrated introductions to his cantos, and the additions to Boiardo's passages of description and character (those about Rodamonte, for example, so admired by Foscolo), if Berni occasionally spews a comparative want of faith which you regret, he does it with a regret on his own part, visible through all his jesting.

English beauty, ever since the days of Pope Gregory, with his pun about Angles and Angels, has been greatly admired in the south of Europenot a little, perhaps, on account of the general fairness of its complexion.

After remaining silent for a little while, at the close of it he looked up, and said, "A lady then, it seems, is condemned to death for having been too kind to one lover, while thousands of our sex are playing the gallant with whomsoever they please, and not only go unpunished for it, but are admired!

He was a universal favorite, admired and honored as one of the most illustrious men living.

They are still read and admired, especially Scott; but it is not easy to understand the enormous popularity of these two men in their own day.

If, then, the poetry and novels of Sir Walter Scott are not so much read or admired as they once were, we only say that he is no exception to the rule.

With a head all on fire for chivalry and Scottish ballads, he admired the old Tory cavaliers and hated the Roundheads and Presbyterians.

" This seems to me to be a fair criticism, although the lucidity of Scott's poetry is not that which is most admired by modern critics.

Yet this change in the opinions of critics does not apply to Byron's "Childe Harold," which is as much, if not as widely, admired now as when it was first published.

Your soe admired Mistress Who parted from you now, Belisea, Bon.

Continuing thus to pass his days in the enjoyment of domestic happiness and learned ease, surrounded by a train of menials grown grey in his service, exercising the rites of hospitality with uniform cheerfulness, and performing the duties of religion with exemplary punctuality, respected by the good and admired by the ingenious, he reached his eighty-third year with little inconvenience from the usual infirmities of age.

Its broad pale sulphur flowers were yet unopened; but, instead, an ivy-leaved Ipomoea had climbed up it, and shrouded it from head to foot with hundreds of white convolvulus-flowers; while underneath it grew a tuft of that delicate silver-backed fern, which is admired so much in hothouses at home.

Other men reveal their weaknesses on nearer acquaintanceLee only revealed his greatness; and he was more and more loved and admired.

There was, however, an unfinished design of Thurtell's for the murder of a man with a pair of dumb-bells, which I admired greatly; it was a mere outline, that he never completed; but to my mind it seemed every way superior to his chief work.

And reminding one of that inscription, so justly admired by Paul Richtor, which a Russian Czarina placed on a guide-post near MoscowThis is the road that leads to Constantinople.]

[Footnote 1: Our greatest pleasure consists in being admired; but those who admire us, even if they have every reason to do so, are slow to express their sentiments.

If he had known how women admired him, he would have inevitably been more or less spoiled by it, wasted his time, and not have been so good a sailor.

I recall, too, in a swampy spot, a fine fresh tuft of the golden club, with its gorgeous yellow spadix,a plant that I had never seen in bloom before, although I had once admired a Cape Cod "hollow" full of the rank tropical leaves.

Why should I expect to be admired, and have my company doated on?

You hate being admired and made a fuss over.

The scalp was torn from her head by one of those who had most admired her beauty; and her body was trampled upon by the very warriors who had so envied her lover.

Some of the white people who knew him admired, while others detested his character.

Vives, is very ridiculous, is to them most precious elaborate stuff, they admired for it, and as proud, as triumphant in the meantime for this discovery, as if they had won a city, or conquered a province; as rich as if they had found a mine of gold ore.

Choose out of all stories him that hath been most admired, you shall still find, multa ad laudem, multa ad vituperationem magnifica, as Berosus of Semiramis; omnes mortales militia triumphis, divitiis, &c., tum et luxu, caede, caeterisque vitiis antecessit, as she had some good, so had she many bad parts.

'You are very cruel to a girl who evidently admired you.' 'A fig for her admiration!

It is hard to say whether Tom's feelings for the woman he so admired were of love or hate.

She wore the same black dress that he had admired her in the night before; her waist was confined by the same black band; but the chestnut hair seemed more beautiful beneath the black silk sunshade, leaned so gracefully, the black handle held between thumb and forefinger.

The tall Madonna lilies flourished like sculpture about the porch, and he admired their tall stems and leaves and carven blossoms, thinking how they would die without strife, without complaint.

A kind, shrewd man was Mr. Boffin, devoted to his wife, whom he greatly admired.

She admired such things, but had not as much head for them as he gave her credit for.

For a while I paused and admired it, then I came nearer and perceived the dreadful truth.

Brussels affords but little worthy of the notice of such a traveller as the author of "Waverley;" but he greatly admired the splendid tower of the Maison de Ville, and the ancient sculpture and style of architecture of the buildings which surround the Grand Place.

The upper part of the front will be admired for its characteristic taste; as the figures of Comedy and Tragedy surmounting the balustrade, the emblematic flame, and the wreathed arms of the founder.

In the Drama entitled Shakspeare's Early Days, the compliment which the poet is made to pay the queen: "That as at her birth she wept when all around was joy, so at her death she will smile while all around is grief," has been admired by the critics.

They were written by Miss M.E. Manners, and, as Lewis Carroll himself admired them, they will, I think, be read with interest: WONDERLAND.

It will be seen that when he really admired a sketch he did not stint his praise: (1) "Sylvie helping beetle"

He especially admired the acting of Mrs. Cyril Maude (Miss Winifred Emery) as Lady Babbie.

To do Dryden justice, he admired Milton; and although he did, and that, too, immediately after Milton departed, venture to travestie the "Paradise Lost" into a rhymed play, as dull as it is disgusting; and although he knew that Milton had called him, somewhat harshly, a "good rhymer, but no poet," yet he praised his genius at a time when it was as little appreciated, as was the grandeur of his character.

Addison is reported to have taught him latterly the intemperate use of wine; but this was said by Dennis, who admired Dryden, and who hated Addison; and his testimony is impotent against either party.

He listened to her stories of the children, he admired her new and stylish clothes, he watched her develop under the influence of her surroundings.

The Kaiser himself has seen it and admired it.

The typical Jingoes who have admired their countrymen too much for being conquerors will, doubtless, despise their countrymen too much for being conquered.

The women of the streets who had crowded into the caf listened with a sort of terror; they admired him.

I always rather admired them, you know.

He was known to me only through two or three little poems of his in Catholic legends, which I much admired for the fine sense they showed of the beauty of symbols.

[Footnote 3: The women ghosts all wear veils, put on the way admired by the Italian poets, of whom, however, she could know nothing.]

The Eschernheim Tower, at the entrance of one of the city gates, is universally admired by strangers, on account of its picturesque appearance, overgrown with ivy and terminated by the little pointed turrets, which one sees so often in Germany, on buildings three or four centuries old.

When they were done, she read them over once or twice, and admired them exceedingly; after which, with a very mysterious air, she went and threw them into the kitchen fire.

Her friends, both old and young, greatly admired her, but they loved her still more.

And then she said that my happiness would excite so much envy in the great world; that you had been admired, courted, nay, even loved by rich, noble, clever ladies.

Clarendon was educated in the court of Charles I., and Dryden may have thought it necessary, in addressing him, to imitate the "strong verses," which were then admired.

From hence it is evident, that Dryden obtained the reputation of being the author; in consequence of which, Rochester meditated the base and cowardly revenge which he afterwards executed; and he thus coolly expressed his intention in another of his letters:"You write me word, that I'm out of favour with a certain poet, whom I have admired for the disproportion of him and his attributes.

He was," adds he, "esteemed, courted, and admired, by all the great men of the age in which he lived, who would certainly not have received into friendship a monster abandoned to all sorts of vice and impurity.

Agony "ran" the Guardian, too, who admired her immensely, thought everything she did a symptom of genius, stood not a little in awe of her family connections, and let her have full sway in everything.

The Lafayette of Maubeuge was like the Lafayette whom Calvert had first known and admired; he noticed how much of his rabid republicanism had vanishedindeed, Lafayette himself owned as much, for if he was impetuous and extreme, he was also courageous and was not afraid or ashamed to confess his faults.

The first things that Ulysses admired upon entering the doctor's home were the three frigates adorning the ceiling of the dining-roomthree marvelous vessels in which there was not lacking a single sail nor pulley rope, nor anchor, and which might be made to sail over the sea at a moment's notice.

One of the most remarkable and inexplicable experiments relative to the strength of the human frame, which you have yourself seen and admired, is that in which a heavy man is raised with the greatest facility, when he is lifted up the instant that his own lungs and those of the persons who raise him are inflated with air.

Here was a scene she had admired many times from the open shore, and now she was looking at it from behind bars, a prisoner.

He admired Mr. Granger, and remembered that he and Anne had been friends.

One day I noticed the loving cupwhich was always on Anne's table, which was admired by everyone who came to the apartment, and was said to recall her, herself, so pure and graceful and perfectone day the loving cup was gone.

He admired the criminal that would fight, and despised one that would surrender on demand.

His little brothers admired him with the humble reverence of small boys for big ones, and the girls delighted in his school-boy slang, and thought themselves honoured by his companionship.