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7820 example sentences with  advise

7820 example sentences with advise

If you come with me I'll throw up this dirty job, advise Glidden to shift the plot from your father to some other man" "So it's Glidden!"

I advise you to go at once to Wheatly and bring your father home.

A Jew's eye is a costly thing; but a Jew's conversion is much more expensive; you can't get at the thing fairly for less than 10,000 pounds; and as five good Wesleyan Chapels could be built, in ordinary districts, for that sum, we advise Wesleyans to go in for chapels and not for Jews.

I should not hesitate, therefore, to advise all mothers to put a light hat or bonnet on the heads of their children, whenever they are to be exposed to the direct rays of the summer sun, or to the rain.

But that living a kind of spiritual life, and being removed a little from all worldly affairs; they might always be fit to receive holy inspirations, and always ready to search out the Mind of GOD, and to advise and direct the people therein.

If you wish to fill up, I would advise you to take the same precautions, for the heel of the season is beginning to show itself."

I would advise that a saw be set at work at each end of the schooner, allowing a little room in case of accidents, and that we weaken the foundation by two deep cuts.

I do not think so, but I say I am so, Therefore, Olfactus, come not near, I advise you.

I do not threaten, But in pure love advise you for the best: Dare not to touch me, but hence fly apace; Add wings unto your feet, and save your lives.

"Did you say, no?" continued Ralph, pretending to so understand the lady; "very well, then, I may advise you, my dear Jinks, not to do so."

"I advise you not to be; you don't look handsome," said Verty."

"Do you advise me?" "Yes.

If I advise any persons to claim these things, they may truly accuse me.

"Well," he said, "we'll think it over, and advise about it."

That accomplished scholar, himself for once at fault, could only frankly advise me to do at last what I ought to have done at first,to apply to Theodore Parker.

There was no one to advise, no one to check, no one to help her to keep in the path of wifely fidelity.

To conclude, thisto advise you, for your own sake as a tradesman, for Lord Byron's sake as a poet, for the sake of good literature and good principles, which ought to be united, to take such measures as you may be able to venture upon to get Lord Byron to revise these two cantos, and not to make another step in the odious path which Hobhouse beckons him to pursue.... Yours ever, J.W. CROKER.

Except my wife, there is not a friend whom I dare advise with.

My agent told him he would certainly advise any client of his to get out of court, but that he would never advise me to pay anything to be made a talk of, as a sum for a charity would be.

My agent told him he would certainly advise any client of his to get out of court, but that he would never advise me to pay anything to be made a talk of, as a sum for a charity would be.

He would advise me, he said, to pay the expenses, and a trifle to Hazlitt himself privately.

The moral culpability of late rising is when it interferes with the necessary duties of the day; and though, my fair readers, you may in a great measure claim exemption from these, I would still, simply in reference to your health and complexions, advise you not to exceed seven o'clock.

"More's the pity, indeed!" "And it's my opeenion the puir laddie will just die, if nobody sees to him; and I've taken the liberty of writing to Major Cawmill mysel', to beg him to come up and see to him, for it's a pity to see his lordship cast away, for want of an understanding body to advise him."

I will make you up a set of pills for the night; but I should advise a little ammonia and valerian at once.

No one could be less suited than he to advise about fiction, yet to his daughter his advice was almost the equivalent of a command.

I suppose they're mining shares?" "I wouldn't advise you to invest," the other replied.

I therefore advise every traveller who goes with a vetturino to be a spesato, otherwise he will have to pay four or five times as much and not be a whit better regaled.

I should advise you gentlemen to retire to the tunnel."

Would advise former, as the other might take months, and meeting to sign treaty alliance would be dangerously delayed."

"I would advise that you stay, your Highness," said Mr. Grimm coldly.

He knew that they would advise him that Miss Hooker had "no case"that she would be non-suited on her own evidence, and he ought not to compromise, but be ready to stand trial.

I should, as a rule, advise an overhead service.

Some people advise you to dismiss the coming match entirely from your mind before going into court.

Therefore I advise you to think about the match you are going to play.

THE LATE MISS C. MEYER, MISS PINCKNEY AND MISS E.W. THOMPSON (MRS. LARCOMBE)] I advise a plain gored skirtnot pleated; I think these most unsuitable on courtabout four or five inches from the ground.

I think it is almost impossible to prevent a club being "cliquey," and I should always advise a player who wishes to improve her game to join one which is more concerned with its tennis than its social side.

The Secretary of the local Ski Club would advise or some good runner in the neighbourhood.

I strongly advise all beginners who are bitten by the joy of Ski-ing to buy, at any rate, the small local sheet of the Ordnance Map which usually only costs Frs.

I was going to advise you to come back three years from now and see her again.

But the best of all physic, if I may advise, Is temperate living and good exercise.

The most awful responsibility is resting upon the Government in deciding what to advise the House of Commons to do.

If you have not a copy, I advise you to buy it; they will soon be out of print, and you won't have any more of the same sort again.

I should advise you to proceed.

"I'd advise you to straighten out your chin.

Oh, if I had some one to advise me!Lady Tilchester, perhaps.

Now, which would you take, if you were me?" "Oh, I could not possibly advise you," I said.

I wished I had a friend to advise me.

I advise you to cultivate a taste for this sort of thing as quickly as possiblein your own defense."

"Where would you advise me to take him?" "Not very far.

[Footnote 3: Hesiod considered one other appendage to the homestead indispensable, to which Mr. Stephens does not allude, perhaps from feeling himself incompetent to advise.] To some it may appear at first sight that our author has indulged in too much detail upon this subject; but he is not a true practical farmer who says so.

I would advise you to go out into the country; and, by the way, I believe I saw, a day or two since, an advertisement for a man to take charge of a farm.

" "Very well," was the reply, "but let me advise you to go slowly.

"I'm afraid I don't know enough to advise you on that line," was the answer, adding: "Where are you stopping?" "At the Mount Vernon Hotel, down on the wharf," was the reply.

All right; meanwhile I should like to advise every ruling lord to read through, on a certain day every six months, the fifteenth chapter of the First Book of Samuel, earnestly and attentively; so that he may always have in mind what it means to support the throne on the altar.

We ordain not, and we advise not, that the journey be undertaken by the old or the weak, or such as be not suited for arms, and let not women set out without their husbands or their brothers; let the rich help the poor; nor priests nor clerks may go without the leave of their bishops; and no layman shall commence the march save with the blessing of his pastor.

Peter, on arriving at the enemy's camp, presented himself without any mark of respect before the Sultan, Corbogha, surrounded by his satraps, and said, "The sacred assembly of princes pleasing to God who are at Antioch doth send me unto thy Highness, to advise thee that thou art to cease from thy importunities, and that thou abandon the siege of a city which the Lord in His divine mercy hath given up to them.

"Dear sir," said the envoys, "advise us of what lords our master might best seek aid, and in what he might best put his trust."

And," concluded our informant, with another knowing look, "now that I'm in possession of the facts you've just put before me, I should advise you to go and find out if Sir Gilbert Carstairs and John Paley are not one and the same person!

And I wouldn't for a moment be thought to advise anything else," added Marcus Wilkeson; "though I never could help admiring pluck and sharpness in business affairs.

Miss Pillbody, who did not venture to advise her pupil on her choice of studies, but left her to consult her own fancies undisturbed, heartily approved of Mrs. Crull's conclusion, though she acknowledged that New York society by no means took that view of the case, but tolerated bad French with a courtesy worthy of France itself.

You will purchase disappointment by the loss of your money, and I advise you by all means to give up the plan.

I would never advise any man to marry a woman much richer than himself, so as to be indebted to her for his position in society.

Have great care in the mines and continually advise Pasamonte (the treasurer) or his agent of what happens or what may be necessary.

Let me advise you, then, in conducting this affair,an affair big, perhaps, with your future fate,to lay aside those coquettish airs which you sometimes put on; and remember that you are not dealing with a fop, who will take advantage of every concession, but with a man of sense and honor, who will properly estimate your condescension and frankness.

"My friends, sir, will not control, they will only advise to what they think most for my interest, and I hope that my conduct will not be unworthy of their approbation."

I congratulate you on your new neighbor; but I advise friend George to have the Gordian knot tied immediately, lest you should be insnared by this bewitching squire.

I shall soon return to the bosom of domestic tranquillity, to the arms of maternal tenderness, where I can deliberate and advise at leisure about this important matter.

She had declared herself in favor of Mr. Boyer; therefore I had no expectation that she would advise impartially.

I advise you not to trifle with the law, Glenarm, said Pickering angrily.

But Donovan ought to go, if he will allow me to advise him.

Judging from the composition of your letter I should advise you to eat a whale.

An impecunious young lawyer recently received the following letter from a tailor to whom he was indebted: "Dear Sir: Kindly advise me by return mail when I may expect a remittance from you in settlement of my account.

"If the impression that the lady could yield her esteem with too little discretion, be any excuse for suspicions, then may I advise a search in the manor of Kinderhook!"

He may be able to comfort you, and, indeed, to advise me.

I have never spoken because my idea is that a mother should not advise unless she believes it necessary.

This is top quality storage but we’d advise keeping a close eye on your budget.

At the beginning of the fall semester Professor Avital Ronell was to teach and advise for the graduate programs after being found guilty under Title IX of sexually harassing her advisee Nimrod Reitman.

Can handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.

Can the minister advise if he is planning to go any further with these discussions.

Can the minister advise: Is his department taking a lead in the investigation of this matter or is it the Canadian military that is playing the lead role in this investigation?

Can the minister advise me as to the status of that at this point?

Can the minister advise the House how well that's working and if there are any difficulties with it?

Can the Minister advise the House if Yukon Development Corporation has a special fund for this type of project?

Can the Minister advise the House what plans he has or has made to make sure that these people do not lose their employment?

Can the minister advise the House which option he would like to pursue?

Can the minister advise the House why our marks have dropped so dramatically in such a short period of time?

Can the Minister advise the number of teaching positions, currently, for the province?

Can the Minister advise this House how many family day homes are under surveillance at this time?

Can the minister advise this House how many permanent jobs the millennium fund is expected to create?

Can the minister advise this House whether the several hundred thousand dollars in salary for these employees will come out of Ms. Curran's $3.9 million salary, or will that money be paid for in addition through the Department of Health?

Can the minister advise us how many people were there?

Can the minister advise us whether there was an impact on the department, the Maintenance Enforcement Program's operation, when this federal administration fee came into being?

Can the minister advise us whether the transition has actually occurred?

Can the minister advise when the tenders for the Ross River school will be let?

Can the minister advise whether any of that funding under the Northern Healthy Foods Initiative was lapsed from last year's budget of $100,000?

Can the minister advise whether the government has any program for dealing with women abusers?

Can the minister confirm whether $800,000 was added to the legal aid budget for family law, and can he advise over what period of time this extra funding covers?

City Council, for liquor licensing purposes, advise the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario that it has no objection to the issuance of a special permit for liquor licences for the Toronto Nationals' six home games to be held at Lamport Stadium.

Clarke did not advise, or obtain the consent of, Barthe for what was in effect a matched order, involving him personally.

In the case of litigation privilege, ICBC bears the burden of proving that the dominant purpose for creation of the record was to conduct, assist with, or advise upon litigation under way or in reasonable prospect at the time of its creation.