4630 examples of advise in sentences

I advise them to take their opinions to the third-class compartment and discuss them there.

There's for thy labour, Montjoy. Go bid thy master well advise himself: If we may pass, we will; if we be hindered, We shall your tawny ground with your red blood Discolour; and so, Montjoy, fare you well.

In some of these, as fancy should advise, I'd always take my morning exercise: For sure no minutes bring us more content, Than those in pleasing useful studies spent.

She should a soul have for great actions fit; Prudence and wisdom to direct her wit; Courage to look bold danger in the face, Not fear, but only to be proud or base; Quick to advise, by an emergence pressed, To give good counsel, or to take the best.

"I can't say, bambina; but I should not advise Eivé to startle you in that way!

Kurt decided that he would advise that it be strengthened.

He will be able to classify the endocrine traits of the population exposed, and to advise a course of glandular feeding for the types specially liable.

The time will come when we shall thus be able to advise prospective parents of the consequences of procreation and to forecast the meaning for the race of a particular marriage.

If we go up to the head of the lake we'll try and mind our own business, and advise all others to do the same, if they know what's good for them.

"Let me advise you," said he, "to go right off to-morrow.

Can you advise me in the matter? Answer.

At any rate we commend this change of policy to the leaders of the women's rights party, as a proof of the success their movement has gained, and advise them to send a series of congratulatory resolutions to the princess in question, upon her gaining her unquestioned right to consult her heart rather than a Lord Chancellor in the bestowal of her hand.

Should I upon love's path advise thee, when now a fool I've grown, 'Twould be the story of the fool, the pitcher, and the stone.

Senators, advise you.

Madam, in danger wisdom doth advise In humble terms to reconcile our foes.

I pray thee, call the chiefest citizens; I must advise them in a weighty cause: Here shall they meet me; and, until they come, I will go view the danger of the breach.

In the lower grades a discreet teacher will rarely advise his pupils to dissect a dead cat, dog, frog, or any other animal.

If any thing happen to delay your nuptials, I would advise you to remove:

One thing I would advise you to think of; and that is, of proper settlements: it will be to the credit of your prudence and of his justice (and the more as matters stand) that something of this should be done before you marry.

"You'd make a fine detective yourself, Mr. Mershone," he declared, "and I advise you to consider the occupation.

He could advise kings: he could not impose upon them his commands (except in Church matters), as Boniface VIII.

And when at last a few lights in a cluster down the track proclaimed that we were drawing near Damascus, I was ready to advise everybody, Feisul included, to get out in a hurry while a chance remained.

" "Do you advise me?"

The whole state of affairs being debated with what appears a calm and dispassionate view, considering the hostile prejudices of this council, it was decided to advise the king to adopt generally a more moderate line of conduct in the Netherlands, and to abolish the inquisition; at the same time prohibiting under the most awful threats all confederation assemblage, or public preachings, under any pretext whatever.

I should advise you to go at once to the vice-chancellor and ask him for a box of good cigars.

4630 examples of  advise  in sentences