8887 examples of adventuring in sentences

So he is, as well as a Night-adventuring Lover can be,he has got but one Wound, Madam.

I was adventuring with only my hand to guard me in those ancient, haunted woods, where no white man had ever before travelled.

These are the peaks of valor; keeping clean your father's name, Too brave for petty profit to risk the brand of shame, Adventuring for the future, yet mindful of the past, For God, for country and for home, still valorous to the last.

But what endeared him most to the favour of that Prince, and was indeed the masterpiece of his service, was his adventuring into Scotland, and by his courteous insinuating behaviour, so far ingratiating himself into the favour of their leading men, that he procured the privilege of looking into their records and original letters, a copy of which he brought to England and presented to the King.

There, it is said, we owe everything in the past to the enterprise of individual men (for even joint-stock companies have not been notable as pioneers) adventuring their own fortunes in accordance with their own unfettered judgment.

And I made that I would go backwards to a good distance from the Watcher, and go forward again upon my journeying, if but that I come safe from so unwise an adventuring.

And so shall you stay with me in your hearts, and take to ourselves something of the new Gladness that held all my being; for it did seem truly that my bitter task and adventuring should not in the end be offered to Uselessness; and that I did truly draw unto that far place in the Everlasting Night, where mine own Maid did cry for me, that I should succour her.

The god of the heartfor all that he is a god, he goes a deal of crooked ways, goes out adventuring, the wild thing that he is, and we can see it in his looks.

For years he had followed his dangerous occupation alone; adventuring forth in weather which appalled the stoutest of the stout hearts that occasionally exchanged a word with him, in passing to and fro in their mutual employment.

Before that we have a vast deal of agreeable adventuring.

Christianity and social adventuring.

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Adventuring in art.

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Christianity and social adventuring.

Adventuring in art.

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Adventuring does not suit you, that's certain.

"I had little or nothing to do down in town, and it occurred to me that we might slip away for once and go adventuring.

But as darkness fingered at the panes, something of the vastness of sky and air made itself realized; something of the illimitable scope of this adventuring.

The sun was too low for further adventuring.

8887 examples of  adventuring  in sentences