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387 examples of  admittance  in sentences

387 examples of admittance in sentences

Then, with funds supplied by Jack, he gained admittance to a modest house far out on Main Street, where the city merges into the country.

The queue in Newgate Street commenced to assemble at daybreak, and grew longer and longer as the day wore on, but it was composed of persons who did not know that there was not the slightest possibility of their gaining admittance to Number One Court.

The old needs of life, its destinies and fatalities, its sorrows and joys, its exaltations and depressions these are the same everywhere; and to the manual workers the peasant, the labourer, the sailor, the mechanicthe world-old trades, pursuits, crafts, and callings with which they are so familiar supply a kind of freemasonry which ensures them even among strangers a kindly welcome and an easy admittance.

The officers and lords in attendance were at first inclined to refuse him admittance, fearing that his visit might defeat their plan of pillaging the treasures of this sumptuous palace.

The subjects are those which gain an admittance to the hearts of all classes.

calling the day on which I was a petitioner for the admittance of Ann into the house, the blessed birthday of their generous girl.

The official admittance of the Roman soldier to an army hierarchically organized in no way resembled the admission of a new knight into a sort of military college and the "pink of society."

* * No servile tenets would admittance find Destructive of the rights of humankind; Of power divine, hereditary right, And non-resistance to a tyrant's might.

Gladly the old man availed himself of this opportunity of obtaining instruction, end being prepared for what he now earnestly desiredan admittance by baptism into the once despised religion of the white men.

" Then she spoke of her departure, asked the young man if he thought she might regain admittance to the works, and declared that in any case she should go there to see if the master would have the audacity to turn her away.

Besides her attempt to regain admittance at Beauchene's, she had applied at two other establishments; but, as a matter of fact, she did not evince any particular ardor in seeking to obtain work.

Deathlike silence now reigned there, but the nurse-agent only had to give her name to secure admittance.

If he gave her free admittance to the dining- and drawing-rooms, he did not allow her to set foot in his own bedroom, formerly shared by Valerie, nor in that which Reine had occupied.

It was instantly opened to give him admittance, and closed as quickly behind him.

It was Short Knife who first gained admittance to the sick-room.

The bill is drawn artfully enough; for, as these societies are held on Sundays, and people pay for admittance, he has joined them with a famous tea-drinking house [Carlisle House], involving them both in the same fate, and entitling his bill, A Bill to regulate certain Abuses and Profanations of the Lord's Day.'

The dowager and her daughters were at the seat of a maiden aunt in Yorkshire, where as John knew no male animal was allowed admittance, he was tolerably easy at the disposition of things.

On seeing who required admittance, he sprang from his seat and exclaimed "Mr. Moseley!

They pound on the gate demanding admittance in the name of the law.

The great topic by which Wilfrid confounded the imaginations of men was, that St. Peter, to whose custody the keys of heaven were intrusted, would certainly refuse admittance to every one who should be wanting in respect to his successor.

"But how did you manage to gain admittance to this house?"

140 Should she (thus masked) admittance find, That very hour my ruin's signed.'

They presented themselves at the door at nine o'clock in the morning, where Sir William Saunderson respectfully informed them that the Chancellor had made an order against their admittance.

Giue first admittance to th'Ambassadors, My Newes shall be the Newes to that great Feast, [Sidenote: the fruite to that] King.

He asked for admittance; she answered him "No!" Frumpaty, frumpaty, frump!

There was no other opening; so that the very light of day had scarcely admittance, or the inmates a place to breathe at.

The admittance is fifty cents, and 5,000 to 10,000 persons enter every night, during the height of the season.

Sir, yonder are some six or seaven without, Attird like Masquers, that will not be denied Admittance.

Reception N. reception; admission, admittance, entree, importation; introduction, intromission; immission^, ingestion, imbibation^, introception^, absorption, ingurgitation^, inhalation; suction, sucking; eating, drinking &c (food) 298; insertion &c 300; interjection &c 228; introit.

V. give entrance to, give admittance to, give the entree; introduce, intromit; usher, admit, receive, import, bring in, open the door to, throw in, ingest, absorb, imbibe, inhale, breathe in; let in, take in, suck in, draw in; readmit, resorb, reabsorb; snuff up, swallow, ingurgitate^; engulf, engorge; gulp; eat, drink &c (food) 298.

'This person, who gave the name of Maude Cibras, subsequently called at the Hall three times in succession, and was each time refused admittance.

I have seen many a spendthrift young commoner cut his uncle the duke; and being a duchess by no means will ensure admittance at Almack's.

Then followed a mercer, a lawyer's wife, an oil merchant, a bakerall well-to-do people; and all turned him away, some with excuses, others by denying him admittance; a few even pretended not to know what he meant.

One day Martine ventured to say to him: "It is very hard, all the same, monsieur, to refuse admittance to one's mother.

Immediate admittance was granted on her mentioning the magic words "black tulip.

He stayed for some days in Ajmere, but could never gain admittance to the house.

Admittance to nearly all is a lira.

He was walking one day with Sheridan, close to the churchyard of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, when, as ill-luck would have it, up comes Holloway on horseback, and in a furious rage, complains that he has called on Mr. Sheridan time and again in Hertford Street, and can never gain admittance.

Politics and literature are the highroads in England to that much-craved-for distinction, an admittance into the great world; and Dodington united these passports in his own person: he was a poetaster, and wrote political pamphlets.

The portent of this was simple enough: If any man sought to fire on the soldiers below he must first unfasten a window and expose himself in the light; and after he fired admittance would be made easy for those who came searching for him to kill him.

At four, the appointed hour, I sent up, to desire admittance in the Captain's name and my own.

He was surrounded by guards and spies of every description, under the superintendence of M. Darberg, Auditor of the Council of State, and without whose leave no admittance could be obtained.

Good character, polite behaviour and litterary requirements will ensure admittance to a candidate.

Monseigneur is really too much engaged, said he, but I will obtain admittance for you anyhow.

They consist, in general, of a room fifteen feet square, forming a kind of open verandah, with an interior chamber of the same dimensions, to which admittance is gained by a narrow doorway.

Our passports obtained us ready admittance, and, although our fingers and feet were almost frozen, we yet lingered three hours in the grand gallery of pictures.

After waiting for a moment to listen, and hearing a window open, they concluded he had gained admittance, and turned to depart.

While hesitating what to do, Rainbird came up, and guessing his wishes, told him there was a door at the back of the house by which he might probably gain admittance.

Lord Bearwarden had rung like any other arrival; but it must be allowed that his composure was somewhat ruffled when refused admittance by his own servant to his own house.

The third was doubtless an intruder, and from that day to this how many a paradise has been lost by admittance of the visitor who completes this uneven number, unaccountably supposed to be so productive of good fortune.

In the first verse, you observe, the inmate is sleeping unconscious beneath the ground: in the second verse, she has ascended to heaven and found admittance to mansions in the skies!A similar confusion and contradiction of ideas occur in most of the epitaphs I see.

Once in a while the gay visitors in the more prosperous regions stretched their sails and skimmed along till they saw its white porticos and piazzas gleaming faintly up among the trees; once in a while a belated traveller tied his horse at the gate, and sought admittance in vain, at the empty house, of the shadows who may have kept it.

" Miss Panney was now allowing to enter her mind the conviction, previously denied admittance, that no one of her three friends would be likely to be swimming far from shore with a party of men.

Some of the girls stared, and one or two half rose to go and give admittance.

Soon after another, Ibraheem by name, and also a passenger, made a similar attempt to gain admittance.

When the Marquess appeared at the gates of the fortress and demanded admittance, a messenger was sent out to inform him of what had happened; and, to complete the denouement of the comedy, the marriage contract was exhibited to him in due form.

When I was just preparing to pay my attendance on the emperor of Blefuscu, a considerable person at court (to whom I had been very serviceable at a time when he lay under the highest displeasure of his imperial majesty) came to my house very privately at night, in a close chair, and, without sending his name, desired admittance.

He accordingly makes his bow, and the curtain falls; but the worst of the joke is, that the Professor pockets the admittance-money,for what reason, his outwitted audience are left, the best way they can, to "fancy or imagine.

Father Cuddy waddled, as fast as cramped limbs could carry his rotund corporation, to the gate of the monastery, where he loudly demanded admittance.

The soldiers, who had orders to admit her ladyship and attendant to the prisoner at any time between the hours of nine in the morning and seven at night, offered no hindrance to her approaching the door and rapping for admittance.

On reaching the house, M'Kay took his station, as on a former occasion, on the outside, while her ladyship advanced towards the door, within which she speedily disappeared, her admittance having been more prompt on the present visit than the former.

On that afternoon, accordingly, John M'Kay again appeared at the jail door, demanding admittance to his master.

Instead of that, he was asking admittance.

" As we rolled over the ancient drawbridge which gives admittance to sleepy Bruges, a bespectacled sentry, who looked as though he had suddenly been called from an accountant's desk to perform the duties of a soldier, held up his hand, palm outward, which is the signal to stop the world over.

As I could not imagine that any one would be awake at this late hour,for it now drew near twelveand, besides, as I lived on the fourth story, I had humanity enough not to alarm the whole street, by ringing and shouting, for admittance.

At last I come to a beautiful big stairs, an' up I wint; an' sure enough there was the drawin'-room door, reachin' up to the ceilin' almost, an' as big as the gate ov a coach-house, an' wrote on a board over the door, 'No admittance for strangers, only on business.

Edward must have been bewildered in the confusion of the field, for instead of directing his course southerly to Linlithgow, from which he came, he rode northward to Stirling, and demanded admittance.

Though the memory of galling wrongs be at our hearts, knocking for admittance, that they may fill us with desires for revenge, yet let us, oh, Lord, spare the vanquished, though they never spared us in their hour of butchery and bloodshed.

Those who could not get admittance crowded upon the steps, and knelt half way across the Place.

The space adjoining the pavilion was fenced around, and admittance denied at first to any, except those who had tickets for the dinner, which, the price being fifteen shillings, entirely prevented the humble laborers, who, more than all, should participate on the occasion, from witnessing the review of the procession by the sons of Burns, and hearing the eloquent speeches of Professor Wilson and Lord Eglintoun.

This grim warder refused the king admittance, saying that "the Laird of Arnpryor was at dinner, and would not be disturbed."

Upon their arrival at Kirkglen, Leslie went in Harry's name to demand admittance to the castle for the royal troops, but Campbell replied that he had received no orders to that effect, and that it would greatly incommode him to quarter so large a number of men there.

Turning the sharp angle which led to the gate giving admittance to the gardens of Wyndfell Hall, she suddenly met Helen Brabazon face to face, and for one wild moment Blanche thought that Helen knew.

He felt the black, icy shadow of the beginnings of doubt as to his right to admittance on terms of equality, now that his titles to nobility had been torn from him and destroyed.

At this moment Count Mosca, pale with anxiety, begged admittance.

There are other avenues, too, by which the reptile may gain admittance; but when expelled by the conjure doctor's arts or medicines, it always leaves at the point where it entered.

Hungry, thirsty, footsore, all but panic-stricken, for with the actual retreat apprehension had augmented with each slow mile, thanking the Providence which had permitted them to arrive unmolested, a sorry-looking band of refugees, they faced the old smoothbore cannon before the big south gate and craved admittance.

They are to be approached, not in the manner of one going to a horse-race, or a circus, but in the mood of one about to enter a great cathedral; or, indeed, of one seeking admittance to the very throne-room of God.

But in 1566 they extorted the privilege of legal marriage for themselves, and of admittance into the corps for the sons of their wedlock.

I knocked many times before I could obtain admittance, and, at last, the door was opened by a ragged urchin about twelve years of age, looking more like the son of a thief or a gypsy than a juvenile member of the decent household.

I took milk to the institution from our cow, every morning, and how I wished that I might gain admittance to the school and procure an education!

The master, being refused admittance, placed a guard there, while he went to procure a search-warrant.

When they looked in in the evening, they at once recognised Lita's wife and her lover; but these two were in constant terror of being pursued and when they had had their evening meal they fastened and bolted every entrance so securely that no one could gain admittance.

Great was their surprise at seeing this melancholy abode, this sort of prison, into which "there was no admittance save after so many formalities and precautions."

In the morning, as soon as the gate was opened, a string of large wagons presented themselves for admittance.

Nothing bears the grim warning over the bolted door, "No admittance here except on business!"meaning by business, exclusively and sharply, the buying of certain wares of the establishment at a good round profit to the manufacturer, without carrying away a single scintillation or suggestion of his skill.

At first, he had been obstinately refused admittance

She motioned with her hand to deny him admittance, but Marianne did not understand her; for, opening the door, she invited the stranger in, and then left him.

The consideration of these facts led Sir Humphry to adopt a lamp, in which the flame, by being supplied with only a limited quantity of air should produce such a quantity of azote and carbonic acid as to prevent the explosion of the fire-damp, and which, by the nature of its apertures for giving admittance and egress to the air, should be rendered incapable of communicating any explosion to the external air.

Long before the time announced for the meeting, the hall, capable of containing three thousand people, was thronged, and, by the time the speakers arrived, every seat was filled, every inch of standing room was occupied, and thousands went away from the doors unable to obtain admittance.

I needed to sound yet more deeply the depths of human misery, to hear yet more loudly the moaning of "the great Orphan," Humanity, to feel yet more keenly the lack of wider knowledge and of clearer light if I were to give effective help to man, ere I could bow my pride to crave admittance as pupil to the School of Occultism, ere I could put aside my prejudices and study the Science of the Soul.

A temporary chairman is then chosen, who appoints a "committee on credentials," whose duty it is to decide which delegation shall be admitted in case two delegations are sent from the same State, both claiming admittance as representing the party in that State.

Women should bear in mind that they require exactly the same facilities for study as men, and try to get admittance to all hospitals and posts on an equal basisi.e., the salary should be equal for equal work, and a smaller fee should not be accepted.

It is then seriously urged by responsible officials of the Civil Service as an argument against their admittance to superior appointments, that they are lacking in the necessary qualifications.

Unless remorselessly supervised, he will devote the rest of the morning to inventing and chalking up a title for his new dug-out"Jock's Lodge," or "Burns' Cottage," or "Cyclists' Rest"supplemented by a cautionary notice, such asNo Admittance.

"My lord," said I, "I have to request on the part of the prisoner that the person desirous of admittance may be heard.

Yet I was not aware that the seer failed at any hour to gain admittance,one cause, perhaps, of the awe in which his visits were held.

[Illustration: Refused Admittance.]

Calling for admittance at this castle, Gawain was allowed to enter, but, to his surprise, found hall and court deserted.

Admission for Admittance.