6282 examples of admired in sentences

A kind, shrewd man was Mr. Boffin, devoted to his wife, whom he greatly admired.

She admired such things, but had not as much head for them as he gave her credit for.

For a while I paused and admired it, then I came nearer and perceived the dreadful truth.

Brussels affords but little worthy of the notice of such a traveller as the author of "Waverley;" but he greatly admired the splendid tower of the Maison de Ville, and the ancient sculpture and style of architecture of the buildings which surround the Grand Place.

The upper part of the front will be admired for its characteristic taste; as the figures of Comedy and Tragedy surmounting the balustrade, the emblematic flame, and the wreathed arms of the founder.

In the Drama entitled Shakspeare's Early Days, the compliment which the poet is made to pay the queen: "That as at her birth she wept when all around was joy, so at her death she will smile while all around is grief," has been admired by the critics.

They were written by Miss M.E. Manners, and, as Lewis Carroll himself admired them, they will, I think, be read with interest: WONDERLAND.

It will be seen that when he really admired a sketch he did not stint his praise: (1) "Sylvie helping beetle"

He especially admired the acting of Mrs. Cyril Maude (Miss Winifred Emery) as Lady Babbie.

He listened to her stories of the children, he admired her new and stylish clothes, he watched her develop under the influence of her surroundings.

The Kaiser himself has seen it and admired it.

The typical Jingoes who have admired their countrymen too much for being conquerors will, doubtless, despise their countrymen too much for being conquered.

The women of the streets who had crowded into the caf listened with a sort of terror; they admired him.

I always rather admired them, you know.

He was known to me only through two or three little poems of his in Catholic legends, which I much admired for the fine sense they showed of the beauty of symbols.

[Footnote 3: The women ghosts all wear veils, put on the way admired by the Italian poets, of whom, however, she could know nothing.]

The Eschernheim Tower, at the entrance of one of the city gates, is universally admired by strangers, on account of its picturesque appearance, overgrown with ivy and terminated by the little pointed turrets, which one sees so often in Germany, on buildings three or four centuries old.

When they were done, she read them over once or twice, and admired them exceedingly; after which, with a very mysterious air, she went and threw them into the kitchen fire.

Her friends, both old and young, greatly admired her, but they loved her still more.

And then she said that my happiness would excite so much envy in the great world; that you had been admired, courted, nay, even loved by rich, noble, clever ladies.

The Lafayette of Maubeuge was like the Lafayette whom Calvert had first known and admired; he noticed how much of his rabid republicanism had vanishedindeed, Lafayette himself owned as much, for if he was impetuous and extreme, he was also courageous and was not afraid or ashamed to confess his faults.

One of the most remarkable and inexplicable experiments relative to the strength of the human frame, which you have yourself seen and admired, is that in which a heavy man is raised with the greatest facility, when he is lifted up the instant that his own lungs and those of the persons who raise him are inflated with air.

He admired Mr. Granger, and remembered that he and Anne had been friends.

One day I noticed the loving cupwhich was always on Anne's table, which was admired by everyone who came to the apartment, and was said to recall her, herself, so pure and graceful and perfectone day the loving cup was gone.

His little brothers admired him with the humble reverence of small boys for big ones, and the girls delighted in his school-boy slang, and thought themselves honoured by his companionship.

6282 examples of  admired  in sentences