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211 examples of  adobe  in sentences

211 examples of adobe in sentences

We struck the south fork of the Canadian River, or Rio Colorado, at a point a few miles above the old adobe walls, which at one time had composed a fort, and was the place where Kit Carson once had a big Indian fight.

The buildings were not palatial, being composed mostly of adobe and slab wood; but the central one, probably the dwelling or ranch house, was a low, rambling pile covering considerable ground.

A great living room ran all across the front, with an immense fireplace built of irregular adobe bricks.

And always they dance; at dusk on the smooth adobe floors, afternoons under the trellises where the earth is damp and has a fruity smell.

At Las Uvas every house is a piece of earththick walled, whitewashed adobe that keeps the even temperature of a cave; every man is an accomplished horseman and consequently bow-legged; every family keeps dogs, flea-bitten mongrels that loll on the earthen floors.

" It is an old, adobe-walled Mexican garden.

I A NIGHT LETTER Sand and gravel slithered and slid under the heels of Old Pie Face as Skinny Rawlins whirled the broncho into the open space in front of the low-built, sprawling, adobe ranch house of the Quarter Circle KT and reined the pinto to a sudden stop.

The poplars in front of the house flung slim black shadows across the low adobe buildings and splashed the tip of their shade in the dust-cloud that filled with haze the corral a hundred yards away.

Half-way down the valley, a quarter of a mile from the bench, the buildings of the Quarter Circle KT clustered together in a groupthe low adobe house, bunk shack, stables, graineries.

The adobe walls had been trusted in no direction.

Materials N. material, raw material, stuff, stock, staple; adobe, brown stone; chinking; clapboard; daubing; puncheon; shake; shingle, bricks and mortar; metal; stone; clay, brick crockery &c 384; compo, composition; concrete; reinforced concrete, cement; wood, ore, timber.

Adj. raw &c (unprepared) 674; wooden &c n.; adobe.

On the roof the spaces between the canes are filled with adobe, sun-dried mud.

Their huts are built of adobe, the roofs thatched with coarse grass.

At first sight Racche looks as though there were here a row of nine or ten lofty adobe piers, forty or fifty feet high!

The builders wanted the wall to seem to be built entirely of adobe, yet, had the great clay wall rested on the ground, floods and erosion might have succeeded in undermining it.

It also is of adobe, on a stone foundation.

The base of the party wall, decorated with large niches, is of cut ashlars carefully laid; the middle course is of adobe, while the upper third is of rough, uncut stones.

The chief marvel of Racche, however, is the great adobe wall of the temple, which is nearly fifty feet high.

The lintels, made of hard-wood timbers and partially embedded in the wall, are all gone; yet the adobe remains.

The factors which have caused this extraordinary adobe wall to withstand the weather in such an exposed position for so many centuries, notwithstanding the heavy rains of each summer season from December to March, are worthy of further study.

The walls of the church are composed partly of adobe and partly of cut stones taken from the ruins.

The walls were of rough stones laid in adobe.

The bell in the little adobe chapel sounds and a few of the Indians go in to mass.

Wherever she decided to live, the house must be like the one where her father had been bornlong and low built of adobe; there must be a patio, with a fountain in the middle; and the rooms must be kept cool by the roof of a veranda, shading the windows like a great overhanging eyelid.

The next year they were taught to drive the mules, the third to make adobe for building; the fourth year they learned to ride horses bareback, the fifth they were taught to ride in the saddle while using firearms.

The corrals are generally built of adobe, with a gate or bars at the entrance.

It was a customary practice for the Apaches to saw an entrance through an adobe wall with their horsehair ropes (cabrestas).

During the growing season they lived in huts on the fields; during the winter in the towns in adobe houses.

They know that somewhere over in the Mission is the old adobe church.

List of Illustrations The Mission "The modern structures crowd upon the low adobe building.

Outside, the modern structures crowd upon the low adobe building, staring down upon it with unsympathetic eyes and begrudging it the very land it stands on, while inside, hand-hewn rafters, massive grey walls, and a red tiled floor slightly depressed in places by years of service, point mutely to the past, to the days when padres and neophytes knelt at the sound of the Angelus.

" Seeing the interest in our faces, the dark eyes brightened and he patted the thick adobe wall affectionately.

The fireproof buildings melted under the tremendous heat and collapsed as if they had been constructed of lead; the devouring flames swept over the Potrero; they fell upon the brick building next door and crept close to the walls of this old adobe, when suddenly, as if in the presence of a sacred relic, the fire crouched and died at its very doors.

Her father, Ensign Sal, was acting comandante of the Presidio when Vancouver visited the Coast, and Rafaela and Luis Argรผello grew up together in the little adobe settlement.

The door of the commodious sala at the home of the comandante always stood wide open, and almost nightly the feet of the young people which had danced since their babyhood tripped over the floor of the old adobe building.

Then seeing him glancing admiringly at the green domes: "Perhaps you would rather" "No," he answered me, "I'm an antiquary and I want to see the old adobe house.

This was the original plaza of the old Spanish Presidio," I continued, as we emerged onto the quadrangle, "and it was then lined with houses as it is today, only at that time they were crude adobe structures.

" "More than a century ago there dwelt in this old adobe house a beautiful maiden," I began.

"Don Luis conducted his guests to the old adobe building, draped in pink Castilian roses, and into the cool sala, which, although provided with slippery horse-hair chairs and plain whitewashed walls ornamented with pictures of the Virgin and saints, was a pleasing contrast to the ship's cabin.

I should like to make a pilgrimage to her grave," he added as we left the old adobe house.

Made of adobe in the shape of a horseshoe, so perishable that the walls crumbled every time a shot was fired, still it answered its purpose, as it was never needed for anything but friendly salutes, and even these were at times, perforce, omitted.

It was only a sail stretched around four pine posts, but two years later was replaced by a picturesque, red-tiled adobe, so commodious that the Spaniards called it the Casa Grande.

Over there on the northwest corner where that dingy Chinese restaurant now floats the flag of Chop Suey stood the old adobe Custom House, the first building erected on the Plaza, and it was in front of this that the Stars and Stripes were run up when General Montgomery, who had arrived in the sloop-of-war Portsmouth, took possession in the name of the United States."

"Here on the corner of Kearny," continued the Forty-niner, "was an old adobe building with a red-tiled roof and a veranda around it.

That adobe was the last link between the Spanish village of Yerba Buena and its American successor, San Francisco," he regretted, "but it was a good thing for the city, for they began to build with stone and brick after that.

The adobe building in which Rezanov, envoy of the Czar, wooed Senorita Arguello, daughter of the commandante of the Presidio, is preserved in the center of the reservation.

The old mission, whose adobe walls are four feet thick, stands beside a new church of Spanish architecture.

Rezanov, plenipotentiary of the Czar, here wooed Senorita Arguello, daughter of the Spanish commandante of the Presidio, in an adobe building still standing in the reservation.

This Mission was founded by Father Junipero Serra in 1776, and its adobe walls remain in a remarkable state of preservation.

From some of the houses of the more enthusiastic Saints all the wood-work was removed, leaving nothing standing except the bare adobe walls, while a few had been burned to the ground.

These are invariably laid out in a square, which is surrounded by a lofty wall of mere dirt, or else of adobe.

The buildings throughout the entire Territory are, almost without exception, of adobe.

This, like all its companions, is of adobe, but it is coated with plaster, and painted white.

His buildings have no pretensions to architectural merit, being merely rough piles of adobe scattered irregularly all over the grounds.

The Secret of Adobe Corrals.

Could an accomplished, tenderly reared woman go into their adobe villages and listen to their wrongs?

Past the stone and adobe wall of the home pasture, past the fences where the rails were held to their posts with rawhide thongs, which the coyotes sometimes chewed to pulp and so made extra work for the peons, they raced, exultant with life.

One would need see the adobe corral that was to be transformed into an amphitheater where were hammering and clatter from sunrise till dark, without even a pause for midday siesta amongst those lazy peons who would sleep over their cigarettes, though the padres stood over them predicting the end of the world the next moment.

" CHAPTER XXII THE BATTLE OF BEASTS Sweating, impatient humans wedged tight upon the seats around the rim of the great adobe corral, waited for the bulls to dash in through the gate and be goaded into the frenzy that would thrill the spectators pleasurably.

From the top of the corral above the bear-cage they made shift to slide the oaken gate built across an opening into the adobe corral.

It was a very big bear, and she truly looked very fierce and as if she would think nothing of climbing the adobe wall and devouring a whole front seat full of fluttering femininity!

It was awkward, since they must work from the top; for the adobe corral was as the jaws of a lion while the bear circled watchfully there, and the pen they were striving to open was no safer, with the big, black bull rolling bloodshot eyes at them from below.

The bull, from the far side of the pen where he had backed for another rush, shot clear through the opening and half-way across the adobe corral before he realized that he was free.

A group of spur-jingling vaqueros, chosen because of their well-broken mounts, rode out in front of the adobe corral and the expectant audience, halted and dispersed to their various stations as directed by Dade, clear-voiced, steady of glance, unemotional, as if he were in charge of a bit of work from habit gone stale.

Back at the corral, Dade saw Jack waiting upon Surry in the shade of the adobe wall until the moment came for entering the arena.

In the adobe corral he stood with his riata coiled in his hand and Dade's spurs upon his heels, and

Waring became more alert as they approached the adobe buildings of the rancho.

" Juan Armigo plodded to the adobe.

" From the coolness of night, with its dim radiance of stars, to the accumulated heat of the interior of the adobe was an unpleasant change.

He threw hay to the horses and strode briskly to the adobe.

And Waring strode to the adobe.

In the shadow of an adobe, Waring stopped.

The adobe at the end of the side street he was on was dark.

His horse Dex was evidently corralled at the back of the adobe.

Pedro Salazar knew that Waring would come for the horse sooner or later, so he waited, crouching behind the adobe wall of the enclosure.

Then he turned and ran to the corner, dodged round it, and crept along the breast-high adobe wall.

Ramon slipped from the group and climbed the adobe wall.

The talk about Waring and Las Cruces had stirred slumbering memories; memories of night rides in New Mexico, of the cattle war, of blazing noons on the high mesas and black nights in huddled adobe towns; Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Caliente, Santa Fรฉand weary ponies at the hitching-rails.

And the assistant collector, eating with them in the adobe back of the office, wondered that two such men found nothing more serious to talk about than the breeding of horses and the growing of garden truck.

Across from the adobe he saw the grim face of the collector framed in the office window.

Just across the street a tall, heavy man was unlocking a door in a little adobe building.

You remember how we saw the Mokis sitting on the roofs of their little adobe huts in the gray of the morning.

There were many smaller houses, and quite a large piece of ground fenced in by an adobe wall.

The red-tiled white adobe houses of the Presidio and of the little town clustered under its wing, the brown mud huts of the Indians, were grouped in the foreground of the deep valley.

But the sun was hot, and we were all glad to be between the thick adobe walls once more.

On our way back the conversation died for want of bone and muscle, and, as it happened, we were both silent as we approached a small adobe hut.

In 1513 he disposed that the colonists were to build houses of adobe, that is, of sun-dried bricks; that all married men should send for their wives, and that useful trees should be planted.

The emperor made a last effort to save the remnant in 1538, and decreed that all those who still had Indians in their possession should construct stone or adobe houses for them under penalty of losing them.

The only object to be seen on the corner from which she had vanished was a small, yellow-washed house much like the one Aurora occupied, as it was like hundreds that then characterized and still characterize the town, only that now they are of brick instead of adobe.

The house, a hollow square built of adobe bricks in one story, covered a vast deal of ground, had spacious rooms and a court big enough to bivouac a regiment.

Some of the gaps reached nearly to the ground, and through these it could be seen that the wall was five feet across, a single adobe forming the entire thickness.

The ceilings of all the rooms were supported by unhewn beams, five or six inches thick, deeply inserted into the adobe walls.

The crowd at Newport is architecturally perfect, while the crowd at Narragansett is in the adobe stage, that is the conspicuous difference; the one is pretentious and lives in structures more or less permanent; the other lives in trunks, and is even more pretentious.

It was on the crest of those slopes that the fog halted and walled in the sun-illumined plain below; it was in this plain that limitless fields of grain clothed the flat adobe soil; here the Mission garden smiled over its hedges of fruitful vines, and through the leaves of fig and gnarled pear trees; and it was here that Father Pedro had lived for fifty years, found the prospect good, and had smiled also.

" "But lilies don't look well on the refectory table, and against the adobe wall," returned the acolyte, with a pout of a spoilt child; "and surely the flowers cannot help being sweet, any more than myrrh or incense.

What had seemed to be an overgrown mound rising like an island out of the dead level of the grassy sea now resolved itself into a collection of adobe walls, eaten and incrusted with shrubs and vines, that bore some resemblance to the usual uninhabited-looking exterior of a Spanish-American dwelling.

Its bronzed adobe walls mocked the green vine that embraced them, the crumbling dust of its courtyard remained ungerminating and unfruitful; to the thousand; stirring voices without, its dry lips alone remained mute, unresponsive, and unchanged.

A more vivid green alone marked the spot where the crumbling adobe walls of the casa had returned to the parent soil that gave it.

" A silence followed, broken only by the rain monotonously falling on the roof, and occasionally through the broad adobe chimney, where it provoked a retaliating hiss and splutter from the dying embers of the hearth.