102 examples of adulterate in sentences

[MOTTO.] "This beauty, in the blossom of my youth, When my first fire knew no adulterate incense, Nor I no way to flatter but my fondness, In the best language my true tongue could tell me, And all the broken sighs my sick heart lend me, I sued and served.

Lead, however, is sometimes mixed with that metal, not only to make it lie more easily, but to adulterate ita pernicious practice, which in every article connected with the cooking and preparation of food, cannot be too severely reprobated.

The leaves have been used to adulterate tea; the fruit, when ripe, makes a good preserve.

And yet there is, I trust, no doubt whatsoever that the bread has been once green wheat, and that the green wheat has been transformed into breadmaking due allowance, of course, for the bone-dust, or gypsum, or alum with which the worthy baker may have found it profitable to adulterate his bread, in order to improve the digestion of Her Majesty's subjects.

She would be melted by the heat of love, By fires far fiercer than are blown to prove And purge the silver ore adulterate.

It was impossible to adulterate dues in kind; it was easy to debase the coin when they were paid in money, and that money received by weight, whether it were coin from the royal mints, or the local coinages that had continued from the time of the early English kingdoms, or debased money from the private mints of the barons.

I that incestuous, that adulterate Beast With witchcraft of his wits, hath Traitorous guifts.

And the idea of the particular colour of gold is not to be got by any description of it, but only by the frequent exercise of the eyes about as is evident in those who are used to this metal, who frequently distinguish true from counterfeit, pure from adulterate, by the sight, where others (who have as good eyes, but yet by use have not got the precise nice idea of that peculiar yellow) shall not perceive any difference.

But the name And soule of friendship twixt us I had thought Would have retain'd this most unmanly rage Gainst me, for declaration of a truth By which you might be ransomed from the armes Of her adulterate honor.

The cost and vast consumption of coffee and tea have made the inducements to adulterate them very great.

The leaves of the ash and the sloe are used to adulterate tea.

If prices are ruling high, they may get much more than four rupees per maund for it, and they adopt all kinds of ingenious devices to adulterate the seed, and increase its weight.

The Word is violated by those in the Christian church who adulterate its goods and truths; and those do this who separate truth from good and good from truth; also, who assume and confirm appearances of truth and fallacies for genuine truths; and likewise, who know truths of doctrine derived from the Word, and live evil lives, not to mention other like cases.

That Jews were forbidden to covet, but that Christians are not; that Jews might not commit fornication, but Christians may; that Jews might not lie, but Christians may; that Jews might not use false weights and measures, or adulterate goods for sale, but that Christians may.

Cocculus Indicus is largely imported into this country, considering that few know for what other purpose it is used than to adulterate beer.

Adulterated Flour.

If flour adulterated with potato starch be sprinkled upon black paper, and examined by a powerful lens, or a microscope, the starch may be detected by the brilliancy of its grains.

All over the continent, succory, or chicorée, is used to adulterate coffee, notwithstanding which a few scheming persons have attempted to introduce it in this country as an improvement, by selling it at four times its worth.

"[MOTTO] "This Beauty, in the blossom of my Youth, When my first fire knew no adulterate incense,

Reader, I've done, nor longer will withhold Thy greedy eyes; looking on this pure gold Thou'lt know adulterate copper, which, like this, Will only serve to be a foil to his.

why were we hurried down This lubrique and adulterate age, (Nay added fat pollutions of our own,) To increase the streaming ordures of the stage? What can we say to excuse our second fall? Let this thy vestal, Heaven, atone for all: Her Arethusian stream remains unsoil'd, Unmix'd with foreign filth, and undefiled: Her wit was more than man, her innocence a child.

why were we hurried down This lubric and adulterate age!"Dryden.

Consequently, with the continually increasing demand and the continued rise in price, manufacturers of lavender water and of compound perfumes in which oil of lavender is a necessary ingredient commenced to buy the French oil, and venders of the English oil commenced to adulterate largely the English with the French oil.

Have not our politicians and our teachers, with few exceptions, used all their influence to foster dark old superstitions which lurk in such good words as those of patriotism and honour, to keep the people blind so that they might not see the shining light of liberty, and to adulterate the doctrine of Christ which most of them profess, by a gospel of international jealousy based upon trade interests and commercial greed?

Many a one who would shrink from picking a pocket does not scruple to adulterate his goods; and he who never dreams of passing base coin, will yet be a party to joint-stock-bank deceptions.

102 examples of  adulterate  in sentences