211 examples of adobe in sentences

In the attic over this old 'adobe,' Don Juan Soberanes, from whom we bought this ranch, kept his cash in gold dust and slugs in a clothes-basket.

He lived alone with his grand-daughter and a stable helper in the tumble-down adobe just to the left of the San Lorenzo race track.

" They were comfortably installed upon the porch of the old adobe.

"I think, Nal, you served him just about right, but I wish, don't get mad, Nal, I wish thatersomeone else had pulled up the post!" XVII MINTIE Mintie stood upon the porch of the old adobe, shading her brown eyes from the sun, now declining out of stainless skies into the brush- hills to the west of the ranch.

The squatters, reinforced by half a dozen men who had not entered the adobe, escorted their prisoners down the hill till they came to a large live oak, a conspicuous feature of the meadow beyond the creek.

I A NIGHT LETTER Sand and gravel slithered and slid under the heels of Old Pie Face as Skinny Rawlins whirled the broncho into the open space in front of the low-built, sprawling, adobe ranch house of the Quarter Circle KT and reined the pinto to a sudden stop.

The poplars in front of the house flung slim black shadows across the low adobe buildings and splashed the tip of their shade in the dust-cloud that filled with haze the corral a hundred yards away.

In opening some of the mounds, the investigator finds they are made of the fallen walls of great adobe buildings, and as he digs deeper he finds rooms of various dimensions, and which, in many instances, have cemented walls and floors.

'Around the curving shore of the Bay and upon the sides of three hills, which rise steeply from the water, the middle one receding so as to form a bold amphitheatre, the town is planted and seems scarcely yet to have taken root, for tents, canvass, plank, mud and adobe houses are mingled together with the least apparent attempt at order and durability.'

Often, we trudged to the rancheria beyond the pond, made by the adobe-moulders who had built the houses and wall surrounding the fort.

A large emigrant wagon stood near the adobe house where my new brother-in-law drew rein.

Some lived leagues distant, some were near neighbors in that typical Mexican Pueblo of Sonoma, whose adobe walls and red-tiled roofs nestled close to the foot of the dimpled hills overlooking the valley from the north, and whose historic and romantic associations were connected with distinguished families who still called it home.

During the growing season they lived in huts on the fields; during the winter in the towns in adobe houses.

A few hours' walk over the mountain pass brought us to a little straggling village of adobe houses, sleeping drowsily in the sun.

We passed across the open plaza, and went down a narrow side road, bordered here and there with adobe houses, and so out into the open country.

Whichever side they were on, whatever they thought of the war, they would take a man like you and lead you out into the town square, and stand you up against the side of an adobe house, and they'd shoot you.

From some of the houses of the more enthusiastic Saints all the wood-work was removed, leaving nothing standing except the bare adobe walls, while a few had been burned to the ground.

These materials consisted of lumber, including shingles, stone, lime and bricks; bricks burned, as well as those which were unburned, or adobe.

Some built of wood; some of stones; some of regular bricks; and some of adobe.

The adobe answered very well when securely roofed, though it was thought the unburnt brick absorbed more moisture than the brick which had been burned.

These are invariably laid out in a square, which is surrounded by a lofty wall of mere dirt, or else of adobe.

The buildings throughout the entire Territory are, almost without exception, of adobe.

This, like all its companions, is of adobe, but it is coated with plaster, and painted white.

His buildings have no pretensions to architectural merit, being merely rough piles of adobe scattered irregularly all over the grounds.

You remember how we saw the Mokis sitting on the roofs of their little adobe huts in the gray of the morning.

211 examples of  adobe  in sentences
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