387 examples of admittance in sentences

The church was crowded when the services began, and several thousands could not obtain admittance.

These vessels had not yet come into Achillas's hands, but it would be certain that he would take possession of them as soon as he should gain admittance to those parts of the city which Caesar had abandoned.

While hesitating what to do, Rainbird came up, and guessing his wishes, told him there was a door at the back of the house by which he might probably gain admittance.

And as we gained admittance a few minutes after you, it is certain no one can have left it.

Lord Bearwarden had rung like any other arrival; but it must be allowed that his composure was somewhat ruffled when refused admittance by his own servant to his own house.

The third was doubtless an intruder, and from that day to this how many a paradise has been lost by admittance of the visitor who completes this uneven number, unaccountably supposed to be so productive of good fortune.

Some of the girls stared, and one or two half rose to go and give admittance.

The next time Tom went he found the door locked, and, after hammering a half-hour, and being towld there was no admittance, he belaved it was meant as a kind hint that his company was not agreeable.

The following evening Walter obtained admittance to the condemned cell.

When the Marquess appeared at the gates of the fortress and demanded admittance, a messenger was sent out to inform him of what had happened; and, to complete the denouement of the comedy, the marriage contract was exhibited to him in due form.

Dame Godly desired the Abbey to view, Admittance, one sixpence, demanded the clerk, Which modest request in astonishment wrapt her, How long will you such imposition pursue?

* the aged portress (Dame Wheeler, Susan's grandmother) had given us admittance, and we soon stood on the steps in front of the house, in calm survey of the scene before us.

A poor sick man might go to the door of some rich person's house and ask relief for himself and not be able to obtain admittance; but if he brought in his hand a paper written by the son of the master of the house, whom he had met with in a distant land, and in his name asked for the relief, his request would be granted for the sake of the master's son.

As to what should be the character of our country west of that river, nothing had as yet been said, because as yet no state lying wholly in that region had asked admittance to the Union.

It was with difficulty that I gained admittance into the yard of the inn, where I found a single ostler taking care of some horses.

When we arrived, midnight was already past, and we were obliged to waken one of the servants to give us admittance.

They did not speak to let us by, but signified admittance by turning uninterested backs and retiring to some dark corners to resume the vigil.

We now proceeded to the palace-gate, which is a great pillared archway, of wonderful loftiness and state, giving admittance into a spacious quadrangle.

At the palace gates the guards refused him admittance, and cruelly laughed in his face.

I went to his door several times; but was invariably refused admittance, and told, kindly, but firmly, that he would not be interrupted.

The father opened the shut street door of the cooperage, and, when the son came up, pointed to the big, white letters: "No Admittance.

There are other avenues, too, by which the reptile may gain admittance; but when expelled by the conjure doctor's arts or medicines, it always leaves at the point where it entered.

Augustus did not think it well that his father's bastard son, who had been turned out of a London club for not paying his card debts, and had then disappeared in a mysterious way for six months, should show himself at the British embassy, and there claim admittance and relationship.

Mouth and nose being the favorite point of attack, everybody who ventures out wears over this part of the face a curiously shaped shield, whose firm look says, "No admittance here."

Even his children were refused admittance to his presence.

387 examples of  admittance  in sentences
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