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1031 example sentences with  affair's

1031 example sentences with affair's

The affair is coming to a head."

"We must wait until this affair's blown over.

"The whole affair is so utterly mysterious that I can't pretend even to hazard an explanation."

" "It's one of the affair's conceded incongruities.

"I did not summon you here to counsel you," she said still more coldly, "but to inform you that this disgraceful affair is to go no further, at least beneath this roof.

"This affair ain't any more regular than it ought to be," he was saying.

"The attorneys, who had formerly the care of collecting evidence, and of adjusting all the preliminaries of a suit, are now totally dismissed; the whole affair is put into the hands of the advocates, and the office of an attorney is annulled for ever.

"As thou knowest the person of him I have named, our affair is simple.

"I look to thee and thy fellows to see that the affair be not too quickly forgotten.

Hosea, our affair is ended."

As a matter of fact, the discussion which has set the scientific world, or at least the astronomical part of it, by the ears, had its inception in a love affair, and terminated with that affair's symmetrical development.

But I saydo you see, this affair's to-night, this very evening, and at eight o'clock, and it's past seven now.

Allerdyke!this affair is too serious for any hole-and-corner work.

"I will return and report promptly, if the affair be serious."

The precautions which the King of France used in the conduct of this whole affair are remarkable.

In a word, the affair is settled, and the marriage takes place upon Thursday.'

That affair being over, Jack, breathing hard, now allowed himself to pay some attention to what was going on in other quarters.

So cleverly had the affair been worked, and so flaring were the defalcations, that had it not been for the public-spirited behaviour and generosity of two of the directors, the position of the bank would have been most seriously compromised, if not shattered altogether.

The lies, twaddles, and contrivances about this affair are innumerable.

What, mum's the word, eh? "Indeed, sir, I do not know,I do not understandthe affair is entirely a mystery to myselfit is in the power of no one but Miss Seymour to explain it.

When I say this affair is over, perhaps I say too much.

There is no evidence that Byron ever afterward loved any other woman; and what is very singular about the affair is that it was condoned by the husband, until it became a scandal even in Italy.

The sequel of the affair is a pitiful one, which Ruskin ever afterward hid deep in his heart, though at the time, finding that the woman was unable to live at the intellectual and spiritual altitude of her loyal husband, the latter, with a magnanimity beyond parallel, pardoned both Millais and the erring one, consented to a divorce, and actually stood by her at the altar as the faithless one took upon herself new vows unto a new husband.

There he learns from some prisoners what things are going on in the camp of Cicero, and in how great jeopardy the affair is.

XXXIX.The foraging having in the meantime been completed, our soldiers distinctly hear the shout; the horse hasten on before and discover in what danger the affair is.

When the affair is reversed, the two little girls go about breathing undying hatred for one another.

A man whose father or grandfather had anything to do with the affair is a character in the community; now and then a man is found who knew a man who caught a glimpse of Morgan during that mysterious midnight ride from the Canandaigua jail over the Rochester road, and on to the end in the magazine of the old fort at Lewiston.

The whole affair is too amusingly told to be given in other language than that of Horace: 'I could tell you a great deal of news,' he writes to Horace Mann, 'but it would not be what you would expect.

The circumstances of this affair are narrated in a letter from Captain Nicholson, his friend, to George Selwyn; and may, therefore, be relied on.

Jimmie's part in the whole affair is, however, perfectly intelligible from our human point of view, and there seems no reason to doubt that he did experience something like a feeling of sympathy with his mate, coupled with a feeling of resentment or anger against Tiny.

"You're an ungrateful dog," he muttered, "or you would tell me how your affair is going.

These are the general outlines; and if you entertain a notion that the conjunction will suit you, advise me, and you shall be assumed upon equal terms; for I write to you before the affair is finally settled; not that I shall refuse it if you don't concur (for I am determined on the trial by myself); but that I think it will turn out better were we joined; and this consideration alone prompts me to write to you.

The whole affair is managed with as much propriety as the election of deacons in the church at New Amsterdam.

At length, the affair being decided, when the mist, dispelled by the increasing heat of the sun, had cleared the atmosphere, then, in the clear light, the mountains and plains showed their ruin and the Roman army miserably destroyed; and thus, lest, being descried at a distance, the cavalry should be sent against them, hastily snatching up their standards, they hurried away with all possible expedition.

The whole affair's a mistake."

Cannot this affair be settlederout of court?

Of course, this man," pointing to the stout burglar, "cannot expect anything but a just punishment of his crimes; but after what we have told you, you must certainly be convinced that our connection with the affair is entirely blameless, and should be considered as a piece of very bad luck." "That," said I, "is a matter which will receive all the consideration it needs."

"And allow me to assure you, sir, that as soon as this little affair is settled I shall be very happy indeed to see you again at my house."

The affair being so satisfactorily concluded, Hester Prynne, with Pearl, departed.

The Georgia affair is settled after a fashion; not so the nullifiers; they are infatuated.

Again, a narration is of no advantage when, after our case has once been set forth by the opposite party, it is of no importance to relate it a second time or in another manner; or when the whole affair is so clearly comprehended by the hearers, as they believe at least that it can do us no good to give them information respecting it in another fashion.

The whole affair is extremely painful even to me, but I have a duty to perform, and I must go through with it.

"If it takes me a year, I'll find out who the leaders in this affair are, and they shall suffer for it!"

His part of the affair is but a touch and go, partly for love and partly for fun.

Now, this affair is entirely different.

"Well, Moses," I began, "this affair is over, and we've the Atlantic before us again, with all the ports of Europe to select from, and a captain, one mate, the cook, and one man to carry the ship where we please to take her."

Had she known how far matters had gone with Henry Warner, she would unhesitatingly have told it to Arthur Carrollton; but so quietly had the affair been managed that she knew comparatively little.

This affair is recommended to you by all the company, and we hope that you will serve us to the utmost of your power, not doubting in the least of your justice & equity.

And, besides, this affair is so blown, I don't think he could return to his profession.

The pretty fiction of our sudden marriage being a renewal of an old love-affair is more of an untruth than I am used to letting pass, and yet has enough truth in it to make it reality, since you were the hero of my girlish dreams.

The affair is described by Hamilton; but he modestly conceals the fact that he was himself in command of the Morning Star, of which he was chief owner.

But the real answer to the affair is not to say that it is nonsensical or even to say that it is not funny, but to point out that it is wrong to spoil statues which belong to other people.

It is a miserable thing to quarrel or even differ over a dinner, although the whole affair be but a matter of taste.

The whole affair is to be printed.

The conventional affair is very hard on a man of my years, all of whose contemporaries are either bald or rheumatic; besides, now I think of it, it is merely carrying out the ever-present precedent.

It was from a weekly paper, which concerned itself with the doings of society, and he read, his eyes glowing: The much heralded theatricals at "Roods Knoll" have come and gone, but the echoes of this affair are still reverberating the length of the Avenue.

So the affair is arranged."

The affair is not like shooting at anything.

The elder ladies seem uneasy that the affair is not going on as speedily as they had fancied; my aunt, who is of an impatient temper, must chafe inwardly not a little.

The affair is wrapped in mystery.

The only details to be had about this affair are those given in a special message of August 6, 1789, from which it appears that Washington was not notified of the grounds of the Senate's objection.

The whole affair is now gliding along smoothly.

An odd affair is Society.

"The affair is of the suddenest," Alain observed, and he now swung the lute behind him.

R584351. Affair's end.

R584351. Affair's end.

Amazed with such true piety and sincerity, and considering the validity of a written contract, I acknowledged all that he said to be very just and kind, and that I would discourse with the man about it; neither could I see what reason they could have not to let him marry them, whose authority in that affair is owned to be as authentic as if they were married by any of our clergymen in England.

I answer, Were we all thoroughly convinced, that then they would be reconciled, we would put an end to them before; but this is impossible to be done: for as men's certain convictions of truth are not equal to one another, or the weight or significancy of such veracity: so neither can a general effect of this affair be expected on this side of time.

The speaker, during his harangue, keeps running backwards and forwards within the oblong space, using the most violent but appropriate gesticulation; so expressive, indeed, of the subject on which he is speaking, that a spectator who does not understand their language can form a tolerable idea as to what the affair is then under debate.

A crowd of old college friends had just left him alone in the hills after spending several weeks at his place, and his sole occupation these days, aside from directing the affair's about the house and grounds, lay in the efforts to commune with nature by means of a shotgun and a fishing-rod.

The affair is in the hands of justice; and, in a few days, we shall know from the sentence which is the greater rogue of the two.

"We now have proof positive that this affair is not the work of mortal hands."

"It likewise observes, that these two millions will cost the King nothing, as the affair is already arranged with the Liquidator-General.

Like Falstaff's troops, every one has some good cause of exemption; and if you were to attend a meeting where this affair is discussed, you would conclude the French to be more physically miserable than any people on the glove.

and the affair's over.

He told us that a quarrel having taken place between the boatmen of a small vessel and the people of a village, the former came on board in great numbers in the night, and murdered six of the boatmen; and that on the affair being represented to the Pasha, he sent three hundred soldiers to the village, and razed it to the ground.

He had started for home the morning after his memorable interview with Mrs. Dr. Van Buren, and to Aunt Barbara had fallen the task of telling her troubles to the colonel's family, asking that the affair be kept as quiet as possible, inasmuch as Ethie might soon be found, and matters between her and Richard be made right.

It will be remarked that Sterne does not here deny having received a purse from Warburton, but only his having received it by way of black-mail: and the most mysterious part of the affair is that Sterne did actually receive the strange present of a "purse of gold" from Warburton (whom at that time he did not know nor had ever seen); and that he admits as much in one of his letters to Miss Fourmantelle.

This whole affair is astounding, but we must not let it make us crazy before we understand it."

Why must his first and only love affair be hampered by an element so disturbing as Mama Joy?

At any rate, the affair is not to the honor of Berlioz.

Before these tests are applied, the whole affair is as a fairy dream born of the perfume and the mystery of night.

But this affair's fetched him into the light againto some purpose!"

And, be it spoke with all the veneration possible for so excellent a sovereign, her best endeavours in this weighty affair are a most important part of her duty, as well as of her interest and her honour.

We assure them no small labour has been thrown away upon the inquiry, and all we have been able to arrive to of discovery in this affair is, that a memorandum was found with this manuscript, in these words, but not signed by any name, only the two letters of a name, which gives us no light into the matter, which memoir was as follows: Memorandum.

This affair is worse than you know.

Our affair is to ask whether, in the field of experience, there is any evidence that persons thus 'possessed' really evince knowledge which they could not have acquired through normal channels?

Tilting feats are about to be performed; the coursers snort and are put in motion; their hides are bathed in sweat beneath their ponderous housings; and the blood, which flows freely from the pricks of their riders' spurs, shows you with what earnestness the whole affair is conducted.

"Then why ..." "I'll tell you whyor, at least, I will tell you as much as I mayas I can; for the affair is hers, and not mine.

The hour is unseasonable, and as to the motivewhy, if Master Seadrift has got a little out of his course, no great harm can come of it, while the affair is in the hands of so discreet and amiable an officer as yourself."

The details of this affair are entirely obscure; according to some commentators, it was the final outcome of a family feud, while others assert that the elopement took place with the connivance of Cunizza's brother, the notorious Ezzelino III.

The affair is entirely devoid of danger, though it at first appears quite otherwise to those unacquainted with the mysteries of mining.

The affair is constantly cropping up in the literature of the time; it occupies a prominent place in the later books of the Confessions; and there is an account of its earlier phasesan account written from the anti-Rousseau point of viewin the Mรฉmoires of Madame d'Epinay.

The ray of light by which we see the sun can obviously report to us only the state of affairs' which existed in that luminary when it started on its journey, and would not be in the least affected by anything that happened after it left; so that we really see the sun not as it is, but as it was eight minutes ago.

When the queen discovers her husband's passion for a servant girl, she becomes very angry and orders that this girl is sent to prison; but it turns out that the girl is a princess, therefore the affair is accepted in the end.

On Thursday Lukashenko claimed Navalny had not been poisoned, saying the Europeans made it up 'in order to discourage Putin from sticking his nose into Belarus's affairs'.

That cannot be said of other neighbours, where their โ€˜internal affairsโ€™ could turn the winds at some point in time.

The whole affair is centered around an anime I have never seen, so the characters in the single-player story mode mean absolutely nothing to me.

Churchill's own post-war account of the Katyn affair is laconic.

The squalid affair is worth nothing for the essential connivance of Australian officials in the ongoing detention of Habib.